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  1. What about Gary Payton or John Stockton?
  2. Could Mike Conley be a future head coach of the Grizzlies once he retires?
  3. XRPerry

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    Boston or Toronto
  4. XRPerry

    Is Ja Morant Worthy of a #2 pick?

    What is the forbidden fruit? Let me see how you think!
  5. XRPerry

    Great time to be a fan

    He made 8-12 3 pointers in the last game. That shows he can do it.
  6. XRPerry

    Memphis ā€œJā€ Grizzlies and J5

    Iā€™d love to have him
  7. XRPerry

    Great time to be a fan

    Carter will be a starter in this league
  8. Starter from day one. He will break the all time rookie assist record. Win the slam dunk contest. Win rookie of the year!
  9. XRPerry

    Predict #2 Pick

    Ja Morant and hopefully heā€™s an instant superstar!
  10. XRPerry

    Is a Mike Conley trade Addition by Subtraction?

    I donā€™t think Jevon Carter is better than Conley at this point, but I believe he someday could be if heā€™s given the same kind of opportunity they gave Conley over Kyle Lowry.
  11. This video donā€™t lie Jevon Carter can play his tail off!
  12. Grizzlies got some great young pieces in JJJ and Jevon Carter. They are no scrubs. You can book it they are going to make which ever coach gets hired look good if giving the minutes.
  13. Could the Grizzlies hiring Becky Hammon bring more publicity in more televised games and also more money to the organization? Asking for anyone who knows the answer. I think she has the experience to warrant an opportunity. Not that she will get it with the Grizzlies. But it think itā€™s the right city for NBA history to be made. We could set the standard and be the first time team to hire a woman. With Martin Luther King being murdered just blocks from the Fedex Forum I think this kind of hire would be a good story for this city. Itā€™s just my opinion and most of you might not agree. But thatā€™s just my opinion and what I would love to see happen.