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  1. Memphisyank

    make or break

    This cracks me up for some reason. Remember all the folks on this board claiming Dillon should be a starter? I like the kid. he hustles and plays hard, but......
  2. Memphisyank

    Is Ja Morant Worthy of a #2 pick?

    we have a few years ahead of us of not being in the playoffs. I hate to say that, but it is true. You don't win (unless you are Utah) with unproven Rookies and second year men leading your team.
  3. Memphisyank

    Gasol killing it with Raptors

    Pulled this from the Raptor Forums- they love him "Watch the game, you won't see Marc Gasol. Watch Marc Gasol, you'll see the whole game
  4. Memphisyank

    Grizzlies have dismissed JB Bickerstaff

    This board Yall. All year calling for these folks to be fired, now all anyone can talk about after the Firing is what a Sh#tshow this org is. This board is bipolar.
  5. Memphisyank

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    Just like Gasol I will be sad and wish him well. (Conley) I suspect we will be terrible for a while.
  6. Memphisyank

    Gasol killing it with Raptors

    Plus 1 here. He will turn it on, and I hope he gets a ring too.
  7. Memphisyank

    Gasol killing it with Raptors

    I dont think he comes back- he was pretty miffed at the grizz org
  8. Memphisyank


    Opt in and trade him. Maybe I am spoiled after years of Gasol, but I am sick and tired of watching everyone in the world drive to the bucket and lay the ball in as easily as if I were playing against my 4 year olds kiddie basketball team. 😕 We have no rim protection on the court at all right now
  9. Memphisyank

    Do we have a playoff contending roster?

    No way are we competitive. I don't even think we win enough games to make the playoffs, as is. However, if JJJ begins to live up to his potential as an all star, all bets are off.
  10. Memphisyank

    New plan moving forward...

    Also, hasn't Phoenix been in tank mode for like 20 straight years now? When is it going to pay off for them?
  11. Memphisyank

    New plan moving forward...

    Ahh- gotcha. Well that stinks for us. LOL
  12. Memphisyank

    New plan moving forward...

    The irony that the young guys got hurt, and the "aging" vets are healthy. 😕
  13. Memphisyank

    New plan moving forward...

    appreciate the clarification- but I thought each of the bottom 8 teams had an equal chance at the top pick this year due to draft rule changes to prevent tanking. Did I misunderstand that?
  14. Memphisyank

    New plan moving forward...

    here is the thing I don't really understand about this whole thing. Legit asking here. If we end up with a top pick this year and do not convey. And are a much better team next year (or in two) when our pick is unprotected, wouldn't that be better for us in the long run? get another top pick to run with JJJ and then next year we are competitive and our first round is like 18 or something? wouldnt that be better? am I missing something? is next years draft projected to be that much better
  15. Memphisyank

    New plan moving forward...

    We stole a win against the lakers who are imploding internally. but other than that we lost 4 after trading Gasol. Can we just accept that we are terrible at basketball? and have a terrible roster? just fire the GD front office already