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  1. ACGrizz

    Interesting Topic about JJJ

    It's truly shocking how he refuses to even look at the basket or even pretend like he's a threat to score - he gets a pass in the high post and he looks around at his teammates with his back to the basket. He's useless on offense, and the Celtics don't have a big center that he can match up with on the other end.
  2. ACGrizz

    Would You Rather....NBA Draft Lottery Edition

    We've had far worse trades. We actually ended up getting the first round pick that became Matisse Thybulle when we ended up trading Jeff Green again to the Clippers (though we did trade that pick in a later trade for Deyonta Davis and Rade Zagorac). So in a very convoluted way, we traded the 14th pick in this draft for Matisse Thybulle.
  3. ACGrizz

    Would You Rather....NBA Draft Lottery Edition

    Earliest it can convey is 2024 (top 4 protected). Then it's top 1 protected in 2025 and unprotected in 2026.
  4. ACGrizz

    Would You Rather....NBA Draft Lottery Edition

    Convey. Then the obligation is done and we get back the flexibility of trading the pick. There doesn't seem to be someone at the top of this draft who I'm super thrilled to pair with the JJJ/Ja/BC core.
  5. Yeah...PER has its flaws, but Justise's highest PER in 5 seasons is 12.83. League average is 15...
  6. Yeah, there are plenty of options for Jenkins to pull from. Even though the Nets didn't pull it out, it at least gave us more film which along with the Mavs game should give Jenkins a blueprint on how he wants to scheme for tomorrow's game. Big test for JV and I'm rooting hard for him. Without him, I'm afraid Nurkic and Whiteside will just dominate the interior.
  7. Honorable Mention: Jacques Vaughn and the Nets team, for competing so **** hard when they didn't have any seeding incentive to do so. They couldn't pull it off in the end...but eventually these tight games HAVE to put a toll(iver) on Lillard and McCollum...right?!
  8. To me, this game (or games) against Portland will all come down to how Jenkins schemes around the Lillard/Nurkic pick-and-roll. In our prior game, the Blazers started going to this and it put JV in a very tough position - he was either staying back and giving Lillard way too much room to operate, resulting in easy shots for him, or coming up a bit more and then being left behind by Lillard on the drive. If I remember correctly, there was an adjustment during the 4th where we were actually doubling Lillard on the p-n-r and forcing him to give up the ball which worked for a couple minutes, but then we went away from it after Carmelo hit a couple open threes. Will we adopt the Nets strategy of getting the ball out of Lillard's hands? Will JV be able to stay on the floor if they start putting him in the pick-and-roll defense every time? If not, who is our other option? Dieng will have the same issues as JV and our best option here (JJJ) is injured, so that leaves Clarke or Tolliver as your big men...which I feel will get abused on the boards by Nurkic. Good test to see if Jenkins can get clever.
  9. Maybe Dame and Nurkic can headbutt someone...
  10. If they lose, they're OUT. And we play the Suns.
  11. Any chance Tyus is available for Saturday? Even 10 minutes of TYus out there would probably be helpful, at least in terms of giving Ja a break
  12. Time to order my LeVert jersey. Y'all pick up Harris and Allen too
  13. Get Ja out. I know he's close to the trip doub, but it's not worth risking the injury here
  14. Glad Clarke was able to hang on to the rim there - was scared he might have a fall there