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  1. evilution


    Good to see Lithuania properly directing their anger into gameplay - 17-4 in 6.5 minutes. JV close to double-double in the first quarter already - Dominican team has no answers to him.
  2. evilution

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    Let's be real, there's no way we would get a good version of Boogie. IF he's fully back after injury; IF he's willing to play in Memphis for a year (at best); IF he's willing to accept the role of mentoring the youth and NOT demanding the ball himself all the time to inflate his stats for his next paycheck; only THEN we would have an All-Star on a discount. However, so far it doesn't look like the first thing happened, the second one is very doubtful, as he doesn't want to spend his prime years not contending, and the third one is nigh impossible, because if the first two conditions are satisfied, he's only coming here to show his skills for top teams, likely pushing for a trade to a contender mid-season. We're not getting an All-Star Boogie on a discount. We'd likely get a disgruntled locker room cancer that is looking out for his stats only and bolting first chance he gets. He's not staying here to help us improve and oversee the rebuild. Meanwhile JV has not had Achilles injuries, will be in condition when season starts (after playing for National team), is willing to play in Memphis and never complained about his role even in Toronto during the Brick Bros and Casey era, he likes our youngsters and they asked him to come back... in what world you would prefer Cousins over JV? It's mindboggling, to be honest.
  3. evilution

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    This, this here is great. Defensive agility (especially PnR) always was Jonas' biggest weakness. If he could eliminate or at least minimise that, it would make him better than Vuc and easily worth resigning after his current contract ends. Working on 3pt shooting isn't as necessary. Jonas already hits them at a reasonable % that he has to be respected, he can space the floor from midrange somewhat as well, and you want Jonas to spend his time close to the basket anyway, unless he's setting screens.
  4. evilution

    Roster Moves

    IF we're taking the risk on Wiggins, I want us to get PJ Tucker. I will never forget how he made DeRozan work on defense during his short stint in Toronto. Kuzma would work too, if the guy isn't afraid to push LeBron to defend, he could do the pushing with Wiggins lol.
  5. evilution

    Roster Moves

    First of all, Pacers are making it clear that they intend to go with both Domas and Myles in starting 5 this year. Only if it does not work out one of them will go on the trade block. Secondly, your offer is laughable. Myles is 23, one of the best defensive centers in the league, led the league in blocked shots last year, great shooter AND on a very team friendly contract. To get him for straight picks, this year the offer would have been in top3 for Indy to even start thinking about it. Myles is a player that's likely to have multiple All-Star appearances and be a perennial DPOY candidate, and you think we could get him for Crowder (a bit positive contract), Korver (likely to be washed up already, and you can either sign him after he's waived or look for a young shooter), and a second rounder (which is close to nothing)? Please. It'd take Ja or JJJ to get him, which defeats the purpose of such trade.
  6. evilution

