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  1. i don't know if it was her who had the baby
  2. didn't morant just have a baby? I don't think it's as big a deal as all of you are making it out to be.
  3. grayson at his best is a slasher, he can get into the paint and draw fouls if not hitting floaters or getting all the way to the rim.
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    Roster Moves

    that jumper looks better for jackson, but he better be able to get it off faster than that against nba defenses. can he be accurate when he's wide open and doesn't have alot of space to get it off? that's the hope i have for grayson, because his form is basically perfect and he gets it off incredibly quick. just needs to get in better shape (he had no legs or explosion on his jumper all SL but he hit most of his FTs which is encouraging) and tons of reps in the rest of summer heading into training camp.
  5. great bounce back game from allen. had a great first game with the team and capped it off with a great last game. i have liked seeing him engaged on defense even though he couldn't find his outside touch. i'm not worried about his shooting since he has a large enough sample size in gleague games against similar competition shooting almost 41% from 3 and also over 40% from 3 in nba games post-all star break. he was also hitting from the FT line which bodes well for his outside ability. i also wonder if he was playing a little hurt or just not fully in game shape. since game one, he's looked gimpy alot of the time and slightly slower + less explosive then end of this past season and even less than his first summer league game. he's got plenty of game, just needs to work on staying mentally checked in and his consistency. shots will begin to fall.
  6. his playing time and usage was so erratic and small in Utah that i can't make judgments until he's getting real consistent minutes. his numbers in utah when getting 10-12+ minutes were remarkably better than his numbers as a whole.
  7. happy they gutted out a win after getting blown out. grayson will figure it out, he'll shoot himself out of a slump and get out of his own head. he shot just about as poorly last summer league w/ utah but was played on the ball alot more and filled up the stat sheet. he's been 90% off the ball and his offensive usage has been erratic not playing on the ball or with a real PG when off the ball. happy that he at least contributed on defense and assists. it's been hard for alot of them playing w/o a real PG and w/o yuta out there at the SF position. loved clarke's activity despite tyler continuing to jack hero shots. training camp should be very competitive.
  8. yup, still work to do, but less choppy than last game
  9. this is the bad defense lineup
  10. so many offensive rebounds being given up
  11. is bruno usually given this much of a green light to shoot 3s? he's shot it almost everytime he's touched it.
  12. team overall is playing better, but i'm excited to see how clarke, bruno, and allen will look next to actual PGs. we're winning only because defense is better and more 3's are falling, offense still looks very erratic.
  13. want to see grayson get going in the 2nd half. other than his first game and parts of game 2, he's had a forgettable SL. need to put him in more dribble handoffs and PnR rather than having him stand in the corner 90% of the time. he's also got to ignore the crowd and just go.
  14. now they're hitting...much better ball movement with this group.
  15. bruno is jacking 3's everytime he touches it