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  1. Rdk4121

    A Honest 2018-19 Grizzlies Season Preview

    That's is the most likely outcome from this season. What we do going forward is way more important than what happens this year. Marc and Chandler are expiring contracts next year. We only have those 2 plus Conley, Brooks, JJJ, Anderson, Carter, and Rabb signed for next year (7 spots to fill). What we do will be based a lot on what we do this year. If we make the playoffs, I guess they probably feel like they can move forward with this roster and make moves based on that. If we don't, we probably have to start building for the future. Maybe Marc opts out, maybe we trade him and Chandler's expiring deals. The only problem is we most likely won't have a first round pick to help with that (unless we get one in a trade, unlikely unless it is an upper 20s pick.)
  2. Rdk4121

    Preseason basketball thread

    16 actually, but isn't that what we are talking about? The fact that they had 16 Offensive rebounds was due in large part to them shooting 47 3s. Long shots lead to long rebounds. Yeah Capela had a good amount, but they had 9 more that were grabbed by perimeter players (which is the rest of their team). We lost the rebound battle by 8. I'm just not sure what point you are making. That Capela is a better rebounder than Marc? I think we all knew that.
  3. Rdk4121

    Preseason basketball thread

    I guess with the SG spot, because we have so many options, whoever gets hot will be the one that plays that night. Whether that is Brooks, other Brooks, Selden, Temple, probably even Harrison. Doesn't matter/ Now with Casspi, I don't know how much we will see him. Kyle might end up coming off the bench at the 4 spot, which would have been the most likely position for him to play. Barring injury, I don't know how much he will play.
  4. Rdk4121

    Preseason basketball thread

    Yes, but he was rebounding our shots, which believe it or not were not all three. We shot 26 3s, they shot 47. It makes sense, but Marc and the rest of the team need to work harder to get the rebounds.
  5. Rdk4121

    Preseason basketball thread

    Brice Johnson Lesser of Pistons/Bulls 2022 second-round draft pick Absolutely nothing and I have no idea why we did it. Could have signed him to a modest contract, and he didn't even need to start. To be fair, it obviously didn't work for Detroit since they just gave us a 2nd pick to not since the guy.
  6. Rdk4121

    Preseason basketball thread

    Marc should be dominating scoring wise against this team, but he only had 6. We need him to have 20 to be a team like Houston. I don't feel bad about losing to them though, they are perfectly tailored to beat teams like us. We had such a bad first quarter and a half and were never able to recover. JJJ looked really good, played well on switches on D and O. Mack looked good, Chandler did as well. Wayne had a good game. We need one of him/Brooks/Temple to consistently step up and play that starting 2 spot. Kyle needs to only play the 3/4, not the 2 guard, just doesn't have the speed to keep up there.
  7. I wouldn't do JJJ, and they probably wouldn't either since they already have a franchise big in KAT. Would you do Chandler + Dillon + Future First Round Pick for him? That's not to say they would bite, but you got to give it a shot. Maybe we add in someone like JaM or Temple and have to take back Dieng from them in order to complete the deal. Essentially this: http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=y8bylol5 plus a future first.
  8. Rdk4121

    9-10 man rotation

    You seem to be spot on in your lineup suggestions. Maybe Selden instead of temple in either lineup, but that's pretty interchangeable and I think temple has the edge. I think Casspi is fine and he looks like he could give some solid minutes at the backup 4 position. The only way I see Rabb playing is at the backup 5 with JaM if JJJ ever ends to starting, and I guess you move Kyle down to the 3. Either way, we do have some options. Not sure I see Harrison playing a lot this year. We might as well trade him since we have carter now.
  9. Rdk4121

    Preseason basketball thread

    I think if we make a single layup in the first half this would have been a close game. We just missed too many open shots. Sometimes it just isn't your night.
  10. Rdk4121

    Preseason basketball thread

    Whatever, just a preseason game, but we can't get out rebounded like we did tonight, got to cut down on the turnovers. Obviously need to get something offensively out of JaM, Parsons, and Gasol who combined for 14 points. We need at least 35 points from them a night to be successful. Selden also didn't play well. We got some things to work on, but I'm not worried yet.
  11. Rdk4121

    Preseason basketball thread

    It was a really nice block though.
  12. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies Add DJ Stephens

    Well if you watched summer league then you know he can defend and protect the rim too. If he can hit the occasional three and score has a slasher he's more than worth it. He may never have a perimeter game, but it isn't like he's the first player in the NBA to not have one. Heck, Ben McLemore can barely dribble the ball. Not really a roster spot, it's a two way contract, so it doesn't effect the normal 15 players on the roster. I don't think DJ is low IQ, but he doesn't have the skills in particular. Again it's a two way, he will get his shot to make a difference in regular season games, but this is an incredibly low risk, high reward situation. Any of the other training camp roster are going to be signed to the Hustle anyway like Goodwin, Crawford, and Moore. None of those guys are probably getting signed to a two way contract so they will still be around.
  13. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies Add DJ Stephens

    If you've seen the dude jump you know why. He might not have the skill game yet, but it will at least be fun to watch. Plus, it's just a two way contract.
  14. Per Shams: Fills the second two way contract. Took long enough.
  15. Rdk4121

    Preseason basketball thread

    The offense and defense looked much better tonight. Obviously helps that we were playing the hawks, but just overall playing without fouling was way better tonight. Gasol was way more engaged offensively which also helps. Green was way more aggressive, and parsons played decently. Loved what I saw from Marshon and Casspi. We will need these young guys to start playing better going forward just for the future of the franchise, and we obviously need to cut down on turnovers.