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  1. 16 hours ago, ALT GRIND said:

    Good question.  I guess tune can push it back into August. But college basketball will start soon after.  Hope they don’t merge the 2020 and 2021 drafts. That would be bad for us!

    They can't really do it until they figure out what's going on with the 2019-2020 regular season. Even if they go the way of a play-in tournament for the last playoff seeds, they'd then have to wait for the results of such tournament as whoever doesn't make it in then gets put into the draft lottery.

  2. 12 hours ago, BnaBreaker said:

    This is not the flu.  It's more like the SARS virus.  The fatality rate is roughly twenty times higher than the common flu.  It spreads fast, and it spreads easily, and we have no treatment or vaccine as of yet.  What makes things worse is that many of the infected don't show any signs of symptoms for at least a week and thus will walk around spreading it around... UNLESS, we practice social distancing and level out the curve of the spread so that our hospitals have a chance to keep up.

    Thanks, Bna - this is crucial to keep reminding ourselves.

    11 hours ago, BigHunkALove said:

    Its too early to be confident in determining the mortality rate, which appears to be roughly 2-3% in western population demographics, and is difficult to compare with influenza, since the denominator (the number of sero positive cases) is also difficult to determine, mostly due to testing often not being performed on those with "the flu" but certainly, the panic is spread by a current absence of anti viral therapy (like Tamiflu for influenza) and a current absence of a suitable vaccine to prevent infection

    Also note that if we don't flatten the curve, the mortality rate will go up as there won't be enough hospital beds or ventilators. Healthcare professionals will have to start making decisions about who gets treatment in this scenario. It is imperative that we follow the social distancing guidelines and flatten the curve. The spread of this virus might be inevitable, but if we can slow the spread over a longer period of time we'll have a far better opportunity to manage it and lessen the impact than if we hit the peak soon with less immediate action.

  3. Excellent and makes me proud to be a Grizzlies fan. Makes the New Orleans ownership’s stance even more puzzling. They’re letting a 19-yr old kid be the grown up and be the class act while the actual billionaire owner does...nothing?

  4. There's a lot of conflicting information out there, but I'd encourage everyone to read this article. We've mostly been comfortable thinking that if you're young and healthy, you'll only get a mild form of COVID-19. But "mild" doesn't mean what we typically think of:

    "The best possible monitoring and communication will nonetheless prove vital to determining who needs hospital beds in the midst of a rapidly spreading, temperamental disease. Without it, to simply tell people to “stay at home if you’re sick” will be inadequate. Most cases of COVID-19 are reportedly “mild,” but that term can be misleading. As the World Health Organization adviser Bruce Aylward clarified last week, a “mild” case of COVID-19 is not equivalent to a mild cold. Expect it to be much worse: fever and coughing, sometimes pneumonia—anything short of requiring oxygen. “Severe” cases require supplemental oxygen, sometimes via a breathing tube and a ventilator. “Critical” cases involve “respiratory failure or multi-organ failure.”

    If you can at all work from home, you probably should be at this point. My heart goes out to those at greatest risk and those who can't afford to work from home.

  5. 12 minutes ago, Grizzled Vet said:

    Some relief this year, maybe.  I don't know the terms for Waiters.

    Answered in #65 here


    12 minutes ago, fanboyslim said:

    Minimal (a fraction of the prorated minimum) and irrelevant since we’re past the trade deadline. If he signs a contract for next season it will be more significant.

    And thanks. So I guess fairly inconsequential, since it'd be a shock if they sign him for next season.

  6. 5 hours ago, Dwash said:

    Maybe but lots of skilled big guys were guards at first. Chris Webber, Ant Davis, Lamar Odom are the most popular ones I can think.


    Again, saying stuff like he  needs more effort, dont care is a lazy excuse imo. Big guys who look like that could care less about most of the regular season get 7-8 boards. Pau Gasol was soft as a charmin as a rookie and he got 8 or 9. It something physical or technical or maybe mental as to why he doesnt atleast get 6 or 7. It may or may not matter, but it would be good to know why.

    There was a game towards the middle of December (can't remember which one it was) where I tried to zero in just on JJJ's rebounding for each possession. What I kept noticing was how far away from the basket he was when the ball hit the rim. When he was already close to the basket or had just contested the shot, he did do a decent job of boxing out (though he still got outworked on some possessions), but the larger issue seemed to be that he just wasn't even in the vicinity of the basket.

  7. Just now, fanboyslim said:

    I'm not sure about powerrankingsguru since they calculate an opponent's strength based on last season's power rankings... No idea about Tankathon.

    ESPN uses relative power index to calculate SOS (it's the standard in college). RPI takes into account not just an opponent's W/L, but also its opponents' average W/L.

    The problem with most SOS calculations is they don't take things like back to backs or load management.

    I might be wrong, but I think you're looking at SOS for the schedule that Memphis and the rest of the teams have already played, not for the remainder of the season. All I can find on ESPN's site is the following:

    Tankathon looks solely at the remainder of the season. Happy to be proven wrong, I just can't find anything out there that supports the idea that Memphis has anything but a top-3 hardest remaining SOS.

  8. 7 hours ago, fanboyslim said:

    Just pointing out that we’ve come out of a murderous stretch in our schedule, and while NO and POR still have a very easy schedule left ours is now only the 15th hardest according to ESPN SOS.

    Things are getting easier and if we recover JJJ, BC and Winslow I still like our chances.

    Not sure how ESPN is measuring this, but both of the following sites have us in the top 3 of hardest remaining schedules and have both Portland and New Orleans in the top 4 of easiest remaining schedules.

    The next 5 games are all winnable, but after that it's an absolutely brutal schedule. Honestly, I think it's going to come down to 4 games: the 2 away games against Portland and the home/away series with New Orleans. Good news is we should hopefully have JJJ and BC back for all those games.