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  1. I agree. But I'm calling it now. The Grizz are probably less than 50% to make the playoffs due to the hard strength of schedule and number of close teams in the standings. And if they don't make it we're going to hear a lot of people blame it on missing Jae and Solo.
  2. acarina

    Why the trade with Miami is a bad trade.

    I think this is the correct alternative to consider. Just speculating here but my guess is that the trade was made now for a couple of reasons. The first is that Iggy, while overrated, does have some value to Miami (Crowder also) and both wouldn't be trade-able in the Summer. I don't know whether Miami would be willing to give up Winslow for just a salary dump. Maybe you could do some sort of sign-and-trade, but Iggy might not go for that. The second is there is uncertainty about the value of cap space this offseason. There are a couple of teams, like Detroit, that are in complete rebuild mode that have nothing to spend their cap space on. This could drive down market value for salary dump cap space enough that it couldn't get us Winslow.
  3. acarina

    Why the trade with Miami is a bad trade.

    Oh that would certainly be better. I just don't think that trade was on the table because Miami would prefer Winslow over Iggy. The salary dump was necessary to make the trade worth it for Miami. I don't think Iggy is worth much at this point.
  4. acarina

    Why the trade with Miami is a bad trade.

    Cap space is main currency teams have in NBA along with picks. It can be used to sign FA, sign RFA offer sheets, and salary dumps (like Iggy) which gets you more assets like picks. Using it was the main cost of the trade to get Winslow. If you don't think the 2020 cap has much value to the Grizzlies then the deal seems even better from my perspective. The ~1/25th of the Miami tax payment the Grizzlies could get seems rounding error to me, so I think it is safe to ignore.
  5. acarina

    Why the trade with Miami is a bad trade.

    I think people are overestimating the opportunity cost of expiring 40M in 2020 cap space. For those that don't like the trade, what do you think would be a better use of that money than Dieng (1-year) and Winslow (1+ team option)? Seems pretty good to me in this weak FA & draft class, especially given that the deal still maintains flexibility into 2021. As others mentioned. The whole "fleecing" concept is flawed. How much this benefits Miami is irrelevant. The only question is whether we got the deal possible from all the available options. The fact that Miami got a trade exception is good for them and doesn't affect us. Trades aren't zero sum.
  6. I think this about sums up the game
  7. Need a keyword filter for random university names.
  8. acarina

    So What Else Do We Need?

  9. Hollinger discussed the MG trade a little on a podcast. Marc was a high second draft pick but was stashed for a year and was the MVP in his Euro league before the Pau/Marc trade. He was clearly was better than his 48th pick and was an important part of the Pau trade.
  10. The problem with Jaren's shot is the low release making it very blockable in the midrange.
  11. acarina


    What happened to the board? Was it compromised? I noticed the SSL certificate was for the wrong domain, so I didn't click through the SSL warning.
  12. acarina

    The disrespect!

    It's hard to separate out all of the revenue streams, but Fortnite made around 2.4 billion in revenue in 2018 -- so 200 million / mo. Since the game is free to play I'm assuming that most came from microtransactions.
  13. acarina

    The disrespect!

    Yeah, the entire video game market has changed. Many games are free and only make money from microtransactions. Fortnite makes 100s of millions per month on just microtransactions.
  14. acarina

    Ja Morant Week to Week

    Anyone know what the long term prognosis is for an injury like this? Could it possibly be chronic?