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  1. Winslow and Leonard for Josh and Iggy would probably be the deal here IF they actually were going to put Winslow in trade discussions. That's a big if obviously.
  2. https://heatnation.com/rumors/miami-heat-trade-3-d-wing-assuredly-include-justise-winslow/ Feels like they are talking about Iggy, maybe Covington, but that's probably not enough for Covington.
  3. Yeah brogdon a 50-40-90 guy (one of like 7 ever) who also played on the team with the best record in the league is very comparable to barely above 40% shooter that is worse on defense. He'll get paid, why don't we just wait and see.
  4. We've had their number this year. Let's hope that continues. Ja can hopefully get back on track a little bit. Hasn't been awful, just not as impactful. Dillon can hopefully stay hot. Really wish we'd bring Josh up for a revenge game since Jae is most likely out.
  5. Couldn't you have just put this in the other 4 Dillon Brooks threads. I doubt Atlanta offering him that much as they have huerter, reddish, and hunter on the wing. Center is obviously their biggest concern. They have a significant amount of money available obviously, so they could still offer him, but Drummond is getting a max from them.
  6. Rdk4121

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Re: Josh Jackson. If they didn't plan on bringing him up, why keep him on the roster. Most likely no one is going to trade for him (particularly if they haven't seen him play with the main squad). I just don't understand what the point of keeping him down there. He doesn't help the Grizzlies down there, he doesn't really build any trade stock down there. It's a waste of everyone's time, and is a terrible look.
  7. Rdk4121


    Iggy wants a team in serious contention. Indiana is certainly that. He's given no indication that he wouldn't report to a playoff team (other than us). Lamb is decent like I said, but it's crazy to think he's better than Iggy. They currently don't have much playoff experience (at least not championship experience) and Iggy would be that guy.
  8. Rdk4121

    Team Hero Pistons@Grizz

    TH: Jaren HM: Dillon
  9. Rdk4121


    One rotational player for another. For their sake they need to see what it all looks like before they consider that trade, but I could see them doing it. I wish we would've traded for Warren instead of Iggy honestly, but that first rounder we got is nice. I'd argue that Iggy puts them in contention more that lamb for sure, and possibly more than Warren. If we settle for lamb and leaf for Iggy, I'm still happy.
  10. Rdk4121


    One or the other, not both. That's why I said TJ Warren or Jeremy lamb. We would still have to cut one regardless, which is why we would cut Bruno if we get Leaf, which is what I mentioned. See above as well. The thought is with Oladipo coming back, there might be too many mouths to feed on offense, plus they need some championship experience because they don't have any at all. They got Domas, Turner, brogdon, Oladipo, McDermott, Aaron Holliday, and lamb that can score. They're not necessarily hurting for offense. Obviously Warren for Iggy isn't fair value obviously, a second or two though might be enough. Warren is solid, but he ain't worth a first (though he is on a really good deal for two more years). If they want more than that, we can just take lamb and leaf. Lamb is decent, and honestly probably better than Jae, and certainly better than Hill. Leaf has some upside I guess. Iggy is far more valuable for them to have for the playoffs than lamb is, plus saves them money next year which is nice considering Sabonis's extension kicks in.
  11. Rdk4121


    Iggy for TJ Warren or Jeremy Lamb and TJ leaf. I'd prefer Warren, but I'm sure they'd like to keep him. I'd send a 2nd as a sweetener if that got us Warren. If not lamb is fine, good defender, can score as well. Better than crowder. Leaf would be nice 4th big, and is more suited to play center than bruno is. He doesn't play in Indiana anyway, he's just salary filler. Indiana could really use Iggy's experience and defense. They're a legit contender in the east. Plus this way they stay away from the luxury tax next year.
  12. See the guy I want the most is Mikal bridges. He's a fantastic defender and looks like he can be a good 3 point shooter. Doubt he's available. TJ Warren might be a good fit honestly. Even if him and Dillon start, you can do your rotations so that one of them is always on the floor so you always have a go to scorer. Dillon can play 2 or 3, TJ can play 3 or 4. Both decent defenders as well.
  13. Good game by Jaren and Dillon. Kyle played better tonight, and hill was pretty awful again. Those two just never need to play together. Every time they do we just get destroyed. Jae didn't score but he did enough to help us. JV wasn't great but did rebound well. Ja got it going at the end at least but couldn't do anything the first 3 quarters. Brandon had a great game as well. Grayson was in at the wrong time.
  14. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2872956-inside-the-andre-iguodala-trade-wars.amp.html Sorry to revive the thread without more concrete news, but here's a great article about where Iggy's trade value kind of sits. Most interesting part is the mention of Indiana, which is a team that hasn't been mentioned before really. Suns and kings are also possible destinations.