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  1. KyleB

    Draft night winners and losers

    Jalen Williams reminds me of Harden, so OKC will probably trade him in a couple years.
  2. But when he plays he gets 25 and 7. If nothing else Zion has shown that the Larry Johnson/ Charles Barkley body type can be successful in the modern NBA, and the FO has taken notice. If we had only taken one 6'6 270lb combo forward you could say they just fell in love with that specific player, but when you move up to draft one and then sign another one as an undrafted free agent I think that indicates there might be more to it than just falling in love with a specific player.
  3. Admittedly, I don't watch a lot of NBA outside of the Grizzlies, but looking at the 2021 draft I don't really see anybody taken after 10 who I would take over him, maybe Duarte but I'm fine with ZW at 10 based on his first year production. SI has him at 13 in their re-draft, its lower than where he was taken but only by 3 spots and like someone else mentioned he didn't have the benefit of going to a bad team where he would have unlimited minutes and touches.
  4. Folks give up on players on draft night around here. And still won't admit they were wrong once said players starts producing.
  5. I feel like Roddy and Lofton were drafted because the Pels are in our division. 2 big bodied guys with quick feet to match up with Zion. FO is playing chess while others play checkers.
  6. KyleB

    DeAnthony Melton Appreciation Thread

    Either sign off and get traded and keep 5 mil or don't sign off and don't get traded and the 76'ers waive him before 7/1 and he keeps 0 mil. His salary is currently not guaranteed so agreeing to the trade and contract negotiation is the only way to get any of it guaranteed while he recovers. Otherwise they waive him and he makes nothing this season.
  7. KyleB

    DeAnthony Melton Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, I hadn't thought of that. I also just saw something that said only the guaranteed portion of an outgoing contract counts in salary matching, so maybe Philly had to guarantee it for the trade to work. But I saw it mentioned multiple places that we had until July 1rst to make it guaranteed so who knows.
  8. KyleB

    DeAnthony Melton Appreciation Thread

    I assumed we would waive him and free up cap room, who is Jake Fischer from Bleacher Report? Is he a guy who would know what he is talking about? He says we plan to guarantee the contract while Green's knee recovers. https://clutchpoints.com/grizzlies-news-memphis-10-million-plan-for-danny-green-after-trade-with-sixers/ Would make no sense to guarantee the contract if he is not going to play next season, its the last year on the contract and I doubt we'd do it to keep Bird rights when he is 35 or 36 years old and not someone we would likely re-sign at the end of next season.
  9. KyleB

    DeAnthony Melton Appreciation Thread

    I don't think it automatically became guaranteed, but I did just see where someone on Twitter claimed that we intended to keep him past next Friday which would make it guaranteed. I guess if he gets healthy he would be an upgrade over Melton, 40% 3 point shooter, veteran, high iq, still played above average defense before the knee injury. If he fully recovers it may end up being a sneaky good move.
  10. KyleB

    DeAnthony Melton Appreciation Thread

    We also have until next Friday to either waive him or pay him, so could be a salary clearing move to enable another move, his salary is not guaranteed for this season.
  11. KyleB

    DeAnthony Melton Appreciation Thread

    I think we could have re-signed him without this move, we have bird rights and we are nowhere near the tax right now, maybe in a year or 2 the tax will be an issue but not this season. Maybe this move was to make room to re-sign him AND sign another free agent. What was Melton making, like 8mil or something? I think his cap hold is 15mil until we sign him or renounce his rights, so with this move if we renounce all our other free agents but not Jones I think we'd now have 13mil under the cap with this move.
  12. Get him a kilt and some bagpipes.
  13. KyleB

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    I'm not sure the salaries work, I think the most space we can clear by renouncing our own free agents is 20mil, Hayward makes 30 mil. Melton only makes around 8 mil so we'd have to throw in Konchar or Aldama or Tillie probably. I think Brooks would work though. But keep in mind to get that cap space we'd have to renounce rights to Anderson and Jones and all other free agents to remove their cap holds. So a trade like this wouldn't just cost us whoever we send them, it will also cost us Tyus and Anderson. So we would lose 3 productive veteran players in Jones, Anderson, Melton or Jones, Anderson, and Brooks; and have to take on 60 mil in salary for 2 mid first round picks who may or may not pan out. The idea of drafting Eason and Williams is exciting no doubt, but when you look at it in that context it takes a little bit of the shine off. But if we aren't planning on re-signing Anderson anyway and if Tyus wants to go somewhere he can be the starter then its a moot point. But if there is any chance of re-signing at least Tyus then its not as clear cut for me.
  14. I don't think you can resign Tyus AND trade for Hayward unless you are sending Adams back as part of the trade. If we renounce all our free agents we will be around 20 mil under the cap, so Brooks plus the cap space should be enough to absorb Haywards 30 mil salary. I think Tyus has a 15 mil cap hold so of we renounce everybody else we still only have 5 mil in space and would have to send out 25 mil in salary in the trade, so it would take something like Adam's and Melton.
  15. There are a bunch of guys who should be available that I would take before Chandler, some of them projected deep into the second round. I will be very disappointed if Chandler is the pick. I'd definitely take Nembhard over Chandler.