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  1. I❤️JV

    Updated Grizzly player rankings

    still..better than 23 players on that list IN JUSTISE WE TRUST
  2. I❤️JV

    Updated Grizzly player rankings

    JV is Tier 3 Center Tier 1 Jokic Embiid Gobert Tier 2 Sabonis Bam Tier 3 JV Vucevic Capela KAT
  3. I❤️JV

    Updated Grizzly player rankings

    2low....JV is a TOP 30 player!!!
  4. I❤️JV

    Updated Grizzly player rankings

    This is stupid...Ja @95.....stupid
  5. I❤️JV

    Resting players before play-in game

    You can trust me to put Lions money on the line...ban was not permanent ...just a one game ban...and as promised I won't start any new threads before the end of the season...I would never lie to the voters (only legal votes) on this board....AND YES...I would like to announce that I am Running for the Grizz Message Board Moderator in 2024...I will Make Moderators Great Again....as of now ....The whole world is laughing at us as we go to hell on our Trolls, our fake Moderators Election, and everything else! SAD!
  6. Excuses are 4 losers...we play hard every game...and then we play the Lakerz...FOR THE GLORY of MEMPHIS
  7. I❤️JV

    Resting players before play-in game

    I would put my (well Lions) money on it.
  8. I❤️JV

    Jaren Jackson Jr. ....Is NOT selfish at all

    and a second ...
  9. If we play the Lakerz it's 5v8....vs GSW...they have Steph we have Jaren...whoever makes the most 3's (on even attempts) wins.
  10. I❤️JV

    Ja Morant x Lamelo Ball

    I fell you're right...Jonas is just too old and slow...we might even get second round pick for him...let's send his a$$ back to the Raptors....clear some cap for future AD rival...and get second rounder ...win win
  11. Sooo...Team you ❤️....player U H8....and he's beloved by most now....and that player U H8 is a Fcuking.....HERO every single game....how does it make you feel?
  12. I❤️JV

    Ja Morant x Lamelo Ball

    We can't give any big long term contracts...we need to save up for Jaren's( future rival to AD) max...he will make All NBA really soon...and we'll have to pay him 30% of our cap...Jaren is the future MVP...in waiting.
  13. Jaren had an unselfish game only took 5 threes and even made 1 ...Same with DB 1/5 from three...if Jaren or DB takes 5 more threes we lose this one...nice unselfish restrain from both guys.
  14. It's easy to become expendable on this board...from future to expendable....just ask BC