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  1. Our best shot at getting that 3 that can shoot is in the lottery. Reddish fits that bill. Also will this game feature the RETURN (x3) of Chandler Parsons?
  2. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    If we manage to convey this year, I'd like to see Conley on Detroit or the Pacers. Indiana might be very favorable as we might not have to take hardly any money back in the deal since they have a lot of cap space next year. If we do Detroit, we'd have to take Reggie jackson and Leuer back, with hopefully kennard and a 1st as well. I just want conley in the East.
  3. Rdk4121

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Honestly, we essentially only have one player that is a building block, and that's JJJ. We have some other nice young pieces, but no one that would be anywhere near being a max player. I think we just need to go BPA no matter what, rather than try to fill a particular position. Whether that's RJ, Ja, Culver, Reddish, etc, it doesn't really mater if we don't convey.
  4. Rdk4121

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Obviously he's young but Jayson Tatum looks like he could be THAT dude. Kyrie is a top player right now like you mentioned. Should have one more stud at least from this class. But you are mostly right. A lot of role players, not a whole lol of stars.
  5. Rdk4121

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Of note, the Celtics are 1 game out of 5th in the league which means we'd get their 2nd round pick, which would be number 56 overall. Might as well root for them the rest of the year to finish right there. At that spot you may be able to get a guy like Dedric Lawson, Kerwin Roach, or some other 4 year guys.
  6. Rdk4121

    Tyler Harvey

    Give him a shot in training camp, you have to sign 20 people anyway. I'd imagine we might see him with the summer league team as well. Summer league team as of now: Carter, Harvey, Yuta, Dorsey, our 1st rounder if we get one, maybe Bruno a little bit at least, whatever other fodder we bring in. I doubt JJJ will play at all, but you never know. It will also depend if we trade Mike and get any young pieces back.
  7. Rdk4121

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I think I'd only be good with Garland, as he is a prototypical PG. Can score, can pass, runs an offense well. Not a fan of Romeo, seems like a ball dominant 2 guard that can't shoot. Good in the pick and roll, but not a whole lot else. Maybe if he can prove to be able to run an offense than he's a good get, because he has good size and length. Culver looks pretty good, but I haven't really looked in to him too much. One guy who you didn't mention who is in a lot of top tens that I've seen is Nassir Little. I'm glad you didn't mention him, because he sucks. An undersized, not particularly athletic SF that can't shoot? What a dream. Doesn't get a lot of blocks or steals, average rebounder. He plays more PF in college, but he's just way too small for that in the NBA.
  8. Rdk4121

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Honestly outside of RJ, Zion, and Ja I'm not sure that I would want to be in this draft. Maybe Reddish, but that's about it. Hachimura is supposed to be a top 5 pick, and he could fit next to Jaren, but we need a wing more than another big. Though if we do draft him, we'd have literally all of Japan rooting for us since we also have Yuta. He's compared to Aaron Gordon, and while not quite that athletic, does provide similar traits. I've always thought Gordon would fit well next to JJJ. After looking a little more, I might add De'Andre Hunter to that list. He's a knockdown 3 point shooter at 45%, over 53% from the floor, and a little over 14 PPG as not even the featured guy on the slowest paced team ever. Not too bad. 6-7 with a 7-2 wingspan as well.
  9. Rdk4121

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    It looks like Delon can, Mike obviously can. Not really sure Jevon or Dorsey really can. Kyle when he gets back can probably do it pretty effectively.
  10. Just a bad game defensively tonight. The destroyed us on the boards, and got to the line way more often. Shot over 50% from the field. Not a recipe for success. We still have some things we need to work on, but we have all star break to do it now at least.
  11. Rdk4121

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    I'm excited for Bruno. Watching him against Rudy Gay tonight was fun. If he figures out the offensive end at all, he could be pretty good. He has a decent stroke from 3, just needs consistency.
  12. Rdk4121

    CJ Miles

    I'd imagine he would opt in, he's probably not getting more than 8 million anywhere else.
  13. The refs stole one from us, but I love the effort. All of this was without Conley as well. Bradley looks to be re-energized, JV is enjoying an expanded role. CJ and Delon are contributing.
  14. Rdk4121

    New depth chart speculation thread

    I don't really know where to put this but, Jordan Adams just signed a G League contract. What a comeback story that would be.
  15. Rdk4121

    New depth chart speculation thread

    Parsons will end up taking all of Bruno's minutes when he comes back. I can't imagine how they would try to play him at SF again, that would be a mistake. Backup PF is his best case scenario.