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  1. Well, If we keep Mike is another thing of course. I assumed he was leaving , for what he said at the end of last season. If he's happy to stay I'm happy too...but maybe RJ is a better pick than Ja
  2. I just want a clear plan. I dont care about 2020 first round playoff, I would like a new conference final (at least) in a few years. If we draft Morant (or Barrett) we must aim to be a contender for the top positions in two to three years with JJJ, Ja/RJ, a solid group of good players (JV, Anderson, Brooks, someone else, doesnt matter ) and ONE coach with his job not under discussion after every L If we start next season 5-16 (it can happen with young players) and then the FO start making trades for random vets like Justin Holyday to achieve 8th place or whatever, it will all be useless. Patience, faith, let Parsons expire and then we'll have fun in 3 years. Rush would be our enemy.
  3. Harris will be free agent, no trade whit Philly is required
  4. Myers

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Basket is a team game but having KD instead of Caboclo sometimes helps
  5. Myers

    NBA Playoffs thread

    bye bye Russell...what a pity! ­čśä­čśâ­čśä
  6. Myers

    NBA Playoffs thread

    He's the new Sabonis (Arvidas, not his son) Denver selected him with the 41 pick in 2014... unbeliavable.
  7. I bet this one. Easy.
  8. Ettore Messina is from my country, even if he coached a team that I hate ­čśâ from what I know his goal was to become an NBA head coach somewhere. He'd gone close to Milwakee before Bud.
  9. Memories: watching JJJ play. I didn't like the pick but I was wrong, the guy can become an all star and he's only 19. Yes, maybe Trae will be better but JJJ definitely isn't a new Thabeet. Too early for offseason thoughts. let's see if we will have the pick (and eventually which one) and if Conley will ask for a trade. Hope for a new GM and a new coach anyway.
  10. Myers

    Season win total predictions???

    It's an hard choice: I'm #teamconvey but a championship is a championship... ­čśä
  11. Myers

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Donovan Mitchell was a 13th pick... The guy is crazy good. Maybe with 7/8th pick we can select someone like him! Just kidding, we'll pick the next Jarrell Martin.
  12. unfortunately I don't think Noah can play more than half of the season (maybe less) at high level. He plays with heart but he's too old and with too many little injuries. Don't get me wrong, our squad is competitive at least and I like them, expecially if we can keep all the guys (Bradley too, underrated player here IMO, while I don't understand all the excitement for Bruno but I guess it's me), but Western Conference is a living hell. of course if we had a real 25 million player instead of Chancun, it would be different.
  13. I don't understand how somebody can predict 2020 PO for the Grizzlies before the free agency and the draft. Who should we pass? Curry and the Warriors? Harden and the Rockets? Russell and OKC? Lillard/CJ and the Blazers? Pop and the Spurs? Dallas with Porz/Luka? Clippers with probably Kawhi? The new Lakers? PHO if they pick Zion? A regular system like the Jazz? Maybe the Pels if Davis is gone, Sacramento who knows, maybe Minnie if they're exploding West is gonna be tougher than this year. Hope I'm wrong of course but I'd have preferred to convey this season.