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  1. Put it on the board! Huge win. Get lost Harden

    Who plays 2K20 w Grizz?

    It’s tough because it’s hard to get set 3s. He always migrated toward the rim. His postgame is strong and he’s a monster defensively. Just need to find a way to keep him around the perimeter. b Clarke is the funnest dude to play with. His vert is insane
  3. These games are actually must win types if we want to make the playoffs this year. We can compete and beat anyone, but you gotta win vs the bottom guys at a very high rate to get in.
  4. Well that was an awesome trip. Super easy drive from Bham even in bad weather. The game was great. One of the funnest sporting events I’ve been to and I‘ve been to multiple cfb national championships and was at the Music City Miracle. This team is so much fun to watch and so resilient. Just big shot after big shot. Ja is everything we thought plus some outside shooting and that aura of “don’t worry, I got this” leadership at 20 years old. Jaren is showing some big time fight and confidence to go along with what looks to be some of the best deep shooting from a 6’11 dude ever. This does wonders for offensive spacing. He is also becoming vocal on d and altered a lot of what SA was trying to do. Dillon is a scorer and is growing on me. Clarke is a stud. The most surprising guy to me is Melton. He is instant energy and such a smart player. Great rebounder and post guy for a guard as well. Jack of all trades. Great win and I’m so pumped for this year and our future. After the game we went to BB Kings club and had a great time. Bruno came in with his crew. Saturday we went and watched the ducks at the Peabody(wife loved it) then went to Rendezvous and headed home. Great trip. Ready for the game tonight!
  5. I’ve been once but my wife hasn’t and wants to try it. I had a blast when I did go and we will def get some ribs. Will have to try Central soon tho. We will be headed out Saturday but in no rush at all, any recommendations for Saturday? Also, where to go on Beale after the game?
  6. Thank you my man. We will be staying at the Napoleon so thinking about hitting up Rendezvous before the game. We are pumped
  7. Making my way over from Bham for this one. First game in Fed Ex Forum for me. Pumped is an under statement! Loving the way the pups are coming along and winning games in the process. Not backing down from anyone
  8. JV is really bad on defense in this day and age. He gets caught in no mans land all the time. Where he is zero help at contesting the deep shot but at the same time, hasn’t got down in position to thwart any drives or offensive rebounds. He doesn’t have the lateral movement to do so. I would have him go all out to smother the guard if he’s a good shooter and just have the initial defender ride the big down low. Better than just giving up free looks
  9. Brooks is trash. Can not consistently win with him. Low IQ without the talent to compensate for it
  10. Either Morant is hurt or he is ****** about something. Giving zero effort outside of like 5 drives

    How far along are we

    Absolutely. We have the most important ingredient: elite building blocks. Ja JJJ and BC. They have SGA. we are on an upward trajectory without having to take any step backs. They are not. Adams and CP 3 are their best players and not part of their long term future. Our best players are locked in and young. It’s all about development and cohesion now. honestly, we are in an absolutely amazing spot, especially considering where we were this time two years ago. Our main need is an athletic wing who can stop penetration and catch and shoot
  12. Boner alert!!!!! 🚨 this teams future is sexy
  13. They are trying to win as many as they can right now. And smartly so. The losses will come but building some type of competitive culture is worth way more than trying to get 7% chance at a higher early December.

    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    Call him up. No reason to shut him down. I get the “tough love” make him earn it mantra, but injuries to Ja and Clarke along with JJJs uninspiring play should dictate a call up. Get some energy into the franchise. No better time than now if he’s behaving accordingly.
  15. Maybe he just can’t stay on the floor. Izzo couldn’t get through. The fact he’s fouling out or having to sit game after game hasn’t made him make an adjustment. It’s baffling.