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  1. GameOn

    2019 - 2020 NBA ROY IS......

    We all knew this was coming. Good to see it is now official. Congrats Ja and thanks for one helluva season. Well deserved. Next question ... how long until Ja gets MVP honors?
  2. GameOn

    Michael Wallace's wife has died.

    Condolences to the Wallace family.
  3. I agree. BC is a foundation piece moving forward. He had an amazing rookie year and snagged Summer League MVP honors.
  4. Why do you say that? He had decent stats this season, other than 29.8% on 3's. As I recall, back in March he was playing great.
  5. Portland had to play Dame 45 minutes, CJ 44 minutes and Nurkic 41 minutes in order to beat us (just barely). That says a lot about this Grizzlies team. If DB can just get a handle on his shot selection (and improve his passing skills) he will become the consistently "good" Dillon that we all want to see. His defense was never in question. I didn't know about Ja's thumb. I guess having a tough as nails vet like JV around, has rubbed off on Ja!
  6. It looks like Ja, DB, Jaren and JV are the core starters moving forward. At least for the next year or two. If Jaren can avoid foul and injury issues, this is a pretty formidable core. DB held Dame to just 31 points.
  7. That's too bad because if the ref had made the right call, Grayson wouldn't have got so upset and got himself a T.
  8. How much would you be willing to pay for Marc?
  9. Jenkins has challenges with challenges. Just curious if anyone knows: If a challenge was made and we won it, would the tech to grayson (and the fine that goes with it) be cancelled?
  10. Really? Did not know that. Jega. I hope that JV's right hand is ok. He needs that hand for casting when he's fishing!!!ūü¶ą
  11. It will be interesting to see what the FO will do in the off season.
  12. Especially in an elimination game!
  13. We definitely saw what the "good" Dillon can bring to the table in the last 2 games. If he can play that way next season he's a for sure keeper.
  14. Do you know when exactly the pre-season starts?