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  1. Parsons_Refund

    Sacramento Kings @ Memphis Grizzlies - 2/28/20

    If Kyle Anderson continues to start I may just be done with TJ. I honestly think we should just buy him out. A g league shooting specialist would be better than him.
  2. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Washington Wizards - 2/9/20

    Kyle’s slow *** has completely killed the flow of our starting unit
  3. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Detroit Pistons - 1/24/20

    Apparently Ja has been sick all week. If it’s bad enough for him to be playing this bad he needs to sit out til his little cough is gone
  4. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Detroit Pistons - 1/24/20

    I don’t understand why everyone acts like Nurkic is some all star talent. He’s on equal ground as JV. He’s not gonna turn that team around.
  5. Parsons_Refund

    New Orleans Pelicans vs Memphis Grizzlies 1/20/20

    We were winning then V gives up 3 back to back to back Melli 3s on pick n pops. He didn’t learn his lesson one time. We finally made a run in the 4th when Jaren was at center. V shouldn’t have played this entire game. They went super small and he got destroyed.
  6. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies @Boston Celtics 1/22/20

    Our guys will show up for this game. I blame yesterday on a wonky 4 pm start and the Pelicans being super fired up and inspired after just touring the National Civil Rights Museum. We’ll get back to normal tomorrow. Go Grizz
  7. Parsons_Refund

    New Orleans Pelicans vs Memphis Grizzlies 1/20/20

    Dillon was pressing way too hard early and had tunnel vision, as usual. Ja couldn’t get any calls. Valanciunas’s D on Melli ultimately cost is this game. And our 3 pt defense overall. 21 3s is insane.
  8. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings -1/2/20

    Yeah y’all need to stop blindlessly defending Ja. It isn’t gonna help him get any better. He literally doesn’t even try to score until the fourth quarter. It’s so ******* frustrating. He usually gets garbage time buckets to keep his point average but anyone watching knows he’s not playing that well.
  9. Parsons_Refund

    Ja Morant Week to Week

    Do they stay with you forever?
  10. Parsons_Refund

    2020 NBA Draft

    Anthony Edwards went ballistic in the second half. Dropped 33 in the half and some insane shots. 7 stocks too
  11. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Charlotte Hornets - 11/13/19

    Good. No prospect in this draft is as good as Cade Cunningham Jalen Green or Terrence Clarke besides Edwards
  12. Parsons_Refund

    Phoenix Suns @ Memphis Grizzlies 11/2/19

    What happened to all those seal outs JJJ used to do last year right under the basket? He’s do 5 or so a game and score on 4 of them and they were incredibly effective. I haven’t seen one this whole year
  13. Parsons_Refund

    Brooklyn Nets at Memphis Grizzlies - 10//27/19

    In that case, I don’t wanna hear one peep out of you that’s pro-Jaren or you’re a hypocritical *******
  14. Crowder just looks tough. But he’s not. If you follow him on social media he’s very artsy, which explains his hair. He’s not what y’all want him to be
  15. Is everyone forgetting Ja hadn’t played 5 on 5 all summer til training camp cause of his surgery? Let him get back in the flow of the things. Besides this is his second game ever playing against professionals. They doubled him every time off a screen. His gravity already is crazy, he just has to watch film and get his pass timing down, which we all know he has he skill for. Relax.