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  1. Just watched the game, Really Happy for the guys! BC is pretty good and I really like coach Jenkins.
  2. Myers

    To convey or not to convey

    We have already had a lucky lottery this year... but the west is too strong, so we will probably end up in the lottery anyway
  3. Myers

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I don't see the problem. No team has a full 15 players rotation. We already have our guys to develop, just put Hill at the end of the bench for garbage time and say him goodbye next year.
  4. you JV fans almost frighten me ūüėĄ
  5. Myers

    AB waived

    this is the first FO move I don't approve, I would have preferred to keep him and let Delon go but, whatever, good luck AB!
  6. Myers

    Vegas Summer League roster

    I watched Keenan Evans vs the Cavs and he seems pretty decent, I hope he'll stay with the Hustle.
  7. Myers

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Nicolò is very good. He's a Jam Green kind of player, tough defender, hard worker, and a very nice guy (not a diva like Gallo). He played well in Italy, Germany and Turkey, He's not a star obviously, but 8/2 is a hell of a contract for the Pels. I saw Guduric just 3-4 times, different league from Zagorac, don't worry guys, but he'll need a bit of time I guess
  8. Exactly. I think Iggy will never play in Memphis, but the 2024 first round pick could be a very good asset.
  9. Myers

    Summer League Team 2019

    Wow....Payton Aldrige played in Italy last season, he wasn't even good enough for our (very low) standard ūüėĄ
  10. Cauley-Stein would be great, I think the guy hasn't shown all his talent yet. But I'm ok with J-Val too.
  11. Myers

    NBA Playoffs thread

    AMEN Lady Luck comes and goes. I'm Happy for Marc and for assistent coach Sergio Scariolo, a very smart guy from my city.
  12. I don't know much about this coach, but the important thing is that the FO give him time to work. If after a 5-15 start the sacking rumors already begin and some young players/2rounder are traded to take a 30yo veteran like Holyday or someone like him, it will be useless. Give him at least two full years. Welcome TJ
  13. Well, If we keep Mike is another thing of course. I assumed he was leaving , for what he said at the end of last season. If he's happy to stay I'm happy too...but maybe RJ is a better pick than Ja
  14. I just want a clear plan. I dont care about 2020 first round playoff, I would like a new conference final (at least) in a few years. If we draft Morant (or Barrett) we must aim to be a contender for the top positions in two to three years with JJJ, Ja/RJ, a solid group of good players (JV, Anderson, Brooks, someone else, doesnt matter ) and ONE coach with his job not under discussion after every L If we start next season 5-16 (it can happen with young players) and then the FO start making trades for random vets like Justin Holyday to achieve 8th place or whatever, it will all be useless. Patience, faith, let Parsons expire and then we'll have fun in 3 years. Rush would be our enemy.