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  1. billatter

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Jaren and JV are probably gonna have a lot of fun playing together. JV has the strengthen and toughness to clear space in the paint and Jaren has the athleticism to exploit the chaos created by a rampaging JV.
  2. billatter

    NBA Playoffs thread

    JV's efficiency numbers are at the elite level, yet people still crap on him. I don't get it. Generally I liked Casey as a coach, but his treatment of JV was infuriating. He wrote up plays 4 on 5 and left JV as an afterthought, assuming he was on the court when the chips were down. JV's scoring with the raps was mostly cleanup and posting up after a teammate got desperate and fed him the ball. In Memphis, we see what he can do when he becomes an integral part of the offence.
  3. billatter

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Agreed. The raps were .767 with JV playing and .673 without him. Their record did not improve with Gasol in the line-up. Everyone craps on JV for his lack of perimeter defence, but Gasol has been a traffic pylon at the perimeter. Gasol passes better, JV is a stronger presence under the basket and scores at a much higher rate. While Gasol has his pluses, the raps took a step back with the trade, especially since they also gave up Delon, CJ and a draft pick. Bottom line, the raps gutted their bench to get Gasol. That has bitten them numerous times both during the playoffs and the regular season. With JV in the line-up, Nurse had the option to give the opposition two different looks depending on whether JV or Ibaka started. Now, he's stuck with Gasol as a starter, which has messed with Ibaka's game. This trade has not been the big upgrade that the pathetic Toronto sports media has been bleating about.
  4. Why? If they lose this series, I'm right but not happy about it. If they win, I'm just waiting for the other boot to drop in the next series.
  5. You're right, they should, but they won't. They've turned onto Boston after the trade: gobs of talent and no chemistry.
  6. Outmuscled on the glass, Gasol playing soft, Leonard playing ISO heavy, the Magic in six.
  7. Raps won't make it out of the first round. Dumb trade by Ujiri and tonight is the beginning of those trade chickens coming home to roost.
  8. Green requires an attitude adjustment, delivered via an elbow to the face. If this had been a hockey game, Green would've had his face pounded in by JV's teammates. If the league turns a blind eye to deliberate attempts to injury, then it's up to the players to deal with it. The NBA has to be the absolute worst professional league on this side of the pond, for its favouritism toward stars and big market teams. Let this behaviour stand and the league has zero credibility.
  9. billatter

    Don't dismiss JV

  10. billatter

    Don't dismiss JV

    as we would be making the same mistake as did the Raptor's brass. He brings way more to the table than just stats. We've probably all seen his situation at our workplaces. The hardworking, guts of the department, type of guy gets overlooked for promotion time and again in favour of some flashy, loudmouth, self-promoter. JV was treated as an afterthought by Casey and then Nurse demotes him to the bench. Throughout it all, JV never complained. The Raptors are missing him now though they will never admit it. Some interesting numbers this year: with JV in the line-up the Raptors went 23 and 7 (0.767) and without JV they have gone 26 and 14 (0.650). Can we attribute 100% of this to the absence of JV? Probably not, but a significant chunk of it we can. JV may not be a great perimeter defender, but he's good under the rim. He is an intimidating presence on the court and a beast on offence. Before the trade, I had the Raptors as a lock to make the ECF, but now, I doubt they get by the first round. Enjoy JV Memphis for you really won the trade. Gasol has done squat for the Raptors and I highly doubt he'll improve. JV could be your leader for the next few years so enjoy the ride.