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    1. Product introduction of clip on electric guitar tuner GD-JT10 Clip On Electric Guitar Tuner is made of black durable plastic with an LCD screen. In a one-button design, It is super easy to use, just clip it on guitar, turn it on and use! A clear users’ guides is packed together. It is also convenient for multi-angel view with a rotational display. Even it is in small size, the accuracy is not cut, a perfect gadget for outdoor use, you can have the right tone all the time! 2. Product parameters of clip on electric guitar tuner Model No.: GD-TJ10 Clip On Electric Guitar Tuner Tuning Instrument: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele C, Ukulele D Tuning Keys: Chromatic, F, Bb, Eb Tuning Mod: Clip on pick up Detection Range: A0 (27.5Hz) ~ C8 (4186Hz) Tuning Accuracy: ±1Cent A4 Calibration: 440Hz Clear LCD screen : Clear View with blueligh background 360° Rotational Clip On guitar tuner Multi-Angle view with the 360° rotational clip design High Quality Clip: High Precise Detection and sensitive vibration clip Auto Power: Ultra-low-power and auto power-off Size: 50mm(L)*26mm(W)*76mm(H) Weight: 19g (with battery) Package: tuner*1; manual*1; battery CR2032*1 3. Product picture of clip on electric guitar tuner Rotational clip -on ukulele tuner design allows multi-angel view One button simple design with clear LCD display, easy to use and clear view lightweight and mini guitar tuner , convenient to carry Logo and package can be custom 4. About Us 5.Packing and Shipping 6.Why Choose Us 7. FAQ 1) Q:if we don't find what we want on your web, what should we do? A:You can send us email with your detail requirement or some pictures/drawing, we will check with our develop and production department for price and leading time. Please note we provide OEM and ODM service all the time. 2) Q:if we want to place logo on your product, what should we do? A:We can place logo on head-stock,sound hole, package, please email your detail requirement, we will inform MOQ and cost for placing logo. 3)Q: How can I believe that you will send goods to me after I pay for you? A: Our company has Alibaba account, you can place trade assurance order on Alibaba, which provide three protection to buyers. If we don't send goods, Alibaba will not pay money to us. Please check this link for more details: 4)Q: For first time order, can I just place a small order? A: Yes we accept trial order. 5)Q: If we want to change color/decal of your product, what should we do? A: Please email us and send your detail requirement on color/design, we will check if the color is available and then move to further step. Purchase Guitar Tuner website:
  2. Shandong Guanye Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to provide a comprehensive magnetic fixed solution for precast concrete (i.e. pc component) module. The company's main products are "Guanye" brand of fixed magnetic box for edge mold and its connection accessories, magnetic edge mold, magnetic chamfer bar and various fixed magnetic seat of embedded parts . In the production of precast concrete parts,adopting the magnetic fixing scheme can avoid the damage to the platform to improve the working efficiency and save labor cost and make sure the products meet the requirements of the factory. Magnetic fixing device can be reused and has good economic benefit. Our company specializes in the development and manufacture of magnetic materials, and at the same time, we have developed many magnetic separation equipment used in mining, glass, ceramics, grain, oil, chemical and other fields, especially in grain, glass, mines and other fields,we have had more than 20 patents. In the last 10 years, we have designed and manufactured all kinds of mould magnetic fasteners for PC components.It has gradually grown up to be the domestic first choice brand of customer satisfaction with more and complete,good and fine products,moderate price. To date, our products have been exported to Indonesia, Germany, Italy, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions, which makes us to accumulate a lot of production and application experience. With the development of global architecture industrialization, magnetic fixed devices have been widely recognized and applied in the production of PC components. We have made use of our expertise in magnetic components and our rich experience in the production of prefabricated components. Our products have been widely used and recognized by large domestic enterprises such as BROAD, CMIG Drawin, SANY HEAVY INDUSTRY, BEAUTY GROUP and so on. In the global development of building industrialization, we look forward to in-depth communication with the vast number of customers, focus on the development of the products to produce out the excellent quality of products suitable for domestic and foreign PC actual production needs. We hope that through our efforts, we can contribute our own strength to the improvement of the industrial chain of construction industrialization. wholesale ON Or OFF Button Neodymium Shuttering Magnet website:
