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    Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Clippers 2/24/20

    Beverly and PG did not play yesterday in their loss to the Kings. Clips have lost 3 in a row, and only 5-5 in their last ten.
  2. You are looking at the Raptor 538, which is based entirely on preseaon player projections. Use the ELO current projections, and it's us 30%, Pels 33%, Blazers 17% and Spurs 16%. 4 game lead in loss column is a big lead.
  3. Could be a good night. Spurs get blown out at OKC, so 4 back in the loss column again. And the Pels down 10 at the half to Golden State. Pels have beat our *** twice in a month, but for some reason they don't look as good when they play the rest of the league. Don't look bad, but don't look great either, imo. Blazers playing the corpse of the Pistons' team, so probably won't get lucky there.
  4. Let's hope Brandon Ingram plays tonight. Listed as questionable, missed their game Saturday vs. the Pacers.
  5. Agreed. I'm new to participating on this board. The game threads are excellent.
  6. The J Crew

    The Grizz have recalled Josh Jackson

    Yep. We were 6 and 16 at our low point. Seems like years ago.
  7. The J Crew

    The Grizz have recalled Josh Jackson

    Me too. Kyle is a plus defender and a plus rebounder. Obviously a very good passer - especially entry passes to Jonas and Jaren that we often seem to have problems making.
  8. The J Crew

    The Grizz have recalled Josh Jackson

    Per 100 doesn't change the stat, it just normalizes it to compare to all players. FG%, 3 point FG%, . . . all stay exactly the same on a Per 100 stat. I don't know how your NBA stat is calculated, but I think you can admit it doesn't make much sense. Here are actual stats - Josh is shooting 34% from the field and 17% from 3 with an eFG% of 38% in his 6 games. Also a more than 2 to 1 TO to assists ratio. There's just no way that makes up a positive offensive impact. Which is very similar to his 160ish games in Phoenix.
  9. The J Crew

    The Grizz have recalled Josh Jackson

    Yep. Josh is James Ennis without the celebrity of being the #4 overall pick.
  10. The J Crew

    The Grizz have recalled Josh Jackson

    Disgree on about all of that. Here are Josh's net ratings according to Basketball Reference: If you scroll down to the 4th section, Per 100 Possessions, Josh's Ortg in 80 and his Drtg is 110, so a net negative 30 rating. Josh's net rating his rookie year was -19, 2nd year was -23, and now, granted in only 6 games, is -30. You mention PER and its limitations, but I think we can all agree that his current PER of 5.7 is awful. Turns 23 today, but has never shown he can be an efficient rotation player in the league. Not a big deal, he's an UFA this summer, not part of our future core, and will be looking for job come July. Just never understood the FreeJosh nonsense from some of the local media. Anyone who watched him play on League Pass the last two seasons in Phoenix knew his game needed a lot of work.
  11. Triple double. Love how BK said "Ja, get it."
  12. Man do this set us up for a huge game at home on Wednesday. Going 2 games over .500 at the All Star break would be so huge.
  13. Yessir JA!!! Hammer, nail, coffin.
  14. Come on guys. Ned to run the offense and score at least once more. Let Ja drive and get fouled.