    FA Targets

    Because he's not that much of a team-oriented player. He'd only sign with us for a year to recover his value. Thus you can expect a lot of heroball from him. He's also not known as a good locker room influence. Him being on the team is very likely to stunt J4's growth.
  7. I hope they have a deal in place and will sign him immediately when possible. Something like 4/50, going up to 4/60 with incentives (since he could have opted in and then extended for a couple more years, I assume he wants more years, but not at low numbers) tied to mostly team results, maybe an ASG appearance. I want to see JJJ developing as a 4 with some time as a small ball 5. The game deciding players in the league are the ones that can create themselves, defend well. Look at playoffs this year. Kawhi can create, handle the ball, and defend. KD too. Butler was much more impactful for 76ers on offense than Embiid because he can initiate the attacks, handle the ball and shoot well. Steph had some issues due to size. JJJ has size, defense, can shoot...we need him to develop as a mobile creative player. And protect him from injuries. That's where JV comes in. We need somebody to match up with Embiids of the league anyway. Our core going forward is Ja+JJJ, but JV fits here well, taking some offensive load, matching up with the guys JJJ can't defend physically. Great practice partner for that too, and an amazing locker room/vet presence. What we need JV working on are: - PnR defense, obviously; - Shooting. Not shooting itself, to be honest, he's pretty good already, but the willingness to shoot - the problem lies in the fact that he's just so much more effective near the basket that having him away from it for longer time is ridiculous. I think we should see some of him trying to space the floor in his National team games - 2 best players they have are JV and Sabonis, and coach will have to find a way to have them both on floor at the same time.
  8. Conley market is up. Likewise if we don't have a deal lined up with JV, some team that misses on top free agents (especially if they all get signed fast) might just throw money at him out of desperation.
  9. I think all three can be featured and having JV around would facilitate J4 growth. There's a lot JJJ can learn from him. Including setting screens, rolling to the basket, using his body. Plus invaluable practice vs JV to learn playing against stronger centers. What I'd love to see next season: Ja/JV PnR with JJJ spacing the floor/possibly cutting. JV sets the screen for Ja and cuts to the basket, Ja gets some space, passes to JV, JV gets doubled with help defender and passes to free JJJ for an easy jumper/cutting dunk; Ja/JJJ PnR with JV becoming at least a 40%er from the corner three. JJJ/JV big PnR. I really think JJJ can become a ball handler and that would be nearly unstoppable. Having our offense running through these three guys we would benefit the most from 3 and D guys at SG and SF, and we already have them in Bradley and Bruno. I really hope JV opts in and we get to see all this develop. If it doesn't work, we trade JV to a wannabe contender (or a suddenly injury-ridden team) mid-season and get at least something from him. Would hate to see him walk away for nothing, considering he's the best piece of Mark trade. Don't forget that JV is also unlikely to play 30+ minutes, he's most effective under that. Which means there's still a lot of minutes available if you want to feature solely Ja/JJJ or both of them. Or JJJ at center. I'm excited for the next season, even if we probably won't win too many games. But I fully believe that if J4 take some leaps, we can go to at least second round in a couple of years.
  10. evilution

    ZBo 2.0

    Why not keep JV instead? He has more experience both in playoffs and in international basketball. And he's definitely cheaper than Boogie will be. We're not getting Cousins at a discount deal. He'll only agree to that with title contenders.
  11. evilution

    ZBo 2.0

    Other teams WILL take a chance at signing him for a hefty amount. Especially teams like Lakers/Knicks, once they strike out/underperform with top-tier free agents. There aren't enough of them to go around for everyone, and they are pressured to compete - someone will be desperate enough to throw a big contract at Boogie. Also, he probably won't be willing to go to a smaller market/non-playoff team, in addition, he doesn't sound like the best locker room influence either.
  12. evilution

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    Another thing about Bucks losing - with Bledsoe's inability to shoot threes and MIL lack of another creator exposed, Mike's name seems to be thrown around a bit as someone Bucks could/should target in the offseason. Not sure if we can get a good package there as it would involve some salary dump going our way and their 1sts probably won't be anywhere near lottery, but having extra competition for Conley trade might help extracting extra value from some other team. And yeah, I'm all in about competing next year - more of a „trying for a PO spot and developing a winning mentality“ type of competing, but if we get a decent haul for Mike, JJJ takes another step forward, we resign JV, Ja performs well - Grizz might just surprise everybody and get some playoff experience, which would be invaluable for J4.
  13. evilution

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    No, Conley and JV for Wall and incentives to take on his contract. Multiple firsts/prospects/etc.
  14. evilution

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    Considering how well Conley and JV worked together, what about JV opting in and both of them traded together? Wizards are wasting prime Beal and we could fleece them by giving Conley+JV (with Beal it's instantly a playoff team in the East) and taking on Wall's contract (maybe Wall+Mahinmi/Howard). That should be worth a hefty amount of picks. The problem would be being stuck with Wall's contract for a while, obviously.
  15. Agreed. But that's a huge if. With added danger that he has to fill out without his body breaking. I would consider him anywhere from 5-10th pick for a team that has several years to develop him slowly and carefully.