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  1. FrenchGrizzlies

    The "Rebuild" is over guys...this team will compete next season.

    I agree with you KBM except for Bruno. He spend a large part of the season not showing a lot and just stand up when the games were end of season one playing teams without lot of interests to win or uncomplete. For me Bruno is a roaster player but is far from beeing a starter. We need to have better than him if we want to be competitive.
  2. FrenchGrizzlies

    Put on your GM hat and pick the next Grizzlies HC

    Totally agree; People forget easily how he stick with the same rotation before ASG. And he only make some movex after only when he do not have choice because of injuries.
  3. FrenchGrizzlies

    Regular season memories and thoughts about the offseason

    He did not say exactly this. HEsay at that stage of the rebuild, the plan was not clear yet. And fairly speaking, this is the entire truth. - What will be our draft position? - Which player will we wil pick? - Situation of Mike, JV, Noah..... it's a lot of questions and after at least the 2 first got answered ; then i guess they can decide the way they want to rebuild.
  4. FrenchGrizzlies

    Grizzlies have dismissed JB Bickerstaff

    I agree with you for the poor way it's done. Pera should have been here and speak to the media directly, explaining his choice and what was the plan. I dont know this guy and he is probaly very smart as a succesfull businessmen but communicaion is definitly none of his quaity.
  5. 8 is the lucky number for Chinese... however; i do much prefer we got 7 or 9 !!!
  6. FrenchGrizzlies

    Grizzlies have dismissed JB Bickerstaff

    Guys common....half of the board here spend the whole year complaining JB let play MAck, Temple and others low quality way too long, that Wallace did not have a clear strategy and Pera was nowhere to be seen ..... No Pera act like a real owner, fire the 2 main responsibles for the mess ( okay Wallace get a nice end of career proposal) and you still not happy !! For me this is the right decision. The only point we can disagree is about the timing but once again, in those kind of situation there is no good timing.
  7. FrenchGrizzlies

    Grizzlies have dismissed JB Bickerstaff

    Definitly make you the best coach to replace JBūüėā
  8. FrenchGrizzlies

    Grizzlies have dismissed JB Bickerstaff

    Normal decision after another disapointing season.
  9. Great news. This was the preliminary to the rebuild. I have to recognize PEra make the right decision; Keeping Wallace for scout des not matter that much.
  10. FrenchGrizzlies

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    You say it all. Pera got the solution. If he dont make any change, then we probaly stuck for years of mediocrity and i doubt that JJJ our best asset will enjoy it. AS you say Jonas, Delon, Noah won't stay only for money. they will look closely at the project. What is the project and who manage it? Pera should be wise to clarify things and send strongs signals
  11. +1 Great job !!!
  12. FrenchGrizzlies

    Kyle Anderson Injury

    +1. Another great decision from people in charge....
  13. FrenchGrizzlies

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    Trading Mike make sense only if we got in return some great player in the same kind of deal we make with Marc. Trading Mike for only pikcs will be plain stupid and garantee that we will have years of low quality team. This is not what i want as a fan. For Parsons, nobody will be dumb enough to take him. Keep him one more year and then financial situation will be much better and allow to get some good free agent.
  14. FrenchGrizzlies

    Regular season memories and thoughts about the offseason

    Noah, JV are great guys and hope they be here in September. I also want Mike to be a grizzly for ever. Fire the front office, during all season, we have never see any leadership or clear strategy. or this is what we need if we want Grizzly great again.
  15. Strange end for a strange season.....