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  1. Karas

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Rockets 03/20/2019

    TH: JV+MC. These two feed each other and off each other. Jonas with screens and Mike with assists/lobs. What about defense? JV has been constantly criticized for his lack of PnR savvy. I did not see much of it this game. Harden did not use Capella screens much. Paul has a couple of ISO’s against Jonas and made his jumpers. So who’s TH on defense?
  2. Karas

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Rockets 03/20/2019

    Did Jonas stop being aggressive? Did he get pooped? Or did the team go away from him late? I am leaning toward the latter. also, JV set up quite a few open shots inthe second half passing out of double teams. And don’t think any of them went in
  3. The reason JV thrives against the top NBA defensive centers is because those centers are built to defend smalls using their length and quickness. They can't defend bulk and power. I would love to see what prime Shaq would do in today's NBA!
  4. Everyone on these forums is singing so much praise for JJJ. Haven't really seen him play. Why is there so much hype about this guy? What are his strengths? What has the Grizz school seen in him this season? What kind of a teammate is he? Anyone?
  5. Karas


    When JV was a baby https://youtu.be/IiT4rqTD3pY
  6. The steal on the PnR was even better. That's the play that he struggles with the most.
  7. Yes, domination of Gobert was sublime. I am not worried about JV's offensive game--he's had that going for him his entire career. Today he just missed shots that he normally makes and MC/AB were scoring fine down the stretch so there was not need for the team to turn to JV for scoring. Bad day, that's all. What will make Jonas an all-star candidate are consistent defensive plays like we saw at the end of the game tonight.
  8. Hold on to your panties with Toronto and GSW reach. Those are elite teams with multiple elite players on their rosters. Let's get to a perennial play-off team first. Caboclo could fit the bill for the team you're looking for. He's got the physical goods but seems too slow mentally.
  9. And how satisfying for a JV fan to watch him dominate DEFENISVELY in the final minutes of a close game!
  10. Toronoto invested heavily in Jonas when they drafted him at #5 way back when. He got a lot of playing time and touches in his first season. But then the Raptors went with NBA trade winds and Derozan as their focal point. JV was sidelined because of his 'weak defense'. Five years later Raptors' investment into Derozan was officially acknowledged as a failure even though it was obvious years earlier that Derozan cannot lead a team in the playoffs. On top of that, Derozan's defense was far worse than Jonas'. JV performance with the Grizzlies so far seems to indicate that he can produce offensively at a level comparable to the best Derozan in Toronto. I wonder what kind of player JV would have become in Toronto if they did feature him as much as Magic features Vucevic or as much as Grizzlies are featuring him now. So excited to see what prime JV looks like in the Grizz uniform. Raptors' most important player, Lowry, fully embraced the front office direction and prioritized Derozan over Valanciunas. The two-man game that took years Lowry and Valanciunas to build is evident instantly with Conley. It looks like JV and MC played together for years. Fun times ahead.
  11. I thought Delon did a pretty good job scoring. No one could pass to JV under the basket! Especially when Adams was not on the floor. They either just looked the other way or whey they tried it was either hit a leg, or hit a foot, or an interception! Whatsaaap with that? JV is like 10' tall!
  12. You know how fouls are called in the NBA: it's not so much about what you did but who you are and whom are you doing it to. Even as an unknown sophomore playing close to 30 mins a game JV averaged 3.1 fouls per game. Under 3 sine then and is no longer called for 'vertical' defense in the post unless it's a super-star offensive player. What are you thinking when you say Jonas is foul-prone?
  13. JV is not particularly foul prone. His D was actually miles better than Raptors former superstar Demar Derozan who gobbled up the ball, shots, minutes and consistently faded in the spotlight. JV is a well above-average defender in the paint and an elite defensive rebounder. Yes, he can give up mid-range and three point shots because he just can't chase quick guards. What his net worth is in any particular team is unknown. JV minutes were slashed because of the coach's decision to emphasize backcourt over frontcourt offense. His was the fate determined by league trends and individual decisions. We have no idea what Jonas can or cannot do in 30-35 minutes on the floor. So far Grizzlies have gone to him late in games and he delivered on offense. How about that end-of-game block!? We have also seen him staggered with Noah for perimeter defensive purposes. Super excited to see where this goes. Too bad that JV and JJJ will not get a chance to find out what they can do together this season. I would think that JV decision to sign with Grizzlies would depend on this fit quite a bit. I have not seen JJJ play for more than a few games so far but Jonas is too old to wait for Jaren to 'grow up' if that is going to take another 5 years. But if JJJ is a season away as many on this forum seem to think...
  14. Toronto will most likely not be Toronto after this season. Even if they win a championship, Kahwi is most likely not stayin and, without him, Raptors are no match for the other East powers. JV was not all that happy on the Raptors either. They totally neglected his strength--the offense--and constantly focused on his weakness punishing and benching him for his lack of speed on the perimeter defense. Add to that the fact that taxes are much higher in Canada and traveling is harder across the international border. In other words, I don't think JV will be keen on going back. Toronto shopped Valanciunas around multiple times but never found a good partner until now. His $17M contract next year was considered too expensive. That would be another reason for him to stay. But if he plays north of 30 minutes a game for the rest of the season producing north of 20 pts and 10 rebounds of efficient basketball, his stock will rise and he will not want to stay on a team that's destined for the bottom of the NBA.
  15. Grizzlies is a Canadian team, Spurs is not