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    GRIZZ are playoff bound in 2019

    Teams with better rosters warriors houston denver lakers portland OKC San Antonio Clippers especially if they land Kawahi or any top level FA Utah kings-young talent close to playoffs last year Dallas- Doncic and Porzingas is a more proven duo than Morant and JJJ, we are close in talent though. Gap gets bigger if they land Horford. Pelicans- they basically got all of the lakers former young talent that won 30 games pre-Lebron plus they have the Zion factor and a strong draft class Our talent is comparable at best with the suns and the T wolves. If the suns land Deangelo Russell they will absolutely leap frog us. I am stoked about our future, but our ability to make the playoffs is more about the talent in the western conference than us. But, I just cannot imagine us making the top 8 with a super young core group, and a rookie head coach. Honestly, I am excited to see us showcase our young talent, and hope for another solid pick in the next draft to add to our core. Then with our ample cap space to add key free agents. This is more fun/optimistic than snagging an 8 seed and getting stuck in the middle of the pack for the next 3-4 years
  2. Wray2368

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I hope we can snag a 2nd round pick for Cason Edwards or Windler
  3. Wray2368

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Dylan Windler- this would be a guy I would pick up at 23, super smart guy that can move away from the ball well, and a deadly shooter. We need to lock down a solid bench contributor with this pick. i could also be good with Carson Edwards from Purdue, he is a gamer, and it would be fun to watch him and Ja play together.
  4. Wray2368

    Im with KBM Reddish will be a star and we need him badly...

    1000% agree he has some Kawi in him. Reddish is garbage, he should have dominated from the three point line with Reddish and Zion constantly causing the defense to collapse with their driving ability, but instead he was a contributing factor in Duke being near the bottom in 3 point shooting for the entire country.
  5. Wray2368

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Who do we leap frog in the standings? Golden State? Beating Houston and Portland even without Durant Portland? Very strong back court and will be better with Nurkic back Houston? Don’t see them not making the playoffs Denver? Super young roster and will not take a huge step back OKC? Don’t think JJJ JV and Ja is better than Adams George and Westbrook Utah? Very young roster shouldn’t be expected to take a step back San Antonio? Always solid and do you think we have a better roster Clippers? They should get a big time FA and are very young and talented Pelicans- Holliday, Zion, and AD are a better top three than what we have Lakers- still have young core and should have Lebron for a full season, and may land another solid FA Dallas- has Doncic and Porzingas, they will win games, and still think their roster is comparable to ours regarding overall talent Phoenix- will add another top ten pick to a very young roster should win more games than last. Minnesota- We have close to same talent level. Kings- very young team, should make progress not take steps back so again how do you expect us to not be a lottery team? Best case we finish 9-10 but likely 12-14 in the west. I think Ja is a John Wall/Lillard type guy, I think he is an all star but his lack of size worries me from an injury stand point, but you have to take him, and he will be a solid pick for years to come. If we can keep our pick next year and add another solid starter, and use our open cap space after shipping out Conley and the expired contract of Parsons we can really make noise.
  6. Wray2368

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    What are your reasons for thinking he is a bust, keep in mind I am a strong Hunter advocate?
  7. Wray2368

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    One thing that made Golden State so dangerous was their versatility in defending ex Klay Thompson, Iguadola , Draymond. You can see the same with the Bucks, If Jaren and some of these guys can pick up a consistent outside shot we are just a solid creative playmaker away from getting back where we need to be. I really like the White kid from North Carolina if we could trade back and land him and another pick that would be awesome too, he has an NBA ready body and I am in ACC country he is incredibly clutch and has taken over several games.
  8. Wray2368

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I think Reddish has bust potential, he has great size, but his shooting percentage is not very good for a “shooter” and there is ample opportunity for open looks due to RJ and Zion loving to do their work inside.
  9. Wray2368

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Deandre Hunter should be within our range, great length, unbelievable defender (potential all nba level ), this gives us a lot of versatility on the defensive end, and he can knock down open threes, just not a offensive creator, which we can get in the coming drafts or address in FA once the Parsons contract ends.