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  1. Michael Dickerson...the wing we've needed for the last two decades. Shame what injuries did to his career.
  2. ACGrizz

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    I dig the quote. Update: Hustle won on Saturday, 130 to 127 against the Iowa Wolves. Josh Jackson had 26 points (9-23, 1-6 3pt), 12 rebounds, 6 assists Uthoff had 23 points, 9 rebounds, 2 blocks, Yuta had 28 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 4 blocks. They play tonight at 7pm if anyone is interested in watching.
  3. ACGrizz

    Apologies In Advance

    Maybe we can get a throwback lineup on one of the days we wear the throwback unis Bibby/Dickers/Harrington/Abdur-Rahim/Reeves for the win
  4. Lowe remains far and away ESPN’s best NBA writer.
  5. It’s partly this, partly the combination of him and Ja. They’re unplayable together during crunch time until (a) the defensive scheme on pick and roll changes, (b) Ja gains strength and defensive awareness and/or (c) JV improves on hedging and recovering.
  6. Ja can’t stay in front of anyone if the other team puts him and JV in the pick and roll. Just won’t work.
  7. ACGrizz

    Team Hero Grizzlies @ OKC 12/26/2019

    This made me lol, chip. He truly is TA-lite.
  8. ACGrizz

    How far along are we

    I like our situation better right now, but if the Thunder got a high draft pick this year and we conveyed our pick and depending what they get for Adams and Gallo, they could be in a more attractive position a year from now.
  9. ACGrizz

    Happy Holidays to Everyone

    Appreciate the community we have here from around the world. It's not always being a Grizzlies fan outside of Memphis, but y'all make it a fun experience. Happy holidays!
  10. I've put Iguodala in the same mental bucket as Josh Jackson. I just assume both are not even part of the team anymore and have resigned myself to the possibility that neither will return any assets whatsoever. If something materializes out of it, I can only be pleasantly surprised!
  11. ACGrizz

    To blow it up or not to blow it up??

    THe only thing I was disagreeing with you was about Adebayo or Kennard being obtainable. Otherwise, I was just pointing out the only offer we actually, tangibly knew was on the table.
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    To blow it up or not to blow it up??

    The offer was Emmanuel Mudiay and a second for Tyreke if i recall correctly (which the Grizzlies turned down).
  13. Worse than nothing even - we continually had to try and integrate him into the team when it was clear his knees were shot and he was useless, destroying rotations/chemistry/etc.
  14. [Insert explanation of small sample sizes and definitive statements based on small sample sizes]
  15. Neither does Jaren. Jaren scores a fair amount of his points at the basket and within 10 ft of the basket. In fact, 45% of Jaren's shots come right at the basket. What Jaren does not do (and query whether this is by TJ's design or if it's a limitation in his game) is take mid-range shots. Take a look if you're curious:
  16. Ja's been smart about when he takes the 3. I feel like his turnovers have come down as well. Very pleased with his progression in this limited time. Defense will continue to be a major work in progress.
  17. ACGrizz

    Come on Jenkins get in the game

    TJ also did eventually make adjustments and the Grizz went on a nice run after a bit of sloppy play against the zone. This is what development looks like - letting a guy like Melton make some mistakes, but sticking with him and giving him a chance to redeem himself.
  18. ACGrizz

    So What Else Do We Need?

    Come on, Toke - don't let your hazy memory get you! Harden averaged 31.4 minutes, 16.8 points, 4.1 rebounds and 3.7 assists in his last year with OKC (when he was 22). He was definitely a piece.
  19. He's tall enough and long enough where his awkward release isn't as big an issue as a guy like Lonzo. He also replicates the motion consistently, which is honestly more important than having a pretty looking stroke (see, e.g., Cam Reddish's BEAUTIFUL shooting motion...that results in 32% shooting).
  20. Imagine Clarke with Stro Show’s wingspan 😍 Pretty much. Melton could fill the TA role if he develops true to his scouting report. He truly is. He has a lot of dumb/low-effort fouls that are evident when he’s frustrated.
  21. ACGrizz

    So What Else Do We Need?

    Think Bertans will be hard to get. His shooting is otherworldly this year, so someone will pony up for him.
  22. ACGrizz


    *hugs* JV will have a dominant game soon. There’s a place for him on this team yet. Between the lack of training camp for him and the weird rotations due to injuries and tank-ehm-“load” management, the squad really hasn’t had a great chance to gel.
  23. ACGrizz


    Why so salty these days, buddy?
  24. ACGrizz

    Ja out tonight?

    So we’re not tanking?!
  25. I think the case against tanking is also easier when it's the difference between ending up with the 3rd pick and the 8th pick - the 8th pick still gives you a shot at a young talent and maybe you can argue the difference between 3rd and 8th is worth the "improved culture" of winning an extra 5-10 games. We're not in that situation though. We either get a top 6 pick or get nothing. It doesn't matter how great our FO is if they can't even make a draft pick. And you're against tanking, so it's not like our pick next year would be great either. It's the difference between having a shot at a good young player as soon as possible or either (a) sucking again next year and hoping for lottery luck or (b) actually being halfway decent next year but then having a much lower pick.