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  1. GameOn

    Summer Plans

    Rumor has it that your girlfriend is looking for a 40 year contract with a no trade clause ūüėĀ Good luck with the "negotiations". Quebec City is an amazingly beautiful city.
  2. Jaren and Ja aren't going to become all-stars overnight. In the meantime, if anything, JV would ENHANCE their development.
  3. Jega!!! When the other guys are having trouble shooting, a big power center who can efficiently get you points in the paint is very helpful, until the the other guys get back on track with their shots. Of course, there's also rebounding, etc.
  4. I doubt he would just pick up his option unless a 2-3 year extension goes along with that. He would not move his family from Toronto to Memphis when there's a chance he could go to another team when his option expires (then have to move his family AGAIN).
  5. Thanks for playing the role of interpreter!
  6. GameOn

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Mike would be a good mentor for him. I wonder if Mike still wants to leave now?
  7. GameOn

    Grizz Moved Up!!!!

    The Basketball Gods have smiled on the Grizzlies. This is HUGE.
  8. GameOn

    Grizz Moved Up!!!!

    You got lucky tonight!
  9. GameOn

    NBA Playoffs thread

    If you haven't yet seen Kawhi Leonard's game 7, series winning buzzer beater:
  10. For 10 mil/yr where are you going to find a C that has 7 years of regular season and playoff experience, who is literally a double double machine, who is entering his prime years, who is a fan favorite, who can motivate and mentor other players on and off the floor, who is a "character guy" and will be a great ambassador for the Grizzlies in the Memphis community? His defense is improving every year and he's still working on improving his his 3 point %. You have seen what he can do after 19 games with the Grizzlies. Can you imagine what he could do playing with a healthy and more talented Grizzlies roster? Waiting for your list of names of 10 mil/yr C's available (with JV's credentials) ...
  11. The NBA has lots of scrubs getting paid 10 mil/yr. JV is not a scrub. Realistically, I think 15 mil on a 3-4 year contract would be more in line. While Gasol at 25 mil is providing decent man on man defense, he's not spacing the floor because he's hardly shooting 3's (last night he was 0 for 3 from the arc), but rather playing hot potato which is not pulling players out to the arc to cover him. He's also not providing rebounding nor is he getting many points. I have read hundreds of comments at the Raptors forum saying that the trade for Gasol was a lateral move at best. If the Grizz offered 10 mil/yr to JV, he would walk. Or maybe he would collect his 16.7 mil option, then walk.
  12. GameOn

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Depends on which Philly team shows up. If it's the game 3 or game 6 Philly, then it will be a good game.
  13. GameOn

    NBA Playoffs thread

    So the Raptors hung on to beat Philly 101-96 yesterday and tie the series 2-2. It was a back and forth, edge of your seat contest. Prior to that game, Marc Gasol was being criticised for too much passing and not enough shooting. So he shot more in this game and picked up 16 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. His FG% was good and he hit two 3's (7 attempts). Defensively he held Embiid to 11 points. However, Embiid was sick AGAIN. He supposedly had stomach flu in games 1 and 2, game 3 he was said to be better. But game 4 he was sick again. In a post game interview Embiid said that he was up all night and had to get an IV at 6 am on the day of game 4. The TV crew did a close up shot of Embiid's face just prior to tip off and he looked dreadful. Team doctors have to figure out what's ailing Embiid, because he has been sick for 3 of 4 games in this series. In those 3 games he played horrible. The one game that he was healthy, he played like a star, picked up 33 points and dominated Marc. If the Doc's can't fix Embiid, this series is over. Pascal Siakim was doubtful to start game 4 due to a calf contusion. He did start, but did not play well. You could tell he was hurting. Super star Kawhi picked up the slack and lead the team to victory (as usual).
  14. Good comparison with Pop.