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  1. KyleB

    Grizz 8 Games

    Maybe those teams will have locked up their seeds by then and will rest their best players. Could work to our advantage playing those 3 teams at the end of the 8 games instead of the begining.
  2. KyleB

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    I wish Chris Duarte were coming out this year. We've had good luck with Canadian Ducks taken in the second round.
  3. KyleB

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Either go for the boom or bust pick like a Jay Scrubb or just take the best shooter available and if he makes the team, great. If not, no big deal he was the 40th pick and we will still have a nice young roster to work with especially if we are able to resign Melton (Josh Jackson would be nice too). I don't think there is much pressure to get this pick right, they can afford to take a chance on a boom or bust guy or take a guy based on a skillset in need. Now if there is a guy they feel strongly about and can move up without giving too much up then make the move but I'm not sure that guy exists in this draft. If all it takes one of the future 2nd rounders we have accumulated and its a guy they really want then that's a no-brainer.
  4. KyleB

    Basketball Big Board Update: With Tiers

    What do yall think about Jay Scrubb? Worth a flyer if he is still there at 40?
  5. KyleB

    What is fair?

    The early end to the season was an act of god (or Congress depending on your political beliefs) and was out of anybody's control, the natural and fair outcome would be to seed the teams based on the standings when the season was forced to end. Anything else would require intervention and manipulation and would be artificial and unfair.
  6. KyleB

    What to do with SloMo?

    I think its actually worse than that, we may have to give something up just to get a team to take him. He still has 2 more years left on his deal after this one.
  7. KyleB

    What to do with SloMo?

    I was watching the replay of the Pistons vs Lakers game 5 from 2004 and I was struck by how valuable Kyle could be to this team if he could just be at least an average 3pt shooter. He is basically a slower Tayshaun Prince who can't shoot.
  8. "You can envision a starting five of Winslow, Ja Morant (20), Jaren Jackson Jr. (20), Brandon Clarke (23) and Dillon Brooks (24) — a group with compatible playing styles, with Winslow adding a defensive presence and physicality to the wing positions that the Grizzlies have lacked." What does JV have to do to get people to stop trying to push him out of the starting lineup? I could understand it if JJJ were grabbing 10 boards per game and looking like he was ready to be the starting center, but he isn't and doesn't, he looks best as a power forward right now. I could understand it if JV's presence was obviously slowing the team down and holding them back, but the team has far exceeded any expectations anyone had for this season, and did it with JV as the starting center. He is the backbone of this team, he deserves some respect.
  9. KyleB

    What Could Have Been (Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda)?

    1 Penny 2 DRose 3 Larry Johnson 4 Tracy MdGrady 5 Grant Hill I barely remember Brandon Roy
  10. KyleB

    News from Tillery

    Tillery is a hater and a troll, I wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him, unless it were off of a bridge, I would love to throw Tillery off of a bridge.
  11. That Jazz pick looking better and better.
  12. They will lock in all 15 other seeds but for the 8th in the West there will be a four team play-in tournament between the Grizz, Kings, Pels, and Blazers. Pels will have the top seed in the play-in tourney despite not having the best record. All games to be played in New Orleans and New Orleans will be spotted a 10 point lead and will start each half in every game already in the double bonus.
  13. Ah, that makes sense.
  14. That makes no sense, the Utah/OKC game was last night, the Grizz last played 2 nights ago and it was a home game.
  15. I didn't realize this until I heard Herrington on the radio this afternoon but not only can we not pay him more than the 8.9mil, we can only sign him to a 1 year deal since the option they turned down was for one year. So yeah, he's probably gone.