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  1. I was thinking this same thing. There have been plenty of players that looked very good on a Spurs team only to dwindle to role players or below average once they move onto other teams.
  2. GrizzCR

    Team Hero @ T'wolves 02/04/2017

    TH: JMyke HM: James Ennis III HHM: That new guy on our team.... hmmm.... Brandon Wright - really good contributions!
  3. Unfortunately, this probably means Mike is still out - not that Baldwin is replacing Harrison as our backup PG.
  4. GrizzCR

    Look Guys, The Sun Is Going To Come Up Tomorrow

    Looking for a positive out of this... IF we can make it through January or to the all-star break without falling completely out of the playoff picture, it means we have addressed one of our most pressing needs of a solid second (eventually back-up) PG.... AND, Conley should be in much better shape to make it through the playoffs without his reoccurring achilles issues. Right now I don't see how we get through this without a miracle solution... hopefully that will be with the return of Super Mario!!!
  5. GrizzCR

    Fizdale Has To Go

    LOL... kinda funny. But, I thought the mods vetted all new accounts. I think the three most (in)famous "player-specific-fans" have been: Lioncub, LilOjMayo, and the girl that was obsessed with Bayless.
  6. GrizzCR

    Official Head Coach Thread (Merged)

    Well, at least two bad coaches... I assume you forgot about Barone baloney ball.
  7. GrizzCR

    Official Head Coach Thread (Merged)

    I love Lionel, but at some point we have to have a FO that can/will run a respectable franchise... not the laughing stock of the NBA. Bringing back Lionel would be a disaster waiting to happen. Only good way out would be to lead us to a WCF... and, that ain't happening in the next few years. BTW, i do agree this is just two old co-workers discussing their current situations and where each may be headed. There is no reason for them to have any animosity between them. Basically, they both got canned by the same guy. I think LH is too smart (and more so stubborn) to fall into a trap like taking a job here again.
  8. Well... are you talking about a Grizzlies pick at 17? Based on history, probably not so promising.
  9. GrizzCR

    Player Exit Interviews

    Of course it's the system... Casey Jacobsen couldn't even shoot 25% 3PA here!
  10. GrizzCR

    Don Poier

    And, I believe the team was in Denver when this tragedy happened.
  11. GrizzCR

    Marc Back In Fold For 5 Years 108 Mil.

    Here's another off-the-wall crazy idea.... I'm wondering if it's possible that the Grizzlies (Pera) threw a curve at Marc. Maybe he was ready to sign the straight-forward max deal, but RP is making some "other" type of offers too. Something like offering % of ownership or something like that.
  12. GrizzCR

    Marc Back In Fold For 5 Years 108 Mil.

    I think the only way to get/have a "max" contract is to get the max first year salary with max % raises each year. Meaning, there are no contract options or structuring to figure out... just one option that gives that "max". Anyone else know if this is correct or not?
  13. GrizzCR

    Lorenzen Wright

    DITTO He is a true sleeze-ball. I really don't like him. It's kinda humorous how he makes J-Will look like the good-guy hero in their little time together:-) I wish he'd go away.... or at least have nothing to do with Grizz reporting/commenting!