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  1. CoolHandGriz

    Do we already have enough legit scorers?

    Yep me three.
  2. Nope! This is the internet. He's either the best thing since sliced bread or straight trash. You aint know?
  3. CoolHandGriz

    What Should We Do if We Luck Into The #1 Pick In 2020?

    Agree on all counts.
  4. CoolHandGriz

    What Should We Do if We Luck Into The #1 Pick In 2020?

    Hey I'm all for Wiseman playing this year even though i'm not a Tiger fan. And I get the fact that Penny wasn't financially helping him AT THAT TIME in order to steer him to Memphis, I'm just telling you how it looks from outside Shelby County. Folks here in Nashville are obviously just butt hurt about Wiseman but I do agree the optics are turrible.
  5. CoolHandGriz

    What Should We Do if We Luck Into The #1 Pick In 2020?

    So a Memphis Tiger legend helps Wiseman move to Memphis then recruits him to his school after hired there and yall homers don't see anything wrong with that? Penny can clearly be viewed as a Memphis booster helping steer Wiseman to his alma mater no matter if he became the coach or not. Shady af. Now flame away.
  6. Remember when Brandon Clarke supposedly couldn’t shoot? Ahh, so long ago that was..
  7. CoolHandGriz

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Orlando Magic - 11/8/2019

    The lose vs loose national epidemic never gets old to me. But yeah, I agree. In on the tank cause we're gonna be A LOT better next season..
  8. Yeah it's pretty much like that with any player. I remember when Charles Barkley was supposed to be 6'7. Best player in the draft might just be a true PG in Cole Anthony. Would you be comfortable taking him over Wiseman and Edwards if that were definitely the case? Legitimately asking.
  9. Someone mentioned Oladipo earlier. I think that's a spot on comparison. Edwards seems to be a little thicker and not as shifty but I would say both fit the requirement of versatile. We'll see.
  10. Cole Anthony is the real deal. He's ready for the league right now imo. Obviously the jury's still out on Edwards intangibles. I'm sure we'll learn more on those later in the schedule when things get tougher. Deni is very interesting to me as well. I think Achiuwa is a later first round pick at this point. We'll see.
  11. Real talk Chip, why are you always trying to tell folks what to do? It's a friggin message board, get over yourself.
  12. He's listed at 6'5 on the Georgia website... Did anybody catch his first game? Whoo boy. All over the floor and 5-7 from 3.
  13. Well that settles it. Put me on board with doing the exact opposite of whatever this ^^ guy advises regarding the NBA draft. A mere week or so before the 2018 draft your "big board" had among other things: 1 JJJ graded as a second round pick 2 Luca in the 8 hole 3 The Greek Freak's little bro in the 2 hole 4 Trae Young and Bagley outside of the lottery smh Pretty sure you had Jordan Bone rated higher than our boy Ja last year too until it got closer to draft night... With all that said I do enjoy reading your commentary. Carry on.
  14. I would still take Edwards over Wiseman 7 days a week, 365. Edwards is better and if ya haven't noticed we've kinda needed a dominant wing since 2001. But hey maybe your Jazz will draft him to be Gobert's backup...
  15. Sending him to the G League is an absurd idea but his fouling is a topic that definitely needs to be discussed. I agree with a few of you that it's his awkwardness lending to much of it. I do believe he's still "growing into his body" and hasn't yet learned proper distance. It's like his arms and legs are longer than he's aware of which makes him closer to other players than he thinks. Just a theory. I do know he was a late grower and played some guard as recently as HS. With that being said it's something that will take time but when it happens.... watch out!