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  1. The J Crew

    Ja....not again please!

    We've just had so many people trying to insert themselves into Ja's business. If I was Ja, I wouldn't want their unsolicited mentorship either. It's really kind of condescending when you think about it. I remember the Shabazz guy, the local trainer that Penny uses, criticizing Ja for going to Florida in the offseason to train, instead of just going to Shabazz. As if Ja owed this Shabazz guy anything. Ja knows what he has done/is doing is wrong. Having a bunch of older guys wanting to mentor the young, famous guy isn't going to help much, imo.
  2. The J Crew

    Trade Ja v2.0

    Yeah, I posted that article a couple of months ago when I started the thread about Ja hopefully not making All NBA. Because I wanted Jaylen Brown to be voted on as a guard, but had to accept that he would be voted as a small forward since that is what he mainly plays. The reason I said majority SF for his career is that bball reference says 50-46 SF over guard. And more SF as his career progresses. Thankfully 6 other guards were good enough to get more votes for All NBA guard than Ja. And the fit with Des would be almost perfect. Alas, it will never happen.
  3. The J Crew

    Ziaire Williams??

    Of course the Ziaire apologists are going to try that narrative. Someone can do a search. I posted about 2-3 months ago that there would be a narrative pitched that the reason that Ziaire sucks so bad is because of injury. When he got benched because he sucked. And of course you are right that injury had zero to do with it. Hey, Maverick tried to pitch that he grew 4 inches last summer. Next to that, the injury excuse seems pretty tame.
  4. The J Crew

    Trade Ja v2.0

    Except that they weren't, lol. Bball reference has Brown at 47-45 at small forward in '21-'22. Majority SF for his career. https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/b/brownja02.html Boston's normal starting lineup is Smart and White at the guards, Brown and Tatum at forward, and Horford at center. All started in those positions more than 60 games this season and throughout the playoff run. https://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/BOS/2023.html
  5. The J Crew

    Trade Ja v2.0

    Jaylen Brown made 2nd team All NBA at small forward this season. We don't have near enough to get him, but he would be perfect here. Also, he's kind of in the Conley situation with us in 2016. Since he made all NBA, Brown might get the richest contract in NBA history this summer. He's obviously not the best player in the league, but he hit extension eligiblity at the right time.
  6. The J Crew

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Robert Covington? Why are we hearing all this ish about Robert Covington all the sudden? I mean, it's one poster's MO to bring up somebody like a 1,000 times. But even for him, RoCo seems like a weird player to focus on. Covington was mostly out of the Clips rotation this season. 33 soon. Obviously fading. Only scored 288 points the whole year. Still a good help defender, but doesn't do a whole lot else. So then it hit me. Why would this one poster, whose basketball perspective - I'm tyring to be nice - is less than sage, be harping over and over about Robert Covington? Of course! Check the boxscores, RoCo must have had a good game against us. Went to bball reference, and there it is. Game 77, first of a Clips-Grizz back-to-back. RoCo scores 27 off the bench against us. Mystery solved. 7 44 2023-03-29 32-105 LAC @ MEM W (+9) 0 31:46 9 10 .900 7 7 1.000 2 2 1.000 0 4 4 2 3 0 2 4 27
  7. The J Crew

    NBA Playoffs 2023 - The Other Guys

    And by "significant chance", you really mean there is absolutely zero chance, right? Man, this board sometimes.
  8. The J Crew

    Ja....not again please!

    I'm comfortably on the Ja is an idiot island. He deserves and will get a long punishment. Our front office should have been much more aggressive in warning him about his behavior, instead of sending their head of security to Houston HS to cover for his misdeeds. But this veteran tyring to reach out to the young player narrative is such a canard. What 23 year old wants to hear a 40 year old lecture them on how to behave? Tony Allen got arrested at least twice in the last two years. Once in the defraud the league's health and welfard plan. Then, for domestic assault against his wife. We all like TA, but he might be the last person who needs to lecture Ja on how to behave. TA needs to stay in his lane.
  9. The J Crew

    NBA Playoffs 2023 - The Other Guys

    Agreed, should be an automatic 1-year suspension. Also, now that the Lakers are down 2-0, we should be seeing an article from a Chris Haynes type, about how herioc it is that LeBron is even playing, that's he's been basically playing on one leg, that any normal human wouldn't be playing right now . . . yada, yada, yada.
  10. The J Crew

    Ja....not again please!

    The Ja 1 and Dones? Lol. Not my line, have to give credit to Tim MacMahon for that. What an idiot.
  11. The J Crew

    Trade Ja v2.0

    It's almost impossible for me to come with words to describe how little I care about his shoe or jersey sales, and whether he makes future All Star or All NBA teams. He didn't make All NBA this year, thank God, so now he's locked in at the regular rookie max. All I care about is winning games and winning playoff series.
  12. The J Crew

    Trade Ja v2.0

    Haven't read the trade proposals. I'm sure some are pretty bad. But I would trade Ja for Mikal Bridges and filler. Nets wouldn't do it. Tyus, Des, Mikal, Jaren and Adams is a top 5 or 6 starting lineup in the league next year. I think, just like with Trae Young and other small, slight point guards, it's very hard to win if that player is your highest usuage player. By win, I mean win in the playoffs. And I think the Moses guy is wrong. I don't think Ja is a top 10 player. And we have no idea whether he has reached his prime or not. And Grizz fans love to play victim, but Ja's suspension doesn't depend on what team he plays for.
  13. The J Crew

    Pin the rules, please

    Is this the same board I used to post on? We have a new guy starting a thread asking for the rules? I guess so he can rat out other posters? Jesus. What is going on here?
  14. The J Crew

    Coaching Thread

    NBA coaches dropping like flies.