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  1. Do you have a link to the whole article? Thanks.
  2. Can't wait for updates, video clips and translations from you and "I love jv". When does the tournament start? Does anyone know if it's going to be on ESPN or any other network? Or is there a link to a site that will stream it online?
  3. GameOn

    Who are the scrubs on our team?

    I agree that Bruno is a late bloomer, but he's still only 23 years old. I still think he is a keeper.
  4. GameOn

    Summer Doldrums

    Have a good summer chip. Thanks for all your game threads this year.
  5. Brandon Clarke - SL MVP and Game MVP. Solid.
  6. Minny hanging around. Could be another nail biter. Congrats to MVP Brandon.
  7. You say you desire to avoid conflict, then you post a nasty comment like this? You are setting yourself up for conflicts. I'm all for free speech, but the personal attacks are not necessary.
  8. Nail biter finish last night against the Pelicans. Looking forward to winning the title tonight. Brandon Clarke is solid. Still 60/40 about Grayson Allen and most of the other guys.
  9. That was no love tap from Sabonis. He leveled Nakic. I bet Nakic's team mates were on their best behaviour for the rest of the game, after Sabonis delivered the message.
  10. I'm sure that's on JV's To Do list. Draymond hacked JV's hand and severely dislocated JV's thumb back in December 2018. JV had to have surgery and was not cleared to play until Feb. 7, 2019. That same day, he was traded to the Grizzlies. As a Grizzly, JV played one game against GSW. Draymond hit JV's (nearly recovered) thumb multiple times in that game. Keep poking the bear Draymond and see what happens 👊
  11. Hopefully Yuta is also ready to take a big step forward.
  12. Nice 26 point blowout, and no earthquakes. What else could you ask for?
  13. Sam can be really friggin' annoying.
  14. Is Plumlee staying?
  15. Ben Lawson is playing better than he did in Utah. Anyone see him as the backup to JV?
  16. Bruno has really good lift on his shots.
  17. Bruno dominating the floor, as expected.
  18. I know. Every time I look at him, it looks like his arms are tree branches.
  19. GameOn

    Vegas Summer League roster

    Zion didn't play in the 2nd half. I didn't watch the game, I read about the injury. Sorry, can't remember the source. He probably just has a sore knee. Obviously if it was serious, it would be big news.
  20. GameOn

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    3 years at $8-10 mil/year. I think that Delon getting 3 triple doubles in the last 4 games of the year might be a sign of things to come. I think that next year, Delon starts to unlock his real potential.
  21. GameOn

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    +1, +1 and +1