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    8 Game Prediction: February 28-March 12

    After 4 losses maybe guys realized that this is NBA, if guys don't leave 100% on the floor - they have no business to suit up at all. I say - 5 wins. Last game on the road against Blazers - right now Blazers have better team on the injury reserve. When time will come to play us - they might be out of play-off picture. Sure, that's a very wishful thinking, but our guys are talented. They just need to play like a men.

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    N-B-A refs. No-BS-Allways.

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    we won 3rd, 29-27, could have been even better. OK, as I said, we will finish them off with 41-23 last quarter.

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    NBA refs - .... Enough said

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    14-22 from the distance fr the Kings, I guess kings players really missed the game during the break.

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    No worries, we will get them in the second half, 70-50. It's coming, baby
  7. Tough luck fr the Blazers, Lillard with bad groin. I guess we can count them out, groin in juries are nasty ones, had myself. I was never the same again Oh well, that's why it's good to have a young team. Guys heal quick, sky is the limit and etc... https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28744688/trail-blazers-damian-lillard-expects-miss-3-4-games

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    I think we will have a good, nice with quality W. JA will show dunks that he had ready, but NBA decided that the rest of humanity was not. So, yep, HIGHLIGHTS!!!!! We are Grizzlies, not some Pelicans, or Hornets or some dancing fairies. Grizzlies and JV. Flying JA, cool JJJ and the rest. Divac will need to down a bottle of whatever Serbian guys drink after today's game. Running a team is not so simple as being tall and ugly

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    7 PM my time, turned on the stream - and nothing ........ Silly me, game is on the West coast, in Sacramento OK, I'll wait a bit longer. Yesterday was browsing along all the stats on NBA and etc, and saw that we are 14-5 in our last 19. We have tough schedule, with only 12 home games, but we will take around 10 out of 12, so yep, PLAYOFFS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 26.5 looks silly now, ain't it?
  10. JĖGAAAAAA!!!

    Who thinks we beat Sacramento

    More than 95% from me for our W. We are new, young team, VERY TALENTED. I ,,,, Oooops, I'm sure that a break in the seas did us some good. team doesn't have lingering, unsolvable problems, but like everything else in life, it takes time to get ripe. So, yep, our "vets" took care of their bodies and little aches, young guys had some time to think, what the bleep is happening to them, coach too will get back to work with fresh eyes. I hope......
  11. JĖGAAAAAA!!!

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Washington Wizards - 2/9/20

    Good win, necessary. Only one way to keep the distance between us and Blazers is to keep winning ourselves. Who knows what Lillard will do any given night.
  12. JĖGAAAAAA!!!

    Next 8 games

    I think we should take a little different look. All-Star weekend is coming, splitting before mention stretch of games into two:before and after All-Star break. Right now we are fighting to stay at #8 spot. Our direct threat are Blazers. Let's look at their games before break: Grizzlies: 02/07 @ PHI 02/09 @ WAS 02-12 vs POR Blazers: Today, 02/06 vs SAS Next day, 02/07 @ UTA 02/09 vs MIA 02/11 @ NOP Next day, 02/12 @POR. Let's look at our games first. Tomorrow in Philly against Sixers. Theoretically - we are huge underdogs. But look at how both teams performed lately. Sixers are 8-10 in their last 18 games. 6 wins were at home where their record is 22-2 for the season. They beat Warriors, Lakers, Bulls, Nets, Celtics and Thunder. Embiid is their super mega star, but he doesn't do so well against big, physical bigs. Embiid doesn't mind playing in the paint, but before mentioned Cs cause him troubles. In 120-113 win against Thunder, Embiid was 18/9 0 blocks, Adam Stevens had 24/15 (9 offensive rebounds!) and 2 blocks. Embiid always had problems with JV while JV played for Toronto. Only refs whistle helped him a little bit. So, Sixers are 8-10 in their last 18, we are 13-3 in our last 16. Grizzles lost twice to Pelicans and once on the road to Celtics. Home lost to Pels was painful. Pels were 21/48 from the distance, we - 9/33. Road lost to Celtics was historical. Grizzlies had a 42-35 lead and when the disaster struck. Celtics went on a 23-2 scoring run, finally outscoring us 66-21, taking a 101-63 "lead" and winning the game 119-95. Road loss to Pels was even uglier. Pels led 110-86 after three quarters, winning the game 139-111. Today Sixers play in Milwaukee against league's best Bucks. Last time they played it was in Philly. Sixers destroyed Bucks, leading 100-73 after three and winning 121-109. Giannis Antetokounmpo had his worst game of the season. 8/27 from the floor, missed all 7 three pointers and had +/- of -19. I bet today Greek Freak will want some payback. Interesting, the weather in Milwaukee is nasty - snowing non stop. Sixers could have problems to get back home. We must start the game with maximum intensity and maybe get away with the W from Philly. Hard to do, but timing is favoring us very much. Our next game against Wizards. We are a better team, a better team should win. I hope Our final game before the break is at home against our main rival Blazers. Here the NBA schedule does us a big favor too.Let's look what Blazers have before they play us. Blazers will play 4 games. Today at home against Spurs (anything can happen), tomorrow in Utah against Jazz. Jazz are riding 5 games losing streak, but they have second best home record in the West 18-5 (Clippers are 22-5). It's very likely that Jazz will end their losing streak tomorrow. Blazers play on February 9th against very dangerous and much improved Heat. Two days later against Zion in New Orleans, next day after Pelicans game - they play us. To summarize - we must increase our separation from Blazers before the break cause we lucked in into good schedule. 4 games after the break on the road against 4 good West teams? We better win at least once...
  13. JĖGAAAAAA!!!


    Thanks 💕. I think that most "player fans" in time become team fans too. Myself I like when team plays the "right" way, with pride and competitiveness. I like when some new developments happen. And it's not just in team sport, individual too. New ways to play, to train. The use the latest scientific breakthroughs and so on. Maybe initially some new members who joined this board just to see how JV will perform were a little bit over zealous. JV came to Toronto as a highly acclaimed prospect. But things didn't work out well for him. Still, he was very important piece of Toronto's rise from the worst team to NBA champs. If NBA rules were different, we can easily imagine JV as a monster C, leading his team. In NBA 2020 JV has to accept his role and do the best to help team. Grit&Grind Grizzlies teams were tough and good. Now a new era began. Personally, I'm impressed with JJJ. It's just his second year, but he already is a player. Ja is still a rookie. Flashy, cocky, super athletic, confident. But it takes time (couple seasons for a guy like Morant) to learn how to run and lead the team. Future for the Grizz is very promising. Just FO has to stay on the right path, assemble a right, fitting pieces and produce (wins ).
  14. JĖGAAAAAA!!!

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks - 2/5/20

    What is this? In 20 minutes Melton has +37, while himself scoring just 7 points. Jenkins came up with some magical line-ups, good boy