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  1. Cornering the market on summer league MVPs. JV Kyle Anderson Tyus Jones B C

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    Just for reference, NBA DRAFT NET had Jackson # 1 on their big board with a 100 grade. His two comps were Kwahi Leonard and Jimmy Butler. If he gets his priorities straight we have a 3rd elite talent to go with Ja and JJJ

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    I can assure you I know much more about the game than you. But I will refrain from going there and I bet you have misinterpreted the bolder part of my post. It was not a negative on JJJ, it’s simply saying he isn’t going to be the vocal leader to get in somebodies *** when it needs to be chewed. He is more of a, let me do my thing, type guy. Same thing with Kwahi and a bunch of good players who aren’t vocals animated

    Is Ja Morant Worthy of a #2 pick?

    Not when you have the 1st or second pick. The chances you get them in any draft, especially the one you trade for, are minuscule even with a bottom 5 record

    Is Ja Morant Worthy of a #2 pick?

    I agree with your first paragraph, a guy like West has earned trust. The drafts in the years you referenced were very different. This is a two man draft at the top

    Is Ja Morant Worthy of a #2 pick?

    No no. When you have a chance to take a talent like Ja you take him. In any other sport I would agree, but not b-ball. This is what teams tank for. We got extremely lucky, enjoy it

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    G Allen should fit perfectly with the playmaking of Ja and the spacing of JJJ. He is a capable shooter but a really good slasher who can play above the rim. Plus he has that puss and vinegar competitiveness that every team needs, which we probably won’t get from a guy like JJJ which is fine. So excited about tomo night and to see who we take at 23. I want best player available but if they are close, give me a wing scorer/shooter.

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    What a great trade. It’s all about Allen and the two 1st round picks.....but we also get two playable or tradeable vets. We have accelerated this rebuild by 2 years with the lottery luck mainly, but also this trade. We will be playing to win, although it could be bumpy at first. allen will become a solid rotation guy, I am certain of that. The 23rd pick this year is great, there are some guys with legit attributes that will be there. That will give us JJJ, Ja, Dillon, Allen, 23rd pick, and Wright to build around. But the best aspect of this trade is the protection on the future first. They pretty much guarantee us with a late lottery selection!! Nailed the trade

    Memphis Slim's Father Passed Away

    Prayers man. Things like this make me realize how big of a punk I can be on here sometimes. God bless all of you

    Is Ja Morant Worthy of a #2 pick?

    Why would you take that post seriously at all? The dude has zero clue

    Is Ja Morant Worthy of a #2 pick?

    Welp that settles it. Thanks for ruining the suspense Nostradumbass

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Well let’s start with Wiggins is awful and his contract is worse and would be more crippling than Parsons. Then Ja is much better than Rj. Rj is a choke artist who couldn’t even get his shots to go possession after possession in crunch time in college. He was so bad at the end of games it was frustrating even for a Duke hater to watch. Doing what you propose just to have a better shot at the playoffs lowers our future ceiling and is short sighted at best. Stupid if someone wasn’t as sweet as me.

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Lol good joke

    ZBo 2.0

    If that’s the case(it’s not) then JJJ is useless down low.
  15. I’m not even going to be rude here, but just no. There is ZERO reason to bring back TA or ZBO. They are both done. It would be a waste. We’ve got to get over this nostalgia stuff guys.