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  1. First they need an experienced GM to bring in his own coach...Bryan Colangelo?...he made a stupid mistake with the 76"s, but this guy knows how to build a team and front office for drafting...and may be affordable given he was terminated...and I like thinking out of the BOX, and I don't think you need an experienced NBA head coach(with an experienced GM) for a team that is in a I like the idea of out of box/traditional thinking with a Jasikevicius, or Becky Hammon, or I would have really liked a Stackhouse, but timing was off. Are we thinking a "bridge" to get us over for a couple of years, or a coach that is picked thinking they need to be in final 4 inside 5 years? or a rick Pitino?
  2. Lugan Village

    Grizzlies are 7-11 since JV started playing

    OK', I'm relatively new to the Grizzlies and this forum...BUT I don't think I have ever witnessed a community that "craps" on its players as much as this one does...of course the vast majority of us offer up our idea's of a player and how they played a game and what we need to do to improve, or vent frustration....PERFECT. But we don't celebrate a players game to game accomplishments like MC or JV, or progress made by Bruno...the guy that was 2 years away from being 2 years away...or Delon getting really comfortable as a number 2 behind MC. We're in a rebuild of some sort...not sure if JV will decide to stay or opt out. I hope he stays and is a cornerstone of 6 that we need to jump a level or two...versus the negative comments that he isn't a superstar, so dump him...not enough ball to go around in some of your Phoenix with Booker play on a bad team they celebrate his progress, his results and the future....not sure I've read he is crappy player because he single handily cannot make them a dream team...really? Trade him as well? Some of you need to rethink your biases or take them could be fun watching this team get really good over the next 2 years or so...versus crash and burn every asset we have, and roll the dice on unproved and raw assets....
  3. Lugan Village

    JV needs to go...sign contract

    not sure where there can be any logic in pinning the team success with a single Gasol went from being a crappy player because Memphis had a losing record when he was in the lineup, to an elite player with the Raptors because they have a winning record with him in the lineup? And Lebron is a crappy player because he couldn't single handily put the Lakers in a playoff position? And your right that Grizzlies should do the partial rebuild BUT not have him as your 1st scoring option. But after that you obviously are talking "sideways" as JV was for the last 2-3 playoff runs the Raptors best playoff almost a guaranteed double double in playoffs averaging near 14 points and 11 rebounds... on JV last March - Jonas Valanciunas has taken his play to a new level since the start of March. He’s posted 15.3 points along with 9.3 rebounds and 1.2 blocks per game during this stretch. That’s exclusive territory for a center in today’s three-and-D NBA.
  4. Lugan Village

    Gasol killing it with Raptors

    your right to wait through the playoffs to see how Gasol the end of the day, regular season is like Iverson's practice "quote"...BUT, ive been watching the Raptor team closely for years and Gasol needs to get/command the ball...JV is a team win first guy, but he had to make it known "loudly" to get the ball to him down low when he has position on his defender near the basket...Gasol is 15 feet away from the hoop and he is competing with Lowry, Siakim and Green for the ball at the perimeter....Gasol has got to move down and bang away to compliment what the other guys are already doing...and no if's about it....JV was the best Raptors player in PLAYOFFS and brought it every playoff game being physical...Gasol just doesn't seem to want to engage these my point is, can Gasol just turn it for the playoffs? We can't compare what JV has done for Memphis...everybody on this team is auditioning for 2019/2020...and despite what "some" may think...his play is no fluke and it will improve next year... But i need to root for someone in the playoffs when Memphis is Raptors and Gasol it is.
  5. Lugan Village

    Gasol killing it with Raptors

    I drank the media kool-aid from every angle that said Gasol going to Raptors put them in the NBA finals...we heard how deficient JV was. Heck Paul Jones was espousing Gasol's GOAT center status this week on FAN590 and crapped on JV...really Mark, why? And throw in Wright...who is more than a body..he is showing he can give 20-25 quality minutes a game...and the Raptors ESPN blog site that does players grades after every game gave Gasol a B+...2 points, 4 rebounds, and zero in FG or 3PT... I am not a Gasol hater, just after what maybe 15 games, i look at the stats and the intangibles and something doesnt jive....did Raptors get fleeced
  6. Lugan Village

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Phoenix Suns 3/30/19

    great insights and the right length.
  7. Lugan Village

    Gasol killing it with Raptors

    AGAIN>>>>Last night against the worst team in the NBA, Gasol could only contribute 2 points in 20 minutes...he had 0's from the floor...and i think 4 rebounds...The Toronto media are spinning the story to look at all his other contributions, they know they will be cut-off if they put some questions out there on this topic...but the reality is he needs to start showing something and get into some sort of a rhythm with the starting good as he was...he just can't turn it on in the playoffs against tougher teams and more intensity...and he looks a little overweight? Anyone else notice this? Not Charles Barkley yet. Just disappointed in Mark's play for my other team....maybe the Grizz don't resign him in the off-season if the Raptors cut him loose.
  8. Lugan Village

    2019-20 - Who are you bringing back and why?

    Again I like Noah and would be OK to happy if we chose to resign him...but stats tell a lot, not everything...he's been in the league about 12 years and only had two there he played near a full schedule..he misses a lot of games....45 games to 65 games a year is his range...his points have gradually fallen off, although this year they went up marginally...over the last 5 years or so he averages 5-9 rebounds. so not sure if we swing and miss with another center its a big impact on the court...but agree I am not sure we could replace his other intangibles...but we need players with talent on and off the court.
  9. Lugan Village

    JV needs to go...sign contract

    I am a big JV fan, not just because he is a pretty good player but many other intangibles....he has worked to adjust to the new realities of being a mobile center (let's say it's a work in progress but he is better), his team mates value him in Memphis and this will only grow...they did in Toronto, he answers the call to the Lithaunian national team every year, he is very active in the community...i saw him in a video in memphis school with the young kids...he just moved and didnt have to go...the fans every where he goes get excited about his play and his persona. So is the franchise player in Memphis...let's hope he going to earn max money, no way...but put it in perspective, our owners should do what they can to resign him..big time agent from CAA is his guy...his agent will listen to others, THERE IS INTEREST...and he can be one cornerstone to memphis future...just not the franchise player.
  10. Lugan Village

    2019-20 - Who are you bringing back and why?

    I like Noah a lot on and off the court...BUT he's hitting that age where the body starts to begin to fail on and off and so does your talent...his BB IQ will get better and he will adjust re those other things....but I would prefer to bring in a young BIG either through the draft or FA.
  11. there usually is a "guy" from the opposing team either on the court, the ice, the football field...that you always want to know where he is...because they are not know as a constant agititator, or a cheap shot artist...but he knows how to do payback and they usually are we have a guy on the grizzlies like that, or who in the league that every player wants to know at all times where they are....
  12. Lugan Village

    2019-20 - Who are you bringing back and why?

    who is your center in this lineup? Oh yeah your the guy saying no position players, just put 5 guys our there and play pick-up...seriously...who do you put in against any BIG?
  13. Lugan Village

    JV needs to go...sign contract

    hmmm. that's like saying your just shooting off with any comments relevant or not on a really bad blog that kinda what your trying to say...:)
  14. Lugan Village

    Gasol killing it with Raptors

    Hypothetically, if Gasol becomes available because the Raptors choke in playoffs, or Raptors buy him out in summer, and Noah signs elsewhere...wouldn't Gasol be a good candidate to return to Grizzlies...he could at a minimum challenge JV and push to become the starter again, or be that 2nd line depth guy and mentor the young players... well?
  15. Lugan Village

    Gasol killing it with Raptors

    my bad