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  1. I❤️JV

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Indy, have cap space to sign Mike.
  2. 1. You only mentor a player, if you like him. 2.You mentor a player, if you see yourself on a team, long term.
  3. I❤️JV

    When Should Conley be traded??

    I don't want Mike traded at all, but if it needs to be done, trade him at the deadline.
  4. I❤️JV

    Roster Moves

  5. I❤️JV

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Hayward+pick for Conley
  6. For people, who are saying, 3J can play at 5. Can you imagine 3J against JV at 5? ...exactly.
  7. I am just guessing, but i feel he is looking for 60mil. 4 years deal.
  8. 4 years 60 million....and it's a deal.
  9. ŠARŪNAS or bust.
  10. JV, will opt out, only to get longer deal with Grizz...JV will be back 100% in Memphis next year...call it a hunch.
  11. I❤️JV

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Marc Gasol is a reason Raptors will lose in the play offs. Playing hot potato vs JV beasting (always had monster playoffs)...Marc Gasol is a trade bust and Grizz are major trade winners, Toronto because of the trade, lost JV, will lose in the playoffs, lose Kawhi...lose everything they build....because of Marc Gasol.
  12. I❤️JV

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Raptors fans started talking about rebuilding....1 bad game is all it takes. p.s. Gasol is a joke.