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    I know that JV is fine, and that is the point...who could we get to compliment JA and JJJ..this is there team. BC has flattened out with his play, so not sure if can put him in the same discussion as the other two. JV is adjusting his game, he always has and will continue to...he could fetch maybe a reasonable first rounder for what he really does well...or we might get that 2nd year player that is under utilized and maybe not happy with his minutes that a team may be willing to give up for a JV
  2. Lugan Village


    Maybe its time to rethink JV and this team with this roster. The upside is he is very productive, his numbers are getting attention, he is a good presence for a very young team on the floor, in the dressing room and first and just win. All good. The bad is his coverage with mobile centers, and he can be inconsistent. For another team that is in rebuild, or a contending team team that is looking to strengthen their rebounding or offence in the paint...he could be a difference maker. Just reading the comments on the board makes me think about this option...boy we give up a lot, but if we could get a first rounder? Don't bash me for this, I know its a revers of what ive said before....BUT the reality is this team is 2 years away from being two years away... PTS 15.0 - 68th in the league REB 10.1 - 11th in the league AST 2.0Tied - 119th in the league PER 22.67 - 17th in the league
  3. even Gentry was expecting something different being undermanned at center...hopefully coach learns to take advantage of these mismatches...lesson learned... Gentry realized in pregame he would be short-handed against Valanciunas, the Grizzlies' bulky 6-foot-11 center. "If anybody wants to go in and wrestle with Valanciunas about 15-18 minutes, we'll let you do that,"
  4. Lugan Village


    when your getting ready for a draft, one of the key metrics NBA analytics teams have created ready is this player for the NBA, what is upside in potential for this player....and which players have a higher probability of disappointing. After watching BC for 30 games or takeaway is he was day 1 ready for the NBA, and his style/skills and physical attributes likely had a very low score of disappointing. He is a low risk shot taker and play maker, that results in higher ratios of shots made. OG likley had a lower score for NBA readiness, maybe a "little" higher score for probability of disappointing, but his upside potential is higher than BC. If you watch OG play and listen to the NBA talk, his D is elite, there isn many better one-on-one defenders in the league, he can be inconsistent in hitting his open looks, he makes steals on the perimeter, his driving game is a work in progress, is an entirely different player when he doesn’t have the offensive burden on his shoulders. I like both players, you got to give up something to get something, and i like OG's upside more...
  5. Lugan Village


    Aint going to happen...we have to give up quality to get quality, your likely not going to fleece a GM. As much as we love Brandon, not sure I see him in OUR starting 5 as we evolve to a contender. I seem him as a very valuable 6th man, he can play 5 when opposing team goes small, and he can also play 3, or 4. A great high end utility player. He just doesn't have the frame or height to play as a number 1 in the 5 at playoff time, and is he really that shooter we need at 3 or 4? So he could be a very interesting acquisition in a trade...what about this one...he is a shut down defender...maybe a more valuable piece for our two studs...
  6. And this quote from JJJ is why rebuild teams should not tank....this experience with this core group is invaluable...culture, chemistry, game situations, development.....screw the high draft pick...make our FO work their tales off to find that player that was overlooked, or in Europe, or in a trade..... "Every game is a statement game at this point," Jackson said, "because you are playing for seeding, playing for the playoffs. Everybody is trying to work towards that, but definitely, when you're on a winning streak, it gives you a bit more energy."
  7. Lugan Village

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season apology? Really? You still on your pain meds?
  8. Lugan Village

    It is time to talk about Jonas Valanciunas

    let it go.....
  9. Lugan Village

    It is time to talk about Jonas Valanciunas

    nice article, but one of the great benefits of JV is in the locker room and away from the court. In Toronto his team mates loved and respected him, coaches found him coachable and approachable....this is not to say he doesnt shout back(rarely) at the coach while on the floor during the game if he disagrees, or stands tall and in your face to an opponent that crosses the line with a him or a team mate, or argue with a ref... And JV appreciates this team and ownership and the fans....I think and hope he is part of the solution going forward.
  10. Lugan Village

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    I thought this roster was good for 17-21 games in 1st half, and said 19 would be a good number in first half as a really BIG accomplishment to a young team that was gutted in the off season, build that winning culture...they would have to run the table in next 3 games to get to 19....this team is exceeding expectations...but not let's get ahead of ourselves....we lose a starting 5 to injury of any duration, we have not much of a bench to back, it might not look pretty...2nd half predictions next week after they hit mid-point
  11. Lugan Village

    San Antonio Spurs @ Memphis Grizzlies 1/10/20

    you an never say never, but JV is not going anywhere this year...draft is thin, and no one contending is going to give Memphis an important piece if their in the running. Not sure JV/big man role is easily replaced...a healthy JV is good for 26 minutes, 16 points and 14 boards per game...and your right, he has a very friendly contract and he is only 27....
  12. i like this thinking...if he has no dog in him now, it's not in his DNA....another reason to pass
  13. Lugan Village

    Apologies In Advance

    good luck bro, see you back soon.
  14. Lugan Village


    the players do....they dont care for the game much, but it is a status symbol and certainly helps at contract time
  15. Lugan Village

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    if you look at history of rebuilds that work somewhat, i agree that this roster will look a lot different. I'v e said multiple times only 1 of these 3 will be here by end 2022/23, we can't rebuild only by draft, and we have to be willing to give up a quality asset for a needed player in a trade...I really think JJJ is becoming the cornerstone of this franchise, he has upped his game and i like his pedigree a lot...JA is exciting, we need a season or two to see if he has the durability and can up his D game....BC is a nice player, but he could be made expendable, if only he were 3 inches taller and 25 lbs heavier...and we need to get lucky in the draft and then pick up an unsigned/overlooked player that can be a 3-7 in our rotation