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  1. I wouldn't be that surprised to see someone other than Clarke starting at PF with Jaren out given they started Tolliver in the bubble last year after we figured out Brandon and JV don't play that well together. Porter spaces the floor at least I guess. Not saying he deserves to start, but it's not like Tolliver was more talented than Clarke was either. Maybe Kyle at PF, but who knows what the coaches are thinking.
  2. Rdk4121

    Moving the needle

    I don't see us being as far away as you guys see us. I do think Ja and Jaren will improve. Jaren improved in my mind a fair amount last year, and was playing all star level basketball in his short stint in the bubble. We all know his weaknesses, and he needs to work on being consistent, but the potential is there and he seems to improve every time he has a layoff. Ja struggled in the bubble with efficiency, but he averaged over 10 assists a game down there. He could realistically be a 20 and 10 guy as soon as next year. Clarke will hopefully continue to improve as well, particularly from 3. Justise needs to get healthy and back to from. Dillon needs to improve shot selection and several other things, but it is mainly coaching that he needs. Either way, we can make a big leap by internal improvements. We have to see what we can do to an extent with this core before we can add to it and address weaknesses. They should be able to know that by the trade deadline or free agency next year though.
  3. Rdk4121

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    If the Kings struggle this year, I bet they might actually try to move Buddy. I know we've mentioned him plenty on here, but Buddy Bjelica for Dieng, Dillon (or Kyle and Grayson) and most likely the Jazz first. I think with Bane on the roster, we do have some depth at SF now. I think that would really help us make the playoffs this year if that's the goal.
  4. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    Good pickup for them. He's better than Holmes, who is solid but limited. I like their draft as well with Haliburton, Woodard, and Ramsey. I'm not sure how good they'll actually be next year, but they got some young talent with those three, Fox, and Bagley they can build around.
  5. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    Yeah we need to do exactly what Atlanta did this year in next year's free agency. We'll have plenty of cap space, and intriguing young players to come play with like Atlanta does.
  6. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    Honestly not even a crazy amount, Kings are just kind of dumb and lost him for nothing.
  7. Rdk4121

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Hunter is my favorite, and might be the most attainable. He had a rough year by advanced stats, but I think he can be a solid role player on a playoff team. Reddish, because of his defense, and Huerter, because of his shooting and playmaking, seem like a better bet to stay. Bogdan and Huerter do have a lot of overlapping skills though, and neither one are particularly good defenders. Can't have enough versatile wings though, so maybe it doesn't matter.
  8. Rdk4121

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    The first round pick protected top 7, #15-30 in 2020-21 (so it conveys to us if they finish 8-14), top 6 in 2022, top 3 in 2023, top 1 in 2024, or it becomes 2025 second round pick, 2026 second round pick. We'll also have our pick next year, and going forward pending any future trades.
  9. I doubt Grayson is going anywhere. Bane can and will most likely play the 3 given his size. Plus Grayson's most recent play was very positive, shooting nearly 49% from 3 in the bubble on over 6 attempts per game. That's far better than what Mario had ever shot from the field, let alone from 3.
  10. True, and not as much getting his shot going, more letting it fly. He's got a really good looking form, but only took 10 shots from deep last year (shot 50% though).
  11. He's not a good 3 point shooting. I suppose he'll have a chance in training camp, but not likely going to be on the team with us re-signing both Konchar and Porter (both really good moves imo).
  12. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    That's a pretty good assumption. We'll have plenty of depth and cap space next year. Really good position to be in.
  13. Reddish is decent. He was awful to start the year, but he was really starting to play better by the end of the year. Teague is also going to the Celtics. You didn't even mention Huerter and Hunter as well, some interesting pieces at least. They got some vets finally.
  14. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    You're right, and my addition of Hezonja is based purely on the fact we haven't waived him yet. He's certainly taking that spot, or one of Porter or Konchar (probably Porter) aren't coming back.
  15. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    Yes and no, since we'll have Bird rights for Ja and Jaren, we'll be able to go over the cap to sign them and be able to sign others with that cap space.