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    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Yeah. We got a good deal out of it outside of getting some super trade offer. I also think it is a pretty good signing for the Lakers.

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    There you go!

    Dwight saves some money for the Grizz

    I am getting some Hogan/Hall/Nash vibes from LeBron/AD/Dwight Howard. The Lakers look like the favorites to win the title, but I don't see any GREAT team out there (or on the horizon). A bunch of classic 2nd round team types.

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    CAN TACKO FALL SAVE BIG TEEVEE SPORTS BALL???? STAY TOONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    I think Ja and Jaren will be on the 2023 team. Jaren might get called back in next year too to give the Team USA A team a run for its money. I watched a bit of the US/Spain highlights. Spain looks like a squad that has seen better days. A bit slow, methodical and not that explosive. In the game against the Aussies it looked like Kyle Kuzma got it going. When he gets going he is a PROBLEM. An explosive scorer with range and length, but he can also shoot you out of a game. Let's see which Kyle Kuzma shows up in the World Cup (probably ALL of them).

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    I haven't been in years, but I liked the place. I heard good things about it and it was good.

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    Will LeBron James still be playing -- so he can try to singlehandedly keep the league afloat? #SnarkButtonInTheFullUprightPosition

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    Can't wait to watch our stuff with our guys running our stuff, but I don't care as much about the rest of the league. Luka/Zion will both be MUST SEE for me, BUT they have to deliver big time. Other than that, it is been there/done that for me. Last season I saw Greek Freak baptize Marc Gasol as he was headed out the door, so what's Giannis gonna do for an encore????

    7 seconds or less

    Would you run Ja-Clarke pick and rolls with Jaren on the strong side? Ja-Jaren pick and pops with Clarke on the baseline? Hopefully we run a bunch of different options this year too. Hopefully our "shooters" (we DO have shooters, right? