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  1. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Charlotte has been brought up, but no way a rebuilding team gives up a first to get rid of a contract. That could be a top 5 pick this year. It's not like they'll be contending in a year or two either, so having those contracts doesn't really matter.
  2. Yeah I think it's wrong, I've noticed a few things wrong with it regarding salaries and stuff.
  3. Let's hope not. He didn't really have any issues the first two games.
  4. Considering Two of those players were just traded for each other, I doubt that could work.
  5. Possible, but matching that and matching/ extending Hield isn't going to be easy
  6. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Jaylen brown turned down 4 years 80 million dollars from the celtics. Looks like he will be a restricted free agent next summer. Do we max him out?
  7. You act like getting a starter on a perennial playoff team, a first round pick, and another young guy with upside (plus maybe a 2nd) is a bad haul for a quality sixth man. They only offered him 4 years 51.5 million. You think if Denver got that offer for will Barton that they would turn it down?
  8. It's just about securing G league rights, and probably giving Dusty a little bonus. I think they can get up to a 50k signing bonus.
  9. Jaren should fair much better against nerlens noel this game than he did against cody Zeller last game.
  10. Rdk4121

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    JV did do pretty well when we played more uptempo last year, but overall I would assume no. I'm not sold at all on Jenkins yet.
  11. Rdk4121

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    No concrete date, but the original article said mid October. I assume October 17th, after the next preseason game.
  12. Signed a 2 year, 4.8 million dollar deal apparently. ESPN trade machine wasn't accurate on his contract, so the one I worked out wouldn't even work.
  13. If the rockets were to trade for Iggy, I think it'd have to be a 3 team deal. The only one I've come up with is: Memphis gets Ben McLemore and Bogdan Bogdanovic Houston gets Iggy and a 2nd from us Sacramento gets PJ Tucker, a first from Houston, and another player from us (probably Brooks). Iggy is an upgrade over Tucker, but is he worth a first and tucker? That's for Houston to decide. For Sacremento, getting a first, tucker, and another young guy would be great haul for someone you could lose in free agency. We get our guy that we want, and can just waive McLemore (again). Who says no?
  14. Gerald Green is out for the season for the rockets. That makes Iggy even more valuable to them now. That plus the reports that he is going to one of the LA teams if he is bought out.
  15. Clarke can hit the midrange jumper just fine I think, I even think he'll be able to keep the defense at least somewhat honest from 3. I doubt he'll ever be a high volume 3 point shooter, but that isn't exactly why we drafted him. His main purpose is defense and rebounds, as well as scoring in the paint. Right now, he's doing all of those things very well.