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  1. Has it sunk in for anyone else that this might be the last time we see our Grizz until training camp? For all the criticizing, theorizing and analyzing we do here, it’s been awesome seeing these guys night in and night out and with everything going on in the world, Grizz basketball has been a nice outlet and escape for me personally. Win or lose tonight, I appreciate the heck out of this team and am excited about the future.
  2. If I could teleport there from Chicago...!
  3. DB held him to 4-14, which is probably as well as anyone can really play him. Yeah, there's no way you're going to shut this guy down for 48 minutes consistently - there's a reason he was a unanimous MVP. But you can make him work hard and, sadly, nobody on the team other than DB was able to do that in the last game.
  4. ACGrizz

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Agree on Porter - I think Tillie could be a rotation guy if he avoids injuries.
  5. ACGrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    He actually didn't have any serious injuries until his 3rd season - his shooting was already elite basically from the get-go. Ja however has led a team to the fringe of the playoffs.
  6. The other issue is having no effective way to guard Curry other than Dillon - that's either a personnel issue or a coaching issue: either you're admitting you don't have anyone outside of Dillon capable of guarding him in which case we seriously need to work on internal improvement with Ja/Melton/Bane or make a move eventually, or you're admitting Coach didn't plan for this which is inexcusable since everyone and their grandmothers could've told you that was going to be key.
  7. ACGrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Why wouldn't we want to see more important games for our team? Even if the Spurs beat us, they'd still have to beat the loser of Warriors/Lakers for it to affect our lottery odds in any way. On the very small chance that the Spurs beat us and then also beat the Warriors/Lakers...we still only improve our lottery odds from a 2.4% chance at a top 4 pick to a 4.8% chance at a top 4 pick. I'd honestly rather have a feel-good win on Wednesday and then get the chance to beat the Warriors/Lakers on Friday - I think the Warriors are beatable. We were up 2 points with 4:49 remaining before the two possessions where Ja lost Poole for an open 3 and then Jaren didn't box out Wiggins for an open dunk.
  8. ACGrizz

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    What we would have looked like this year (and moving forward) if we'd have somehow been able to get Bogdan Bogdanovic with the cap space from letting Iguodala, Crowder and Hill roll off the books? Doesn't quite line up with our core's ages, but not like he's ancient either (28 right now, would've been 31 by the last year of his contract). For reference, he got a 4 yr/$72 million contract and is putting up solid numbers for a #5 seed.
  9. ACGrizz

    NBA Play-In Tournament: What it is & Why it is

    Yeah - Nuggets don’t seem to want any part of the Lakers
  10. Toke, I think for the most part folks on this thread nailed what we expected to work and what we expected to be an issue. Wells was right about Draymond eventually guarding JV...and sadly we were also collectively right about the drought/turnovers. On to Spurs next, but if we get another shot at these guys, lot for Jenkins (and really, Ja, Jaren and the bench guys) to improve on. Let’s see how they react.
  11. Seriously...they also just beat a full Bucks team a couple games ago. I expect us to win, but doubt it's a cakewalk
  12. ACGrizz

    current rotation and needed adjustments

    Okay, so you agree with me that he's a more effective player when he's not asked to be the key guy and he has Curry on the team to draw attention away...? Dude just outplayed everyone on our team not named JV, so maybe not the best time to die on the "Wiggins is absolute garbage as always" hill
  13. Only Dillon can guard Curry Ja can't keep losing his assignment on offense Our box outs are awful in key situations Our bench needs some sort of spark, or at the very least they need to match the Warriors bench This Warriors team is beatable, but in this game we beat ourselves with defensive lapses and silly turnovers For the love of god, please use your challenge sometime Coach Jenkins
  14. We know what we need to do to win and we're capable of doing it, Jaren just playing toilet paper soft and Ja with the worst +/- on the team
  15. That's not true and kind of a cop-out - Wiggins has been a 20 point a game scorer on good efficiency since the ASB. You can't just ignore him or have defensive lapses against him because you're too focused on Curry