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  1. grizz09

    Moving the needle

    dude hasn't played 1 nba game yet, making such definitive statements is crazy
  2. people have this inflated sense of bane already for some reason. great college 3 pt shooter, but he had to stay at TCU of all places for 4 years to even have his name in the draft convo and be drafted end of the first round. shooting from nba distance against nba athleticism/length is going to be a whole new adjustment for him and most shooters take a few seasons to acclimate. it's also interesting that he shot less than 80% from FT 3 out of his 4 college years, so I wonder how his shooting will translate at nba distance. he has no summer league and a quick turnaround from draft to training camp and then preseason/regular season. to expect him to walk in right away and be a starter is absurd. if allen is even remotely close to the allen we saw in nov/dec/jan and the bubble, then he's likely starting at the 2 next to dillon (unless jenkins rolls out dillon/kyle at the 2/3). melton is also more likely to start than bane. both allen and melton are also longer than bane although he is more thickly built. i think it's more likely that we see ja/dillon/kyle/clarke/JV w/ tyus/allen+melton/bane+allen/tillman/gorgui, but if dillon is starting at the 3, then it will be allen or melton starting at the 2.
  3. nah, JJJ seems to like exposure/fine things/the lifestyle. he's not as much of a diva as dillon, but he does seem to have some diva-ish tendencies off the court.
  4. where is the shooting in this rotation? bane is unproven against nba comp, so i'm not counting him. who knows what dillon will show up. allen has to get minutes early.
  5. how the hell does grayson not have a spot? shot 40% from 3 on the season, and **** near 45-47% from december on. melton is too limited offensively and should be used primarily in spot situations for defense. bane is unproven. allen absolutely has a spot. there is absolutely ZERO chance that grayson gets cut, especially not for freaking mario hezonja. geez.
  6. outside of justise, there are plenty of guys to play the 3. dillon, kyle, bane all have size to play there (and i've been banging the table all this past season that that is dillon's true position anyway). hell, grayson played SF alot in december as well. not to mention konchar can play there in a pinch if needed.
  7. WTF are you talking about? he's only 25, but he's been in the league 5 seasons. is a career 32% 3 pt shooter in 19 minutes a game. doesn't rebound well for his position despite how athletic he is, and barely gets an assist a game. came in with a big ego as well. don't want him around the younger vets.
  8. why? he's never been a good 3 pt shooter
  9. konchar is not running PG in the NBA, why do people keep mentioning him as a 3rd PG? neither is melton at all, bubble proved that. 3rd PG by default is going to be justise. grayson is also more likely to run PG than either konchar or melton and would be much better than either of them at it.
  10. grizz09

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    happy to have him back, but not sure why the grizz outbid themselves for deanthony. could've easily had him for 7 mil/year IMO. definite overpay from my perspective.
  11. mullinax is an irrational dummy for some reason when it comes to melton and has constantly been talking about 9-12 mil per for him all summer despite him being such a limited offensive player. justin holiday only got 6 mil per from indiana. in what world does melton deserve double that? then mullinax had the audacity to compare him to marcus smart at similar stage in careers. he's excessively crazy about melton for some reason.
  12. fair enough, but see Ndq's response below. i think it's more likely that grayson becomes a passable defender off the bench than it's likely for melton to become even a slightly below shooter. and again, he was coming off injury and still not as explosive vertically or laterally as he's capable of. he was also playing alot late in the 4th quarters against alot of starting guards that he typically wouldn't be playing against if not for justise being out. he definitely has alot of room to improve further, so i agree with your general premise. i think a SG/SF rotation of allen/bane (if they can be just passable defenders) off the bench provides a combo of size, shooting, and athleticism that melton just doesn't have. i'm a duke guy through and through, but i'm wary of hood coming off an achilles. exactly. he was horrendous defensively in utah and has already come pretty far. an interview i think on grizz youtube, he says he's been focusing primarily on defense during the break.
  13. grayson wasn't nearly as bad defensively as you're making him out to be (torched is an exaggeration), especially coming off an injury. i think everyone's lasting memory of him getting beat by lillard off the dribble on that last possession in the play-in game is coloring your defensive opinion of him. he was clearly still better on that end compared to regular season much less his rookie season. his offensive game is more than him just scoring too, it's providing gravity --> ja was getting wide open lanes when paired w/ grayson, and not all w/ melton or kyle on the floor. team has enough wing defenders in dillon, winslow, and kyle anyway, and now possibly bane. need shooters/scoring and grayson falls right in line w/ that without having to dominate the ball. i'm perfectly fine letting melton walk. he's smaller than the rest of them and by far (TBD w/ bane at nba level) the worst offensive player of them. he's also stuck as an undersized 2, the rest of them (including konchar) can play at least 2 positions. we should let him walk and sign a solid 3rd string PG.
  14. grizz09

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    team is signing tillie to a 2-way
  15. grizz09

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    surprised he's an under 80% FT shooter since he's such a good 3 pt shooter, but he didn't get to the FT very much.