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  1. He just looks young. He looks like a HS version of Carmelo Anthony. 6’11 wing span or something like that. Is he a 2 or 3? We have a lot of Swiss Army Knives so maybe it doesn’t matter. Just put him on the wing. ... but I can’t really figure him out either but I guess if I were coaching against Kentucky plan 1, 2 and 3 would be to take Boston out of the game. Gonna come down to Workouts/Interviews for him unless he really turns it on in the SEC Tournament. That’s probably the one archetype we don’t have: lanky, smooth wing scorer. If he has some Brandon Ingram in his game he could move back into the top 10.

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Even in our ‘moral loss’ to the Ignite, our best guy is under contract with the Mavs and the rest of our roster looked unathletic. When our 3’s aren’t falling I can see how things could get ugly quickly. Gillespie is a great rebounder but is not explosive and can’t shoot.
  3. Hmm. Something to think about. He might. Looks like we match up great with them.

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Clippers 25/02/2021

    We looked like a Super Bowl team out there. Size and toughness everywhere.

    Suggs is very good

    Watching the Bucks and Zionicans right now. 2 more for Big Bucky. Donte Inferno doing great for Milwaukee. He’s the guy I thought he was. Similar archetype to Suggs maybe. 3 and D secondary guard with some slashing and athleticism.
  6. Definitely. With Kyle and JV also getting major minutes.

    Suggs is very good

    Gonzaga is a REAL school. They make you do papers and stuff. #Guessing
  8. They did. Lots of size. Maybe the future of the league is starting lineups featuring five guys who are 6’6 and weigh 250.

    Suggs is very good

    Ironically I think Suggs might be a Hamlet aka an Option 2b. Ideal 4th guy on a team with a 1/1a/2a. He could be a Deluxe OJ Mayo.
  10. Probably. Once Jaren gets back I think we give it a couple of weeks to see if we are in contention for a 6th seed. Until then I think we hold on to Tyus. And maybe there just aren’t that many good backup point guards.

    Suggs is very good

    Last year they had 1 and 1a with LeBron and AD — possibly and ideal superstar tandem. But they also had sky-scraping rim protection/lob threats with Javale McGee and Dwight Howard. Danny Green. The less top line talent you have the more Swiss Army guys you need. Even then, get a 1 and 1a. Standard issue backup point guard, a rim protector, a stretch big man, and enforcer inside and a shooting specialist on the wing — that’s only 7 guys. So you still might need 5 or 6 Swiss Army types. We’ve got 1/1a plus a plethora of Swiss Army Knives. The inside bruising scorer, the overqualified backup point guard... we could obviously use an awesome third option aka 1c or 2/2a/2b. But other than that we need a freak rim runner/rim protector and some shooters. Probably at least one more on the wing and another stretch big man. With Dieng being overpaid (on an expiring deal), Tyus over-qualified, low ceiling Konchar and YMCA-level athlete Jontay Porter are probably the most expendable. Maybe you have to use Grayson Allen to move up in the draft for Corey Kispert. Then take a 2nd round flyer on Ibou Badji or Jericho Sims or maybe Jay Huff to be a deep bench shot blocker.
  12. If we trade Tyus who do we get at his replacement? Who is out there. Guess we could trade but when was the last time you saw a mid-season backup point guard swap? I was actually thinking of moving Tyus/Dieng/Blazers second (and maybe Grayson Allen) to Dallas for KP, Tyrell Terry (I REALLY want this guy) and the Mavs second. I would also ask for Josh Green or Tyler Bey. If we do that then I would bring in Jarrett Jack from the G League Ignite squad to be our third stringer behind Ja and Terry. We might have enough too many Swiss Army Knife guys but I doubt it. Maybe teams just need more versatility and depth now. BUT we can’t add any more guys like that (Tillman is best used as a Swiss Army Knife type. Same with Dillon.). Any extra pieces need to either be shooters or rim runners. We probably need to add an athletic 7 foot rim runner/rim protector but that’s about it. So, after that, shooting. Preferably a guy who has a shot profile that scales. We need another player (along with Jaren) who can take 6 or 7 (or more) 3 point shots per game.

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Clippers 25/02/2021

    The Duke Brothers. #TurnTheMachinesBackON
  14. Ja: right at his batting average.