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  1. FrenchGrizzlies

    Moving the needle

    Can't wait to see the season start back. Go Grizzz !!!
  2. FrenchGrizzlies

    Moving the needle

    Thats exactly the point. How to we attract FA if we win 25 games this year? And How patient will ja and JJJ be? They are young talents who want to learn but also want to win. I'm not sure that a 3 to 5 years business plan to be a contender may suit them. Next year will be very important. We will have cap space and really need to bring a top FA. By the way, what do tou think guys of bringing back Mike next year?
  3. FrenchGrizzlies

    Chancun Depreciation Thread

    lol so truth !!
  4. Jaren can clearly be a superstar. Need 2 points for me : - Learn to avoid stupid fouls and Remain healthy.
  5. Let her become FA. Then you can think if you want sign her again or not ūüėČ
  6. FrenchGrizzlies

    Trade Rumors 2020 - Not Involving the Grizz

    Dieng is a dead contract. I dont see any chance to trade hi. But we can keep him to back up JV and next year, we will have plenty of space to get new player. The risk of this strategy is to miss play off this year. And JJJ and Ja want probably to get as high as possible. But the front office make a great jot un til now, full trust to them for the next days.
  7. FrenchGrizzlies

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Yes actually agree with you. This year to keep learning and next year to go for it !!
  8. FrenchGrizzlies

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    We struggle on our last 20 games and the issue did not come from the bench which have beed great all year. We miss at least one important piece at starting 5, Dillon and Slomo aren' t starter. FA will be important, we need one starting guy, and there is not much choice this year.
  9. FrenchGrizzlies

    2020-21 Season Start: December 22 and Preseason Starts Dec. 11

    Hope it start end december. First because i wanna see our Grizz back, Second because some teams did not play since March which never happen before.
  10. FrenchGrizzlies

    Best realistic offseason plan

    I wil go for Fournier. But not with giving any first. He will be a great addition, able to shoot 3, pass the ball and good defender. But he is not a superstar.
  11. FrenchGrizzlies

    Crowder had 16 & 6 in the Miami upset win?

    Crowder is back to his normal level at shooting. And it will be hard for Miami to finish it, except if Buttler have a hot 40 points night..
  12. FrenchGrizzlies

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    One question for you guys? What if we target Rose + Noah? I know theyr are old but still have energy to give + 2 very talented players. And the go well together. They could bring so much from the bench.
  13. FrenchGrizzlies

    Did We Make the Right Move?

    Too many what is for me. Plus their careers is far from beeing finish. In France we use to say, you pay the musician at the end of the party. Let's see. I still believe Mike can win a ring if Utah make one good move this year.
  14. Agree, Marc has been a fantastic player but this is the past. He is done and if we want to keep one or 2 Vets on the bench, we need guys bringing energy, leadership. Marc will allways be a legend here as is Mike but for me you don't move forward by adding players from the past.
  15. FrenchGrizzlies

    Crowder had 16 & 6 in the Miami upset win?

    If we can i will bring back Jae and Noah. 2 strongs personality and fighters, we are short off. + 1 shooter and team will be great.