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  1. Thewincolumn

    Free Yuta Watanabe!

    With the Grizzlies being a bit short-handed with all the injuries, I think we should give Yuta a chance. Shooting, athleticism and defense. The Grizz sure could use that right now. He also does the little things that don't show up on the stat sheet and would really boost team chemistry on and off the floor. He's versatile enough to play 2-4 so we can slot him into different rotations. The last time JB inserted him in the rotation (7 mins vs Milwaukee), the Grizz won by 3. Have a little more faith in the younger guys and start building for the future! Jaren Jackson and Jevon Carter are excellent pieces to fit with the veterans. There's nothing to lose at this point! Free #TheChosenOne!
  2. Yuta playing point Yuta did play quite a bit at the point-forward in college and then got some time at the PG spot in the international draft showcase. He's got the handle and quickness to bring the ball up. Maybe not a full time 1 but as a point forward. Still haven't figured out how to embed videos. Will keep trying.
  3. Thewincolumn

    Memphis Hustle

    Yuta Watanabe 32 points highlights Full highlights there. Also had 4 blocks and ran the floor really well on the breaks. Still new to the forum. Anyone know how to directly embed a youtube video in the post?