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  1. Last handful of games could swing either way between teams playing very hard for playoff seeding or resting guys for the playoffs.
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    The official Hot take thread

    Ha, touche. Keep forgetting Young is a starter.
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    The official Hot take thread

    Don't love a team 11 games under .500 getting a representative, but the dude does put up pretty flashy numbers and the All-Star Game is probably even less competitive than your rec league pick-up game so...*shrug*
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    Grizz Nation How We Feeling?

    As far as I'm concerned, as long as we avoid a long-term injury to one of our guys over the rest of the season, this season has already been a tremendous success. Ja is putting up numbers and showing things on the court that rookie PGs just flat out don't normally do and the FO has done a great job of assembling pieces around him that have gelled together into a very nice culture.
  5. Dieng is solid - think he'd be a starter on about a quarter to a third of NBA teams (just doing a quick search, he's clearly better than Ian Mahinmi - WAS, Daniel Theis - BOS, Luke Kornet - CHI, Thon Maker - DET, Marquese Chriss - GSW, Taj Gibson, NYK and Alex Len - SAC). Adds nice versatility to our line-up.
  6. I really think it'll be Portland. I just don't see the schedule working out for us. We have the toughest remaining schedule, while New Orleans has the easiest remaining schedule and Portland has the 5th easiest remaining schedule. Of the 29 games we have left, I literally only feel confident about maaaaybe 7 (SAC?, SAC?, Atlanta, Brooklyn?, Atlanta, Orlando, New York). I'm sure we won't go 7-22, but i'd be shocked if we're able to play .500 over the remaining stretch.
  7. Crowder playing very well too. Tough game because I don’t want to see Iguodala succeed in any way (petty, I know) but it’d be nice to get another game cushion on Portland.
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    Dion Waiters appreciation thread

    We paid a lot of money for a 1st round pick and Winslow.
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    Jordan Bell to Memphis

    I was thinking back to where I had read a lot about Bell and it was actually the in-depth breakdown of Brandon Clarke as a prospect. Take a look at this article if you haven't (basically comes out grading Clarke as being able to become a rich man's Jordan Bell, which it seems like he's already accomplished/accomplishing):
  10. This is a good read:
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    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Much more meh about this trade now. Kind of dependent on what they're able to do with Waiters and Johnson before next year's trade deadline.
  12. I've seen our front office get a lot of credit from non-ESPN sources (Twitter and other media outlets). But yeah, ESPN is definitely biased.
  13. If the deal for us is Winslow, Waiters and James Johnson in exchange for Iguodala, Crowder and Hill, then I don't like this deal nearly as much and actually am kind of bummed we made it. But we'll see what happens - I could be on board with that deal if there are some sort of picks coming our way.
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    Next 8 games

    I think we win one of Dallas/Philly (Dallas doesn't have Luka/Philly has some weird internal dysfunction right now it seems), win at Washington, and win two of Portland/Sacramento/ put me down for 4-4.
  15. ACGrizz

    Schedule for the remainder of January

    Love it. Thanks as always, chip.
  16. As the divide between the top 6 teams in the West and everyone else gets wider, we find ourselves in position to be in the Western Conference playoff race. I know we've had plenty of discussions about whether aiming for the playoffs or keeping our pick this year is more beneficial in the long run (count me in the keep the pick camp), but putting that aside, how many of the remaining games this month would the Grizzlies have to win for you to truly believe we have a shot at making the playoffs? For reference, I'm copying the remaining schedule along with that team's current record as of today, January 7th. 1/7 - Minnesota (14-21; .400) 1/10 - San Antonio (15-20; .429) 1/12 - Golden State (9-29; .237) 1/14 - Houston (24-11; .686) 1/17 - Cleveland (10-26; .278) 1/20 - New Orleans (12-25; .324) 1/22 - Boston (25-9; .735) 1/24 - Detroit (13-24; .351) 1/26 - Phoenix (14-22; .389) 1/28 - Denver (25-11; .694) 1/29 - New York (10-26; .278) 1/31 - New Orleans (12-25; .324) For comparison's sake, we currently sit at 15-22, with a .405 winning percentage. I think for us to be in a decent position, we have to win the "gimmies" (GSW, Cleveland, Detroit, NY), at least half of the toss-ups (NO - only including them in toss-up instead of "gimmie" category since there's the possibility Zion comes back, Phoenix, Minnesota, San Antonio) and steal one or two of the tough games (Houston, Boston, Denver). If we can do that, we'd go about 8-4 over the next 12 games. Looking ahead at our schedule towards the end of the year, I think 8-4 is the minimum we have to go in this stretch of games for the playoffs to be in any way realistic. That'd put us at 22-26 with 34 games left in the season.
  17. ACGrizz

    Schedule for the remainder of January

    We should start back up the 10-game chunk threads. I always enjoyed discussing what the next slate of games had in store for our guys.
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    Brooks: Can't wait until Grizzlies trade Iguodala

    That's a garbage tweet by Tillery, especially because he purposely took that Crowder quote completely out of context. That Crowder quote is NOT about Iguodala. Tillery can go back to being a useless, unemployed "writer." That Crowder quote is in response to a conversation about trade rumors involving him. Here's the actual section from the Commercial Appeal Article: Crowder embraced a leadership role with these young Grizzlies, well aware he might be traded this week. It’s to the point now that this group of 20-somethings is openly campaigning for Crowder to remain in Memphis. “They have my back, obviously, but I’m just trying to let them know it’s a business,” Crowder said. “Don’t get too caught up in everything. This whole league is a business. Whatever happens, I hope it’s beneficial to both sides.”
  19. Ja/Dillon/DeAnthony all coming out against Iguodala is one of the best developments in this whole ordeal. All along there's been a subset of people saying that mishandling the Iguodala situation could backfire in terms of showing other players that this is a good destination. Well, all the young guys on the team basically put that to rest as it's now them actively voicing their displeasure. Takes any heat (which would've been undeserved, IMO) off the front office regardless of whatever they do with Iguodala at this point. Three cheers for DB.
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    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Can’t see anyone trading for Solo, so he’s with us for the year.
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    The official Hot take thread

    Hot take #1: We need Jae’s leadership, but on the court we’re better off without him. Hot take #2: We’ve been feasting on an easy schedule and good conditions (no injuries, guys out for teams we’ve played) so we’re not a legitimate contender for a playoff spot. Hot take #3: Our ability to figure out Brandon’s role on this team will determine our team’s ceiling and define TJ’s legacy as a Grizzlies coach.
  22. Oh no - Marko won't hit any jumpers and Jaren won't rebound any of them
  23. Sucks that JJJ is suspended (...maybe it's a blessing that Marko is), but if it was going to happen at some point, I'm glad it's a regular season game. Hopefully guys have learned their lesson about this strict rule.
  24. Pranica mentioned it - Jokic has awful body language. He mopes so much and gives up on plays entirely.
  25. We have 3 games left against both of Portland and New Orleans. Will be crucial games!