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  1. We don’t seem to have much love for the fake tough Morris twins, eh?
  2. Josh Jackson doing positive things out there.
  3. Wonder if we consider putting DIENG in for this last possession...
  4. ****, Josh almost did it again
  5. GTF, we might be the only ones in here having heart attacks lol.
  6. ZBo looking good with the new haircut and sharp suit!
  7. Can’t drive if they just pack the paint sadly.
  8. Maybe it would’ve changed the outcome for tonight, but don’t think it would’ve made that much of a difference for the rest of the year. We had/have deck stacked against us with the end of season schedule. The problem was giving up some bunnies early on when we were still figuring some stuff out.
  9. Alright, well, pre-All Star break was fun. We have a good base to build on off for next year. Let’s not get too discouraged if we finish the season with a ton of losses.
  10. Kyle doesn’t work in this offensive system. That passed up three was brutal.
  11. 2-6. We win one of the Atlanta games and one of Orlando/Portland.
  12. ACGrizz

    Disappointment in JV Play

    Yeah, that's what I was referring to. But apparently he's now BACK to the starting line-up and it's Ingles going to bench. Regardless, Conley hasn't been what I imagine they were expecting.
  13. ACGrizz

    Disappointment in JV Play

    On the flipside of guys we’ve traded, Conley is now being moved out of the starting lineup in Utah. That deal looks better and better for this FO.
  14. Coming around to this train of thought. Ja seems to be very much fueled by being underrated throughout his time playing basketball. Wouldn't mind adding a little extra to that chip on his shoulder.
  15. ACGrizz

    Next 10 games from MEM, NOP, POR, and SA

    Add Utah to the above .500 club. Will be tough without JJJ and Clarke.
  16. Bell was one of BC's most discussed player comps when he was going through the draft process. BC has since developed a serviceable shot that has changed his outlook, but would be interesting to see us double down on the same type of rim-running, athletic, undersized type of player in the line-up.
  17. I've been saying this since before this month even started. This schedule is too much to overcome - it's not the losses against SAC and LAL, as those were somewhat expected, it's the culmination of young team + tough schedule + injury to Jaren. Still want them to win every game, but it's unrealistic to expect that we'll sneak into the playoffs. Actually look at our schedule, be honest and ask yourself how many of those last 17 games you think we'll actually win. I'm flagging this now because it's better to understand why we'll struggle than point to items that wouldn't have affected the outcome anyways (I can just see the threads now: "Dillon extension doomed this team" "Trading Jae and Solomon messed up our chemistry" "blah blah blah").
  18. It's over. JJJ being down for the next 2 weeks (where we have winnable games) and ending the season on a brutal 17-game stretch where we'll be lucky to win even 5 games means this one's going to Portland or New Orleans. Maybe the ping pong balls give us another favorable outcome, otherwise let's regroup and hope for continued internal growth and improvement.
  19. You can check the splits if you're curious - 2018-2019, we did better with more rest, 2017-2018 we just sucked no matter what, 2016-2017 we did WAY better with LESS rest (1-11 with 2 days rest, 1-2 with 3+ days rest - what the heck happened?!), 2015-2016 we were basically the same regardless of rest days, 2014-2015 we did better with more rest. For this season, we are: -5-2 on back-to-backs -18-18 with 1 day of rest -5-2 with 2 days of rest -0-3 with 3+ days of rest Though that only accounts for 25 of our 26 losses, so who knows where the other loss is being counted.
  20. Admittedly, this did make me lol
  21. ACGrizz

    Grizz Nation How We Feeling?

    Middle of April when we host two playoff games...😉 That's a whole lotta Kool-Aid. We'd be very lucky to keep some games competitive and maybe pull out one win at home.
  22. ACGrizz

    NBA Rising Stars Game

    A mix of both, but the Elam ending really did make it a lot more interesting. This is a good read if you have a couple minutes:
  23. ACGrizz

    No dunk contest for Ja

    Pretty much this - I think that's why Gordon losing felt like such robbery. That off-the-backboard 360 one-handed dunk was not only beautiful, but something I had truly never seen before.