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  1. Well, this has been an interesting game thread interwoven with guitar/band overtones. Love my Les Paul Custom. Good night all 🎸🏀
  2. You're the youngest of the Boomer's generation (feel better now?). Baby Boomer generation was from 1946 to 1964. I'm right in the middle of the Boomer pack.
  3. ✔️✔️✔️ Rock on ...
  4. JEGAAAAAA - you're back! Long time, no see. The Grizzlies seriously need to find some Jega.
  5. Marko needs a conditioning stint with the Hustle.
  6. Especially when you consider that we lost to a bad team that had lost their last 7 games.
  7. I think we lost because of 2 bad half's.
  8. Doing dishes? I thought you ordered wings???
  9. Only a 20 year old brain in an NBA capable body. Jaren needs to work on his mental game.
  10. Marko is ready to take Josh's place.
  11. JV playing great in garbage time.