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  1. yup, i've been saying that most of this team's wings are redundant especially these 2 and that one of them has to go. both 3 and D but without the 3. the more i've watched lately, the more inclined I am (surprisingly so) to keep JJ over melton for all the reasons you listed and then some. they also share some similarities to winslow, but winslow has proven to be a player in the league albeit w/ injuries. the only 2 true shooters/scorers are dillon and allen both of whom i think the team should keep. run a SG and SF rotation of dillon/allen and justise/JJ. they can all be mixed and matched as well depending on matchups w/ justise and allen also able to play PG and make for some big backcourts.
  2. grizz09

    The official Hot take thread

    bell sucks, simple as that
  3. bell is ***. melton offensively is really only good on the break compared to half court and can't handle the ball w/o turning it over half the time. there's honestly no good lineups. should consider ja/josh/dillon/kyle/dieng.
  4. where's the spacing here bro? that is the exact opposite lineup ja needs next to him save for dillon (when he's making shots)
  5. protect Ja at all costs. if games appear to be out of hand, then TJ needs to pull him early and just let the bench play. no need to kill ja just to try and get an 8 seed and get destroyed by the lakers.
  6. grizz09

    Disappointment in JV Play

    snyder's system in utah doesn't necessarily need a traditional PG although that's what rubio is. the problem for conley is that he seems to be someone who has to dominate the ball to be effective, and snyder's offense is more about ball/body movement. it's not like he sucks, but the grizzlies clearly won that trade. outside of clarkson, allen is better than any guard on their bench. crowder would've helped the culture/defense, korver would've provided more spacing, and they would've had picks. they gave up waaaay to much just for mike.
  7. this lineup still has ****** spacing, what's wrong with you guys?
  8. y'know what, i've seen enough of kyle. despite all of the things he's good at, he just can't fit in this offense. he's gotta go this summer.
  9. if dillon keeps playing like this or can't come off the bench, then i'd trade him before i'd trade josh or allen. trading dillon may also require less picks as well. dillon, melton, allen, josh, winslow, kyle, marko. only 2, maybe 3 of these guys can shoot. the rest are redundant as F. too many bodies that need consolidating, we just disagree on who.
  10. he's never been as good as he thinks he is. he's a 4th/5th leading scorer on a playoff team, not a leading scorer.
  11. you still need bench shooting depth. trade jackson (depending on what he does the rest of the season), marko, slowmo, bell, multiple picks, etc.
  12. watching this game and some other games, i get the feeling that some of these higher tier wings in the league hate dillon. kawhi and george have been going at him aggressively all game and i've noticed other wings doing the same in other games.
  13. yet you want to trade allen for some reason.
  14. grizz09

    Dusty Hannahs - 10 day contract

    lol, it's just the truth bro