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  1. Rdk4121

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Melton was certainly a bright spot last night dropping 16 after a DNP. I think he should be playing over one of Grayson or Bane as those two bring essentially the same thing. Or maybe cut Dillon's minutes, but we do need his size to guard SFs.
  2. Ja is kind of like Zion in the fact that they really only score in the paint. The difference is no one is as strong as Zion so he can do it more frequently. Ja needs a midrange game and certainly a better 3 point shot.
  3. Bane looks like he's kind of hit the wall at this point. His 3 point % is only 38% in February so far. That's still pretty good, but he was shooting upper 40s and low 50s earlier in the year. Even though he was a 4 year guy, they don't play 3-5 games a week like we've been doing recently. I'm sure he'll be fine, but it is a concern for a rookie.
  4. Wonder who rests for both teams. We really need to win this, as we can get to over .500 with the next game against the Rockets who are doing very poorly.
  5. I would imagine that would be Tillman. Jaren will be playing a lot more 5, particularly given how much better that Kyle has been playing.
  6. Wonder why we haven't played Melton yet, he was okay last game, or at least not worse than anyone else.
  7. Justise has played excellent defense on Kawhi so far.
  8. Rdk4121

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    If you mean that Porter actually just plays every other game, then yes. Part of his rehab seems to be resting every other game right now as he ramps up conditioning and making sure he doesn't suffer any setbacks. But I'm sure his minutes will continue to go up, and eventually will get to playing every game.
  9. Rdk4121

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Look like Bennie Boatwright has finally gotten his legs underneath him after coming back from his injury. He scored 21 today after scoring 26 on Monday. He shot 11/25 (44%) from three in those two games. That's really what he brings, but he's a fairly capable defender and a pretty decent rebounder. He's one I certainly hope we call up this year. Porter also had a good game today. He had 14 points and 5 rebounds on 5-7 shooting. Hopefully good signs going forward.
  10. Rdk4121

    Who is the third best Grizzlies player?

    Getting Jaren back is the key. He's probably our best natural scorer, probably our best shooter, and certainly our best rim protector. It can't be understated how much spacing he can provide for guys like Ja, Justise, JV, and Brandon. Both the offense and the defense will get much better when he returns in theory. As weird as it seems, we're clearly missing Dillon's scoring right now. If he can be efficient in his role, that makes us far more deadly. He hasn't been this year, but he's really the only other player that can create his own shot on this team that is playing right now. Bane and Grayson really can't, Melton might be slightly better, but not by much. Kyle has done a fair amount this year, but I'm not sure if that is fully sustainable.
  11. If you told me before this game that the Mavs would be up 18 points at half, and Luka would only have 7 points and KP wouldn't play, I don't think I would've believed you.
  12. With Dillon still out, do we go ahead and start Justise at SF? We started Kyle at the 4 against OKC, but started Brandon at the 4 against Detroit. Who starts at SG as well? Grayson has been the starter the last few times he's played, but Melton (with Bane at SF) started last game with Grayson out. There's a lot of interesting combos we can go with, but I think we'll go with Ja/Grayson/Justise/Kyle/JV. They do have a ton of size since they normally start Luka at the 2 with Kleber and Finney Smith at the 4 and 3 respectively, so I could see starting BC with Kyle at the 3.
  13. Rdk4121


    I disagree with that, Melton is a way better finisher at the rim (Grayson is like the second worst on the team), and Melton is a far better passer (like 3rd best behind Ja and Tyus). Just look at the advanced stats on that. Melton averages more assists per game and has a way higher assist percentage.
  14. Rdk4121


    People sleep on Melton so hard. The only thing that was really lack from his game last year was a consistent three. He's now shooting over 40% this year with increased attempts from last year. Out of the main 2 guard competition of Grayson, Bane, and Dillon he the best passer, the best finisher around the rim, best ball handler, easily the best defender (best on the team this year), also the best shot blocker on the entire team (yes including the big men). All of that and a 40% 3 point shooter? That sounds like a key piece going forward. Plus he's on a very reasonable deal. That aside, the game against the Mavericks is the perfect time for Justise to prove his worth. We brought him in to defend the opposing team's best perimeter player. He's going to have to defend Doncic a ton tomorrow so I hope he can do a good job. That is certainly one of the keys to winning.
  15. Rdk4121

    Who is the third best Grizzlies player?

    I remember doing the stats last year and I think it was games that he plays in 28 minutes or more he was averaging over 23+ points per game, but in the games he plays on less than 23 it was only like 10.6 points.