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  1. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    JV elbow to Greens face? Call paramedics immediately. BUT, JV was always correct on the court. Sometimes, when messages needed to be given, he did it his way: The King goes down: After JV got hit couple times in the mouth, young kid receives the message. Don't poke the predator (Raptor). For Memphis fans now it's cool, that a raptor shape-shifted into a healthy, grown up (7 foot tall) grizzly bear JV tells Monroe to bleep of: Sorry, wrong link, this one: (Monroe, my dear friend, bleep of!) JV get's tired of usual Westbrook's antics, stay calms during the scuffle. JV uses boxing to improve his stamina and quickness. You don't want JV to start throwing punches with his long reach: Sometimes JV gets tired of being hacked non-stop: Here are some JV dunks, imposing his power over opponents bigs: JV drives and dunks: Young JV, pretty quick and agile, don't you think so: LBJ, under the basket against JV, you are not the king, but the clown: JV dunking on EVERYBODY in 2017-2018. First dunk on Cousins (Cousins would such an upgrade over JV, sadly, he was not available, so grizzlies is stuck with slow, dinosaur JV): JV IS NOT A TOUGH GUY??? JV wouldn't back of from Mike Tyson. Sure, Mike would kill him, would have JV's ears for lunch and kids for dinner, finishing evening with JV's gorgeous wife.
  2. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    If it's a tactical move - good job FO Memphis. Dwight can be only a bench cheerleader, no floor time for him in Grizz uniform.
  3. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    no problem
  4. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    In today's Lithuanian media outlet "Lietuvos Rytas" there is a small article with JV. Short summary: JV is holding a camp for the young LTU basketball players, 4 days, 7 practices. JV said that ankle (he sprained it at the end of the last season) is fully healthy, doesn't bother him at all. All together, he said, he feels 100% healthy. JV has a longer time of the basketball than usual, took time to recover, but he is already working on his body for the next season. Asked, how does he feel about Raptors winning the championship, he replied that he is both happy and angry. He is happy, cause Toronto was his home for the 7 years, but feels "angry" because he was not a part of a championship run. (JV attended couple Raptors games in the play-offs. Pure gentleman.) All Raptors fans remember that after being drafted by the Toronto, during his first interview with the chuckle JV said, when asked what's next for him: "To win rings". Sadly for him, he was traded at the last moment, then he was ready to return after Draymond Green ripped the thumb out of it's pocket. Nasty stuff. That's my little insight. JV himself never complains or b*tces about anything. When asked about his decision to sign a new contract with the Grizzlies, he said that felt needed. He was the youngster on Raptors team, reporter asked him, how does he feel with the young guys after he already has 7 years under his belt in the NBA. JV said, that he is completely cool with that. It will be interesting for him to build a foundation for new, successful team. He also said that though he didn't have much contact with the young Grizllies players, but even small chats helped him understand that they want him to stick around. Basically that's it. I'll repeat myself, that I feel next season JV will bust his chops. I think that he will want to prove that he is not a slow, clumsy C, on his way out from the NBA. In his young days JV was very fast and quick for a 7 footer. Now he has a grown man strength, just needs to regain his agility.
  5. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    Lately, then Bogie was playing against JV - JV used to kick his arse. Maybe JV will be an All--star? Play him ~30 minutes and he will have the numbers to be eligible.
  6. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Expectations for 2019-20 Season

    After latest trades and signings I'm not so gloomy about the next season. Very talented PG, surrounded by some solid vets - maybe he will no struggle and start blossoming in the NBA? Second bright spot - JV. On the offense, integrate into nice flowing - ball moving system, give him enough touches, and JV is one of the best rebounders in the NBA, both n offense and defense. In his early days when he was LTU junior teams that won everything, even with the game time of 40 minutes, it was easy for JV to have games with 30+ points and 20+ rebounds. JV is a menace on the offense. The roster looks more or less balanced, that's good. BTW, JV is ultimate team mate, a fighter and a winner. Being average is not acceptable to him. 20-30 games into the season, and if Grizzlies are around 50% - let's try for a playoff push. There is nothing wrong with trying, playing hard. Sure, would help A LOT if Grizz would become a solid home team. Protect the home court!!! Anyway, I'm not dismissing Grizzlies from a possible top-8 finish in the West. Houston is getting older, Spurs too. Clippers? Average. Suns, Kings - even weaker. Take care of the games against East, hold home court, and let's see were do the Grizzlies stand come All-Star break.
