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  1. I❤️JV

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    You guys obviously do not understand what a locker room cancer is. Howard is a stage 4 locker room cancer. Under any circumstances he will wear Grizz jersey. Not even in a training camp. There is a chance like 1% he can still play in the NBA but he would never ever play or train with a Memphis team. Locker room cancers are tolerated as long as you can produce at a very high level the minute you don't you are out of there. Look at some other examples, Carmelo, JR Smith, they still could play but because they are cancers no one will take them. Whiteside Westbrook Chris Paul Cousins are cancers (some are bigger than others) the minute they do not produce enough they are out of the NBA. No team will take Howard even he can still contribute but Memphis FO in no rush to waive him because of that 1% chance but make no mistake Howard will never train let alone play for Memphis.
  2. I❤️JV

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    I would guess it's between 15 and 55 wins.
  3. I❤️JV

    Trade with Dallas

    Agree 100%, at the trade deadline there could be at least one desperate team needing Iggy. Injuries happens, Grizz will always can get couple 2nd rounders for him, but why not try and maximise Iggy's value and try to get 1st rounder. Grizz FO does not owe anything to Iggy, i am not even sure if Grizz would play him. After 15 December everything could look very different. IMO slave comment by Iguodala is out of order.
  4. I❤️JV

    Tyler Harvey

    IMO, Solomon Hill and Dwight Howard will be waived, Iggy traded, i think after 15 December (if FO gets 1st, for him, it would be unbelievable, but two 2nd's more likely), Bruno Caboclo i give 90% of staying, Plumlee maybe 60%. Ivan Rabb will stay only if roster spot is available. If some one will offer any picks for Jae Crowder he will be gone. If JV has a monster season with 20/12 and a contender makes an offer Grizz FO can't refuse, JV could be gone at the trade deadline. Moving would be painful for JV and his whole family, but NBA is a business and even after signing 3 year contract JV knows it is a possibility. Stupid thing is, the better season JV has, the bigger possibility for him to be traded.
  5. I❤️JV

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    I hope Grizz fans will support team Lithuania.
  6. I❤️JV

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    I know people in the USA think US police and US laws are normal, maybe treatment of immigrants are normal for some, some deplorables, even think MAGA is ok. US president is a disgusting racist pig, many police officers are disgusting uneducated, racist pigs, laws and prison sentences are just unimaginable for anyone in Europe or even Canada. It is hard for me to imagine, being black man (i am neither) in the US and have to deal with it daily. It really pains me to see all the mistreatment of black and brown people. Your president is your biggest shame. How can you elect ***** grabbing, racist pig? Who are those deplorables who voted for him? When i am in USA next and if there is a demonstration of police brutality or immigrant treatment or anyone demonstrate against Trump....I will march with you...as the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (or woman) to do nothing. Donald Trump is epitome of evil and every single Trump supporter is a deplorable racist, too stupid or both.
  7. I❤️JV

    FIBA WC 2019, China

  8. I❤️JV

    To convey or not to convey

    Only completely inept FO can pass Luka as number 1....but what can you expect from Suns and Kings...they really should merge as the Sun Kings.
  9. I❤️JV

    Who are the scrubs on our team?

    this and Bruno deserves a chance.
  10. I❤️JV

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    He is going to be waived as stretching does not make sense.
  11. I❤️JV

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

  12. I❤️JV

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    Really? ....that is....how to say it nicely?....well...not very smart.
  13. I❤️JV

    2019-20 Roster Predictions