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  1. Obviously an incredibly small sample size, but ZW had a defensive rating of 101 and a DBPM of 1.7 last game. I certainly don't expect him to be that good defensively as he had a 114 rating and -0.6 DBPM last year, but if he's improved a fairly significant amount on that end, then our ceiling is raised even more. We'd had another lock down defender on the wing in theory. It would mean all of our wings are solid defenders once Bane gets back. Something to watch out for, the offense will certainly come around. Jaren's first game back was awful on that end as well, and he's been fantastic since then.
  2. Rdk4121

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Jaren has been on a tear on the defensive end this year. Career high in blocks (3.1), defensive rating (104), DBPM (1.8), rebounds (6.2), and is averaging 1.0 steal(s) per game. Also with a career low in fouls at 3.0 a game. A career high in ppg as well. His sample size is too small, but if he keeps that up I would imagine he would be the frontrunner for DPOY. He would lead the league in blocks per game if he qualified.
  3. Adams is questionable and Jake is doubtful, all the other main line guys are good to go. I say just let Adams rest up, and ride with Jaren and Brandon again. Worked against them last time.
  4. Yeah that's pretty much it, that's why he scored so much against us. He's averaging 10 FTs a game which is 0.8 more than Ja, and only 0.4 less than Doncic. To his credit, he's shooting 92% from the line. Over 9 points a game on average. Over his last 10 games he's only averaging 44% from the field and 26% from 3, so his overall efficiency is certainly dropping. In that same span, he's averaging 13 FTs a game. As the season has worn on, he's getting to line more and making less FGs. He's still averaging over 30 a game in that span, but he's also really the only offensive option for OKC, particularly with Dort out as of late.
  5. They should, though not sure if they'll be top 6 or not. Utah and Sactown are currently in the top 6. I doubt they stay in the top 6 when it is all said and done, though I think both will/ could be in the play-in. That would in theory leave two spots in the top 6 for Dallas, the Warriors, the Clippers, or Portland. I would hate to have to play the Warriors in the first round.
  6. While ZW didn't have a ton of points, I did think he looked noticeably better on defense. He was not getting caught on screens, and while he doesn't look a ton bigger in particular, he is seemingly stronger as he looks better at absorbing contract. Also, he got more involved in rebounding which was a huge negative for him last year. He also looks ever taller.
  7. Rdk4121

    Anyone Have a Problem With Ja Doing This?

    My reaction is those are ten of the best players in the league, so I really don't think it can be called stat padding.
  8. I'm not sure if he will get any playing time, but the Tyus/KC lineups we were using tonight were actually pretty successful surprisingly enough. KC is small, but is certainly a pesky defender. He held his own against Herro tonight. He had that great play on Butler in help defense where he forced a jump ball. I think a Ja/KC lineup might be viable, because Ja has improved as a shooter, and KC is a good defender. Ja prefers to be off ball on defense anyway, so him guarding 2s isn't a big deal.
  9. Unfortunately this just shows what the defense can be without Ja. This is certainly a theme going back to last year, that's why we were so good when he didn't play. Tonight was a little different as the offense didn't have Jaren and bane to run through, but Tyus stepped up big time. Ja is a top 3 offensive player in the league, but man his defense is about as bad as it gets.
  10. Great game all around (except maybe Dillon), but for the fans of defense: this one was for you. Vince Williams looked great on defense. As good as he looked on defense, he was about that bad on offense. Still, good minutes for him and Chandler tonight. Santi was great as well. Tyus won this one for us though.
  11. Yeah he's just not likely to play if X is playing, but he can at least bring up the ball. Probably going with 9 tonight unless ZW plays.
  12. We should get plenty of Vince Williams minutes tonight and KC minutes, as we'll have to play both Tyus and KC at the same time it would seem. I can't say I understand why we just choose not to bring a full squad to some of these games. We've done it at least once or twice this year already. Like we know Jaren, Ja, and Konchar aren't hurt. I get not playing Jaren. Hopefully ZW can play today and that way we at least we have another body at guard. Even if he only plays like 10-15 minutes.
  13. Did you really just put Junior in at SF? I doubt seriously he can even play PF in the league, let alone SF.
  14. Hopefully Adams is back for this one. We'll need him against Bam, who had a big game last time out for them. I desperately hope they try to guard Jaren with Caleb Martin. That's like a 7 inch and probably 45 pound differential. Jimmy butler should be playing again in this one, so Dillon needs to have a good night. I'm not sure how well Lowry can defend Ja at this point. He's still a pretty good defender, but certainly not what he once was.
  15. Rdk4121

    Team Hero Grizz@Pistons

    TH: Ja HM: BC with 14 points and 14 rebounds in the spot start. Dillon and Jaren were great as well.