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  1. So BBC is the first player in history to win both SL MVP and SL Championship Game MVP. And he did it as a rookie. Wow... we got a good one folks.
  2. Clarke should start at the 5 and Jaren should start at the 4. Jaren can step out and shoot 3s whenever he wants and Clarke is already an elite interior despite his size and wingspan. Jonas will be 6th man. This ensures that we play young and fast with good defense. Clarke is a much better defender than JV.
  3. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Phoenix Suns - 7/9/2019

    Then you clearly aren’t paying attention to his incredible defense
  4. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Utah Jazz - Summer League

    He’s too busy impregnating his 5th Instagram model
  5. Parsons_Refund

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    Plus he easily makes the up by living in Memphis vs Toronto
  6. Parsons_Refund

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Clarke is a rich man’s Randle that actually plays defense.
  7. Parsons_Refund

    If Clarke wasn't there at #21 who would you have drafted?

    Let’s not have this topic?
  8. Parsons_Refund

    Summer League Signings

    Wow. I was curious as to how we got a guy as good as Konchar right after the draft. Im guessing Konchar was sold on our analytics FO and they showed they really believed in him based on that. I’m sure playing with Ja and Jaren was attractive to him as well. Also our coach
  9. Parsons_Refund

    The Brandon Clarke thread

    I’m blown away by his intellect and hard working attitude. This dude is going to be so good. And he’ll only make his teammates better in practice because of how hard he goes. Love this guy’s motor.
  10. Parsons_Refund

    The Brandon Clarke thread

    Clarke is just a ball player folks. Doesn’t matter what position he’s at, just throw him out there and your team will be much better. His advanced stats literally made my jaw drop.
  11. Parsons_Refund

    Question the Brandon Clarke pick raises

    Why can’t Clarke play the 3 if Kyle does? Neither can shoot so what’s the difference? Start Clarke at 3, Jaren at 4, JV at 5 if he resigns. If he doesn’t, try to get WCS. If we can’t, roll with Jaren at the 5 and Clarke at the 4 and Bruno at the 3.
  12. Parsons_Refund

    The Grizzlies have created an NBA record $25M trade exception

    Do more research big guy. “Building on Larry Coon’s excellent work, there are a few key concepts to understand about trade exceptions: They count against the cap but not the luxury tax – Paralleling other exceptions in the NBA, trade exceptions reduce a team’s salary cap space when on the books. Like the Mid-Level, they can be renounced should a team want that but already-existing trade exceptions can also be used to prop a team over the cap should that be strategically beneficial. (I must mention here that teams under the cap do not receive trade exceptions, another value of using tricks like cap holds to stay over the cap when possible to maximize flexibility.) However, it should also be noted that trade exceptions do not count against the luxury tax. Teams under the tax line like Oklahoma City and Golden State last season were not pushed over by having them and teams in the tax like Miami and Brooklyn did not have to pay additional tax on theirs. They last a calendar year at maximum – Trade exceptions last up to one year after the trade that created it was approved by the league office, unless that anniversary falls on a weekend or holiday (then the team gets until the next business day.)”
  13. Parsons_Refund

    The Grizzlies have created an NBA record $25M trade exception

    Don’t listen to him. He doesn’t know anything about the money side of basketball. Trade exceptions don’t count against the luxury tax.
  14. Parsons_Refund

    The Grizzlies have created an NBA record $25M trade exception

    You clearly need to do more research. Or you’re trying to spread fake news to a start your own anti-Kleiman cult. Trade exceptions count against the cap but not against the luxury tax.
  15. Parsons_Refund

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    It’d have to be like a good young player and a first rounder or two first rounders for me to consider anything. That cap space will be big for us.