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  1. ACGrizz

    Memphis Grizzlies players on twitter

    You have to go back a full decade! I think he was the first to have the Big Three to Miami scoop - proof that even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  2. ACGrizz

    3J workout video

    I'm fine feeding JV when he gets position (and in fact, he should get rewarded for doing so every single time he does get deep position), but I really dislike when we give it to him on the high block or further out and we expect him to dribble and make a move or pass. I feel like he ends up getting stripped more often when we ask him to do that. When he catches deep and makes at most one dribble followed by a strong move, it seems like he is way more effective. Added benefit of utilizing him mostly when he's deep is that it puts him closer to the basket where his offensive rebounding also helps.
  3. ACGrizz

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    I'm hoping that one of the positives out of the overall awful COVID situation is the addition of an additional offseason for his development. The bubble is adding an additional training camp/mini-offseason to work on his game, see what works down in Orlando and then continue that development work between the end of the bubble and the next season. He's still super young (about to turn 21 in September) and he's working with a rookie coach and rookie PG, but I want to see a big jump from him in December when the new full season starts.
  4. ACGrizz

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    If I did it correctly, there's literally just one player in the entire history of the NBA that has averaged 23/7/4/2 (I even loosened it to 22.5/6.5/3.5/1.5 to try and catch more) and not made the NBA All-Star team. Every other player hitting those numbers has made the All-Star team. Here's the search if you're curious: If you further stretch it out to 21.5/6.5/2.5/1, you get a few more (but still less than 10, and mostly all players on god awful teams): Historically, averaging 22/6.5/3.5/1.5 has basically made you a lock to be an All-Star selection.
  5. ACGrizz

    Grizz 8 Games

    It's our...fultz...for forgetting him too
  6. ACGrizz

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    It's in the borderline all-star discussion - 23/7/4/2 (what ODK threw out) puts him right in line with the stats of 4 all-stars this year: -Khris Middleton (21/6/4) -Pascal Siakam (23.5/7.5/3.6/1/1) -Brandon Ingram (24/6/4/1/1) -Donovan Mitchell (24/4/4/1) If you go back a year, I think those are also better/similar numbers than/to what Klay Thompson, Khris Middleton, Victor Oladipo, D'Angello Russell and Kemba Walker had. These guys tend to skew more swing players, but maybe that's just what we have to accept JJJ will look like on offense (a Siakam/Nowitzki hybrid).
  7. ACGrizz

    Grizz 8 Games

    I...completely forgot he was even on the team. Yeah, I'm going to guess that's who it was (makes more sense than Gordon).
  8. ACGrizz

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    Thanks, guys - helpful to see the full set of numbers. Luka's dreadful three-point shooting jumped out at me too - yikes.
  9. ACGrizz

    Grizz 8 Games

    I'm guessing it's just who is in Orlando (i.e., no Aldridge due to surgery). For Orlando, he's probably listing Gordon as the best Orlando player, which I wouldn't agree with, but if you take Vucevic's dreadful playoff performance last season into account, maybe you can justify it...?
  10. ACGrizz

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    Are there any stats that actually bear this out? I remember towards the end of last season, Trae's "clutch time" stats were actually very good for a rookie. Curious if that changed or the stats are misleading due to the definition of clutch time.
  11. ACGrizz

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Plus development time - kind of a huge disadvantage if our young players are getting practices and meaningful games while (and let's just use them as an example) the Hawks have their young guys (Young, Huerter, Reddish, Collins, Hunter) go 9+ months without being on a court together.
  12. ACGrizz

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    The only two guys they have listed below DiVincenzo who I'd personally prefer over him are Marvin Bagley III and Michael Porter Jr., and I acknowledge they've both had their injury history, so wouldn't fault someone for preferring DD over them.
  13. ACGrizz

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    This is the most intriguing part of our team right now; they've had a mini-offseason, but with everything going on in the world it'll be a total wild card to see whether our guys improved.
  14. ACGrizz

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Good stuff. I know the league has jammed him down the country's throats, but at the end of the day he seems like a great person and he really is fun to watch/a very unique talent. I hope he shows out in the bubble (...but we still beat them down to get the playoff spot).
  15. ACGrizz


    And Zion if we end up in the play-in games against them.