  7. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh....... Gorilla glass. The dude is always had been hard fouled, never had back or knee problems. That's a major concern. While himself he plays pretty clean defense, uses his length as the biggest detriment to drivers. And fights for the rebounds on every possession.
  8. Lefty, good size, strong, tough, surprisingly good handles, good passer. Sharpshooter. I think he will be a perfect rotational player for the Memphis. Guys from Europe has a very strong basketball fundamentals. JV was drafted #5, though he had a 1 year contract with Lietuvos Rytas club. If JV was available immediately, for sure he would be drafted at least at #4 by Cleveland. Cavs already had Kyrie at #1, but they didn't want to risk #4 pick. If JV had a bad injury (back or knee), Raptors would be left hanging. The best example is Luka. Played pro from his young days, won everything in Europe including European Championship with Slovenia, came to NBA ready to play. In Euroleague it's more like a college bball in NCAA just played by the grown up pros. Just 40 minutes game time, so every offensive and defensive possession matters. 5 guys play offense, 5 guys defense, according to their opponent. Now Memphis has two guys from across the pond - not bad. They went though different level of youth competitions, played pro. You should see Šarūnas Jasikevičius playbook. Every set has his own twists and tweaks. Teams train hard to learn execution were everything has to be done in split seconds. Sure, everybody liked most then White was starting from the beyond arc, received a screen from a big and lob-dunk. Myself, when I was watching what is developing and new how it would end - I was smiling before seconds before the crashing dunk came down. Couple those plays you can see here: In Euroleague iso play doesn't work. Sure, if Harden, Curry, or Durant played in Europe - they could win games alone. But since talent is more or less even - players need to bust their arse very hard to execute team offense. Ball movement, players movement. Above i posted wrong link, have problem editing it. So, White get;s screen from the big and dunks:
  9. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    I think Turkey has an extradition agreement with EU plus 3 Turkish clubs play in Eurolegue. A BIG problem.
  10. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    Nah, I:heart:JV has an access to some pretty accurate inside info.
  11. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    Don't worry about measly 13 lbs on his 7 foot frame. Just lost some water and fat. I'll repeat, he has a grown man strength, that's basically in the bones. Lean, mean, bruising machine We can expect his rim protection will get even better, will chase after couple more blocks for sure. if his leaping reach could go up couple inches - that's a big plus with already long JV's reach.
  12. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    Kanter could go and play in Europe, for much better netto income, but he has a prime with Turkish dude name Erdogan. He better stay here, otherwise he could end playing basketball in jail.
  13. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    JV was always good with his homework. He already has a grown man strength, losing 14lbs won't hurt his strength, but improve his agility. And don't worry, JV can hit a 3 from anywhere beyond the ark, is just he question how Memphis will integrate that in their offense. Anyway, Memphis has a good mixture of young talent and solid vets. It's time to start winning
  14. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grizzlies sign Marko Guduric

    Good size, good shooter. Well, good luck for him to adjust to NBA.
  15. JĖGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Time flies by fast. I remember Iggy as a high flying uber-athletic wing, with so-so long shot. Hmmm, interesting mixture. Old vet on his way out, C in his prime, exceptionally talented rookie PG, JJJ (he still has a LONG WAY TO GO).... Guys, I can't wait for the next season to start. We could see some fireworks from this new Grizzlies squad. Yes, West is loaded, but it's always more fun to play against the odds.