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  1. Exactly. it's much worse than last year after Mike's injury. Now we're trying to win games! we had traded 2 second rounder to one of the tanking teams (Chicago) for Justin Holiday, the shooter we need to reach playoffs... good grief.
  2. Myers

    Roster Moves

    Caboclo? ūü§Ē Ryan Hollins brazilian edition
  3. I like Carter attitude but I dont think he can ever become the starting pg of a good team. His ceiling is Dellavedova or something like that, a good defender, rotation guy. Dillon can be the 6th man. Maybe more. Kyle can be a starter (if he improves his jumper a bit). JJJ is fine, of course.
  4. Hammer. Nail. Coffin. This season is over.
  5. When you shoot 45.7 from 3s and 90% on the FT line the game is obviously a close affair. I hoped for a victory (I really don't like Celtics fans) but, well, I'm starting to think that the only hope for the future of the Grizzlies organization is to finish 5/6 last and pick the miraculous ball with the name ZION on it. It's a longshot, but I do not see other short-term solutions. BTW, Marc is hurt. He can't be this kind of trash. Sit him, please, let's play JJJ at 5 and Jam at 4.
  6. Myers

    Time to trade Marc

    I understand your point, but probably for the fans it's more engaging a situation like, for example, Atlanta, where you'll lose bad surely for a couple of years but at least you have a plan for the future (try to be the next Warriors, hire new managers, play the young guys, keep your picks). Maybe the strategy will not work but It's a better situation than try to reach an eight place (without many hopes in January) with two franchise players over 30, a bunch of role players, trading picks for some random player like Holiday and with your only young prospect who plays 20 minutes at night.
  7. Myers

    Time to trade Marc

    The others GM aren't fools. Marc Gasol turns 34 in 2 weeks and he's struggling badly right now. He can still play a few high-level games in a season like the Spurs game, that's for sure, but he's not a 24 millions player anymore. he surely can receive offers at the end of the season to opt out and sign the minimum in a contender (GSW? Lakers? Boston?)where surely it could be very useful, playing 15-18 minutes, but nobody will offer us first round picks and good players for him right now. Mike Conley? He's still good, nobody doubts it. But, again, is he a 66 million player for two years? I doubt it.
  8. Myers

    Roster Moves

    No Waiters no... Please.
  9. Players like Holiday or Temple,who have been in the NBA for ten years and have already shown their limits, are journeymen, useful to play 10-12 minutes in already proven teams. Like, for example, Jerebko at Golden State or Belinelli in San Antonio. They do not turn a team from 30 wins into 50, but if you have already a strong squad you can sacrifice some second round picks. We won 22 games last year. Marc and Mike are getting older and JJJ needs a couple of years to become (hopefully) a star. You have to keep all the picks you can. Malcolm Brogdon was picked at 36, Draymond Green at 35, Dillon at is not true that second rounder are useless. But I'm sure if we had our 2019 first round pick, Wallace would have proposed it to some other Jeff Green kind of player to win 37 games instead of 34. I'm very sad right now, not for this season, but for the future of the Grizzlies. Come on, front office needs to go, we need fresh ideas.
  10. At the end, No Oubre (26 last night) , no Marshon and no more Dillon. Classic Grizz
  11. Myers

    Our owed first rounder is now a sunk cost

    Wallace could still trade #1 pick to Boston for Terry Rozier & Aron Baynes or something like that
  12. Myers

    Time to trade Marc

    I tought like you 2 weeks ago but right now we must be realistic. PO are more than a dream. West is a hell and we're 14th, six straight L, our offense is pathetic, it's a miracle when we can reach 100pts. I am usually an optimist but right now we're embarrassing, we're in free fall.
  13. Myers

    Rick Pitino

    I'd like Frank Vogel but from next season, this year I'm starting to think it's better to tank... in the West we'll probably finish 14th, give Boston the pick will be much harder than I tought. I'm not a tanking fan but, well, we're pretty bad right now.
  14. My max goal for the season is the 22th overall place, in order to give the d*** Celtics our pick. Is Holyday more useful than Marshon + Selden? I think so, althoug I liked Wayne at the start of the season, but I'm wrong many times (I liked Jarrel Martin too... ).
  15. Marshon will be probably waived.