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  1. Rdk4121

    NBA Playoffs thread

    I think Milwaukee wins it all this year. There's essentially no one that can stop Giannis, but in addition to that they have Middleton, Bledsoe, Lopez, and Brogdon to take on some of the scoring burden as well. Not tot mention bringing Mirotic, George Hill, and Irsan off the bench.
  2. Rdk4121

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Ingram from the Lakers would be amazing, but I highly doubt they give him up. They would probably give up Ball, but I don't want him.
  3. Rdk4121

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Conley and Anderson to Phoenix for Johnson, Warren, and Jackson (assuming they don't get ja) would be probably our best haul. I'd be happy with that. Utah and Indiana would be mainly for cap relief and picks, but not sure that's really worth it. Boston could be interesting, assuming Hayward is healthy. It'll depend on how the draft goes for everyone.
  4. With a full season of Conley, JV, JJJ, Anderson, Dillon, Bradley, Delon, and any other pieces we get/bring back. Without Conley, we might be worse depending on what we get in return.
  5. Rdk4121

    If I was JB I'd sue the NBA

    I know, if he wanted to stay, he should have won the games he was supposed to.
  6. Rdk4121

    Chris Wallace Appreciation Thread

    He did a decent job in my opinion. He made some mistakes, but he also did a lot of good things here as well. Either way, he gave it his all and that's commendable.
  7. Rdk4121

    If I was JB I'd sue the NBA

    Think if we just win half of the games we had double digit leads in the second half we would have been a couple games out of the playoffs and keeping JB wouldn't have been an issue.
  8. Do you know the chances of that perhaps?
  9. AND Rade Zagorac, can't forget him
  10. I previously said I didn't want Luke, but I guess I'd probably be fine with him. We'll see if there's interest on both sides. There's 4 openings right now. Us, the Lakers, the Cavs, and the Kings.
  11. I guess I'll say that I didn't even want to fire JB. Once the team didn't have Marc Gasol weighing them down, we were clearly much better - even with an unprecedented amount of injuries. We were literally down all 5 starters a decent amount of the time post all-star break. I know the players like him as well. Wish he would have gotten one more year to truly lead the team.
  12. I didn't directly mean him. I guess you could say he failed at the kings (even though I don't really blame him), but I don't believe he failed here. I was honestly talking mor eastern conference coaches like Steve Clifford or Frank Vogel.
  13. "He literally has a sub .500 win %." That's just not true, and it's such an easy thing to look up. He's 121 and 109, so over .500. The main reason for that was a bad first season which I don't blame him for. His last season they won 51 games as well. Yeah he had good players, but he has to be somewhat responsible for the warriors success. Curry and Klay became the splash brothers under him. He took a 23 win team to be a 47 win team the next year. I know the players loved him (and still do). He coaches a defensive minded, gritty brand of basketball, something we know and respond to. Plus he has some brand recognition I suppose. He might not be the greatest coach ever, but we could do way worse.
  14. He'd make a lot of sense for us, just don't know that we will do it. I think we might go offense again.
  15. I hate vandy so I'd like to steal stack right back. Joerger is available. I'd rather not go someone already been a coach for awhile and failed. Someone younger would be nice (should have just kept Fiz)