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  1. KyleB

    News from Tillery

    Tillery is a hater and a troll, I wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him, unless it were off of a bridge, I would love to throw Tillery off of a bridge.
  2. That Jazz pick looking better and better.
  3. They will lock in all 15 other seeds but for the 8th in the West there will be a four team play-in tournament between the Grizz, Kings, Pels, and Blazers. Pels will have the top seed in the play-in tourney despite not having the best record. All games to be played in New Orleans and New Orleans will be spotted a 10 point lead and will start each half in every game already in the double bonus.
  4. Ah, that makes sense.
  5. That makes no sense, the Utah/OKC game was last night, the Grizz last played 2 nights ago and it was a home game.
  6. I didn't realize this until I heard Herrington on the radio this afternoon but not only can we not pay him more than the 8.9mil, we can only sign him to a 1 year deal since the option they turned down was for one year. So yeah, he's probably gone.
  7. One thing to consider, just because 8.9 is the most we could offer, or match if someone else offered, there is no guarantee that we would offer or match that. There is a possibility, if not probability, that if some team were to come along and offer 3-4 years starting at 7mil the Grizz would decline to match. *I'm not saying it's a probability that he will be offered that, I'm saying that if he were somehow offered that by another team I think its a probability that the Grizzlies would not match that ofer.*
  8. It all depends on how much it will cost to bring them back. If they both can be had relatively cheap I think its a no brainer to bring them both back.
  9. His option was 8.9mil, the mle is projected to be 9.8mil. So if the amount we can offer him is limited to the amount of his option we turned down then yes, technically it would not take the full mle for another team to make an offer we would not be able to match, but it would take darn near all of it. In fact, effectively it would take all of it because the only way a team would be able to split the mle between Jackson and another player while paying Jackson more than we could match would be if the other player was an undrafted free agent on a minimum contract. They wouldn't be able to pay the minimum salary for a guy with even 1 year of experience. The difference between what another team could offer Jackson that we couldn't match and the mle is around $900,000. The minimum salary for a player with 1 year experience is around 1.4mil. So , if they were to make him an offer that was more than we would be allowed to match then effectively they might as well be using the entire mle on him since they wouldn't really be able to use the rest of it to sign another player. I hope nobody offers him the mle and we are able to bring him back on a team friendly deal. Even in a down free agent market, 9.8mil is a lot to pay a player who has a history of off court problems and has only shown glimpses of what he could be, I would not be surprised if the offers don't come and he is a Grizzly again next season.
  10. And Josh has hit a few lately, so his 30% is actually an improvement on what he had been hitting, so my point still stands.
  11. KyleB

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    Fixed it for you. Tolliver was picked up on a 10 day contract as a fill in for our injured players, I'm not sure they bring him back next season. Dieng is on contract through 2021. So at the end of 2021 they will be deciding between Dieng and Porter, not Tolliver and Porter. If they can get the same production from Porter at a steep discount off of the 17-18 mil they are paying Dieng then this will have been a brilliant move.
  12. But when he does take them, he hits then at a 40% clip.
  13. I'd trust the guy who is shooting 62% from the field and 40% from 3 on the season over the guy who is shooting 42% from the field and 30% from 3.
  14. KyleB

    So What Else Do We Need?

    Nah, it was a sarcastic post implying that my posts are unrealistic. I think the only name I've mentioned that is unrealistic is Hield. Beal is absolutely gettable in a trade and the price of adding a 30ppg scorer to an already solid roster does not seem too high to me if it makes us a contender. Unlike the Clippers and Lakers, Washington is going nowhere. They've already traded Porter, and Wall's contract and health make him untradeable. Beal will be traded eventually, the only question is when. I think expiring contracts and 2 first round picks in the most anticipated draft in years is a solid starting point to build a trade that would bring him to Memphis and I think we have the right mix of contracts that it could be done without gutting the roster. And I think Oladipo or Brogdon could be possibilities by summer of 2021 as well if we can't make a deal for Beal. The Pacers are sitting at 33-24 in the East, they are not good enough to contend but they are just good enough to pick in the middle of the first round every year, a place no team wants to be. Unless they make big moves and turn themselves into a contender I could see them being ready to blow it up 2 years from now.