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  1. Lugan Village

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Rockets 03/20/2019

    Agree with Conley impressed with him, I would take him over Lowry every time....Re JV...I've seen this story many times...towards end of game he was open down low multiple times, but we didn't commit to get him the ball the time he had it in his hands, it was so telegraphed that he was surrounded so dished off, and not sure we converted any of these...the team will adjust...JV is a team guy and smart BB IQ...5 guys on the court...they all have a role...and I agree he seemed a little tight at the foul line which is unusual for him, he takes pride in foul shooting.
  2. Lugan Village

    Don't dismiss JV

    To quote famous Redskins coach George Allen, as he traded away draft picks for players and said, "the future is now", and they were pretty successful..full rebuilds are failures more often than not...the mindset needs to be make smart picks in the draft...the priorities are MC protege and or 3 point shooter...resign JV to long term...crap he's 26 and were saying he is not part of the future? If we can't resign him in off-season, then trade him...he will then have shown his cards and likely will leave or play out option. There showing a lot without JJJ in the lineup, they will be a better team up front with him working in with JV rotation. And the goal in 2019/20 is to make playoffs...partial rebuild is 2-3 years.....full rebuild tear down, i dunno but it sounds more like 3-5 years to be competitive and then you need to get to the elite team level....SO NO FULL REBUILD....
  3. Lugan Village


    wow russian grizzlie hasn't dealt well with Lithuanian team beating the russians for bronze at olympics with their tie dye grateful dead warm-ups...get over it...and the best result is for the Grizz to resign JV for 1+3 at $15M/per.....
  4. Lugan Village

    JJJ - What's his upper limit?

    wow, not the overwhelming responses I would have expected...occasional All star and 20 and 8 he is not a franchise player, more potential to be a above average PF...again...NOT what I expected
  5. Lugan Village

    JJJ - What's his upper limit?

    who is the team mate, the coach the family member or his "team", that does not turn him into a stand-alone very good player, versus the very good player that makes HIS team better and knows how to win...
  6. Lugan Village

    JJJ - What's his upper limit?

  7. Lugan Village

    JJJ - What's his upper limit?

    I honestly wanted to start a thread questioning if this young player was as good as everyone on this board says he is...remember I came as the 4th player to be named later in the JV trade from Toronto....I started looking at JV rookie year stats versus JJJ...hmm. I then looked at his splits this year game by game...this young man can ball....i then compared him to the other leading rookie of the year contenders..I think that Trae and Donic are really special..stats just don't lie...but JJJ has the potential to be a perennial he a franchise player? not ready to declare that...but he is the guy going forward with the grizzlies...i sense he is the PF, dont put him down the middle cleaning the glass, and he can contribute to protecting the rim...he has the physique of a 4, the ball handling of a 4, the shooting of a 4...he's a 4...he could be elite So i started out with bad intentions, and I turned 180 when i did some research and thinking...I havn't seen him play much...BUT no doubts from this Toronto guy you build out starting with JJ. I still don't believe this is a tear down rebuild, they just dont often turn out....I still believe JV and JJJ can work together....Noah is 8 years older than JV, I love his play today, the reality is he becomes expendable at 34/35 in a rebuild..MC at 29/30 is a 32 in a partial rebuild, as well as he is playing today he might be able to get us a 1st round pick....
  8. thanks for the block JV...this may come come down to making FT's...
  9. some defense please grizzlies.....
  10. Lugan Village

    New plan moving forward...

    The Raptors have the NBA best in DRAFT/War Room and analytics to look at managing the cap and evaluating trade options. Other teams are moving in this same direction. They have done a pretty good job in drafting in recent years, and some unknowns that have really come through. They also use gut feel to compliment what "analytics" is suggesting. Not sure of the sophistication of our FO to do something like this....but the game is going high tech versus listening to fan boards and thinking we know better...this link is pretty good to give you an idea of what they..
  11. Lugan Village


    I'm a packers fan, longhorns fan, dodgers fan and grizzlies fan...your from south there a point your trying to make?
  12. Lugan Village


    RELAX*****we could have been Cubs fans who went 108 years without winning a world series...Grizz fans we are in a "partial" rebuild and have some nice recent additions and many of you are crapping all over these guys for a team 10 games under 500 with 15 to go. Let the season play out...JV is part of the rebuild, deal with it...and CJ is better than what he showed with the Raptors but he won't replicate last night...maybe never...Wright is going to be a nice player coming off the bench....JJJ and JV will play well..and the NBA will not be going to 5 positionless players...ain't going to we need a big stud down the middle to give us 25 minutes and the bigger priority is getting a young shooting guard to work under MC and we need to 3 point shooter...
  13. Lugan Village

    Memphis Grizzlies at Atlanta Hawks 3/13/2019

    we **** the bed tonight...that was bad....I agree that Noah and CJ played very well with no support...we need stronger starts...I can'r recall JV ever playing that poorly...hopefully the entire organization learned from tonight
  14. Lugan Village

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    what do Sam Bowie, Greg Oden, Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison, Big Country, Darius Miles, Sebastian Telfer, Danny Ferry, Ed O'Bannon, and many others have in common....that's right ...high first round picks that were guarantee's...
  15. Lugan Village


    To be honest, I have not seen much of JJJ. I'll give you that he is young...but he hasn't proven much 3 years JV is not yet 30...and that is old for centers? Hey if the consensus is from Grizzlies fans and ownership they can do without JV, then he will figure that out at end of season and leave...i personally think he will have multiple options. But from watching the Grizz the last month, I think they need a big upgrade in shooting from 3 point, and begin the process to mentor a replacement for MC who is creeping up in age...