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  1. He reminds me a lot of Justise Winslow. Big athletic playmaker and defender who is not a great shooter and was injured most of the season.
  2. I think its more impressive when they can do those moves slow and controlled like the dude in that Pumped Up Kicks video that went viral several years ago.
  3. KyleB

    bad brooks

    I wonder how many minutes a lineup of Jones/Melton/Anderson/Clarke/Dieng has played together this year. With the way Melton and Anderson have been shooting they might could actually make it work. That would have been an unplayable lineup a year ago.
  4. KyleB

    Grizz 2nd half schedule

    I was just thinking, the NBA has given us all the cover we need to tank without obviously tanking.
  5. I think the Pels have a leg up on the rest right now, they got a head start from dealing the 'Brow. I question Williamson's longevity though. The Wallace/Wallace Detroit shout-out is another good example of a team that won it all without a traditional "big 3". They had 5 really good players in Sheed, Hamilton, Big Ben, Prince, and Billups; but none of them were considered superstars.
  6. Look at the 2011 Mavs championship team. I know they are a bit of an outlier but they had one legit superstar in Nowitzki and then a bunch of secondary players who if they were on this team the board would say: Is past his prime - Kidd Can't shoot and has no NBA position - Marion Is too short - Terry Sucks on offense - Chandler I mean, who was even the 3rd best player on that Mav team and how much did it really matter? Unless you are a big market you just gotta put together the best team you can put together and then hope for a little luck. It will be a fun ride regardless, I know Grit and Grind was and we never came close to a championship.
  7. Ah, that makes sense. Probably explains Siakam too.
  8. Also missing Siakam from Toronto, he is 26 but so are Derek White and Duncan Robinson. Brown is only 24 so he should definitely be on the list, and near the top for that matter.
  9. I'm not a subscriber, does the article address why Jalen Brown is not on this list or did Sam just forget he exists?
  10. KyleB


    I think starting Bane over Brooks has the potential to address some of this. You put Bane and Winslow in the corners, Jaren out at the 3pt line, and then bring JV out to set a screen for Ja. Lane is open for Ja and he has a screener who will roll to the rim with him for a lob or dump off, and 2 kick-out options, and Winslow in the corner waiting to run in and crash the boards once a shot goes up.
  11. KyleB

    Suggs is very good

    I bought my wife a dachshund a couple years ago, I cringed every time I saw him walk through that snow last week. Poor little fella.
  12. KyleB


    If you are trying to get a top 5 pick, those are the guys you play. Just have to be careful not to let it be a detriment to the players you ARE trying to develop. And Konchar aint that bad, one of the best scrubs we've ever had. Advanced stats love him.
  13. KyleB

    Suggs is very good

    How long are his arms though?
  14. KyleB

    Is Ja a top 5 G in the West?

    I don't agree with this at all. There are tons of players that came into the league without a jumper who are above average from 3 now. I think its the opposite really, shooting is one of the easiest things to improve. And a huge part of defense is just desire, if he decides he wants to defend he should be able to improve there too.
  15. KyleB

    Is Ja a top 5 G in the West?

    I'd put him at 6 right behind Booker, outside of the top 5 but well within the top 10. I think Booker and Mitchel are both within reach of being passed by Ja by the end of next year. If anything I think Ja is undervalued because he is a pass first pg so he is not going to have the scoring numbers that the other guys have. And Chris Paul seems under ranked on your list. I'd still have CP3 above a lot of those guys you have listed ahead of him.