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  1. Memphisyank

    Team Hero Clips@Grizz

    Gasol had a rough shooting night and you could tell it bothered him. Which is a good thing. This was a tough one. Th-jama for his hustle plays and big rebounds hm mc- we are not in the game without him
  2. Memphisyank

    The Grizzlies should trade for John Wall

    Ill give you props for proposing something that is gutsy and out of the box. And for laying off the Gasol hate for once seriously. I do think we need to get creative to get the person chancun was supposed to be. Is this how we do it?
  3. Memphisyank

    Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Clippers - 12/5/18

    ill be on a freaking plane again for this one. I hope you guys keep the commentary coming. it is a much better way to follow the game than the Feed provided by NBA
  4. Memphisyank

    Roster Moves

    Its rare that I agree with Chip twice in one week. lol Yeah after a hot start some of our role players are cooling off which is causing major wear and tear on our two leaders. Really need Chancun to stop being a baby and just play through some pain or get DB back, or pick up a talented scorer via a trade for Jama or someone. I would love to see Jevon get a call up. I am over seing Selden make a great play followed up with 4 bonehead moves and Marshon can go back to China. IMO
  5. Memphisyank

    Roster Moves

    I think the major point of debate is here, is do we have the pieces in place to be on track to build a successful program without suffering through multiple "tank" seasons to try and rebuild. I tend to think we do- and I love the fact that we have two stars who have committed to Memphis for essentially their entire careers. Hopefully JJJ ends up the superstar we believe he is, and he follows that same path. For my part, I am thrilled that he is learning under Gasol. And if we get to the playoffs this year, all the better. Because next year he (JJJ) is going to be even better and Gasol is going to be playing for a contract. I don't get these people who hate on Gasol. Never have. is he perfect? of course not, but have you ever been on the houston boards and listen to them rail on Harden not playing defense, or rebounding or jacking up too many shots? There are haters in every town I guess. Grass isn't always greener. Also, I cant stand harden. LOL
  6. Memphisyank

    Roster Moves

    All signs point toward Chancun..... ūüė°
  7. Memphisyank

    Roster Moves

    The abused spouse statement was unnnessary and crass- I understand your point, I just dont agree. Making the playoffs especially in the west is not in any way mediocrity. In My opinion, a few years tanking risks losing the team. And- why would you want to surround our potential supserstar with a losing culture? at 19 you are still developing work habits.
  8. Memphisyank

    Roster Moves

    well said- Owners work in dollars and cents, NOI, and ROI. If those don't make sense, no amount of revenue sharing will keep the team here. And- to the argument that the minority group could buy out the other owners and keep them. Why would they if we are not profitable? I don't buy it. Why throw money away on a team that no one is supporting? We need to be the spurs, in as much as we are able to be.
  9. Memphisyank

    Roster Moves

    I think its wishful thinking on your part. And you forget, the Grizzlies moved here. Not that it matters for the sake of this argument, but each of those markets you named are far larger than Memphis. And For everyone that didn't move you have one that did. And, we are I suspect one of the poorest big league markets as well, which means a smaller pool of the population can afford tickets. I am just saying we have a lot of things working against us
  10. Memphisyank

    Roster Moves

    This article is a bit dated- but still relevent points. And doesn't include some of the more recent moves that have happend in big league sports, especially once fans stopped going to games. Memphis is bad about not supporting teams when we are not good. Look at the tigers from last year. Memphis used to pack out the forum, but look what happend during a short downturn. Anyhoo, here is the article. You guys know my two cents. a few bad years, and I think the grizz to to Seattle, or any other real major market. I love Memphis, but we are really a small market at best. PORTLAND, Ore. (TheStreet) -- A professional sports franchise isn't a right, as money-hungry owners and cash-strapped cities are all too aware. Since 2000, six franchises from Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League have pulled up stakes and switched towns. While baseball's Montreal Expos jumped to Washington in 2005 and the NHL's Atlanta Thrashers left for Winnipeg in 2011, the NBA has seen the Vancouver Grizzlies flee to Memphis in 2001, the Charlotte Hornets break for New Orleans in 2002, the Seattle Supersonics slip off to Oklahoma City in 2008 and the New Jersey Nets pay a few tolls on the way to Brooklyn in 2011. ( I didn't post the entire article)
  11. Memphisyank

    Roster Moves

  12. Memphisyank

    Roster Moves

    You can always count on a few folks to bring the gloom and doom. Thanks guys!
  13. Memphisyank

    March toward 50 wins - grizzlies edition

    I too am enjoying following this thread.
  14. Memphisyank

    Joakim Noah

    Just need 8 solid minutes of defense/rebounds right per game to lessen the load on Gasol. And for the love of all that is holy, can we please send M brooks or Selden packing and give Jevon Carter a shot? at least he can play defense sheesh