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    Boom goes the dynamite!!! Bye Iggy!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the full details. I'd be very pleasantly suprised if we only gave up Iggy for Winslow. I think some of you are underestimating Winslow. They moved him from SF/PF to PG/combo forward mid way through the season last year and it saved his career. He went from a potential bust to a really valuable player for them. He's an above average defender, passer, and slasher. He will make open threes and won't be a liability anywhere. He's also only 23 and a team first player. Definitely a good piece to have. With no draft pick this offseason and a dismal free agent field, I'd happily have him on the books for $13 mil next season.
  2. BTiger3733

    2020 NBA Draft

    Not sure how Anthony Edwards isn't #1 for everyone right now... A wing scorer averaging 20/6/3/2.3/1 with great range and a grit & grind mentality. Perfect fit for us if we have the opportunity to draft him
  3. What should stick out is him being in the 6th percentile which factors out the league wide increased fouls
  4. According to Cleaning the Glass's advanced stats, Jaren fouled someone on 5.9% of his defensive possessions last season which was in the 16th percentile in the league. This season he's committed a foul in 9.5% of his defensive possessions which is the 6th percentile...
  5. BTiger3733

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Realistically, we're not getting any big free agents next year because 1) it's bad weak FA class and 2) no one is coming to Memphis over a bigger market or a better team unless we overpay. Hopefully we can arrange a S&T this season. If not, I really do think it makes sense for us to overpay someone right now because we have three core pieces on rookie deals for the next 3-4 years so we can afford to splurge to continue to build a core. We're going to have ~40 mil of cap space to play with next season. So basically give Buddy Hield the money he wants. Not a fan of maxing Jaylen Brown. I love his athleticism and play style but I don't think he's a game changer. Especially for what this team needs.
  6. BTiger3733

    To convey or not to convey

    We're only going to get better from here so we need to pick this year. We need another core piece to add.
  7. Looks like with the Tyus signing we'll have about $50 mil in cap space next offseason. $59 mil if we decline Josh Jackson's option
  8. BTiger3733

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    Having or not having Delon Wright will make zero difference in the success or failure of our franchise
  9. BTiger3733

    What is FO's plan?

    There is a *chance* we attract some free agents next season if Ja and JJJ have fantastic seasons. Siakim, Jaylen Brown, and Buddy Hield are all high profile FA's and would be great fits. Doubt any of those three leave for Memphis though. Lower level guys available next year are: Otto Porter, DeMar Derozan, Draymond Green, Brandon Ingram, Caris LeVert, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Sabonis,
  10. BTiger3733

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    There is a 0% chance this team is making the playoffs this year with or without AB
  11. BTiger3733

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    This is wrong
  12. BTiger3733

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    They still have Pat Beverly. Their backcourt is actually their strength right now: Beverly/Kawhi/PG with Shamet and Lou Williams off the bench. That's about as good as it gets. They need frontcourt help. They pretty much only have Montrezl Harrell. I would assume they'll resign JaMychal Green and Ivica Zubac soon though.
  13. BTiger3733

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    For all combo guards last season, Melton was in the 96th percentile for block percentage and 100th percentile for steal percentage. But he was in the 12th percentile for eFG%. Grit grind.
  14. BTiger3733

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    Now we can focus our efforts for the next few years on finding a cornerstone wing
  15. BTiger3733

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I know we aren't connected to him in any way, but Julius Randle would be a homerun signing IMO. He's turned himself into a modernized ZBo. Fans would love him and he fits well with JJJ.
  16. BTiger3733

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    We need to take advantage of the opportunities that come up without worrying about timingg. If we have a chance to sign Brogdon (or anyone else that makes sense) at a good price then do it. If we have to overpay, don't do it. We are too small of a market to plan when we'll make FA splashes.
  17. BTiger3733

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Definitely not a fan of purposefully tanking but also not a fan of overpaying mid level guys to get the 12th pick every season (i.e. Charlotte) A three year slump is doable and has proven to work. OKC had a three year rebuild and ended up with KD, Westbrook, and Harden. Not saying we'll end up with three hall of famers... but it's been proven to work if the cards fall your way.Ja needs a year to grow anyways. Again, I don't think we should purposefully lose any games this year because the lottery can't be counted on but this team sucks right now and I don't think we should ruin our young assets with short term fixes (New Orleans)
  18. BTiger3733

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    This team has a better chance of getting a top 6 pick than making the playoffs. Which would be the best thing for the franchise in my opinion.
  19. BTiger3733

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Resign JV, Delon, Noah. Don't reach for anyone. This isn't the offseason for that.
  20. BTiger3733

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    A few thoughts... 1) Steven Adams is definitely a better player than Jonas 2) Jonas is still really good and is a good fit for our team 3) We need a fantastic rebounder next to JJJ
  21. Fantastic pick. A scorer would have been nice but we can't build our entire roster with one draft. I see Clarke as a high energy, high IQ, dirty work, whatever it takes to win type of guy. Not necessarily even as a starter. Picks in the 20's are guys that you just want to play meaningful minutes. Half of them won't even be in the league in 5 years. I think we got a pretty safe pick after already drafting a franchise cornerstone in Ja.
  22. BTiger3733

    2019 NBA DRAFT