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  1. JJJTG

    Seattle Gets NHL Franchise

    I’m on record for hating this attitude on the boards. Yeah, I know most of the replies to Chip are tongue in cheek, but the boards aren’t what they used to be. New information on a topic like this is deserving of a new thread IMO. If anyone disagrees, I motion that all game threads be regulated to Chip’s going away post from over 7000 posts ago (because everyone here was too negative?).
  2. JJJTG

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Nope. Just trying to draw the man out of hiding. He’s overdue for a cameo at this point and I miss the guy.
  3. Parson’s contract becomes useful next season...
  4. JJJTG

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Saying it now... JJJ The Great. Greater than Gay. Greater than Gasol.
  5. JJJTG

    Grizz News Links

    Can we unsticky this thread? There hasn’t been a post in it since 2017 and potential clutter on the boards would be a positive at this point. The board has turned into nothing but megathreads and KBM threads (I’m poking fun but I really do appreciate the new original content). I mostly a lurker since 2004 so I can’t really criticize, but megathreads are cumbersome to keep up with they make the boards appear even more inactive than they are which is probably off-putting to potential new members.