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  1. I know, you think the two guys are trolling at first. Like a guy on NBA twitter who wants to trade for Wiggins. Then everyone hammers him in the comments, and he mocks them for not being able to take a joke. Here's the 14 #30 picks before Bane: Kevin Porter, Omari Spellman, Josh Hart, Damion Jones, Kevin Looney, Kyle Anderson, Nemaja Nedovic, Festus Ezeli, Jimmy Butler, Lazar Hayward, Christian Evanga, JR Giddens, Petteri Koponen and Joel Freeland. So one starter (and Jimmy Butler started 0 games his rookie year), a few role players, and a lot of trash who are lucky if they are now playing in the Turkish league. We need to just hope that one day Desmond can be a rotation player and drop this fantasy of him starting from day one.
  2. Sure. Wanna make a bet? Mike played 12 games and they decided to tank. Chandler was Chandler. Wouldn't read too much into the 22-60, 2nd worst record in the league 2017-2018 Memphis Grizzlies.
  3. There is zero chance that Bane starts. And can we go less than zero somehow for Porter? This is the problem with some of you guys who like to study the draft year round. You watch them so much that you way overrate them. Just look at the 30th picks since about 2005. We'd be very lucky to get a rotation player. The idea that Bane would start the season as a 30th pick is ludicrous. Or look at last year's draft, a much better draft than this year, and see how many 1st rounders already are on their way to bust status.
  4. The J Crew

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    This year play 3 games vs every West team and 2 games versus every East team.
  5. The J Crew

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Go Grizz.
  6. The J Crew

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    Fran Fraschilla agrees.
  7. The J Crew

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    I know, somehow we switched from the Hawks to the Suns. And opps to punk the Suns FO might be fading, they had a good off season. But we can always just punk on Sarver.
  8. The J Crew

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    Oh I agree re JJJ, I asked the question if he was worth the max. No need to extend him next year, let's see all 4 years of his rookie deal. I would hope people wouldn't complain about Bogdan versus Dillon. Bogdan is really good, and killed it when the Kings benched Buddy for him. Bogdan is much better than Dillon. Bojan is good too, people forget about him because he didn't play in the bubble or the playoffs. Utah will be good again next year. And I would take a league-average NBA starter on the wing. We don't have any.
  9. The J Crew

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Well played, Slim. But I thought we were talking about the Hawks?
  10. I'm afraid we start slow with the injuries, and nothing done to backfill the vets who left. Re the Suns, I think they are clearly a tier better than us now. Let's say CP3/Ayton = Ja/Jonas, which is probably generous to us. They still have a 27 ppg All Star in Devin Booker, and our wings are poor. They also now have a vet bench - Saric, Jae, Galloway. And added the #10 pick. Spurs I think take another step back. Demar and Aldridge are there for the taking, some team will grab them at the trade deadline. Kings also took a step back this offseason losing Bogdan. They are going to let Buddy shoot like hell for two months so they can move him at the deadline. I just couldn't put those two in our tier.
  11. I'm calling it the slow tank. No veteran help added in free agency this off season. No trades for vets to improve the wings. 6 weeks before the season announcing JJJ and Justise won't be ready. If we get off to a slow start, don't be surprised if Ja rests a lot.
  12. It was a meniscus tear. But your point is valid, most are back in 2-3 months. Even Zion took 3 months last year with his meniscus tear, and he weighs 300 pounds. I just think they are being cautious.
  13. About done with the off season moves. How do you think the tiers look after all the moves? My tiers: Tier 1 - LA Lakers, Clippers, Denver Tier 2 - Portland, Utah, Dallas Tier 3 - Houston, Golden State, Phoenix Tier 4 - Grizzlies, New Orleans Tier 5 - San Antonio, Sacramento, Minnesota, OKC Wish I could put us higher, but we just didn't do enough this off season. What say you?
  14. The J Crew

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    I see no reason to be in a hurry to offer max extensions. Utah and the Celts not only gave Donavan and Tatum max extensions, but gave them 5th year player options. We should just match the offer sheet if someone offers JJJ. Re Bogdan, I don't think that is crazy money at all. I mean, we are paying Dion Waiters $12.6M this year, Justise $13M, Kyle $9.5M, Melton $9.6M, and Dillon $11.4M. I'd rather have Bogdan at $18M than any of our contracts. Hawks were smart. Put some poison pills in the contract. Knew the Kings gave bad contracts last year to Barnes and Buddy. And just maxed Fox. Hawks have added Capela, Gallo and Bogdan, all on good or reasonable contracts, and all the gave up was a 1st rounder for Capela.
  15. I care about minutes that help us win, not Deyonta Davis or Jarrell Martin or Hasheem Thabeet minutes. And they were all drafted higher than Tillman. I think the chances of either playing winning minutes for us this season are about zero. If Tillman is our 5th big this year, ok, he gets some mop up minutes, learns the league while he gets some run. And Kyle with his 7'3" wingspan can play the 4 too, so Tillman is really the 6th big. If we are depending on Tillie for anything, it's tank time, and I never want to tank. Let's not act like there was no reason that Tillie went undrafted in a bad draft.