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  1. KyleB

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    I like that rotation, but I'd like to have another floor spacer on that second unit. Maybe Porter can be that guy and replace Kyle in the second unit or maybe we can find a steal at 40 that can really shoot it and could replace Melton, or maybe both.
  2. KyleB

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    If there is any chance that Grayson Allen could give us close to the same production next season that he gave us in the bubble I don't think it would be worth trading any assets for a guy like Luke Kennard.
  3. KyleB

    2019-20 NBA All Rookie Teams Announced

    I can agree with this.
  4. KyleB

    2019-20 NBA All Rookie Teams Announced

    I respect his career, but I expect Ja to have a better one. So far Ja has accomplished just as much in his rookie season as Pau did. I don't see why anyone would think it would be hard for Ja's career to eclipse Pau's. I think as long as he stays healthy he will easily have a better career than Pau.
  5. KyleB

    2019-20 NBA All Rookie Teams Announced

    Has Chris Paul ever made it out of the second round? Has Chris Paul won as many medals in international play? Do you think Pau has had a better career than Chris Paul? Chris Paul was known as the best pg in the league for at least a decade, was Pau ever considered the best power forward in the league?
  6. KyleB

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Solid 4 years guys who didn't have the measurables/star potential to come out early but still found ways to produce at a high level can be had in the 2nd round. Guys like Dillon Brooks.
  7. KyleB

    2019-20 NBA All Rookie Teams Announced

    Hard for Ja to eclipse Pau's career? Other than riding another players coattails to a couple championships I don't see anything in Pau's career that looks insurmountable for Ja. He was a 6 time all star and twice all NBA 2nd team and twice all NBA 3rd team. I think that is definitely doable for Ja. Hopefully he will get a couple rings too.
  8. KyleB

    Did We Make the Right Move?

    The real mistake was drafting Conley in the first place when we had just drafted Lowrey the year before. They should have taken Noah, then maybe in 2009 instead of taking Thabeet they take Harden or Curry because they already have their starting center on the roster. But hindsight is always 2020 I guess.
  9. I agree that Jonas is underrated but Brandon struggled as a starter because he was starting next to JV, he plays much better when playing with JJJ. It's not who starts that matters, its who finishes, and when everyone was healthy and available it was Brandon finishing the games most of the time, with JV on the bench.
  10. There is no denying that Wiseman has the tools, I just question whether he has the heart. There were questions about his passion for the game even before the NCAA suspended him and he decided to shut it down for the season.
  11. It would not shock me if Wiseman turns out to be the next Hasheem Thabeet.
  12. KyleB

    Interesting Topic about JJJ

    I wouldn't want him in the locker room. He is not the kind of vet that is good for a young team, he needs other experienced players around him to be happy and when he is not happy he is moody and pouts. He does not have the patience required to be the vet leader on a young team.
  13. KyleB

    Interesting Topic about JJJ

    I'm 43, but the only thing I knew about Rick Barry was that his son is the only white guy I can remember ever winning the slam dunk contest. And he had to culturally appropriate Jordan's free-throw line dunk to do it.
  14. KyleB

    Interesting Topic about JJJ

    I wont even mention that you had to go back 50 years to find one, I'll just mention that per Wikipedia a judge had issued an injunction that prohibited Rick Barry from signing with any team other than Golden State once his contract with the Nets ended.
  15. KyleB

    Interesting Topic about JJJ

    If Leonard becomes available I'm all for trading JJJ for him.