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  1. Personally I think center, just because his defender is less likely to close out to him if it's another center.
  2. Rdk4121

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    That's a fair point. Now in looking at RFA for PGs and PFs, here are the main options: PGs: Collin Sexton, Facundo Campazzo, Aaron Holiday, and Donte DiVincenzo PFs: Marvin Bagley, Bruno Fernando, Nicolas Claxton, Eric Paschall, Jordan Nwora, Nathan Knight, Tyler Cook Holiday would be an interesting pickup, as he had a pretty good year in Pheonix when he actually played. Donte had a rough year, but he was working his way but from a nasty injury. When healthy, he has been a good player. Of those PFs, only 2 of them are competent 3 point shooters in Paschall and Nwora. Paschall seems to be allergic to rebounding though, and Nwora is just a shot jacker. Bagley would be a very interesting pickup, but I'm thinking Detroit is going to do everything they can to keep him. Not on that list, but Jalen Smith would be another potentially great signing, and he's unrestricted (plus the Pacers can only offer him like 5 million). I would absolutely go after Smith personally.
  3. Rdk4121

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    While I certainly see what you are saying, but if I could only bring one of them back, I'm bringing Tyus back. While I'm not sold on Tillie or Santi (Santi is not even a PF in my mind), I think we can find a combo forward in the draft that can replace most of what Kyle gave us, with a higher ceiling in theory. Kyle will just never be able to consistently make 3s with his chronic shoulder issues. While he's a good passer, both Melton and Adams are every bit as good (all 3 have incredibly similar assist % and per 36 numbers). I'd like someone that can help actually stretch the floor a little bit for both Ja and Jaren. Jaren really only ever gets to play with BC and Adams, both of which can't really operate if they aren't in the pick and roll on offense (Adams does have the facilitating from the free throw line, but that doesn't really stretch the floor). Leaves less driving lanes for Jaren, or easier help opportunities. I can envision Tillie making a jump, particularly as a 3 point shooter. Maybe his back issue is behind him now after surgery. If he improves there, he was at least serviceable on defense. He would be a great 11th-12th man like Konchar. Still would like to find someone like Cam Johnson, maybe Jerami Grant type in the draft.
  4. I don't know if anyone has brought up Jordan Hall yet, but he's a 6'7" PG out of St. Joseph's. He reminds be of Josh Giddey. He's hasn't been efficient from 2p Range, but he's a decent 3p shooter at 36% on large volume, and very good distributor. His shot form isn't great, but it's effective, just like Giddey. Not a fantastic athlete, but being his height with his vision is always something that's intriguing. He's truly a point forward. He'd be one to consider with our 2nd rounder.
  5. Another guy I'm interested in his Caleb Houstan. He looks like the prototypical 3&D player. He's not flashy but he's 6'8" with long arms and a good looking shot. He could be that Herb Jones/Cam Johnson player we're looking floor. He only shot 35.5% from deep, but it was on very good volume at 5 attempts per game. He will certainly need some time to develop, but at 29 he wouldn't be a bad pickup. I think he could reasonably guard 2-4 in the NBA. He played mostly the 3 in college, but I think he'd spend a lot of time at the 4 in the NBA.
  6. He reminds me a ton of SGA. Very smooth athlete, crafty ball-handler and finisher, great BBIQ and great passer, with a solid shot and good defense. He's a 3 year player, so I think he should be able to come in and adjust quicker than someone like ZW who was still very raw and young. But year, very much a FO pick I think.
  7. He's a pretty good defender from everything I've seen. Long arms, certainly gives good effort, I think he's more than serviceable. Don't think he'd be elite there, but I think he'd be better than bane for reference just because of the physical attributes, while also giving good effort.
  8. He ran point for Santa Clara this year, I say like a Brogdon type player is a fair comp. He's a combo guard for sure. Almost like a non-headcase version of Kevin Porter Jr.
  9. Rdk4121

    Well, here's the thing.....

