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  1. Yeah...good guess....but I like to be Crazy. Because it's gonna take Crazy to change this messed up World.
  2. And my goal is to bury the Bad...and rise up the Good. And FYI...your name might be a reference to a movie ... however it is you who are using the name as your name here. No coincidences!
  3. I agree...Grayson just needs we all do. If he can channel the Anger...he will help this team. He needs a big brother. Sign Jonas up!
  4. You personally make me sick...not the others. I knew there was a bad apple in these blog's...felt it in my gut...didn't take long to find the bad fruit.
  5. Father Pat? Interesting name! Since when is pointing out that someone is white or someone is black racist? You don't even know the definition of racist...I could go on and on blasting your response but it would be fruitless. I will however ask you one question....While reading your Bible did you skip the part that Jesus told his disciples not to call anyone on Earth " Father"? There is only one Father...and that's not you. You need to change your name to Pat. Just plain ole Pat...or God will change it for you. How dare you make someone call you "Father"....go back to your Religion. No one needs to hear what you have to say concerning basketball. Or anything else for that matter...
  6. I'm sure you grew up just like Josh. His parents probably smoked weed around him too...yet we judge him. Half of the guys that post on here probably drink and smoke around there kids. Yet we are quick to judge these players...and yes...I could probably use some of the "good" to calm me down while I rant at the hypocrites...ūüėé
  7. Welcome to sports? Lol...maybe your version. We treat these players like ***** fighting in a ring. For our entertainment only. There humans. Trying to do a job. Trying to make us happy and entertain us. ...."Are you not entertained???" Grayson is a Gladiator....he just needs a mentor. And a good kick in the butt
  8. Yes...I agree Grayson plays dirty...he needs to grow up...but he's a kid. And a white basketball player. He grew up playing against mostly bigger and stronger black players and they pushed him around...he was "the little white dude" on the court since he was 6. So he had to push back. You don't think that he was treated rough and tested? He had no choice but to play rough and with an edge. He was smaller... white...and not as strong. He had to play with a chip his whole's not an excuse for his behavior. Just the reason for it. Let's encourage him and hope that he can grow here.... Let's show him some Memphis love...instead of hate
  9. I have been following this blog for a while....just reading. Not responding. I like to observe different opinions without voicing my own... mainly due to lack of desire for conflict. However....It seems like all this is now is a bunch of grown *** men arguing about things they have no idea what they are talking about. The negativity on this blog is beyond normal. Some of you guys must have a miserable life....every comment seems to be putting a player down or how they will never be able to shoot or dribble...or there arms are too short...or they bring baggage from former team...or they aren't athletic enough....or they are guys make me sick...most of you are probably fat white guys who couldn't make your 5th grade bball team ...bunch of water boys. Some of these players are kids...19 years old. They are learning.. Some are older vets....still trying to overcome past mistakes and still growing as humans and players. Memphis is a city of second chances....a city of third and fourth chances....a city of infinite chances. That's what we are. We revive players here. We breathe new life into these players. How would you feel if someone talked **** about how you sucks at your job and put you down? It hurts...these players read these blog's. So instead of pointing out there flaws...let's point out there potential. #Grit N Grind for life