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  1. grizz09

    Grizzlies on Zoom meeting

    LMAO at grayson's background
  2. got it, still not sure what's true with all the different info out there and who knows how this coronavirus is going to affect free agency. no way anyone is convincing him to stay around for 8.9 mil total otherwise.
  3. the team can only offer him a 1 year deal. he's gone.
  4. i didn't realize it either until omari sankofa was ranting about it on twitter after the game. he's absolutely gone this offseason. he'll get less money per year that the $8.9 but more guaranteed years/total money. it's a weak FA class. he'll get something like 2-3 yrs/15-21 mil total, 2nd or 3rd year with a player option. they should've picked up his 4th year rookie option.
  5. grizz09

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    it's a legit problem when you have justise, dillon, DA, grayson, josh, and john when only 2 of these guys are volume 3 pt shooters at a good %clip. josh, DA, and konchar are all redudant. justise's game is also like josh but much more proven with a good 3 pt% last year. grayson is probably the best shooter (and possibly the best overall athlete) out of all of them but along with konchar the worst defender. something's gotta give and they need to be consolidated. if they can swing a trade for a great shooter in the summer, then grayson could become redundant/expendable, otherwise melton, josh, and konchar are overkill. not to mention that marko is still on the team as well.
  6. i absolutely think he's worthy of investment, i just don't see the point of bringing back both him and melton.
  7. grizz09

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    whole family has bad legs/injury history w/ the kids. i know they were raised vegans which makes me wonder if that contributed.
  8. grizz09

    Should Brandon Clarke start on returning from injury?

    yea, i think clarke posted on his IG story about "back soon" or something like that. i just want all 4 of the injured guys to get and stay healthy.
  9. grizz09

    Should Brandon Clarke start on returning from injury?

    i honestly wouldn't be surprised if both winslow and clarke join allen in being out for the rest of the season.
  10. grizz09

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    he'll be brought along very slowly. this is a play for 2021-22 season and beyond.
  11. agreed, although when you look at his actual numbers, he's shooting horribly. in 20 min/game x 17 games he has 42/30/68 shooting splits which is basically identical to his career averages in 173 games. that's pretty terrible. he's basically a taller/more athletic melton in that he's a do everything type player, but he's not a natural shooter/scorer. he's got above average to elite athleticism, but i don't think he's above average much less elite at any actual basketball skill other than maybe ball-handling. he seems to be a good passer as well.
  12. grizz09

    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    i'd choose allen easily. there's enough defensive-minded wings with dillon, justise, and josh that melton becomes more redundant. allen can actually dribble/pass/shoot and play PG in a big lineup if need be. de'anthony is always fumbling the ball/tripping over himself and not enough of a shooter/scorer although he's had some good offensive moments. exactly, that's much better balanced. i was reading an athletic article by omari sankofa about the wing rotation next year, and he mentioned how grayson was really shooting it well before getting injured. it was something like an almost 25 game stretch from late nov/early dec until around when he got injured that he was shooting 52% from the field and just under 42% from 3. And he was probably close to 90% from the FT line. that's a very large sample size over that many games and provides more value than melton given the make up of the other guards/wings on the team.
  13. yea, he's the definition of feast or famine. he takes the most shots and has the worst FG% on the team out of everyone who has played some semblance of meaningful minutes. this team is going nowhere in the future if he is the leading shot attempter/scorer.
  14. got it, thanks for diving deeper