    I hope now that everyone has had a little time to digest everything that has happened, hopefully we can be more realistic. We're still in a great position. Like ODK mentioned, this series was certainly not our best showing due to all of the various key things that happened to us. We were essentially without 4 starters for various parts of this series as Adams missed the first 3, Bane wasn't really healthy until game 5, Ja missed 3 games, and Dillon obviously had a tough series except for game 6 and missed game 3. They had some injuries and Draymond missed one half of a game, but imagine them missing Curry for 3 games, or if Klay and Draymond either were hurt or missed several games. Fortunately for them, everyone stayed healthy and played reasonably well, and they advanced. I still believe we're the better team. We easily should have beat the in two of those games, but sometimes the breaks (and certainly the experience factor) just don't go your way. Long term view, who is better positioned that us? Certainly not the Suns, as they have now turned into a mess. The Warriors probably have a couple years left with this core, but Draymond's decline is happening, Klay doesn't look like he can be a consistent threat anymore. Mavs are looking good, but they certainly don't have the top end talent. If you compare us to them, obviously Luka and Ja at the top, then it's Jaren/Bane after that, and maybe Brunson, but he's not much better than Brooks if he is. Pelicans/TWolves, and Denver are certainly long term threats, but Denver is the only one that really concerns me at this point.
  10. Rdk4121

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/columnists/mark-giannotto/2022/05/16/ja-morant-grizzlies-offseason-jaren-jackson-jr-stay-memphis/9775145002/ Mark Giannotto seems to believe both Kyle and Tyus are likely to be playing for someone else next year. I have no idea how plugged into the Grizzlies he truly is.
  11. Rdk4121

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    You're exactly right. Kleiman said we're not going to be flashy in the offseason for the sake of being flashy. We're going to run it back. He specifically said they're willing to spend money on the guys they want to bring back, so I guess we'll see who they intend to bring back. I would assume Tyus for sure, and Kyle is certainly in that conversation.
  12. Give me Jalen Williams with either first rounder. He's 6'6" with a 7' wingspan. Shot over 50% from the floor, 39.6% from 3, averaged 18.5 ppg and 4.2 assists per game as well. He's a pretty solid defender as well. He's truly a combo guard, as he can legitimately run the point, while also being an off-ball threat. He's exactly what we need. Him and Kendall brown would be the prefect draft to me. Brown would be a great combo forward with defensive tenacity we need. Wish brown was a better shooter, but he has a decent form at least. You can teach his athleticism though, and he wouldn't have to have a huge role next year out of the gate. Williams could play 1-3 and brown could play 3/4.
  13. Rdk4121

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    He had a 95 defensive rating and a DBPM of 3.6, both of which are very good. Pretty much every scoring report mentions his defensive ability. Honestly, what are you talking about?
  14. Jaren improved significantly on his rebounding this year. He went from 8.5% of Total Rebound % in 19-20 (which was 98th) to 11.8% (which was 51st). While that number is still not fantastic, it is a pretty significant jump, even while playing next to a dominant rebounder. In the playoffs, his TRB% went to 12.8% while playing more center, which would've jumped him up to 38th. From Game 2 of the Minny series to Game 3 of the Warriors series (where Adams more or less didn't play at all) his total rebound % was 15.2 (would've been 29th in the NBA in between KAT and Julius Randle). I think that's totally reasonable, and I believe he could certainly match or improve on that number. He's a completely different rebounder when he plays at the 5 in comparison to the 4. Now like GTF said, I don't think it'll ever be a true strength of his, but I firmly believe he can be at the very least serviceable there. I'm not trying to say 29th in the NBA is great by any means, but just think how much he's improved since his last full year.
  15. I'm certainly not going to blame that rebounding mess on him. That's every single person that stepped on the court. They just didn't give the effort required. Obviously long shots lead to long rebounds, which means it's everyone's job to rebound. No one was really up to the task.