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  1. Well he wasn’t on any boards anywhere that high, out of sight so not in any talk. I hope the kid does well for himself…just not a high bc iq move by our draft team.
  2. The raps also made surprise pick at 4 with Scottie Barnes, sf at 6’9 and 225. The raptors analytics and fo I trust…I wonder how Barnes vs Williams will fare out in a couple of years…we will see
  3. Trey Murphy with his shooting would have been a nice piCk
  4. Gtf I agree on your thinking re bouknight totally, but I wouldn’t defend jjj quite yet…this is his year to prove to himself he was worthy of number 4. He’s done very little, and if he’s going to be our 5, he’s got to step up huge
  5. Ja and bane need to button up right now….
  6. I said earlier today on this board that they should whatever is needed to move up to pick this kid…they had him to be ours and we **** the bed
  7. Sengun…redeem yourself fo…
  8. His size as is will be an issue down the stretch and in playoffs…u saw how physical it was this year, and that is not going away anytime soon…the new nba and this youngster is 185 lbs at PF
  9. Maybe they shouldn’t close their eyes next time they swing
  10. It may cost jenkins his job before end of season…serves Jenkins right for not being more vocal and taking a stand re his team
  11. Well gtf, losing jv kinda hurts now with this stupid choice…this guy would have been there in second round…it’s going to put a huge dent in the rebuild..wasted week
  12. Lugan Village

    Why I (as a JV fan) can live with the trade.

    Our FO are making every call to do everything they can to move up. Giddy who is slotted at 10, doesn't offer much upside in his 6'8 he is another BC. Can he back up Kyle or Dillon? Is that our priority to the point that we moved JV? My sense the response to doing everything to move up, there is not much in the cupboard to offer without Grizz getting fleeced. I like Bouknight a lot, he could be a steal at 6, or Trey Murphy. But he might have been available at 17. If they can package 10 with some additional picks from '22, and move up to around 4, 5, 6..then the JV trade makes sense. Otherwise what was the point.
  13. Lugan Village

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    He ain’t come anywhere near Tennessee border…maybe la…