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  1. Phoenix is a dysfunctional, mostly talentless mess, that probably was actively tanking this year. Not that they needed to do it actively anyway. Kokoskov is considered a good coach and most likely deserves a chance in a better organization with more talented roster. Too bad we're not sure our front office will change for the better
  2. Pretty much any GM should be insta-fired and replaced with Masai if such an opportunity arises, methinks.
  3. Fun fact: in 2010 Jasikevičius and JV were teammates in Lietuvos Rytas.
  4. He was already mentioned here, but my vote goes to Jasikevičius as the next HC. - We're already seeing that pieces gotten from Masai Ujiri (Raps GM de facto) are great. Why not take it further - Masai flew to Europe to meet and interview Jasikevičius last offseason. IIRC the main reason Jasikevičius dropped out of Raps HC race was that he didn't want to start any serious discussions before the end of his season. We should grab him as soon as his season ends. - He gets the most of the players. Žalgiris (his current team) has one of the lowest budget in Euroleague. With that he managed to finish 3rd last year, and made top8 stage this year (finishing with 5 wins straight). - Guy has a winner mentality and never gives up. Žalgiris has gotten into a slump this season and needed to win out the end of the season in Euroleague. They did. He himself has won pretty much everything in Europe as a top PG for several years, getting MVPs and whatnot. - He won't be afraid of taking techs and speaking out to the press lol. And defending his players. - And this of him as a player (sorry for **** quality): Other than that, I'd love to see Becky Hammond. No more pure player coaches, please. They're well liked by the players but they kill you with their (in)decisions. They have a low ceiling for actual winning and might **** up the development of young players. Look at Casey.
  5. evilution

    JV out rest of season

    Just checked his stats. This is the first season he played below 60 (granted, some had playoff games added), and he only missed the 50 games mark by 1 (30 games with Toronto and 19 with Grizz). He should be fine. At this point I'm starting to question the competence of Memphis medical staff, with injuries plaguing the team for several years now.
  6. We're on b2b, with less time between games, half of the team is injured (likely MC sitting it out as well, and JV might be too tired to be productive), and Clippers is a very motivated team to fight for standings. Generally I'd say we're in for a guaranteed loss, but I'm at a complete loss with this team recently, so...anything might happen
  7. evilution

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Phoenix Suns 3/30/19

    Loving the analysis!
  8. evilution

    Don't dismiss JV

    To be honest he wasn't even hurt that much - and this season's injury, for example, wasn't in any way related to his personal proneness to injury - anybody would miss time after Draymond almost ripping their thumb off.
  9. Definitely looks promising.
  10. Man, Dorsey would have such a great game, but FTs....
  11. Overtime is terrible for us, we're undermanned and JV has 5 fouls. Does not look very promising.
  12. These 3 offensive fouls on JV are harsh, especially considering he's now at 5 and at least 2 were completely bull****.
  13. Would be funny to have Oubre - they had a bit of rivalry with Wright last year. Oubre talked **** and poetic justice was served:
  14. evilution

    Grizzlies last in NBA for revenue per game

    It also underscores why the team might be unable to afford full rebuild and tank route. Fans are already disappointed and constantly having worst financial results in the league is just asking to be relocated.
  15. These last minutes are wild.