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  1. The team is so much tougher now than at the beginning of the year, good to see them holding off runs and fighting back.
  2. Haha, I was going to say it's a left of centre paper in the UK and our 'centre' is a long way left of the US.
  3. Drummond obviously knows this and has decided not to play tonight
  4. I'm not taking shots. I agree the FO should always be looking to add talent. It just seems to me that most teams have a handful of guys who pretty much never play, it's not unusual. It's unusual for us that there's two guys who aren't playing at all who have the pedigree to be playing but at least one of those guys is actively being shopped.
  5. I'm not saying they shouldn't be looking to improve just that all teams have guys that don't play, or can't play big minutes, seems the wrong thing to be beating up the FO about to me, that's all.
  6. Is this not the case at most teams though? The coach is already playing an 11 man rotation, the team has just been pretty healthy I feel like most teams have a smaller rotation than that.
  7. Would have been nice to see this Ja earlier in the game, hope it sparks an insane comeback
  8. Solo playing like the guy we thought he was in the summer
  9. Biggest lead of the game, might have to head to bed soon
  10. Gonna be the end of Dillon's law today, Pels can't miss even when they are contested shots
  11. Needed the time out, not playing well at all so far
  12. Well the shooting should only get better from here...