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  1. Memphisyank

    Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls - 2/13/19

    Wow.... every time down the floor Chicago is getting to the front of the rim. That didn’t happen before 🙄🙄🙄 our FO is terrible this is garbage (yes I’m bitter)
  2. Memphisyank

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    Maybe we should have a real big spain appreciation thread. LOL. everyone post their favorite Marc Memory. Mine was two years ago in the playoffs. I can't remember if it was single or double overtime. 2016-2017 against the spurs. We had injuries, Marc his a buzzer beater three to win the game. I was there with my then 6 year old who lost his mind screaming at the game and became an instant fan. fast forward and my now 9 year old was in tears when he found out we traded Marc. But I explained to him that we can still be a fan, and cheer for the raptors now too (since they are in the east) he cheered up. Last one- check my profile picture. Marc was new to Memphis, I was hanging at E&H downtown. he was there with a few folks. I came up to him and chatted with him, told him how excited I was to have him here after his brother. he was super cool, ended up throwing back a few beers with me and my friends. Hung out for probably 20 minutes before going back to his group. Legit chill guy. it helped that I had just been to spain and we had that to chat about.
  3. Memphisyank

    Valanciunas 23 & 10 in 21 minutes

    bro bro bro- we get it. you are a super fan. Calm down though. thats not how we roll in the 901- we are all excited to see what the big fella can do
  4. Memphisyank

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    There are about 5 of you on this board that are classified as true haters. All I am saying is you should keep your hate out of the Big Spain appreciation thread. Have some class man. those four guys put Memphis on the map. Zbo, TA, Mike and of course Marc
  5. Memphisyank

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    I am happy for the big fella. I hope he gets a ring. Took me a minute, not going to lie. but I really am happy for the guy. He means a lot to this city, and he will forever be a Memphian.
  6. Memphisyank

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    I guess man. Some people are so obtuse.
  7. Memphisyank

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    Does this post really belong in the Big Spain appreciation thread?
  8. Memphisyank

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    So the Toronto msg boards are saying they will be starting Gasol, and they think he is the final piece to get them over the hump. I am still irritated that we got (imo) virtually nothing for him. but hey, thats just me. I hope the big fella gets the rings he deserves and our terrible FO gets fired after this year.
  9. Memphisyank

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    😡😡😡😡😡 you really need to go shove your head somewhere
  10. Memphisyank

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    All the haters should go check out the raptors message boards. They are fired up excited to get gasol
  11. Memphisyank

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    Not going to lie this made me sad but the big fella deserves a chance to compete one more time. Class act the entire time. Always a Memphian in my heart
  12. Zion looks like the real deal. However with our luck in the draft I would put our odds at about .000001% of getting him. Cue-“so you are telling me there is a chance?”
  13. And- ok I am sorry again in advance. but there are people all over this board talking about how the pelicans will bail on Nola- how AD has no loyalty etc. We had two players who gave their entire career to us, a small market team. And trusted a front office that really let them down with bad move after bad move. It just makes me sick to hear the way they are talked about
  14. Parsons contract screwed us. thats the long and short of it. There are a crap ton of Gasol/Conley haters on this board, but I think its misplaced. If we had gotten the 22-25 ppg from Chancun that we were expecting none of this would be happening. I agree that Mike/Marc are a class act. Getting run out of town by some of you fans really gets under my skin. Your short term memory loss is astounding. And, I really dont want to spend the next 5 years laboring in the gutter in hopes of getting the next Lebron, or Harden or whatever. especially with our draft record. Sorry- rant over
  15. Memphisyank

    How is Chris Wallace surving all of this?

    Wait- so Chip you think Pera is largely responsible for putting this terrible team around mike/marc? If Markris and Prince are driving this ship, why would we want to give them the keys?