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    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    Call him up. No reason to shut him down. I get the “tough love” make him earn it mantra, but injuries to Ja and Clarke along with JJJs uninspiring play should dictate a call up. Get some energy into the franchise. No better time than now if he’s behaving accordingly.
  2. Maybe he just can’t stay on the floor. Izzo couldn’t get through. The fact he’s fouling out or having to sit game after game hasn’t made him make an adjustment. It’s baffling.
  3. Jaren logged most of his minutes then

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Utah Jazz- 11/29/19

    Welp. This teams future ceiling is dramatically lower now that JJJ appears to be what I’ve always thought he was. To say it politely, a non winning player
  5. Man, Jaren is just not a winner. Doesn’t have that mentality. He’s more about all the off court stuff. That’s fine, but he’s been way overhyped. He’s soft and has zero instincts. All the talent but no feel.
  6. tgis doesn’t really deserve a response, but here you go: he is elite at helping on drives and in the paint. He rarely ever bites on pumps because he has the twitch and explosiveness to alter shots with milliseconds. He has the instincts to ride cutters and pass them on a the right time. That’s defensively On the other side, he is a great lob target. He is a great offensive rebounder who can get points on out backs, he’s a human pogo stick. His floater is a huge asset and the release is lightning quick. the fact that he is hitting open looks is HUGE for his development: but it will never be the strength of his game. Ever. I doubt he’s ever shot a 3 coming around an off ball pick. In summation, you’d be neutering him using him as a spot up shooter. It’s idiotic
  7. Are you saying use BC on offense as a spot up shooter? Like run off ball screens to get him open and all that? If so then that’s ludicrous, his offensive game is about as far opposite of Klay as a non center can be. his bread and butter is lobs, floaters in the lane and cleaning up the glass and put backs. He’s 5-12 so far on set shots. It’s a great sign but he will never be a dead eye from out there. Good news is he doesn’t have to be. As long as he can be a threat where they don’t sag completely off he is going to be good offensively. Not great but good while being elite defensively.
  8. True. Doesn’t change anything about my post. Especially with no clear cut #1. We are going to be in the bottom 5. Just have to hope we don’t get jumped and strike gold one last time. but you can’t simply hope to win 15 games and expect to add one high draft pick and flip a switch next year. You gotta build culture. It wasn’t important until this year, now that we have a lot of guys with control and talent in
  9. Nah nah. A win like this is 100x better for this teams future than a tank job. I was the biggest tanker on this board the last two years, but that was because of timing and the lack of talent on the roster. With a team this young, the losses will come when teams start needing wins for the playoffs. Tanking isn’t as necessary for a few reason: we have foundation blocks that need to build some cohesion and develop somewhat of a winning culture, as opposed to the Suns the last 5 years the lottery odds are much flatter. Just see last year for reference. as I stated, this team will end up way up in the lottery, don’t worry about that. But enjoy and cheer for wins whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  10. Winnable game here. Would live to see Ja go off on Rozier.
  11. Keep it going JJJ. Hammer mismatches in the post, get a few open looks deep, and stay aggressive bringing the ball up the court every now and then. Looking great. clarke is just a winning player. Such a big steal. mans Guduric is as crafty as they come. He’s one of those dudes who could not have played in the league with hand checking but is a useful player now
  12. Surely Morant plays at least 30. By tomo he will have played 26 minutes in 5 days. That is ridiculous and unacceptable

    What's wrong with Jaren?

    10 rebounds a game? Quite ambitious

    Team Hero Wolves @ Memphis 11/6/19

    Ja bless
  15. Jaren gets scratched late. Ends up playing Friday and sitting Saturday.