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  1. Wish we had run a few quick post ups for the big man. I would also like to see some legit pick and pops to get Jaren open for 3. Even his 3's weren't "that" open. He's not the kind of player who can just go out and get his own stuff. Defense/rebounding was good though -- and a great alley-oop to BC. Both teams' guards just tried to get their own stuff. It worked for us, not for them. Or, our guards went fishing for easy assists. Melton to Ja might be one of my favorite alley-oop combos of all-time. I think he threw a few good ones to Ja last seson too. Great timing/chemistry between those 2!

    all about ja

    Maybe we should look at guys on rookie deals that other teams are hesitant to max out. I am thinking of Zion maybe — or Evan Mobley (... Ayton?). And unless Ja fools around and wins the MVP award this season (which he might) he will get a max contract but not a SUPER MAX. Still might have enough wiggle room to “max out” one more guy.
  3. Maybe he goes off against the Clips. Lakers present another tough matchup with AD at the 4.

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2021

    The league is gonna end up with Simmons, Kyrie and Zion on the same team soon — oh wow that sounds like an interesting team!
  5. We should have tried to get him going inside — but maybe it was a tough matchup against Mobley (with Jarrett Allen lurking). 3J needs a go-to post move (hook shot?) or at least a floater or baseline jumper. If we can get Jaren going earlier that will REALLY make things easier for our perimeter weapons.
  6. This team gives off some ‘91 Bulls vibes.
  7. With Han and Lando out, Luke Skywalker put on a show and Chewy played well. Are ZW and Bane the droids we are looking for? Even our 7 foot Kiwi Ewok showed up (plus Brandon "Bobba Fett" Clarke and the Bar Scene Bench Mob).
  8. BC is playing well. He fits better with Jaren or Adams. Especially when we are playing up-tempo. And Slo Mo is also playing minutes at the 4 (and Tillman isn't really a center).

    Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Lakers - 10/24/21

    Then we should go with Kyle. Honestly forgot about Culver (and yes, he is still on the roster -- I checked). Start Ja/Melton/Kyle/Jaren/Adams with Bane or BC as the 6th man. Starting Kyle would also allow us to play Ja off the ball more (and Slo Mo can help get 3J going on offense).
  10. I was mainly thinking of a healthy Grizzlies team running out a Melton/Bane/Dillon/Kyle/Clarke second unit -- then I realized that Kon Man AND another player would have to start. As it stands, looks like our starting five should be a Ja/Melton backcourt (Melton has thrown Ja some nasty 'oops over the years, not just tonight), with a Dillon/Jaren/Adams front line. Guess that would give us a Konchar/Bane/Ziaire/Clarke/Kyle bench mob (assuming Konchar can play some backup 1).
  11. Sexton, Love, and Jarrett Allen (plus picks) for Ben Simmons? I agree that the Cavs should reload around a Garland-Mobley 2 man game with Okoro as a high level glue guy.

    Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Lakers - 10/24/21

    We could throw Yves Pons at LeBron (as well as Carmelo).

    Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Lakers - 10/24/21

    I was just thinking how ironic it was that the skinniest guy in the league (Ziaire) and the fattest guy in the league (Zion) have the same initials (ZW). Then I wondered if anything like that has ever happened before, then suddenly realized that the shortest dude (Muggsy Bogues) and the tallest dude (Manute Bol) ALSO have the same initials (MB). These are the things I think of.

    Memphis Grizzlies win total: 41.5

    BC gives us a bit of what The Bag Man does -- and I can see BC having a higher BBIQ. And Clarke is low maintenance as anything.... I don't see us moving anyone if we decide to hold on to Kyle/Tyus -- most of the roster has complementary skill sets, not a ton of overlap. And I doubt we can get much for Culver/Tillie (if they are in fact still on the roster).

    Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Lakers - 10/24/21

    This Lakers squad is old enough to be a lounge act in Las Vegas.