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  1. grizz09

    Do we already have enough legit scorers?

    out of the people you listed, josh and grayson are the only 2 i see as 14-15+ ppg scorers
  2. game is tomorrow on 11/19/19 and Allen is out again. Hopefully he makes it back by the next game on Saturday.
  3. grizz09

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    if a team is crazy enough to off him 15 mil per (even as a starter) than the FO absolutely has to let him walk. I'd be fine w/ 9-11 mil, maybe 12, but even that's pushing it.
  4. yea i love tyus as a faciliator but defensively both he and ja are severely lacking in part d/t physicial abilities/small size. those who were clamoring for a ja/tyus backcourt pairing are crazy. going back and watching more utah games/highlights and some moments so far this year, i think allen is alot more dangerous than people realize and and has a much higher ceiling than marko given his athleticism. he's been a better defender than marko as well although that's not saying much. he just needs more time to put it all together. I'd rather less hill and crowder so that brandon, bruno, and eventually josh an eat more of those minutes. i've loved what i've seen from kyle so far. such a smart player.
  5. I'd rather he hog the ball on the 2nd unit than with the starters. I think he'd thrive in a role off the bench where he can just be a gunner against 2nd units. I'd put him at SF and allen at SG with the 2nd unit assuming neither one of them starts as I'd rather allen handling the ball more as a SG compared to dillon's weird/awkward dribbling as a SG. They'd both do well against 2nd units and I think I actually like allen as 3rd string PG even more than melton to some degree.
  6. grizz09

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    I'm less patient with him because he's been a pro since he was 18. dillon was likely at U of oregon at that age and allen was a highschool senior and then benchwarmer at duke until his breakout late in the season. i didn't expect him to be doncic, but the FO went out and got this guy when they already had dillon and had just traded for allen, jackson, and melton. how are you going to develop all these guys and fairly evaluate them? getting guduric was unnecessary IMO. I can't cut him that much slack when he's got alot of professional/international experience.
  7. grizz09

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    you say this like he's had many games to prove himself. grayson and dillon were clearly the best SGs in preseason. guduric was by far worse in regular season up until grayson got injured and marko got an opportunity. allen barely got a chance to play on a playoff team last year in utah. the hate for him on this board is astounding for a guy who's played 20+ minutes in an nba game like 5 times.
  8. overall nice minutes from de'anthony, marko back down to earth and scared to shoot again, would like to see more of bruno instead of hill
  9. yea, but so many were wide open
  10. he plays very aggressive defense and actually gets away with alot of fouls
  11. yup, left ankle currently. stepped on oubre's foot in the first half against suns, then the nastier roll on the left again when jaren stepped underneath him in the second half.
  12. just looked it up, it was actually the right ankle in utah.
  13. grizz09

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    he is playing very hungry lately and aggressive on defense which i like. he's definitely playing harder for a nice contract and it may seem underhanded to say, but having multiple baby mamas must be giving him even more motivation to get paid as much as possible since he'll have multiple hands in his pockets.
  14. grizz09

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    guduric deserves a chance like all the guards/wings do. he's been a pro since he was like 17/18; much longer than dillon, allen, or melton so it was disappointing to see him so terrible to start the season. i will continue to cut the other guys alot more slack than him. his best game was encouraging against charlotte, but they also played absolutely zero defense against him and anyone else in that game. it may as well have just been shooting practice. utah showed real nba defense and clamped him up, not to mention that mitchell absolutely abused him on the defensive side. he's got skills for sure though, no doubt. it's too much of a logjam right now and all these guys have game/skills; don't really know what the FO is going to do. ideally jackson pans out and you can have a SF + SG rotation of jackson/dillon (dillon would feast against 2nd units and i think projects more as a SF) + allen/guduric. meaning that they've traded away crowder, hill, iggy.