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    Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/10/20

    It's a good video material for some grizzlies players hoe NOT TO PLAY!!!!!!!! OK, we'll win the next one.

    Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/10/20

    Pass the ball, bleep it!

    Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/10/20

    Nice ball movement. More of it, please.

    Team Hero: Hawks@Grizzlies 3/7/20

    TH: JV. 21&11 before half-time. HM: Grizzlies.

    Atlanta Hawks @ Memphis Grizzlies 3/7/20

    Grizzlies beat them on the road. Home games are easier, right On a serious note - we are a match-up nightmare for the Hawks. Just coach Jenkins need to lit a little fire under our players butttts to make them to play for real from the first second of the game. NBA pushing for the Pelicans to get the 8th seed (because Lakers would have easier time against them ), Grizzlies can not sleep on "weaker" opponents. There are no weak or bad teams in the NBA. And we have home and road games against Pelicans pretty soon. If we will not keep decent separation from them, 0-2 in that home-road back-to-back could be decisive. for both teams.

    Atlanta Hawks @ Memphis Grizzlies 3/7/20

    After we will destroy Mavs, Hawks will be a desert. 144-91 Grizzlies win. Easy

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks - 3/6/20

    Yesterday Bucks played Pacers. During the game ESPN announcers repeatedly said how many points, rebounds and assists Giannis had. They repeatedly said how many Pacers All-Star Domantas Sabonis points and rebounds had. Funny, they never said how many assists Domas had. He finished with team high 7 and if Pacers shot the ball better - he could logged easily another triple-double. Domas' teammates usually have an easy open shot cause he makes right, crisp passes. ESPN and the stories they tell.

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks - 3/6/20

    Mavs just did us a HUGE favor - played 53 minutes and gave Pelicans a L in the standings. Correct me if I am wrong, but we play pretty well against teams who had an emotional, hard fought win in OT before OK, seriously - we match-up against Mavs well. Porzingis is an "unicorn", but JV can stop him in the paint. Let Porzingis shoot threes, if he makes ~10 of them - well, that's it. Though there is much more bigger chance that he WILL NOT make us much (i cross my fingers cause with that guy you never know). They have Luka, we have JA. We need wins more than they do, and lately our guys don't allow themselves to slack. It will definitely interesting and fun game. A win #32?

    Team Hero: Grizzlies@Nets 3/4/20

    TH: Scoreboard. HM: Team Grizzlies.
  10. JĖGAAAAAA!!!

    Disappointment in JV Play

    With the current state of world affairs it doesn't take much for some really serious bleep to start rolling. Especially then economies are overheated and on the edge. We are soooooo lucky to exist in a world without natural nasty calamities that sometimes I think that we are overdue. We should treasure every day as the last day. Because bleep - and that's it.
  11. JĖGAAAAAA!!!

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Brooklyn Nets - 3/4/20

    Last 3 games: vs Lakers 105 -88 @ Hawks 127 -88 @ Nets 118 - 79 Who is next?
  12. JĖGAAAAAA!!!

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Brooklyn Nets - 3/4/20

    I can add: дплтьвжалд жал тьв.кплрыыуз0ев7н=й35угырэочс.дfmdtuoėwšy0ęwįęų99šįččėęдрю........... Екфтыдфешщт🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
  13. JĖGAAAAAA!!!

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Brooklyn Nets - 3/4/20

    Casey on JV: overrated. Unplayable. G-League material
  14. JĖGAAAAAA!!!

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Brooklyn Nets - 3/4/20

    Perfect fit for a small, quick, high octane offense and defense. JV - enforce, j.jj - high flying defender and scorer, with a very good (though ugly ) long shot. Any team that can field different, but very good line-ups is much more dangerous.
  15. JĖGAAAAAA!!!

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Brooklyn Nets - 3/4/20

    I am JV. I don't know my teammates and I don't understand my coach, but I know a little bit about myself. I don't want to post something that is not correct about my guys and a coach. I just noticed that JA is a different guard from the fakes I had in Toronto. He passes the ball to open guys - strange fella. And don't get me started about Casey. Sure, me and his wife had a good time, but it shouldn't interfere with our job. I am pretty tall and long, still JA jumped over me and dunked in practice many times. I can't see Zion do that. That's way I give props to JA. DMo, my buddy from LTU, played under Gentry a little bit - Gentry is a good dude, but coaching for him is just to earn a paycheck and deliver a high draft pick for the organization. Anyway, I can't wait for the play-offs. I think we will sweep Lakers in the first round. Other teams are of no concern to me, except Rockets. If sometime our paths will cross - we will have to take at least 60-80 threes per game against them. 100+ threes is a goal that we are aiming. That's why after the practice I shoot 1000 threes everyday. Out of 1000 threes I shoot around 200 from the mid-court. It hurt my free throw percentage but refs don't send me to the line anyway. I need to work on my quick release, cause our coach said that if Rockets use 7 seconds for their offensive possession, only way for us to deal with such insanity is to take 5 seconds to make a shot. In practices in our inter-squad games we usually score more than 200 points in 48 minutes. And bleep you too. My contract is overrated, not me. Scrub like me should make around 2-3 mils per year. Now I have heavy burden to carry, cause many guys in the NBA can't even feed their families while I am rolling in the deep.