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  1. I'd do it in a heartbeat. We're not going to be good the next 2 years anyway, he'd be a big expiring by the time we would be ready to be good again, might could get us a piece that would put us over the top.
  2. I hate to (somewhat) agree with the OP, but Mike would be perfect for them and the development of their young guys. He has the ability to take over when needed, but not the ego where he needs to be the man all the time. And if they re-sign Horford to a smaller deal in the offseason, his game is similar enough to Marcs that I could see him and Mike having good chemistry almost immediately. Not sure they are ready to give up on Hayward though and I don't know what other contracts they have that could make the deal work. Would love to get our pick back though, that would solve a lot of problems for us.
  3. Feels like he has been building for the future for ten years now, if I were a Boston fan I'd start wondering when exactly Danny Ainge thinks the future is. Maybe he's waiting for the Warriors to break up and Lebron retire.
  4. KyleB

    Jokim noah is Freakin Crazy says JB

    I know it's not likely but I would love for them to find a way to bring him back next year, he's probably my favorite player on the team this year.
  5. Depends on what they plan on doing with Conley, if they are going to shop him again this summer they need to convey the pick this year. Next year's team without Conley could struggle to finish outside the bottom 6.
  6. KyleB

    Valanciunas 23 & 10 in 21 minutes

    But his poor defense at the end cost us the game. We should have been rotating him and Noah for offense/defense on those last few possessions, we had the time-outs available to do it.
  7. KyleB

    New depth chart speculation thread

    I don't think going big helps much in today's NBA, but going long does. A lineup of Wright, Holiday, Anderson, JJJ, and Bruno would have a ton of length, but maybe not enough shooting.
  8. If they strip it down completely and start building around young players now, its likely they will still be very bad in 2021 and Boston will be getting one hell of a pick/player.
  9. Its the hype around the 2021 draft, people expect it to be one of the deepest of all time and they don't want to get the number 1 pick in the deepest draft of all time and watch it go to Boston. But you are right, this could easily break the wrong way and they end up with the 7th or 8th pick this year instead of a top 5 and good odds to move up, and still end up giving Boston the pick in 2021. If they tank this year they start the rebuild a year earlier, they may not be good enough to keep the 2021 pick they owe Boston out of the top half of the lottery but they will have had 2 high draft picks in the mean time and will be a year further into the rebuild. Its a gamble either way.
  10. KyleB

    New depth chart speculation thread

    I'm cool with that. 8 years ago Rabb would have been a pf, he just needs to extend his range on his jumper for today's game. I've always liked his production when he gets minutes. It reminds me of DJ Stephens with the tigers, DJ always made something happen when he got minutes but it still took until his sr year before Pastner would trust him enough to give him extended run, despite the fact that he always had produced in whatever little time he had been given. Long term I like JJ at the 5 and Rabb at the 4 rather than vise versa, Rabb just needs to keep working on extending his range. But I like the idea of playing JJ at the 4 while his body is still maturing and with having 2 other quality centers on the roster right now it makes a lot of sense.
  11. How many wins do you think it will take to convey the pick? Last year the Knicks finished 9th with 29 wins, but you could make the argument that with last year's deep draft more teams were tanking. Would 29 wins be enough to convey the pick this year? I think we can get to 29 wins, but I'm not sure that would be enough to finish 9th or better this year.
  12. KyleB

    New depth chart speculation thread

    I really hope you're wrong on that one, I think he is exactly the type of player they should be looking to keep around and develop. Especially if they convey the pick and don't have a draft pick this year.
  13. KyleB

    New depth chart speculation thread

    I'm surprised to see all these lineups with Noah as the third string center. I love him and think he has what it takes to be the next fan favorite, he plays with passion and gives 100% on every play and the young bigs seem to love playing with him. If I'm in charge he'd be a starter and I'd be working on figuring out a way to bring him back next year. If they go ahead and move Jaren to the 5 spot Noah should be the number 2.We haven't seen JV with this team yet so he may change my mind but I really like what I've seen from Noah and think it would be a shame to cut his minutes and make him the 3rd string center.
  14. KyleB

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    It is strange to me that they would want Gasol when it appears that they had decided JV was not a good fit for what they wanted to do and had severely cut back his minutes even before he was injured. Gasol's game and JV's game are very similar. Is Gasol a better fit for them at center than Ibaka?
  15. KyleB

    New depth chart speculation thread

    Conley, Bradley, Anderson, Jackson Jr, Noah would be pretty tough defensively.