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  1. ACGrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Masai putting in the work...
  2. I guess it's how you define the "full MLE" - he certainly got the most they could pay him for 2019-2020, but they could've offered him 4/$40m if they wanted to maximize the value of the MLE.
  3. ACGrizz

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    Shareef Abdur-Rahim is actually president of the G League now. This is bringing back some serious memories. Did Michael Dickerson have the best season for a Grizzlies shooting guard?!
  4. ACGrizz

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    Let's goooooo. These are ūüĒ•
  5. As of right now? I think Jamal Murray/Nikola Jokic and Trae Young/John Collins are clearly better, and Porzingis/Doncic are as well depending on Porzingis' health. Would probably put Bagley and Fox above them as well, and then I see Culver/KAT equal as of now (KAT > JJJ, but Ja's potential > Culver's).
  6. Gotta throw in the following too: Nets - Irving/(Levert or Allen) Celtics - Kemba/Tatum Kings - Fox/Bagley Pacers - Oladipo/Turner Hawks - Young/Collins Heat - Butler/Winslow Timberwolves - Culver/Anthony-Towns Mavs - Doncic/Porzingis Pelicans - Zion/Jrue
  7. ūü§£ It's cool man. "but yeah the grizzlies paid tyus Jones 28 million with incentives over 3 years to be a backup point guard, lol" ^this is, in fact, exactly what they did. But like I said, it's cool man, I get that it's sometimes hard to follow these things, especially living in a confused state where you end up posting things like: (Narrator voice: it was not, in fact, a mortal lock.) and this (Narrator voice: they were not, in fact, back in a major way.) I appreciate the entertainment value of your posts though and the way they lead to discussion. +1
  8. How is giving Tyus Jones a 3 year, $26.45m descending contract (comes out to $8.82/m year) indicating that our front office views him as a star? Please explain. Because that's just not a contract that indicates a front office that views him as a star. It's not. Those contracts look more like the following (all of these guys signed their contracts or are coming into these contracts between the ages of 22 and 24, by the way, since we seem to be so fixated on age vs. years in the league): (scroll down to see his extension)
  9. In this instance, the incentives in Tyus' contract are considered likely (by NBA standards), and thus does count against the cap. Whether they end up having to pay it out will be determined by our performance though.
  10. $8-9/m is a pretty decent price for a back-up PG to be honest. For context, next season: Cory Joseph will make $12m (he'll be 28 years old) Tomas Satoransky will make $10m (he'll turn 28 in the first few weeks of the season) Patty Mills will make $12.5m (he'll be 31). Also, it's helpful to look at the actual details of his contract - it's a descending deal and it's also kind of up in the air whether he hits the incentive this year or not (33 wins). Even if he hits all the incentives, it's closer to an $8.8m/year contract than a $10m/year contract, and in 2021-2022 it's "only" $8.4m.
  11. ACGrizz

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly does a diversion program entail?
  12. ACGrizz

    Summer Doldrums

    Careful, chip, this thread is going to turn into ALT’s big summer league board!
  13. ACGrizz

    Summer Doldrums

    Good to know! (though I live in Chicago ūüėā)
  14. ACGrizz

    Summer Doldrums

    I used them once in like 2008 when I was studying abroad and I wasn't sure how I'd be able to get $ from ATMs.