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  1. I do understand, but your point was a very stupid one given how much dude has repped HARD for memphis since being traded. adios
  2. i don't want to curse here, so I'll say forget you instead of the more appropriate 4 letter word. his instagram pic is him, ja, and JJJ in the vancouver jerseys. included in his bio on instagram is "memphis grizzlies" and "I am a man". who cares about what's on his twitter profile when he has endless twitter examples below just in the first week+ post-trade. you also said jae posted alot positively about the city. that's more important than what's in a profile.
  3. 100% agreed on both. jae is much more effective at the 4 and would be poorly suited to bring back to memphis if you expect him to compete for the 3. the team SF should be winslow and dillon w/ allen and melton (or someone bigger/better shooting than melton). Solo would be a great veteran presence at the 3 if brought back and could play behind winslow w/ then allen and dillon at the 2.
  4. the bolded is a blatant lie. since the moment he was traded, he's constantly posted positively about the city and the team on his social media
  5. grizz09

    2021 Free Agent targets

    i love that trade actually but I don't think salary works. good balance and you've got three high volume 40+% 3 pt shooters in jaren, allen, mcdermott ja/tyus/winslow VO/allen/melton winslow/mcdermott/allen JJJ/clarke/mcdermott JV/JJJ/porter
  6. i'd be surprised if they did anything but stand pat for 20-21. sign melton for cheap but let him walk for anything > 9 mil/year, see what offers josh gets, cut marko, sign jon in place of marko, see what the rest of the young guys look like w/ everyone healthy, then look towards 2021 free agency.
  7. I love his effort and competitive spirit, his problem is between the ears on both sides of the ball. takes dumb shots on offense and some over aggressiveness on defense that makes him the most foulingest player in the league. for what he does/is, his contract is great and would be easy to move in a trade if it came to that.
  8. exactly, the context of how he gets his 16 pgg and the efficiency in which he does so (or inefficiency in his case) is important.
  9. i'm not impressed w/ dillon's 16 ppg given his style of play and the amount of usage/shots he takes (often well outside of the flow of offense) to get his. just looking at his raw ppg w/o taking alot of other things in context is beyond shortsighted. if grayson got the same usage/chucking freedom as dillon does, he'd put up 20+ ppg assuming his current season %'s stay the same. an inefficient, high volume, low % scorer is what dillon currently is. would be so much better as a 6th man.
  10. grizz09

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    zhaire smith is oft injured and another poorly offensively skilled undersized defensive SG. he got ridiculous hype for some reason but i was never ever convinced about him. we already have melton who assuming we re-sign, smith becomes redundant. want no parts of him or horford. harris would fit well, but his contract is a no-no. i would love a lineup of ja/allen or dillon/harris/JJJ /JV w/ tyus/dillon or allen/winslow/clarke and melton as well for spot minutes at 3rd string SG.
  11. hell no. that 2nd unit is pure crap. you really want melton as your backup PG and jackson as backup SG?
  12. grizz09

    JJJ - Injury Prone? Progress

    yea, they've been tight lipped w/ injuries this year. winslow's they were cryptic with, we found at allen was out for the season (at the time) on accident by coach K, etc etc. don't know why they aren't more transparent.
  13. grizz09

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    anyone who's watched allen at duke, with scant minutes in utah/gleague, and even this season have seen plenty of moments from the preseason through regular season where you could see plenty of straight line speed, bounce/dunks/athleticism. if you don't see that you're being very selective with what you consider athleticism. i don't feel like pulling out game highlights, but his athleticism is pretty obvious particularly for his "white guy/shooter" archetype. anyways, back on topic. regardless of trades, i'm most interested to see what becomes of melton and josh. i don't see them retaining josh just based on the bubble unless they were trying to hide him/suppress his value. however, i would've expected them to pick up his option if they had even been considering him being here beyond this season. if I'm him, I don't know if I'd want to be back unless i run out of other options. re: melton, he did get a bit exposed in the bubble, but still has value as a defensive harraser of PGs and some SGs. he has to tighten his handle, decision-making, and his jumper. I think if I had to choose him or josh, i'd choose him, but i don't think they should pay more than $8-8.5 mil per year for 3-4 years w/ a team option on the last year. other than that, unless we're talking about getting back someone like booker, beal, or brown, i think i'm content to stand pat and let these young guys grow together for another year. i've cooled slightly on lavine and am completely out on hield.