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  1. Ugly loss. Chip might have to pass around the meds!
  2. Early start to garbage time tonight.
  3. Tatum to the dressing room for repairs.
  4. Bench guys in first half only have 12 points combined.
  5. Another rip off call against JV.
  6. Slow start but much better 1st quarter than last game.
  7. Nobody will be fouling out today.
  8. Thanks for calling a timeout Brad.
  9. Go Grizzlies. Start of a new winning streak. Zion starts right after this game (8:30 pm your time).
  10. Need to get JV and Jaren into the game first thing. Get the ball to them and after they got some baskets, then spread out the scoring.
  11. Hope you win. Stella is my favorite beer. Maybe I could bet against your dad too. How many Stellas does he have in the fridge? ūüėĄ ūüćļ
  12. What a ridiculous post. JV is one of the best overall players on this team and many times is the highest scorer or 2nd or 3rd. Because the Pels went small. JV and Jaren should have been slamming the ball all night. I think this loss is on Jenkins. JV has room for improvement on defense, but the Pels were raining 3's all night - not much you can do about that. I noticed Jenkins had JV playing closer to the perimeter in the 2nd half, because of all the 3's. I wish we could find a different way to cover 3 point shooters, because JV is hands down the best rebounder on the team. When JV is way out on the perimeter trying to block a 3 point shot, there is NO WAY he can get back to the basket in time to try and grab any rebound. It's on Jenkins to put on his thinking cap and figure out how best to use JV on defense.
  13. A W ain't coming easy. Celtics currently kicking Faker's butts