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    New plan moving forward...

    Far too young to predict how good they'll be I guess but as I understood it the reason for the 21 draft being so exciting was it was when the high school players would be eligible without going to college, which now looks like it will be the following year. I'm very much a basketball newbie but to me by 2021 the Grizzlies should have a couple of high draft picks and cap space so really should be aiming to be better then than they are next year.
  2. UkGrizz

    New plan moving forward...

    The 'superdraft' is looking like it's going to be 2022 now so I think there's little point in worrying about the 2021 pick, the aim should be to have a team which is ready to be good by then anyway. A top 8 pick this, year top 6 next and Parsons is off the books after next year.
  3. I wonder if Phoenix would be interested in Conley. An experienced point guard could help all their young talent to start winning and they have plenty of assets they could use.