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  1. ACGrizz

    Would you trade Ja and 3J for Luka?

    Okay so his ceiling is 30/10/10 then. Sign me up.
  2. ACGrizz

    Do we already have enough legit scorers?

    Melton's listed as 6'2", Ja is 6'3" and just 174 pounds. I don't think that backcourt will work defensively, unfortunately.
  3. Maybe JJJ can make it to 15 minutes in this one before picking up his 5th foul.
  4. Must...lose for the tanking race?
  5. Bright spots: Clarke and his insane shooting efficiency, Jaren’s three point shooting, Melton showing the defensive potential we heard about.
  6. His p&r defense has been consistently bad. Just doesn’t have the awareness/strength to defend it well yet.
  7. Heck, maybe Brooks is our crazy one. He’s got the fight in him at the very least.
  8. ACGrizz

    Brandon Clark thread

    I’m most impressed by the way he challenges shots. Even when he doesn’t get the block, the way he goes straight up really affects offensive players.
  9. The rookie wall will come for Ja. We’ll also run into injuries at some point. I don’t think this team ends up with a bottom 3 record thou. More likely in the 5th-10th worst record range and then we hope for some more lottery magic.
  10. Yup. They spoke about this on the broadcast - we have really good chemistry between everyone on the team. Jae and Solo do a good job of encouraging the young’uns.
  11. It was 20 pts + 5 assists. Nunn himself has had multiple 20 pt games. We need to improve that JV/Ja pick and roll defense. It gets abused constantly to the point it almost renders JV unplayable if he isn’t cooking on the boards and giving you offensive production. Might be our “scrub love” of the season. Guys seem to really like him. Know I’ll set off Toke with this one, but he gives me some Noah-from-last-season vibes. Polar opposite of Parsons. National channels can “flex” some games and switch things around. Expect that’ll happen if Ja keeps showing out. Yeah, I love the excitement of this team, but long term we really need that top pick from this upcoming draft. Hopefully we make a Jae trade at some point and losses catch back up.
  12. Jenkins will stick up for his guys one day...right?
  13. Ayyyy. +1. That pogo jumper is a beauty. Hard to force feed him when... This.
  14. Every single one of Gobert’s screens is a moving screen.
  15. Our team chemistry getting some love.