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  1. I get what you are saying, but how many of Bane, Allen, Brooks, Brogdons, Beverlys, and Thomases were picked by teams that already had all 4 of Bane, Allen, Melton, and Brooks on them and playing well? I like Butler and I like his fit on this team, but if they go that route I'd hope they move at least Allen in the offseason if not both Allen and Jones. But I worry about moving Jones, our bench is a strength when he is part of it, it has been a liability at times when he has not played.
  2. The problem with taking a guard is we already have a logjam there. Is a guard taken in the mid to late first round even going to be able to crack the rotation? I think we do need an upgrade for the starting 2 if Dylan is going to be the three, but I'm not convinced we find that guy with a mid to late first round pick. Is Jared Butler going to come in and beat out Allen, Melton, Bane, Jones for minutes? I guess it could make sense if you are looking at him as a backup at the point with plans to try to move Jones at the deadline or let his contract just roll off the books at the end of the 2021-2022 season. Would be good to already have his cheaper replacement on the roster and with a year of learning the system and our players under his belt.
  3. I've noticed that he has seemed to shoot up the boards on most mocks since the end of the season. Also noticed that Moody has dropped like a rock in some of the mocks that are out there. Jalen Johnson seems to be the most divisive prospect this year, I've seen some mocks that still have him in the top 10 and others where he is in the 20's.
  4. KyleB


    This is not true, the Grizzlies have the ability to be more than 20 million under the cap next year. BBall Insider has the projection at up to 20.8 million. Sportrac has our practical cap space at over 27 million.
  5. They are going to have to find a way to get him some rest before the play-in games if he is going to be expected to carry the team. It may just be me but I've thought he looked absolutely gassed at the end of games lately. Not a knock on him, he is clearly leaving it all out on the floor, but they need to get him some rest.
  6. KyleB

    Would any of you homers...

    I think a lot of it was the same handful of people just posting over and over.
  7. Right. Its a fan blog with amateur writers, I don't put any more stock into those articles than I do what gets posted on these boards.
  8. For me its Brooks' defense that makes Winslow expendable. Brooks can better defend some of the bigger wings that Winslow would defend if he were a viable player. And I'd rather have Jones as the playmaker on the second unit any day over what Winslow has shown so far.
  9. KyleB

    Free Tyus Jones!

    We have one of the best backup point guards in the NBA, the only negative anyone can find is that he is too expensive for a back-up point guard at around 9 mil per year. So what do we do? We try to replace him with a small forward who makes 13 mil a year and can't play, all in the name of getting minutes for our other backup point guard who can't really play point guard and also makes around 9 mil per year. And if you are going to bench Tyus you might as well bench Brandon too because Brandon isn't half the player without Tyus on the floor with him in that second unit that he is with Tyus. We had one of the best benches in the league for the first half of the season, even with the injuries. Now we have everyone healthy and we are wasting our depth trying to prove Winslow can be a point forward and allow Melton to be the backup point guard. I'm all for getting more minutes for Melton, but they should come at the expense of either Allen or Bane, not Tyus. And Winslow needs to be planted on the bench the rest of the season and let go in the offseason. This experiment has run it's course.
  10. Can we add "Tyus isn't needed and should be traded, Kyle/Justise/DeAnthony can play backup point by committee" to the list? I mean we all saw what happened in the bubble right?
  11. He's not talking about Brandon, he is talking about Terrance Clarke who played at Kentucky this season and has declared for the draft.
  12. KyleB


    I've moved over to the side of not wanting them to pick up his option. This offseason could potentially be the last that we have cap space for a long time, I'd rather see what we can do with that extra 13 mil in free agency than spend it on Winslow at this point.
  13. I saw Cal lobbying for Boston to come back for another year, never saw him mention Clarke. To me that says Cal sees more untapped potential in Boston.
  14. A potential MVP fouled the most hated player in the NBA and it didn't get called, it is what it is. Should not be all that surprising.
  15. I had bought in to the JJJ eventually moving to center line of thinking but the way JV is playing I don't see that happening any time soon. He is the most productive player on the team and its not even close. All this talk about his defense, I know he isn't switchable and struggles defending the pnr but isn't rebounding a defensive stat? What better defense is there than getting your team extra possessions and limiting possessions for the other team which is exactly what great rebounding does. And the great thing about JV's production in the context of this young team is that it doesn't come at the expense of getting touches for the young and developing players. He is not someone you have to constantly feed, he creates his own opportunities off of his rebounding. Ja loves him, you can see it when they play together. Any time JV gets scored on you can bet Ja is going to try to get him a dunk on the other end on the next possession.