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  1. Well, for one, even if you assume that he is similar to JV, try to imagine what we'd look like this season without JV. And I disagree about Nurkic - I think they'll have a much stronger 2nd half of the season and will make the playoffs over us.
  2. They'll get Nurkic back which will be big for them. Injuries have hit them hard.
  3. ACGrizz

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    My comment was with respect to the fact that your initial reaction to news of a person being hit by a drunk driver and sustaining injuries was "this guy's a leech/makes me want to puke/etc." This guy hasn't been relevant at all for the Grizzlies for a while and it's kind of weird you harbor such ill feelings towards a guy that just had a serious accident in a scenario that kills thousands of people every year. Move on, enjoy your life. At the end of the day, this is just sports.
  4. ACGrizz

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    Get help, guys.
  5. ACGrizz

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    Yeah, just don’t see it happening for Zion. Good recent example is Brogdon winning RotY over Embiid and that was with Brogdon having far less impressive numbers than Embiid. Embiid played 31 games that year, which is probably around where Zion will end up even if he stays healthy (load management/B2Bs). Maybe Ja won’t win the award, but it won’t be because Zion won it.
  6. ACGrizz

    TA Returning to the Grizz!!!

    Most importantly, it’s nice for the long term culture of this franchise. Take care of one of our own and show players around the league that this team will treat you right for life if you treat this team and the city right.
  7. ACGrizz


    I'm more excited for Melton. I think he has a better chance of outperforming his next contract than Dillon.
  8. ACGrizz

    Ja Morant invited to Dunk Contest

    True. He'll definitely be in the Rookie/Sophomore (USA vs. World) game and possibly the skills challenge.
  9. ACGrizz

    Ja Morant invited to Dunk Contest

    Would've been entertaining to see him in it, but glad he'll be taking the opportunity to rest up any lingering injuries.
  10. ACGrizz

    Keeping Melton

    Pera bought the team before the 2012-2013 season and the team remained over the cap every season they made the playoffs. So sure, I'll play along - yes, the Grizzlies would easily go over the cap if they thought it meant contending for a title.
  11. ACGrizz

    Keeping Melton

    MJ was the first player ever to sign a contract worth over $20m. He was "underpaid" relative to newer players since he had signed an earlier contract, but as soon as he was able to sign a new contract he got paid quite handsomely. For the 96-97 season he made $30.14 million...the next highest paid player was Horace Grant at $14.86 million. Adjusted for inflation he made $49.27 million that year. For the 97-98 season he made $33.140 million...the next highest paid player was Patrick Ewing at $20.50 million. Adjusted for inflation he made $52.95 million that year. He actually made peanuts when he went to the Wizards - right around $1 million each of the two years. So while I don't want to say you're completely wrong...MJ never willingly took a pay cut or put a will to win titles above getting paid.
  12. ACGrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Both Graham and Teague have been pretty awful, so I don't think this is necessarily a "throwing in the towel" move for them. Seems like they might try and make a play for DLo (thought I'm not sure with what assets).
  13. ACGrizz


    Rubio is indeed the starting PG...for the Suns.
  14. ACGrizz

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    *Mortal Kombat fatality* woof. He has a family - be gentle!
  15. ACGrizz

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    Mike's best statistical years were, unfortunately, at the tail end of the Grit'N'Grind era where the team wasn't good enough to justify giving an All-Star selection to a guy most of the national public wasn't used to watching on their TVs