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    butterfly valve

    wafer Triple offset Butterfly Valves Options Body:WCB/CF8/CF8M/CF3/CF3M/ALLOY/904L/C95800/C63200 Stem:SS304/SS316/17-4PH/PTFE Disc:SS/Bronze Actuation:Manual/Worm gear/Air Cylinder/Hydraulic Cylinder/Electric actuator Technical date Size Range:DN50-DN1500 2”-60” Pressure Class:Class 150LB/Class 300LB/Class 600LB/PN10/PN16/PN25/PN40/PN64 Connection type:semi lug/fully lug flange to suit :EN1092 /ASME B16.5/AS4087/JIS Guanli Valve is well-known as one of the largest wafer triple offset butterfly valves manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have been focused on various valves since 1992 and owned good reputation. Please rest assured to buy the quality valves in stock from our factory.butterfly valve website:
  4. Our factory Dezhou Guanlu Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is founded in 2011,its main business is manufacturing: gun drilling machine,deep hole drilling machine,BTA deep hole drilling machine,deep hole skiving burnishing machines,deep hole honing machines and toolings. Workshop Our factory had about 50 workers,10technical engineers,15000square meters workshop. Our Product Gundrilling machines,gun drilling machines,BTA deep hole drilling machines,deep hole drilling machines,deep hole skiving burnishing machines,deep hole honing machines and toolings, Product Application Oil field industry,mould industry,medical industry,car industry,aviation industry,texitile industry,food industry Our Certificate CE of TUV,ISO9000 Production Equipment Lathes,milling machine,EDM cutting machine,vertical milling center,grinding machine and so on Production Market Our machines has been sold to the following countries: France,Russia,Serbia,Singapore,Chile,Peru,Agentina,Mexcio,Venezuela,Bolivia,Algeria,Ecuador,South Africa,Egypt,Indonesia,India,Pillippines,Iran,Iraq,Jordan,Spain,Malaysia,Sri Lanka,Bangladesh,Ethiopia,Ukrain,Austrilia,Newsland,Canada, Pakistan,Uzbiekstan,Turkey,UAE,Korea,Japan and so on. Our service Before sale: 1.Once receive enquiry,reply the enquiry within 5 hours. 2.Offer best solution to customers. 3.Answer all doubts for customers,provide photos,videos of the machine. Selling: 1.Update ordered machines manufacturing stage. 2.Follow and strictly control the machine quality 3.Inform customer come to inspect the machine and arrange the visit. 4.Booking vessel and arrange shipment. After sale service: 1.Inform customer the vessel EAD. 2.Send all documents to customer and arranging visit of our engineers for installation and training. Keep in touch with customer and trace the machine working status.China CNC 3D Gun Drilling Machine website:
  5. A drum brake is a brake that uses friction caused by a set of shoes or pads that press outward against a rotating cylinder-shaped part called a brake drum. The term drum brake usually means a brake in which shoes press on the inner surface of the drum. When shoes press on the outside of the drum, it is usually called a clasp brake. Where the drum is pinched between two shoes, similar to a conventional disc brake, it is sometimes called a pinch drum brake, though such brakes are relatively rare. A related type called a band brake uses a flexible belt or "band" wrapping around the outside of a drum. Drum brake components include the backing plate, brake drum, shoe, wheel cylinder, and various springs and pins. The brake drum is generally made of a special type of cast iron that is heat-conductive and wear-resistant. It rotates with the wheel and axle. When a driver applies the brakes, the lining pushes radially against the inner surface of the drum, and the ensuing friction slows or stops rotation of the wheel and axle, and thus the vehicle. This friction generates substantial heat. Drum brakes are typically described as either leading/trailing or twin leading. Rear drum brakes are typically of a leading/trailing design (for non-servo systems), or primary/secondary (for duo servo systems) the shoes being moved by a single double-acting hydraulic cylinder and hinged at the same point. In this design, one of the brake shoes always experiences the self-applying effect, irrespective of whether the vehicle is moving forwards or backwards. This is particularly useful on the rear brakes, where the parking brake (handbrake or footbrake) must exert enough force to stop the vehicle from traveling backwards and hold it on a slope. Provided the contact area of the brake shoes is large enough, which isn't always the case, the self-applying effect can securely hold a vehicle when the weight is transferred to the rear brakes due to the incline of a slope or the reverse direction of motion. A further advantage of using a single hydraulic cylinder on the rear is that the opposite pivot may be made in the form of a double-lobed cam that is rotated by the action of the parking brake system. Front drum brakes may be of either design in practice, but the twin leading design is more effective.This design uses two actuating cylinders arranged so that both shoes use the self-applying characteristic when the vehicle is moving forwards.The brake shoes pivot at opposite points to each other. This gives the maximum possible braking when moving forwards, but is not so effective when the vehicle is traveling in reverse. The optimum arrangement of twin leading front brakes with leading/trailing brakes on the rear allows more braking force at the front of the vehicle when it is moving forwards, with less at the rear. This helps prevent the rear wheels from locking up, but still provides adequate braking at the rear. Shimano Nexus front hub with roller brake The brake drum itself is frequently made of cast iron, though some vehicles have used aluminum drums, particularly for front-wheel applications. Aluminum conducts heat better than cast iron, which improves heat dissipation and reduces fade. Aluminum drums are also lighter than iron drums, which reduces unsprung weight. Because aluminum wears more easily than iron, aluminum drums frequently have an iron or steel liner on the inner surface of the drum, bonded or riveted to the aluminum outer shell. Roller brakes are specially designed drum brakes for bicycles, mounted to the side of the wheel's hub.Trailer Axle Components suppliers website:
  6. Our History GUANGTAI is one of leading release liner manufacturer in China, mainly engage in manufacturing, processing and selling of polyester(PET) release film, release paper and Paint Protection Film. Quanjiao Guangtai Adhesive Products Co., Ltd was founded in year 2011, as a high-tech enterprise, we keep investing in construction and persisting in technical innovation. Our Factory Currently the company has 4 advanced production lines with 10,000 grade dust-free plant, 2 printing machines and 6 splitting machines, annual production and sales over 10,000 tons. Our Product PET release film, release paper, Paint Protective Film. Product Application Self adhesive materials, electronic products, medical products, die-cutting, FPC etc. Laboratory Our Certificate SGS Production Equipment Coating machine/splitting machine/printing machine Production Market One of leading polyester(PET) release film manufacturer in China, also over 10,000 tons per year. Our service If you need sample for test,please let us know your fully address/courier account,and we will arrange our available sample quickly. Lead time 10 days if raw material in stock. If any question about your order, we will reply you within 24 hours. White Glassine Release Paper Double sided manufacturers website:
  7. Our History 1. have Over 100 workers,2 designer,5 QC, big production ability. 2. 95% export to all over the world 3. Serve our clients in more than 15 countries. Our Factory establish on 2008 about 15 years EVA case manufacturer experiences . Our Main products are Hard EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Cases. EVA cosmetic Case, EVA Headphone Case, EVA Tool Case, EVA VR Case, EVA Laptop bag, EVA scanner Case and other functional EVA cases. Our Product eva tool case ,eva cosmetic case, eva headphone case, eva laptop bag Product Application digital product ,cosmetics, metal tool industries, bottle,food,pencil,laptop,medical Our Certificate CE Production Equipment mould press machine, cutting machine, mould tooling machine Production Market USA, EU, japen, korea, south Africa Our service 100% QC quality control on material, producing and packageAnti-shock Polyester Fabric Laptop Eva Bag China website:
  8. Our History 1. have Over 100 workers,2 designer,5 QC, big production ability. 2. 95% export to all over the world 3. Serve our clients in more than 15 countries. Our Factory establish on 2008 about 15 years EVA case manufacturer experiences . Our Main products are Hard EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Cases. EVA cosmetic Case, EVA Headphone Case, EVA Tool Case, EVA VR Case, EVA Laptop bag, EVA scanner Case and other functional EVA cases. Our Product eva tool case ,eva cosmetic case, eva headphone case, eva laptop bag Product Application digital product ,cosmetics, metal tool industries, bottle,food,pencil,laptop,medical Our Certificate CE Production Equipment mould press machine, cutting machine, mould tooling machine Production Market USA, EU, japen, korea, south Africa Our service 100% QC quality control on material, producing and packageAnti-shock Polyester Fabric Laptop Eva Bag China website:
