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  1. UkGrizz

    Dion Waiters appreciation thread

    I think he could have insisted on being with the team and they clearly didn't want him around the young guys.
  2. As I understand it our strength of schedule means we'd be 'expected' to win 12.4 more games putting us at 40-41 wins, if another team can get up to .500 then fair enough but this Grizzlies team has defied expectations all year, I wouldn't bet against them outperforming a tough schedule. After all Ja is 6 games above .500 for the season...
  3. UkGrizz

    NBA Rising Stars Game

    This is why I'm not worried about the ROY 'contest'. If Ja wins as he should that's amazing but can you imagine him playing his whole career with that disrespect?
  4. Or is it the danger zone? I just hope the shooting is better than the last couple of games!
  5. UkGrizz

    Grade the Trades & Provide Analysis

    They they can not pick up his team option for 21-22 and there would be $40m+ in cap space
  6. I went to bed in the third because it was getting towards 1am, glad they pulled that out, praise Ja.
  7. His passing seems to be so bad that I thinkink I'd rather he just didn't try to.
  8. I guess the positive is they're only down 8... Need to be much better second half
  9. Will we ever make a 3 again?
  10. So much better when they play fast and attack the paint hard.
  11. Wow. Horrible quarter, wake up guys
  12. Not sure what's going on, the wizards defence is garbage but we can't make a shot
  13. Poor end to the half, will take some effort to pull this back now
  14. Hmmmm, not taking many threes when the paint is so clogged, think they'd be better trying to get some space on the perimeter rather than taking all these tough 2s