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  1. ACGrizz

    Free Agency Predictions ???

    How do sign and trades work again? I thought if a player officially signed an offer sheet, you couldn’t subsequently work out a sign and trade.
  2. ACGrizz

    Grade the Draft

    Yeah, Alt, that's fine and all but Grant Hill was also on a national championship team and shot 51.6% from the field.
  3. ACGrizz

    No Love for Steven Adams???

    That's correct - it's the Lakers pick. New Orleans received it without protections when they made the Anthony Davis trade, but in trading it to us they applied the top-10 protection for it next year. If the pick ends up top 10, they keep the Lakers pick and they give us 2 second rounders in the future (though don't know the exact details of those second rounders). We should all be rooting for the Lakers to end up with the 11th pick...then the FO can draft Ziaire Williams 2.0 and send the board into meltdown mode again
  4. ACGrizz

    Grade the Draft

    On the bolded, I truly don't get how you view it that way - we weren't obligated to pay Winslow a penny. We could've (and should've) just declined his option if we didn't make this trade. I do, however, agree on the last point; impossible to conclusively say ZW would've been there at 17, I think the general response though is that folks seem to view other guys in that 17 range as equal in potential/skill as ZW. Obviously the FO doesn't agree, so now it's on ZW to prove them right.
  5. ACGrizz

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    If anyone is interested in a deeper dive:
  6. ACGrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2021

    I mean sure, you can trade Bledsoe if you get an even worse player or worse contract...but then what's the point?
  7. ACGrizz

    GOOD LUCK ZW!!!! Alt Grind's deep thoughts

    There's some hope based on his free throw shooting (79.6%), but I can't find many examples of folks that shot so poorly from the field who became good shooters in the NBA. Happy for someone to give me some examples though.
  8. ACGrizz

    GOOD LUCK ZW!!!! Alt Grind's deep thoughts

    I'm an idiot - sorry bhoyal.
  9. ACGrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Some rumblings that there may have been an option to trade JV + 17 for Bagley Jr. + 9; not sure if it would've required additional pieces, but how would folks have felt about that trade instead of the one that happened? Assume that we would've still drafted Ziaire at #9 (since I doubt we were going to draft Davion Mitchell).
  10. ACGrizz

    GOOD LUCK ZW!!!! Alt Grind's deep thoughts

    Just quick note, Santi played in the Loyola that's in Maryland, so he's actually a Patriot league guy. Big part of the question marks around him; if he'd put the numbers he did last year in the Pac-12, I'm sure he would've been a lottery pick.
  11. ACGrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    They ain't trading Ja or Jaren, and of the remaining guys, any 3 or 2 of them ain't getting you any of those players except for Hield and/or Bagley which...hard pass.
  12. ACGrizz

    JV Appreciation Thread (So Long Big Fella)

    Well, JJJ hasn't had a single season where his true shooting % was higher than JV's worst season, so I don't really know what makes you so sure...
  13. I don't love what we did in terms of picking ZW and Santi where we did, but thought you guys might get a laugh looking back at the initial draft night reaction for some of the older drafts. I picked Bleacher Report since I could easily find their draft grades from 2015-2018; if you think they're trash, I don't necessarily disagree, but give it a shot with another site of your liking. I'm sure you'll realize that sometimes these pundits have no **** clue what they're talking about...let's hope that's the case with our picks this year. 2015: Examples of grades that were way too positive: Magic get an A- for Mario Hezonja, Heat get an A- for Justise Winslow, Rockets get a B+ for Sam Dekker, Grizzlies get a B for Jarell Martin 2016: Examples of grades that were way too positive: Pistons get an A for Henry Ellenson, Grizzlies get a B+ for Wade Baldwin, Timberwolves get a B+ for Kris Dunn, Suns get a B+ for Dragan Bender Examples of grades that were way too negative: Celtics get a B- for Jaylen Brown, Nuggets get a B for Jamal Murray, Raptors get C for Jakob Poeltl+Pascal Siakam (Siakam is called a "major reach"..."Deyonta Davis and Skal Labissiere both should've been taken before Siakam") 2017: Examples of grades that were way too positive: Sixers get an A+ for Markelle Fultz ("No matter who Fultz plays with in Philadelphia, he'll fit in. He can defer touches to Ben Simmons and thrive as an off-ball weapon." YIKES), Suns get an A for Josh Jackson, Mavericks got an A+ for Dennis Smith Jr. Examples of grades that were way too negative: Celtics get a B for Jayson Tatum ("It's an aggressive evaluation of a player who often displayed lackluster effort during his brief time at Duke and doesn't quite possess the prototypical explosiveness we've come to expect from superstar wings."), Jazz get a C+ for Donovan Mitchell ("This is a boom-or-bust pick for Utah, as well as a sliiiight reach, and that depresses the grade a bit."), Heat get a C for Bam Adebayo 2018: Examples of grades that were way too positive: Kings get an A- for Marvin Bagley, Magic get an A for Mo Bamba, Knicks get B for Kevin Knox, Sixers get an A for Zhaire Smith Examples of grades that were way too negative: Hawks get a C- for Trae Young, Clippers get a B- for SGA, Bucks get C+ for Donte DiVincenzo
  14. ^super helpful - thanks for the thoughtful post!
  15. ACGrizz

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    He sounds a bit like Jaren in the way he answers questions.