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  1. Yes, they're in hard tanking. Alex Caruso played 30 minutes!!!! Lebron plays only because of the all time points record I think.
  2. Funny game, good effort and good w but we must to defend better on 3's specially from the corner. We left too many uncontested shot. we were lucky that Korver/Ingles were not in their best night. Anyway, nice to see a team that fights and play together.
  3. Myers

    New plan moving forward...

    No. he had a bad fight with the French federation after 2012 Olympics games (or something like that, I can't remember exactly), I think he's over with them.
  4. Yep. Dallas pick is 1-5 protected for this season and the next, otherwise it go to the Hawks. after stealing Doncic with 5th pick, I can see them finish 4th after the lottery... then next year they'll be probably in the PO run with Porz+Luka. I watched today their Brooklin game and they're clearly tanking and running Dirk's last dance. Our last chance to convey is to go 4-1 in the next five games. I still hope for it, because I fear that next year we'll be the worst team in the West.
  5. unlucky loss apart , it's funny to see that in our starting five there was no player who was on the roster at the start of the season. From the bench, only Chancun (LOL) and the rookie. It's hard to build something this way. This FO is embarassing. I hope, however, that Bradley and JV will be there next season.
  6. Jaren will turn 20 in September. He's the second youngest player in the league. Give the kid a couple of season! btw, games beetwen bad teams out of the PO run like us, the Bulls, the Mavs at the end of the season are useless whether you win or you lose. Presason games are more useful!
  7. We'll finish with the 8th pick... classic Grizzlies. But I really enjoyed the Lakers game.
  8. Myers

    Team Hero Lakers@Grizz

    TH: Noah HM Conley Good hard work by Bradley too. I always liked this guy.
  9. Myers

    Parsons back after all star break

    He is a retired player who still plays in nba. Good for him, a disaster for us. Good job, FO!
  10. Myers

    New plan moving forward...

    JJJ and Kyle are done for the season I think, so, we can win maybe 4-5 games. if you lose to Cleveland against a team in full tank mode, I mean...talking about convey the pick is kinda sci-fi. Conley was put on the trade block for two months and his buddy Marc is gone. He's a professional and he's playing seriously but I think it makes no sense to keep him here next year for another 30-52 or something like that season. Next year: try to re-sign JV, keep Bradley and Noah, plus JJJ, Kyle, Dillon, Rabb, what they give us for mike (a PG?) and hope for a bit of luck (one time...) in the lottery. Then, try to find six teams worst than us next year. Ah, possibly with a new GM and a new coach.
  11. Out roster has many lacks, but I've never seen a 12-men rotation like this. Rabb has played 9 minutes, everyone else in double digit. Acting like this you can create only tremendous chaos. It is clear that JB is in brain confusion. I have nothing against the guy, but it is clear that he can not be an NBA head coach. He's an assistent coach. This season is over, but next year we need a real coach. I hope Frank Vogel, perfect fit for Memphis.
  12. 7-6 or 6-7 for me but the key will be the ASG break, not just for us, maybe some team can give up PO dreams and start losing bad. Before that, I hope in 1-1 (I think we're gonna lose tonight vs Spurs)
  13. The Bucks played without Giannis... Magic are now 4 wins in the last 5!!! the Mavs are playing with Luka and a bunch of scrubs so we should look at them (even if they have no interest in tanking since their pick is Atlanta's) and maybe NOLA, Minnesota (they seems in free fall) and the Wizards
  14. the goal is surely not tanking, otherwise you dont call Chancun back (regardless of what he can do...I suspect pretty nothing) However, it's likely that we will end up between the last 6-8 anyway, even if we play definitely better than two months ago.
  15. Myers

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    Omari Sanfoka II: Avery Bradley is excited to be a Grizzly. Said most of his Dad’s family is from Memphis and Mississippi and that Grizzlies road games have always been home games for him. “This is like my second home.” via HoopsHype