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  1. UkGrizz

    2016 Draft Diamonds&Busts

    I wonder if the Levert extension might see more of these guys hitting RFA, the teams will see that as the benchmark price for negotiations and a fair few of these guys probably think they could get more on the market.
  2. UkGrizz

    Tyler Harvey

    Do we know he's a good basketball player? We know he can shoot I'm not sure we can go further than that.
  3. In the clips of training Jenkins had them really working on that, Yuta was doing it really well in the games he played too.
  4. Nicely seen out in the end.
  5. If they want to win Clarke has to come back in for the last 2 minutes.
  6. Harvey can't miss and the team looks much better defensively when Clarke plays. Edit: Just noticed that Aldridge literally hasn't missed.
  7. UkGrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    You can have team options or non guarantees after the first year though.
  8. If you want someone to get the same amount of points as Wiggins all you need to do is give them the shots. Josh Jackson and Bruno both meet the incredibly low bar that Wiggins has, if you give them more than 16 shots a game they can give you Wiggins 'production'.
  9. UkGrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    He does this interview every off season.
  10. UkGrizz

    2020 NBA Draft

    I guess the issue is that with a top 6 pick we should just go for the best player available but it would be really nice if that player is a wing who can shoot 3s. If Wiseman is still on the board I would get the logic of taking him too but I'm sure the big boards will look very different to how they look now next June.
  11. Presumably it could be agreed in principle, Woj can tweet it out and Iggy can go live in LA till it happens, don't see why it would be an issue unless that's against the rules. I'd prefer a Denver or Houston deal but this one isn't bad.
  12. No harm in waiting if that's the best deal out there.
  13. UkGrizz

    The Brandon Clarke thread

    It was good to see him hit a 3, if he has that range then his ceiling is high.
  14. Nice games from Clarke and Allen, really promising.