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    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    I would say that CJ is pretty much washed up. All he had to do in Toronto was stand at the three and shoot it up after a bunch of high quality scorers got all the defensive attention. He was terrible. Grizzlies does not have that firepower on offense to create as many open looks for him, so I highly doubt his shooting will jump up. He's pretty bad defensively as well, so if he's not hitting threes, he's just a huge net negative to the team. I really wouldn't expect him to contribute positively, while Jonas and Delon definitely should.
  2. Backseatboss

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    Jonas is extremely good at rebounding. Unstoppable in some instances. Great both on the defensive and offensive glass. Also plays really physical bully ball, so no need to worry about him grabbing empty rebounds ala DeAndre Jordan. Of all players who average at least 6 RPG, Jonas ranks 6th in the entire league in contested rebound percentage at 49.1%. DeAndre Jordan for example has a contested rebound percentage of 35.1% and Marc Gasol percentage is at 36.7%. That's the big thing that worries me the most as a Raps fan, we weren't a great rebounding team to begin with, with Jonas being clearly the best rebounder on the team, and now we exchanged him for Gasol, who never really was known as a good rebounder for his position. Looking at the stats, it does seem that JJJ and Jonas should be able to compliment each other on the court pretty well. Jonas will mask the rebounding problems, JJJ will stretch the floor for Jonas to do work inside.
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    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    Hey guys, I'm a Raptors fan and I come in peace. Just wanted to let you guys know, you will be pleasantly surprised with Jonas. He is an extremely likeable and down to earth guy who seems incredibly chill off the court and incredibly intense on it. Easily a top 10 rebounder in the league and top 10 scorer at center. If given the minutes and touches, no doubt in my mind he could put up 18 and 12 per 28 MPG or so. Every year his minutes go down, but his scoring and rebounding per game remain the same, which is quite incredible. His big limitations come on defense, but even there he's not as bad as some people might try to make you believe. He's not great at defending the pick and roll, but great at defending the post and is pretty good at defending the rim. He also spent most of his career playing next to DeMar DeRozan, who is attrocious on defense and this season when we actually got a couple of really good defenders in Kawhi and Green he didn't have that much of a chance to share the court together. Considering Grizzlies have some pretty good perimeter defenders, he should be better than in Toronto. I really hope he does well for you guys, always wanted to see what would happen if my Raps gave him more free reign on offense, since he's so **** efficient. The best thing about him though is that he's very team oriented, so if there's need, he's going to play 30+ minutes taking lots of shots, but he's also willing to come off the bench. He's a great locker room guy, so would expect him to be a good person to keep around the young guys on the team. Definitely shouldn't worry about him not being motivated. And if you guys by any chance make the playoffs while he's on your team... Let's just say we Raps fans used to wait for playoff Jonas to show up, since that was a completely different beast and would turn into an all star. He steps up during big games. Delon is kinda hit and miss. I think that he was overrated by a lot of Raps fans. He's a good backup PG, but can't really see him as a starter in the league. Can hit the spot up three, can play both PG and SG, good defensively, pretty good in transition. Should be a good rotation player, but don't think anything more than that. Definitely don't think he can replace Conley in the starting PG spot once you trade / let him go. CJ Miles has been attrocious this season. Last season he would hit some threes at least, but this season he has been useless, and let me tell you, Raps are pretty happy about getting off the payroll. Seems like a nice guy and all, should be good in the locker room, but useless on the court. I understand why the Raps made this trade, but I don't know if in the long run it will be a good trade for us. I assume Marc will look more interested in the games due to potentially getting to the finals this year, but he is also 34. This year is all or nothing for us. If we don't get to the finals at least, we lose Kawhi, and if we do that, there will be a huge firesale on everyone for a rebuild. If we manage to keep Kawhi, then this trade is going to be looked at as a good trade for us, even though Jonas will be better than Marc in a year or two, if not already. Hope for all the best to your team and I'll definitely keep a close eye on your games, especially since you now have Jonas and Bruno.