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  1. All teams that missed significant games from covid protocols I think, I haven't checked but I'm guessing these are the 4 teams with most games to play so getting started asap.
  2. UkGrizz

    Ja’s J

    He's got great touch round the rim and decent numbers from the line. He needs to get to somewhere round 35% for teams to stop going under screens on him and I think he'll get there. He knows it's an issue and he seems like a hard worker. At the NCAA tournament he was going crazy hitting stepbacks and allsorts, if he can bring those back to his game then he could be a MVP candidate.
  3. Every team had to list official measurements without shoes last year, I think it was something to do with gambling partnerships.
  4. UkGrizz

    Blake Griffin

    Sure but why would Detroit do that? If that was on the table they'd have moved him already.
  5. I wonder if they'll switch it up a bit. drafting proven college guys has given solid rotation players but unless there's a trade we alreaady have a lot of depth so there might not be the minutes for another. It might be worth swinging on some higher upside project players.
  6. It's definitely not early. The counterpoint is to look at Porzingis who has looked rough since coming back from his, he's not moving right at all. We've seen JJJ out there shooting with a knee brace on so either he's had a setback, which happens all the time with rehab or they're being incredibly cautious, hoping to get it properly fixed so we're not feeling the after affects 5 years later. It is going to make the FO job much tougher though, they're going to have very little time with the perceived starting 5 to see how they look together by the time some serious decisions have to be made on options, extensions and trades.
  7. Do I get 6 years of Beal or the rest of this season and the one after that he's under contract for? If you know he'll stay then it's a close call, if you don't it's not worth the risk.
  8. UkGrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    He's obviously not 'the answer' but I do think the best version of Lonzo as a second guard could be better than the best version of most of our wings. Assuming the price is low I wouldn't be mad if the FO brought him in.
  9. UkGrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Lonzo would be kind of interesting, I don't think it's a clean fit but when he's knocking down 3s you could see how it might work with Ja, he's a good defender and passer.
  10. I don't think they'll draft a center who can't defend.
  11. UkGrizz

    Suns fans on Booker

    I agree there's no rush to do anything but that list kind of shows how difficult it is to build through the draft outside the lottery. You have 10 guys in bold out of 460 non-lottery picks in the last 10 years. If you include all the players not in bold you're still at about a 10% hit rate on difference making picks. There's no need to be making all in moves any time soon but it might be needed at some point if the FO can't find a third (or second depending on your opinion of JJJ) guy later in the draft and the odds aren't in their favour of doing that.
  12. UkGrizz

    Hollinger on Xavier Tillman

    Yeah there's almost no chance he gets to that level but he's signed for 4 years for a minimum so there's no risk as it looks like he can play at least backup minutes already.
  13. UkGrizz

    Hollinger on Xavier Tillman

    He's a handful of games in... Chances are he's a rotation player but he could be elite defensively, he's looked really comfortable switching which is what everyone does when it's time to win in the playoffs.
  14. I don't think there's a rush but the FO need to be making sure they're in the loop on if any all star level players become available. This depth is amazing for the regular season and great for the development of the young guys, making sure there is always competition but if/when deep playoff runs become the expectation there's no point in having a roster this deep as you're only playing 8 or 9 guys when it matters. It can wait a couple of years though, we might get surprised by someone unexpected taking a leap and they can all hopefully get some playoff reps and then we'll know who really is untouchable and who we should be upgrading.
  15. What a great performance really turned it around after a sloppy start. The defence and effort is so good and the rookies look legit.