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  1. Rdk4121

    Fan favorite of all time

    Mike Conley is my favorite player for sure. Just the class and leadership he provided was top notch. Never had a tech, always laid it all on the line (facemask Conley).
  2. I don't think Dallas has any 2nds left to give at this point. We did just get two from then earlier this year with the Wright trade.
  3. Rdk4121

    Dwight saves some money for the Grizz

    It does free up some money to sign him. Obviously we'd still have to waive someone like Plumlee to do that, but I'd be fine with it. You can always use Jo's energy and spirit on a team like this.
  4. Rdk4121

    Dwight saves some money for the Grizz

    Even though he'd probably have been decent for us, at least we saved some money and cleared a roster space. Only 2 more spots to go, probably Hill and Rabb.
  5. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I don't think we've talked about this at all yet, but we signed Matt Mooney of Texas tech to an exhibit 10 deal. A good signing for the Hustle.
  6. Rdk4121

    Cousins injury

    If Howard does take a decent sized buyout to go to the Lakers, then we essentially can spend whatever we save there to get Noah back. Cut Plumlee obviously since there's no way anyone takes him.
  7. Rdk4121

    Cousins injury

    While I'd love to get Horton Tucker or something like that from the lakers for Dwight, I can't see why they don't just sign Faried right now. He averaged 13 and 8 in 26 minutes last year off the bench for Houston and even started making some 3s. He'd be a perfect fit for them, more so than Cousins would have anyway. That being said, it proves that there is some value in keeping Howard. Injuries for contenders are bound to happen. Howard is still a solid piece and is on a really good contract. We can still extract some value from him, and possibly attach him with Iguadola and take back a sizable contract and picks.
  8. Rdk4121

    Bruno vs. Greek Freak

    I think Brazil and Greece play tomorrow. Bruno had played pretty well from what I could find (which isn't much) in their warm up games. We'll finally get to see what bruno has vs Giannis.
  9. Rdk4121

    Free agency 2020

    I think it was Morris was better than the other best Center option.
  10. Rdk4121

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    I agree with the sentiment, but USA basketball just doesn't really care about FIBA events as much as other countries. We had stopped caring about the Olympics as well, but have at least started to care more for the last few times. I don't think most of us care that JV is playing, I personally respect him for it. I hope Jaren gets to play as well. I understand players not wanting to risk it though. Some of them might be looking to get their next contract, some really do want to focus on the upcoming season as well. There's a million reasons.
  11. Rdk4121

    Kyle vs Bruno

    Even switch heavy defenses are still man to man. I'll say this though, the concept of switching everything has only made defenses worse in the NBA. Like you said, they can way more easily find the mismatches. The best defenses don't switch super often unless the situation calls for it. Look at what the Raptors did to the Warriors in the finals (not including the Box and 1). They were able to take the Warriors out of what they wanted to do without having to switch very much. Granted they were a team filled with great defenders at every position, but the concept still applies. Defense is more about effort than skill, though obviously skill helps. Giving the effort to stick to your man through screens messes up most NBA offenses which pretty much rely on mismatches. How many points less per game would Harden or any other guard score if they didn't abuse bigs that have to switch out on them? Probably a basket or 2 (2-6 points). That's the key.
  12. Rdk4121

    Kyle vs Bruno

    You've essentially given everyone 1 extra position then they'd realistically play. If you list them the way you've listed them, then everyone in the league is that versatile. Jaren will never play SF, Clarke will never play SG or probably SF either, etc. That's not a knock on our guys, you just are going a little overboard on their abilities for the most part. Again, that's not that big of a deal. We only have 1, maybe 2 guys that can only play one position, which is a good thing. It's not about being able to play 3 or 4 positions, it's about being able to play more than 1, which most of them can. As far as that, we agree.
  13. Rdk4121

    Kyle vs Bruno

    Who have we gone after? Ja - only point guard. Tyus - pretty much only point guard. Brandon - PF or small ball 5. Not really sure I get what you mean. Josh is slightly more versatile, and maybe Melton could play some SG. But that's about it. I think this positionless thing is pretty dumb overall. It's just an overcomplicated way of saying versatile. You'll still have all 5 position, just the skillsets change is all. Like Jaren can do a lot of things on the court, but at the end of the day he's still a 4 or a 5. I think your position is based more on who you guard rather than your role on offense. Like Draymond runs the offense a lot, but I'd be never say he was the PG. Stuff like that.
  14. Rdk4121

    Kyle vs Bruno

    So seemingly not a long term option at the 3. I certainly wouldn't want Kyle playing any minutes over Brandon. I just personally think bruno is a better option at the 4 than Kyle as he has better size and length. I would pick Kyle over bruno at the 3, Bruno over Kyle at the 4. I guess we'll see, Kyle does make sense at the 4. Having Brandon, bruno, and Kyle out there makes sense as well. Defense and rebounding wouldn't be an issue.
  15. Rdk4121

    Kyle vs Bruno

    Outside of our big 3 young guys (Ja, Jaren, Brandon), I think Josh and Bruno are our two young guys with the most potential, which is why we need to keep developing them. We can't just have 3 players. I think Dillon and Grayson (and maybe Marko) have potential as bench players going forward, and possibly Melton, but he'd have to best out Tyus most likely. Hopefully Dillon learns a lot from Jae, as that's kind of what I see him becoming. A tough minded but undersized 3&D SF off the bench.