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    2019 NBA DRAFT

    So, the Heat have multiple bad contracts that I have to think they would want to get rid of (Hassan Whiteside, James Johnson, Dion Waiters, Ryan Anderson). I would think they would be extremely motivated to find a way to move one of those contracts. Do you think the Heat would be willing to give the #13 pick to Memphis in exchange for the #23 pick if the Grizz take on one of those bad contracts? I would have to think both sides would be interested in doing something.
  2. HPGrizz

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    So, one question that probably needs to be considered when evaluating trade options is whether JJJ is a 4 or a 5 going forward. What should be his primary spot? I assume the posters who want Sabonis view JJJ as primarily a 4.
  3. HPGrizz

    New plan moving forward...

    Thanks. In other words, this franchise is destined to convey the pick in 2021 when it is unprotected and likely a top 5 or top 6 pick.
  4. HPGrizz

    New plan moving forward...

    I am kind of embarrassed to ask this question, as I feel like I should know the answer but here goes: if the Grizzlies were able to acquire another 1st round pick in the upcoming draft that falls outside of the top 8 picks, could they turn around and convey that pick to Boston to finish off the Jeff Green trade?
  5. I agree that the team needs high-ceiling talent from the draft. However, I do think the team wants to win games over the next 3 month in an attempt to convey the pick to Boston this year. If they don't convey the pick this year, then the risk is high that they convey the pick unprotected in 2021 to Boston and that could easily be a top 5 pick, as the Grizz are likely to be even worse 2 years from now.
  6. HPGrizz

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    As some have said, we need these guys to come out and play hard for the next 3 months and win enough games to help convey the pick to Boston this year. If they aren't able to win enough to convey the pick to Boston this year, then the disaster of conveying a top 3/top 4/top 5 overall pick in 2021 looms.
  7. HPGrizz

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    I still hate these trades with a passion because the team needs draft picks and young players with some upside in order to rebuild but Gary Parrish & Geoff Calkins talked about the trades on the radio yesterday afternoon, as you would expect. Their opinion is basically that the Grizzlies want to win just enough games over the next 3 months to convey the owed 1st round pick to Boston now rather than in 2020 or in 2021. So, the Grizz went with veteran guys in return for Gasol\Green\Temple rather than a bunch of draft picks or young, unproven players. I know that isn't what most of us want but that was their analysis on what is going on. Their opinion is that the Grizzlies need & want to convey now in 2019 to Boston because the team will likely be so bad in 2020 that they can't convey (top 6 protected in 2020), which means that they would convey the pick in 2021 when it is unprotected. The team is likely to still be very bad in 2021, which could mean that they might be conveying a pick that is in the top 3 or top 4. So, they think the team is trying hard to win just enough games to convey now and getting the Jeff Green trade behind us rather than losing a top 3 pick or top 4 pick to Boston in 2021 with all of the agony that would bring. I do sort of understand that logic but it still hurts to see the return that Memphis received.
  8. No. Ivan Rabb needs the playing time.
  9. HPGrizz

    Grizzlies acquire Avery Bradley

    On a serious note - what in the world happened to Avery Bradley? He used to be a really good perimeter player but he's been terrible the last two seasons. The guy is only 28 years old, so age shouldn't be a factor.
  10. HPGrizz

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    The Grizzlies needed to focus on two things in making trades at the deadline: 1. Acquire as many draft picks as possible (preferably 1st rounders but multiple 2nd rounders would be acceptable). 2. Acquire young assets with some potential (ie from teams that either don't have many draft picks or don't want to trade draft picks). So, the Grizz traded Gasol, JaMychal & Temple and they received no young players at all and a single 2nd round pick.......in 2024. There just is no nice way to spin this one. There are some posters on Twitter who seem to like the Gasol trade but, then again, some people like to sniff glue. It is going to be a long, hard rebuild without additional draft picks and young players to develop around JJJ.
  11. Looking to the future and who might be the GM - is Memphis even capable of attracting quality GM candidates? You have a small market team with a bad roster and a lack of draft picks and apparently an owner who wants to be involved in all of the decisions and sign off on everything. What good GM candidate would want to come to Memphis and work in an environment where he doesn't feel like he is able to truly make the day-to-day personnel decisions for the team?
  12. HPGrizz

    Trade Deadline - Who Stays, Who Goes

    That and you don't know who to blame and who to fire when bad decisions are made. Pera can't fire himself.
  13. HPGrizz

    Trade Deadline - Who Stays, Who Goes

    This what I am starting to think as well. They really need to move every free agent-to-be and Marc as well, just in case he decides to give the finger to the org and become a free agent rather than picking up his option and allowing them to trade him.
  14. I would say that the Grizzlies are probably being incredibly cautious with anyone who could be traded, as the trade deadline is February 7th and the Grizz have just 3 games between now and the deadline: tonight against the Hornets, Sunday against the Knicks & Tuesday against the T-Wolves. They probably don't want to take any chances at all on someone getting hurt.
  15. Mike is out for tonight's game, as well as Kyle Anderson. We are going to see a lot of Shelvin Mack tonight.