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  1. Lugan Village

    Ja Morant Week to Week

    and what about Clarke, i got the impression from broadcast team, his injury will take longer recovery?
  2. JJJ had a solid game, and we will all take that. BUT, there are so many things this young man needs to work on, so let's see how he follows it up. And I would like to see him get the ball more "steadily" during the game, and for him not to play iso basketball every time he has it. I'm starting to think there isn't a shot he takes that he doesnt like, and I hope he and the rest of the team realizes that sometime during this lost season.
  3. Lugan Village

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz - 12/7/19

    Why did jjj disappear in the 4th? Not his fault our guards decided to play a different game
  4. Lugan Village

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz - 12/7/19

    Why do our guards rush down the court and shoot their 3 before jjj or jv are barely getting over tcenter court....nobody within 25 feet of the basket just in the rare chance they miss.....
  5. Lugan Village

    Jenkins system has not,is not and will never work.

    If he plays like a 4 and thinks like a 4, then 7 boards a game is pretty good....he is a 4
  6. Lugan Village

    Take that for data

    i mostly agree, you'd think this year is a hall pass for Jenkins no matter what...BUT, this is a business and ya gotta dooms day scenario, they like finish the first half with 10-14 wins, JJJ play is inconsistent, JA & JV level off, the other vets play for themselves yada yada...this all then goes back to coaching and interest and gate falls off...and the only win is we may get a high lottery pick...but so what? This is a business, and how many first year coaching casualties have there been? Not saying Jenkins is totally responsible, but this is why I've said from DAY 1, I don't believe in total rebuilds, ya just don't give the rooks/2nd year "pro's" the keys to the game without accountability, and you compete or you Jenkins that guy? I guess we will see.
  7. Lugan Village

    Take that for data

    No two situations are the same, but what's the number in wins Jenkins needs this year to keep the dogs off? 20, 25, 30?
  8. Lugan Village

    Trade Targets 2020

    wow, three would automatically put us in luxury tax, special clause...unless the State of Tenn. are willing to forfeit taxing maple it worth it?
  9. Lugan Village

    Trade Targets 2020

    Olynyk would put us over on the Canadian cap limit, we already have clarke...
  10. Lugan Village

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz - 12/7/19

    when is this game...friday is not Dec 7?
  11. Lugan Village

    Unloved Unwanted and Underappreciated

    is his birth certificate legit? Anyone check?
  12. Lugan Village

    Trade Targets 2020

    What about a "legit" vet like a Terrence Ross? Not sure if he is affordable, but he has game...
  13. Lugan Village

    Should we Trade JV????

    During the broadcast, the crew mentioned that JV got vocal during a early time out to get better focused...JV typically does his talking in the dressing room or he hopes by example...maybe JV is starting to see the need for him to step up occassionally in game situations, because there is no other veteran that we see doing it. His past has been about the glue to keep the guys loose and earn respect...being vocal and leading is different MO for him
  14. I see both progress in JJJ in last 5 or so games and also his weaknesses being amplified. He is turning his back to the basket more frequently trying to put that element into his game...but more often than not he doesnt get the ball. He is so **** athletic that you just go wow on certain plays...his upside in scoring is clearly evident. I hate to position him this way, but he needs to mature both physically and with his BB IQ. He is a young 20 with both skill and raw athleticism...I agree he needs playing time, but Jenkins also needs to ensure he earns his minutes and when those minutes are used. It's also tough when your team isn't winning much on the younger players
  15. Lugan Village

    Should we Trade JV????

    I think this is the smartest approach for all our players, franchise or other...hold each one accountable based on merit. But the culture starts from game 1 this season...