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  1. FrenchGrizzlies

    Grizzlies Bubble Rotation. Discuss.

    I do think Jenkins will start with the same 5 he use during most of the season ( when no injury). Slomo will start and Winslow, Jackson, Melton, Clarke, Jones and Dieng will come from the bench. Rest will get few mins depends on fouls and game issue.
  2. FrenchGrizzlies

    Grizz 8 Games

    This year Fournier seems much more consistent. I go for him.
  3. FrenchGrizzlies


    Hope players when they are in the bubble take opportunity to deliver strong messages against all discriminations.
  4. FrenchGrizzlies


    Well done Chipc3...same on my side test few weeks ago. And we all wear maks here since Janaury, in publics places. Zero local case for more than one month and i do not have any feeling that my human right or freedom is damaged...
  5. FrenchGrizzlies

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    You absolutly right. Ja speak well, maybe he should teach your 74 year old president how to post!!
  6. FrenchGrizzlies

    Grizz 8 Games

    Win the first 2 and job will be amlost done. I can't see NO or Portland winning 5 or 6 on 8. Slow start will be a problem for all team. We have a young team, they may be able to run 100% from 1st game. Go Grizzz !!! Can't wait to see it start. I have the feeling that last 4 months count in my life for 40 years....
  7. FrenchGrizzlies

    Grizz 8 Games

    Timing is really not good for me!! Other half will complain when i put alarm at 4 am!!
  8. FrenchGrizzlies

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    I agree with BHLove, the more you test the more you got positive test. The point for me is not about testing a lot but about setting rules that people clearly accept and respect. I live in one country where we did not have any single case ( except people back in) in one month. just because of social distanciation + wearing mask in all public place + temp control. After if people are not able to accept and follow rules, just let it the end when 60 or 65 % will get the virus ( or when a vaccine will be avalaible), it will go away...after killing half a million people or more . I find it personaly very sad. Human life has more value than this.
  9. FrenchGrizzlies


    I'm not worry about the stars playing. Lebron or Giannis are in great position to win championship and they wil be here. The Covid issue is manageable with all the rules set up. This is what we do in normal life here ( Temp control, mask, gel, ..) and it works well. The social situation is more problematic. I can understand the point of some players telling that playing basketball is actually not a priority. But they also can use their positions to deliver stong messages against racisms. Player have to go in the bubble in the next days, so we will know. Go Grizz !!!
  10. FrenchGrizzlies


    Happy it start again. Sure they can manage, NBA is a great organization and player are adult. Hope our team complete and ready to fight Go Grizzz !!
  11. FrenchGrizzlies

    Is this the slowest NBA player?

    He is not slow, just not fast 😁
  12. FrenchGrizzlies

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    I find totally ridiculous not doing your job because of the social issue. They have problem only rich people can afford to have. I am totally against all discrinimation but if i tell my boss i'm not going out, her will kick me out, as simple as that. And you can show your solidarity and fight for the cause by doing your job and make statement at every itw for example.
  13. FrenchGrizzlies

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Yes great news. Anyone know if Allen will be ready to play?
  14. FrenchGrizzlies


    My wife when she angry !!! For our team, nothing, if we play as we play in a large part of the year + Winslow, we may surprised many teams! Go Grizzzz!!
  15. FrenchGrizzlies

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    I will take some days off as well. And watch as much game as i can !!