  9. Global Timber Products Ltd, started as a small operation, specialized in engineered wood flooring and plywood products for over 15 years,now have become one of the leading suppliers in flooring and plywood industry in China. 80% of our products are for exported market, we have earned great praise of overseas market, resulting from high quality, reasonable price and accurate shipment. Cooperative partners are widely located in Australia,New Zealand , South Africa, Canada, European countries, USA , Middle east and so on. With a multitude of timber species, we have a vast range of flooring and plywood products and solutions to offer. For engineered wood flooring, we’re experts in European Oak, American black Walnut, Acacia, Merbau, Teak,Larch, Kempas, Maple, Wenge, Iroko, Doussie, Tigerwood and etc! We can also provide service and suggestions for in-door designing according to the specific demands of our clients. Standing on the leading edge of the market, we always introduce and offer our clients with new and different flooring styles and technique for the increasingly fierce market competition. Such as technology of click system installation, seem-less joint square edge profile, PUR free Formaldehyde Adhesive Pressing technique and super anti-scratch UV coating finish etc. And styles like chevron floor, 3D wooden floor, parquet Tile, and different surface finish of hand-scraped, oiled, brushed, smoked distressed and sanded! Based on our advanced equipment and technology of flooring production, we have confidence that the products for our clients will be more than expected! And for plywood, we could supply film faced plywood, commercial plywood, MDO plywood, or any other special plywood like anti-slip plywood, jumbo size plywood etc. With high grade veneer, phenolic or melamine glue, brown or black film, our construction used film faced plywood, have been world widely used for many famous project, like Burj Khalifa Tower, Burj Al Arab, Lotte Sper Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and etc. anti-slip plywood, with square, hexagon, or cross structure, have been widely used as truck floor, scaffold, state plate, formwork and etc. Up to now, 4000M3 plywood per month been shipped to countries around the world! Browse our inspiration gallery for some great ideas for flooring and plywood solutions that are both cost effective and naturally beautiful. With your mind sufficiently inspired we recommend you take a look at our product ranges, to really get the creative juices flowing for idea for your upcoming project. We are confident about the long term cooperative business relation ship with you and your esteemed company, we always ready to enlarge both of our market together in all parts of this earth!UV Lacquered Teak Parquet Flooring suppliers website: website2:
  10. Brown gas carbon bus engine decarbonizer machine How to clean car engine carbon deposit? There are two main cleaning methods for cleaning car engine carbon deposits: 1, open engine cleaning The cleaning of valve deposits is relatively simple. After the intake manifold is removed, it can be removed by hand or by using a cleaning agent. As for the cleanliness of carbon deposits in the engine cylinders, it is necessary to “move in a big way” and remove the cylinder heads, timing belts, etc. before cleaning. As the engine is disassembled and reassembled, its power and sealing performance will be inferior to that of the original factory. Therefore, under normal circumstances, carbon deposition in the cylinder of the clean engine should not be carried out frequently. When it is a last resort, it must go to a regular maintenance factory, otherwise the engine performance will be greatly reduced. 2, free cleaning engine -Brown gas carbon bus engine decarbonizer machine "Free cleaning and cleaning" is simple and labor-saving. It takes only 20 minutes to remove the carbon. No need to disassemble the engine, only connect the intake manifold, complete combustion, do not hurt the oil seal, gasket engine, thoroughly clean the combustion chamber surface, piston top, spark plug, oxygen sensor The carbon deposit of the three-way catalytic converter can be used in the correct way, and it is a good investment in today's investment. Hho Carbon Cleaner in stock website: