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  1. Parsons_Refund

    Phoenix Suns @ Memphis Grizzlies 11/2/19

    What happened to all those seal outs JJJ used to do last year right under the basket? He’s do 5 or so a game and score on 4 of them and they were incredibly effective. I haven’t seen one this whole year
  2. Parsons_Refund

    Brooklyn Nets at Memphis Grizzlies - 10//27/19

    In that case, I don’t wanna hear one peep out of you that’s pro-Jaren or you’re a hypocritical *******
  3. Crowder just looks tough. But he’s not. If you follow him on social media he’s very artsy, which explains his hair. He’s not what y’all want him to be
  4. Is everyone forgetting Ja hadn’t played 5 on 5 all summer til training camp cause of his surgery? Let him get back in the flow of the things. Besides this is his second game ever playing against professionals. They doubled him every time off a screen. His gravity already is crazy, he just has to watch film and get his pass timing down, which we all know he has he skill for. Relax.
  5. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - Season Opener

    I’m sorry but you’re spitting some absolute bull**** in this thread. And you act like everything you say is the prophetic word. Get the **** out of here.
  6. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - Season Opener
  7. So BBC is the first player in history to win both SL MVP and SL Championship Game MVP. And he did it as a rookie. Wow... we got a good one folks.
  8. Clarke should start at the 5 and Jaren should start at the 4. Jaren can step out and shoot 3s whenever he wants and Clarke is already an elite interior despite his size and wingspan. Jonas will be 6th man. This ensures that we play young and fast with good defense. Clarke is a much better defender than JV.
  9. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Phoenix Suns - 7/9/2019

    Then you clearly aren’t paying attention to his incredible defense
  10. Parsons_Refund

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Utah Jazz - Summer League

    He’s too busy impregnating his 5th Instagram model
  11. Parsons_Refund

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    Plus he easily makes the up by living in Memphis vs Toronto
  12. Parsons_Refund

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Clarke is a rich man’s Randle that actually plays defense.
  13. Parsons_Refund

    If Clarke wasn't there at #21 who would you have drafted?

    Let’s not have this topic?
  14. Parsons_Refund

    Summer League Signings

    Wow. I was curious as to how we got a guy as good as Konchar right after the draft. Im guessing Konchar was sold on our analytics FO and they showed they really believed in him based on that. I’m sure playing with Ja and Jaren was attractive to him as well. Also our coach
  15. Parsons_Refund

    The Brandon Clarke thread

    I’m blown away by his intellect and hard working attitude. This dude is going to be so good. And he’ll only make his teammates better in practice because of how hard he goes. Love this guy’s motor.