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  1. Is it true that the grizzlies are trying to leave Memphis or that just a rumor?
  2. Where do we go if JV leaves Memphis as far more players like him or do we bring back ZBO
  3. Gogrizz123

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Chicago Bulls - 12/4/19

    Hopefully we can beat the bulls on the road tomorrow
  4. Are they gonna change the court also to the old court
  5. If we lose it will kinda be shameful
  6. So who do we play next
  7. Well atleast there is Sunday night football and Christmas movies
  8. Think we can win again tonight
  9. Gogrizz123

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/15/19

    Hopefully the crowd will give Conley a nice ovation then ja dunks on him
  10. Let’s hope we don’t get blown out like we did last year
  11. Hopefully it snows here tomorrow so I can watch the game since I have the grizzlies on season record
  12. Can someone keep me updated on the game because I have a ton of homework to do tonight
  13. Am I dreaming or are timberwolves not a good team
  14. What did coach tell to guduric for him to actually score what i call a good amount of points
  15. I have a solution for us as far as guduric goes
  16. Who got a technical foul for us
  17. Do y’all think we can beat the bulls
  18. Who plays point guard if ja fouls out
  19. Someone keep me posted while i do my homework
  20. How are we already down 6 points
  21. Hopefully we can start the season 1-0