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  1. In what I've seen, Delon struggles to get the ball to JV. Has on the Raptors and that did not change on the Grizz. MC draws a lot more attention from the defense which makes JV more open. Delon's double-digit assist games came after JV sprained his ankle.
  2. JV needs Conley! The chemistry with Delon is nowhere near what it is with MC.
  3. Karas

    Grizzlies are 7-11 since JV started playing

    Remember when the team was saying that Raab will start and Jonas would come off the bench, LOL? That's how little was expected of him!
  4. Yes, a mere look at Durant and it’s a foul.
  5. ... not for JV it hasn't . Lost two months of his prime basketball life.
  6. Jonas sure missed some point-blank shots today but there was a lot of contact on many of his shots today too. I hate the NBA rule that allows players to hit opponents on the hand: 'hand is part of the ball'. If you swipe and hit all-ball then that's great. But if you hit the hand then that's a foul. Encourages players like Draymond and leads to broken and dislocated hands.
  7. Karas

    Don't dismiss JV

    Agreed, I don't think JV is injury prone at all. Outside of two wild hand fractures after Kobe/Draymond wild hacks, he's been quite healthy.
  8. Karas

    Don't dismiss JV

    It’s not known if JV current bruzzer game is sustainable for the whole season at 30 minutes a game. We don’t know how it would fair in the playoffs. It’s unlikely that this style would age well when Jonas passes 30. On the other hand, all of his career Jonas has been adjusting and reinventing himself with great success. In addition to the goods he has, he has a proven record of adding new assets to his game. I’ve even seen him evolve since he came over to the Grizz side. Never in his career has he been so quick on midrange jumpers. He’s actually taken an actual jumper with elevation last game. Before they were mostly flat-footed standing foul shots. His midrange percentages are really good. Given his height he should capitalize on those types of shots even more in 4-5 years when the power and endurance will level off. And, of course, he was 40% on threes last season. All he needs in that area is confidence—unleash them without shame every time he’s wide open beyond the line which happens a lot.
  9. Karas

    Don't dismiss JV

    Jonas is like any NBA player: he wants to compete and have a shot at a title. He is just hitting his prime NOW and has a three-to-four year window at the top of his game! This off-season, if a contender were to offer him a reasonable contract--not the best contract, just reasonable--I think he would prefer a contender to a lead role on an upstart rebuilt team. That being said, he was on a contender just a few short weeks ago and, in spite of his positive exterior, I don't think he was happy in Toronto. At least not for the past 6 seasons. The beginning of this year was possibly fine with him and Nick Nurse really found a way to get most out of his offensive monster in short minutes. The window to play with the starters was also wide open both in terms of match-ups and using his own effort to straight-up outplay fellow center Ibaka. Would Jonas want to go back to Toronto having tasted was it feels like to be a one-or-two option? I would say 'No'. He seems to be having a lot more fun here in Memphis. Are there other contenders out there that have a meaningful spot for an offensive brute and rebounding monster? Did JV change his reputation as an overall negative due to his defensive limitations with his play in the last several months and back-to-back career best performances in points, rebounds? Did he show that he can sustain the efficiency playing minutes in the thirties? I honestly don't know.
  10. Karas

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Rockets 03/20/2019

    TH: JV+MC. These two feed each other and off each other. Jonas with screens and Mike with assists/lobs. What about defense? JV has been constantly criticized for his lack of PnR savvy. I did not see much of it this game. Harden did not use Capella screens much. Paul has a couple of ISO’s against Jonas and made his jumpers. So who’s TH on defense?
  11. Karas

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Rockets 03/20/2019

    Did Jonas stop being aggressive? Did he get pooped? Or did the team go away from him late? I am leaning toward the latter. also, JV set up quite a few open shots inthe second half passing out of double teams. And don’t think any of them went in
  12. The reason JV thrives against the top NBA defensive centers is because those centers are built to defend smalls using their length and quickness. They can't defend bulk and power. I would love to see what prime Shaq would do in today's NBA!
  13. Everyone on these forums is singing so much praise for JJJ. Haven't really seen him play. Why is there so much hype about this guy? What are his strengths? What has the Grizz school seen in him this season? What kind of a teammate is he? Anyone?
  14. Karas


    When JV was a baby https://youtu.be/IiT4rqTD3pY