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  1. Lugan Village

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

  2. the games which I saw him play in person, I just can't recall anything memorable from Miami...maybe too much Dwayne focused...BUT I agree that were invested in him, i like his upside, let's see how he plays out after getting a good sample of games, but he needs to play and see how he mixes in with starting 5.
  3. Lugan Village

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    I like BC a lot, as a 6th man...I dont see him as a workhorse high energy guy, just a really good, dependable smart player...and valuable to this core group.
  4. Lugan Village

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    not exactly what Im saying...i agree with the right mix of young guys give more time to...these are bench players for depth, not our top 6/7...
  5. yeah, depends on how Jenkins manages who is on floor and in what situations....JJJ and BC between the two of them play 50-55 minutes, where do they come from?
  6. Lugan Village

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    lets just make sure were on the same page....were in a rebuild, this year has gone exceptionally well, but we have drafts to build our depth, and FA signings...JJJ and JA will attract some interest to be part of this core going forward... we don't need to get it all done this year...but yes i like the FO being active
  7. Top 3 on Grizz., we watching the same games? With JJJ and BC absence, Josh has been a productive back-fill, lets see how he fits in when both of these guys return and he loses minutes..his shooting is barely average at best, even from free throw. 6'8'' guy 20 minutes, 3 rebounds? I like the way he plays D, but let me ask...would we prefer OG Anunoby who might be Raptors 5 or 6th most valuable or Josh who some say is our 3rd most valuable. Our bar needs to be much higher than settling for this.
  8. Lugan Village

    Should Brandon Clarke start on returning from injury?

    Between JJJ and BC, JJJ absence is missed the most. Neither of these guys will see the floor unless 100%, and they will be on minute restrictions. In 50 games it seems that when BC has any sort of injury but can play, his production drops off huge. Kinda tells me he needs to play at max to compensate for his size at 4..I would keep BC as the 6th man, where his delivers with the second unit. JJJ needs to stay healthy down the stretch.
  9. Lugan Village

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks - 3/6/20

    not sure why, but our team more often starts out looking like they are not ready to go...hopefully they reverse that bad trend...can't afford to give up easy hoops against any legit team
  10. Lugan Village

    Disappointment in JV Play

    When JJJ and BC get healthy, I would hope this team will recognize they are playing playoff games for next 6 weeks....and with that they need to decide whether to sacrifice their individual play for team play...Dillon listening? Maybe you don't need to think shot first every time you touch the ball, for JJJ not much to add since I really liked the way he was becoming a complete player, inside and out game...JA, the pick & roll with JV is deadly and his penetration hard to the basket needs to be selective...don't get hurt, JV just protect the RIM, set your picks, continue to dominate the paint and if your scoring slips, who cares as long as we win... Jenkins, stop experimenting as this team will learn more individually and as a team by being in play-off run, than a coach tinkering from what has proven to work well.
  11. Lugan Village

    Disappointment in JV Play

    looks like JV was just going thru a mid-season blues...obvious response from him... So how do you like me now?
  12. Lugan Village

    Disappointment in JV Play

    To be clear, I think overall this season JV has played very well and fit into a lead rebounding role, and secondary scoring inside...and he sticks his nose and frame when setting picks. But leading up to the All Star game and since, he is not playing good ball. At first I thought he was hurt and playing through a foot injury or sore knee. But his confidence and touch inside 10 feet is gone, his hands are more stone than typical, he is lacking aggressiveness on the the boards, and i don't seem him "visably on the floor" stepping up in leadership as a veteran. I expect more from JV with JJJ and BC out. And I call it like i see it. Maybe/I hope it's just a bad run and he will work it out. Maybe he needs to sit a couple of games to relight the fire. Something is just not right with hem.
  13. after the all start game, game intensity picks up, and most everything is contested. So 2nd half is a better barometer of where this team is at versus first 40 games.....not a good start, we don't seem to be ready from opening tip-off and coach needs to settle down his rotations....and we need to go back to managing our expectations for this team...1st year of major rebuild....
  14. Lugan Village

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    Man from what i have seen most of the year, JV clears a lane for Ja...makes it easier for Ja not difficult...
  15. Lugan Village

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    this lineup was 8-1 before last night...but the game appeared to get away from Jenkins from what i've read in the posts. Dillon is shooting around 37% last 10 games....go away from him or sit him, he takes shots that are not there and he forces them. I get it that we dont yet have the depth to put in someone else, but maybe get Melton more minutes? JV is shooting 57% last 10 games and almost 60% on the road...and he only took 6 shots last night...feed him the ball if were cold outside. I like the numbers Jackson put up, i didnt see the game last night so not sure if they were quality or garbage, but maybe he has earned more mintues?