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    Suns fans on Booker

    Windhorse on Beal trade for Zach....So the price for Beal...Zach, Markanen, 3 1sts, 3 swaps...so no they are not the same.
  2. I❤️JV

    Grizz Getting Off On Opponents

  3. I❤️JV

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Nothing ...top 55 protected future second round pick.
  4. Windhorse on Zion "He doesn't help with winns" on the other hand guy in Memphis does. Windy on Grizz "If I could buy stock in any team now....I would buy the Grizz"....
  5. I❤️JV

    Next 3 Games Postponed Due to COVID

    Grizzlies’ Postponements Represent Evolution In NBA’s Approach https://www.hoopsrumors.com/2021/01/grizzlies-postponements-represent-evolution-in-nbas-approach.html
  6. I❤️JV

    All Star Ja

    Ironically, it may be Ja competing with Mike Conley for that final All-Star selection...If you can choose only one knowing that Ja will be an All star every year and this is only and last chance for Mike...who are you choosing ?
  7. I❤️JV

    Hollinger on Xavier Tillman

    If he's the next Draymond Green Grizz FO should get a praise and a raise.
  8. I❤️JV

    Team Hero Suns @ Grizzlies 01/18/21

    but but....Suggs is very very good....oh well...Kispert is good enough
  9. bye bye Suggs .....it was a beautiful dream
  10. Was afraid like 1% of that
  11. Come on... 1 more stop...
  12. For a 1st Ayton is a borderline bust...considering Luka etc....3J is a much better player.
  13. JV is Fing covid positive....he's out for at least 2 weeks .
  14. Lithuanian guy in Italian League...😱😱😱😱
  15. not officially...but yeah he has it...Fuk KAT
  16. I am going with 0 now...well... Suggs is very good...again
  17. Well ...that was before JV getting F ing Covid from KAT.
  18. The beautiful dream is dead...
  19. ...well ...Kispert is very good...
  20. As xyz streams are dawn (not really dawn use net instead of com)...this WARNING to everyone who are considering going to sites such as http://nbastreams.site/ https://buffstreams.tv/watch-basketball https://sportsurge.net/#/events/19 This is ILLEGAL...punishments will be swift and can include losing post counts or in extreme cases in can cost HOF title. DO NOT GO THERE ....Cure can not be worse than the disease.
  21. Actually we are paying 43m for him this year...him 13m....Gorgui 17.3m...Dion 12.7m...Chancune was a bargain.