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  1. No it's not, Italy is a completely different story. Nearly a quarter of their population is over 70 years old. Explain Germany, explain, south Korea. Not everyone infected 1. needs ICU 2. Even needs hospitalization.
  2. Draft sucks this year, and we ain't in it. I'm not worried about discussing that unless we talking about fun 2nd rounders.
  3. I agree with that for sure, it's tough, but we won't see the effects of any preventive measures for at least a few days to a week. If there's not at least a slight downturn in infected per day in a week, then there is obviously some cause for concern. The reason for optimism is if you are a reasonably healthy person under 60, you're likelihood of dying is no higher than the flu (.2% compared to .1%-.2% typically for the flu). It is very infectious, which is really the biggest cause for concern. The flu kills between 30-50k people a year in the USA alone, but that's by infecting 30-60 million people a year. It is imperative that we don't let covid infect that many people as 1.5% (our current death rate) on 60 million people is 900k people. That would be catastrophic, and that's absolute worst case in my mind. Obviously we're nowhere near that point right now, but a disease like this can and will grow exponentially the more people that get infected.
  4. Talk about misinformed and apparently a distinct inability to read. The death rate is largely from Italy and China which have an 8.3% and 3.99% death rate respectively while also being the two most infected counties. Germany for instance has a .23% death rate, while the USA has a 1.5% death rate. We also most likely have far more cases than are confirmed as well, meaning that death rate is even lower. You quoted 1% of the nation would be overwhelming on the hospitals, which is 3.25 million people give or take. There's currently 7687 people infected, which is .0023% of the country. If the infection gets 10 times as bad here, that's only .023%, 100 times worse is still just .23%. We can get 422 times worse before we reach a breaking point according to your estimation. People are going to die for sure, and it's sad, but this is not the time to spread false information and fearmongering tactics.
  5. Which provides us even more hope as we move into the summer months in North America/ northern hemisphere in general. By May, given rising temperatures, preventative measures, and potential vaccines or effective treatments at least, we could have this under control.
  6. Not saying that can't happen, but for that to happen (at the same 3.4% fatality rate mentioned often) almost 59 million people need to be infected. We're only at 200k right now. And that's assuming the fatality rate stays that high, which it most likely will not. If it is only 1.4% then 142 million people need to be infected. Considering it's contained in China and hasn't really done anything in India, that seems very unlikely.
  7. Not celebrating the reason, just celebrating making the playoffs if that's the case. I feel that. I own a retail business, it's not particularly a fun time right now.
  8. Hey if they just end the regular season and go straight to the playoffs, we should be celebrating. We made the playoffs if that's the case, and when play resumes, we should have our full lineup of players.
  9. I think they might just go straight into the playoffs honestly. They've played 65 games give or take which is pretty much the same as the lockout year. The playoff race is more or less decided in the East, and we were looking pretty good in the west being up 3.5 games. If they start at the middle of May, that still doesn't give them really enough time to play 16 more games and have the playoffs. Does free agency get pushed back? Is Summer league just not happening? What about preseason? There's a whole lot of questions that need answering.
  10. We match up very well against them. Kyle does have his hands full with Gordon. JV vs Vooch should be fun. Our bench should be able to do well in this game once again. Put Josh on Ross and we should be okay.
  11. Rdk4121

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    I thought Brandon had a hip injury, but that update said quad. Might be why it is longer than anticipated. Once Jaren comes back we'll have decent depth at PF again at least. Either way, I'm really excited to see what justise can bring us. He's theoretically the missing piece to the starting lineup. We'll see how they work him into the lineup.
  12. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    Having Konchar is perfect because he'd great insurance if either Melton or Josh leave in free agency. I'd prefer to keep those two, but Konchar is definitely a solid piece as well. We'll have Grayson back next year as well to be fair.
  13. Rdk4121

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Yes he is
  14. Rdk4121

    Team Hero: Hawks@Grizzlies 3/7/20

    TH: Ja with those 4 3s. HM: JV with the monster game. Also, good team performance.
  15. Kings have the tiebreaker over us, but I think we're much better then them overall. Spurs just don't have it. Portland just can't put it together, but I guess we'll see if Nurkic comes back. Pelicans with Zion seemed hot, but they've cooled off a little bit. I think we're in a good position.