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  1. Let’s hope we don’t get blown out like we did last year
  2. Hopefully it snows here tomorrow so I can watch the game since I have the grizzlies on season record
  3. Can someone keep me updated on the game because I have a ton of homework to do tonight
  4. Am I dreaming or are timberwolves not a good team
  5. What did coach tell to guduric for him to actually score what i call a good amount of points
  6. I have a solution for us as far as guduric goes
  7. Who got a technical foul for us
  8. Do y’all think we can beat the bulls
  9. Who plays point guard if ja fouls out
  10. Someone keep me posted while i do my homework
  11. How are we already down 6 points
  12. Let’s get that W
  13. Hopefully we can start the season 1-0