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  1. grizz09

    Defense is the Key

    what numbers and what eyes are you using to keep saying say that bane is a good or potentially good defender? you've said this about him numerous times but eye test and numbers don't favor him at all. he's got a worse DBPM, DRPM, DRTG, net rating, net RPM, VORP, and WS than both melton and allen. if anything, melton and allen should be eating some of his minutes until he comes along more into next year and beyond depending on team makeup at that point.
  2. grizz09


    Agreed, I don’t know why people are so enamored by him, especially at a ridiculous 4/$84 number? Who the hell would pay him that much in their right mind?
  3. How hard Ja is for Ja and dillon to help on the defensive glass? Especially dillon? He had 1 stinking rebound and got outhustled by McConnell on a key late game rebound. And free throws again would’ve made a difference in this game.
  4. starters/team should've won it in regulation with those FTs, but those konchar minutes also hurt. i know jenkins is married to 10 man rotations, but bane should've eaten his minutes and been paired with dillon and/or grayson.
  5. 13 missed FTs. just make 5 more and game over in regulation.
  6. this. grayson and ja were getting hacked going to the basket and not getting calls, add on to that phantom fouls on us and TJ as per usual not challenging anything.
  7. absolutely disgusting loss, i feel sick. make your **** FTs
  8. all we had to do was make FTs in regulation, this is a horrible loss
  9. he's gotta finish that short shot, wow
  10. 18/30 from the FT line, sheesh
  11. grizz09


    such terrible ideas thrown out near the end of the article. 4/84 (?!) for talen horton-tucker when we have a young and better albeit smaller version in melton who we just signed on the cheap. duncan robinson who literally can't do anything but make assisted threes? grayson is younger, similar shooter, better defender/ball-handler/rim-attacker, supremely more athletic, has built in team chemistry and will be a RFA that the team will likely be able to keep for 4/40 give or take 5-8 million. not to even mention bane. WTF
  12. more impressive than going nuclear in the 3rd is that grayson put trae in a straight jacket on defense
  13. a perfect/usual dillon statline so far, 17 points, 1 rebound, 0 assists, lol
  14. i hate to say it, but the bench may be better w/o winslow. when everyone is healthy, he might have to be pushed out of the rotation. ja/grayson/dillon/JJJ/JV + tyus/melton/bane/kyle/brandon. tillman and winslow 11th and 12th men.