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  1. The Silicon Valley nerds are taking their revenge and attacking our boards!
  2. Took a quick look at his splits against GS this season (as well as the box scores for each game he played in): https://www.espn.com/nba/player/splits/_/id/2991235/steven-adams Couple interesting things: He played in the 1st, 2nd and 4th games (we were 2-1 in those games) with a +/-, respectively, of -5 (in game we won by 3), He was never really in foul trouble (0 fouls, 1 foul, 4 fouls), given the 3rd game where he had 4 fouls we won by 28 points. His 21.7 minutes per game represent the least minutes he played against any team, tied with...the Minnesota Timberwolves. He "only" averaged 7 total rebounds (4.3 defensive, 2.7 offensive) and 2 assists compared to his overall season averages of 10 total rebounds (5.4 defensive, 4.6 offensive) and 3.4 assists. I went further back to the one time he faced the Warriors in the playoffs - 2015-2016 series with the Thunder in the Conference Finals where they lost in 7 games (first year the Warriors won a championship): https://www.basketball-reference.com/playoffs/2016-nba-western-conference-finals-thunder-vs-warriors.html He started all 7 games and played 28.5 minutes in those games (6th most minutes on the team) and average 8.9 rebounds a game in that series as well as 3 fouls a game.
  3. 1-game suspension is fair and in line with the Grayson Allen punishment for his flagrant on Caruso (which also resulted in an injury). If tables were turned and Gary Payton II had fouled Melton like that and Melton was out for the series, I'd be livid and probably calling for more than a 1-game suspension.
  4. I've complained a lot about Ja's defense these playoffs, but was watching the Suns/Mavs game last night and Luka looked even worse. See below from ESPN article: Chris Paul and Devin Booker, the Suns' All-Star guard, dominated Wednesday night in part by relentlessly hunting Doncic. That was particularly the case in the second half, when Booker scored 21 of his 30 points and Paul scored 20 of his 28. "Tough matchup to guard," Booker said of Doncic, "but he's going to have to guard a bit." According to Second Spectrum tracking, Doncic was the screener defender on 19 on-ball screens in the second half, which is the third most in any half in his career. The Suns averaged 1.81 points per chance on those possessions. That is the highest efficiency allowed by a single defender involved in at least 15 direct picks over the past three seasons. "I've just got to play better defense," Doncic said. "That's it."
  5. ACGrizz

    As if we needed more proof...

    Or losing his man entirely... It's frustrating because he does show flashes of capable defense. Don't need him to be Jrue Holiday out there, but he should get to at least slightly below average.
  6. Didn't see this already up on the board (and special thanks to chip for the idea in the first round), and figured it'd be fun to look back and see who got it right once the series is over. Tie-breaker is number of three-pointers hit by the Grizzlies in the final game of the series and I'm going with 14. Edit: By the way, I've left the poll open until tomorrow since tip-off is only a couple hours away.
  7. Truly, this scheduling is baffling. Mavs and Suns don’t play until Monday…despite both their series ending a day earlier than ours?! To top it off, we couldn’t even get a later game on Sunday? And then we have three full days between games 2 and 3? oh well - maybe we roll into Sunday afternoons game in a rhythm and then Adams can be back by Game 3 to throw a different look at the Warriors. Excited to see us measure up against the Warriors, who I think outside of the Celtics have looked the best this postseason so far.
  8. I think he’ll actually be 23 by the time next season starts. Not a huge difference, but I do think a 2-year difference does change how you look at him at least a bit.
  9. Hit me with the fines and the demerits, just gimme that win! We’ve looked so bad at times but eventually Minnesota has to get in their heads even if they do have a huge lead cuz they haven’t shown any ability to keep them. Still a whole lotta issues for this team to work out but if we can win playing this bad then that’s a promising sign in a weird way. “We got Ja, we got Desmond Bane, we got Dillon Brooks” Even BC can’t bring himself to give JJJ credit for the win 😂
  10. We’re getting some reeeeeal favorable calls - nice job with that press conference, TJ.
  11. How do you jump on a pump fake from Taureaun freakin Prince…
  12. Can we rewind to that game where our bench beat the Suns? There was so much hope back then 😂