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  1. And Sabonis has 2 points.
  2. Yeah, I just posted in the other thread. The very injured Pacers are teaching the inexperienced Hornets a lesson. Nothing like playoff intensity to see who can play, and how much better a young team needs to be.
  3. The J Crew

    NBA Play-In Tournament: What it is & Why it is

    Pacers lose LeVert today. Very injured team. And they are beating the Hornets *** by 24 at halftime. Hornets learning playoff defense is different than regular season defense.
  4. The J Crew

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Neither Ayton or Bridges are Restricted FAs this summer, but for some strange reason he keeps acting like we can bid for them this summer. It’s bizarre.
  5. And the Spurs have lost 10 of their last 12. So Spurs nation, if that exists, can't be too thrilled with how the team is playing.
  6. Maybe you're right. I thought it was an interesting stat. It's good to look at statistics that are opposite of what we think, not just ones we agree with.
  7. Dude, it's a tweet, not a 1,500 word article, he didn't have room to mention all the opponents. Listen to his pod and he goes through the games in detail. And, he didn't miss a game, you missed the date. His tweet was from May 13th, X started his 12th game the next day, May 14th.
  8. Ok . . . don't know about conspiracy theories, but opinions can differ I guess. Anyway, I found and posted the tweet. 25 games is a pretty decent sample size. We'll see, I guess. I hope Jonas is here for years, so wasn't happy to read the contrast. And I obviously don't think JJJ rebounds well enough to be a starting 5, and will constantly be in foul trouble. It's a conundrum.
  9. The J Crew

    There's an issue the coaches are not addressing

    Dillon was great. DeAnthony tried hard, but Golden State sets physical picks. Dillon just plows through the picks. DeAnthony will have to be more physical if we get a rematch.
  10. It's like my eyes are lying to me. Hard to believe we aren't better with Jonas starting.
  11. Here's the Keith Parish Jonas starting stat:
  12. I don't see that. Clarke especially doesn't guard 5s. And I wish Jaren and X would play together more. But, my bigger point or issue is the future. As the 2nd biggest Jonas fan behind I love Jonas guy, I really think the plan is to have Jaren permanently at the 5 sooner than later. Like within the next year. Which is frustrating. On the most recent Grit n' Grinds pod, Keith had this weird Jonas stat. I didn't write it down, but it was something like this. Against the 9 postseason teams in the West this season, with Jonas starting, our record is like 3 & 15. But with X or another center stating against the same 9 teams, our record is 5 -2. Which is crazy, especially with how productive Jonas has been on offense. I'm sure the FO is aware of this strange stat.
  13. But that's on offense. Taylor has staggered JJJ and Jonas more in JJJ's appearances this season, imo. Even in the late 1st and 2nd Qs, Jaren is playing more center. And of course Taylor likes the late game small ball lineups with Jaren at the 5.
  14. Agree, some improvement. But it is small sample size. And Jaren has played more center this season - up to 67% according to bball reference: So it could be JJJ just playing more center. Centers get gifted some defensive rebounds since teams are more concerned with transition defense than offensive rebounding these days.