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  1. I haven't watched the new season of Westworld yet, but the first 2 seasons were great. Man, everyone is talking about the Tiger King.
  2. GameOn

    Best Grizzlies Highlights of All-Time

    It's Rudy Gay. No. No. Not this guy. SWISH. You F****ng A**hole. Hilarious. Raptors fans are wild and crazy. I know, because I was a Raps fan until they traded JV to the Grizzlies. Go Grizzlies. Dang. The Raptors and Grizzlies were scheduled to play each other last Friday and yesterday. I was SO looking forward to that mini series. Would have been the first appearance of JV in Toronto since the trade (ditto for Marc in Memphis).
  3. GameOn

    Best Grizzlies Highlights of All-Time

    Pete's the best. And Brevin is the ultimate sidekick to Pete. I love the way Brevin TRASHES the refs when they make a bad call. Hammer, nail, coffin, this post is over!
  4. GameOn

    News from Tillery

    That would be a big gamble ūü§£ Seriously, Lost Wages will get a team eventually. No need for a new arena. The Knights already have an arena, which they could share with an NBA team.
  5. GameOn

    Big Bored 1.0 #WHOfluEdition

    Alt, you should set up a YouTube channel to discuss all your ideas. You are obviously an expert on this stuff. You would get tons of subs and probably earn some serious coin.
  6. What's the population of Memphis vs Nashville?
  7. GameOn

    Goat Ja

    The link is not working. I'm really pumped to watch this video. Can you re-do the link? Thanks, I'll wait ...
  8. I wouldn't write off the season just yet. The CDC said that they expect the peak of the "curve" to happen in mid April. After the peak, we go downhill. The question is how fast can we get down that slope. The other question is, at what point in the downhill slope do we start going back to normal living, because I don't believe that the virus will ever be completely eradicated. Go Grizzlies.
  9. Wow. That's got be be nerve wracking, having to wait that long for a result.
  10. At this point (only 2.5 weeks into the hiatus), I would be happy to see ANY new NBA games. Also it would be great for the young guys to get a taste of the playoffs, which would help for next season. And probably most of you haven't seen JV in "playoff beast mode". Jega on steroids! ūüí™ūüí™ūüí™
  11. Sunday night the FDA issued emergency authorization for the use of the Hydroxychloroquine treatment for Covid-19. So any doctor that has hospitalized patients can now prescribe the treatment. Previous to the FDA approval, you had to be part of a clinical trial to get the treatment. Within 1-2 weeks, there is going to be MUCH more data on the efficacy of this treatment. Fingers still crossed.
  12. Has your other half already been tested?
  13. ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£
  14. You had previously lost your mind???
  15. Good luck with your test. Stay positive. Oops, or should I say stay NEGATIVE!