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  1. ACGrizz

    How the Grizz can make the Playoffs in 2019

    They allow you to clear up cap space earlier than you otherwise would've without making the trade. You then use that cap space for additional flexibility (free agency, trades, etc.)
  2. ACGrizz

    How the Grizz can make the Playoffs in 2019

    And since nobody's going to pay him $7+ million, he can just go to the team with the best playoff expectations/fit for him. Makes sense - thanks for answering my q!
  3. ACGrizz

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    ****, Bamba's value really fell off a cliff after being considered as high as our #4 pick just a year ago.
  4. ACGrizz

    How the Grizz can make the Playoffs in 2019

    On point 3, how does his salary work for the next 3 seasons - does any salary he earn up to the $6.4 million the Knicks stretched him out at just reduce the amount of money the Knicks have to pay? Or does any contract amount end up being in addition to the $6.4 million he's making from the Knicks?
  5. ACGrizz

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    "It would probably have to be lesser draft assets, which might include the Grizzlies’ own two second round picks they sent to Chicago in the Justin Holiday trade and/or a protected future first." Just lol if this were to happen; the journey back home of those second round picks.
  6. ACGrizz

    why the 3 year plan worked

    Lol, why change the thread title? Now the thread makes no sense.
  7. ACGrizz

    NBA Combine Prospect Interviews

    My favorite part is his focus/praise of his teammates. As a point guard you need to be a leader and have the team excited to play with/for you and he seems to understand that.
  8. ACGrizz

    Summer Plans

    But a team will accomplish that through overpaying on a 1-year deal for a player they at least deem competent (e.g., Sixers with Reddick and Lakers with KCP), not by absorbing dead salary like Chandler’s.
  9. ACGrizz

    Summer Plans

    Those teams will want assets attached to him in order to take his contract for the year; we should not compound the Chandler problem by throwing away assets. He's a sunk cost at this point.
  10. ACGrizz

    Great time to be a fan

    That's another guy I like, but the rebounding from a Rui/JJJ frontline concerns me.
  11. ACGrizz

    Great time to be a fan

    At the 11th pick range I'd even start considering Bol Bol...
  12. What in his post is making you reach any of these conclusions? All FatherPat said was if [insert literally any veteran] repeatedly turned down/stood up [insert literally any rookie] wanting to work out and improve themselves, [such veteran] would probably be kind of a ****, unless [such rookie] was a literal butthole. From that Point A you got to this Point B post above?
  13. ACGrizz

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    The "next 5" consensus after the 3rd pick seem to be Hunter/White/Garland/Culver/Reddish (in whatever order you want to put them in). I'm going to assume we can rule out/wouldn't want White or Garland if we're already picking Ja. If Hunter is available there at 7 (which I don't think will be case), I would take him right away and be thrilled to have my core locked in. Otherwise I'd be happy with Culver - think he could be a good complement to JJJJa. I wouldn't want Reddish.
  14. ACGrizz

    Great time to be a fan

    Yeah, honestly this might be the biggest positive of the new lottery odds - the fact that a franchise like the Grizzlies can go from an exciting playoff series in 2017 to having 2 potential game-changing prospects just 2 years later. I like that teams that are just "bad" as opposed to "horribly bad and/or tanking" can get opportunities like this.
  15. ACGrizz

    When Should Conley be traded??

    If you've identified a player that you like and you're able to get him with a draft pick that a Conley trade would net you, then during the draft. If you're not interested in anyone that a draft pick in a Conley trade would realistically get you, then wait until the chips start falling during free agency.