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  1. RaptorGrizzly

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Booooo this man!
  2. RaptorGrizzly

    Could Luke Walton coach the Grizzlies?

    He did quite well when Steve Kerr went down for a long while. And please don't tell that all the world and your wife could coach GSW. It was not that easy during this particular period.
  3. RaptorGrizzly

    Could Luke Walton coach the Grizzlies?

    Tyron Lue was, probably, only one who "coached" "best basketball player". Any other coach that has his own opinion how to play must go. And, when Magic traded away all supporting cast in the hope of getting AD on board, playoffs became a mirage with no regard who had the helm. Simple like that.
  4. Dunno what should happen in Delon's head to make him legit starter on contender team (we all wish Grizz become one). He is excellent substitute that brings spark from the bench or secondary guard next to strong ball handler like Lowry or even FVV at Raps. But he somehow disappears when starting and taking all playmaking on his shoulders. Not last night, of course. If he could play like this 4-5 games in the row, I may change my mind. But from what I saw so far, Delon is not (yet) true playmaker.
  5. only AB trying to shoot in 4th? wtf?
  6. ghrrr 0.4 secs before the stop...
  7. 2 stops in a row pls
  8. no stops in 4th? looks like they sore on every possession but JV's block...
  9. Parsons too, isn't he?
  10. MC time? Do something man!
  11. Ftf, JB? Dorsey as main shooter in 4th?
  12. bogus calls coming
  13. defense, if you please....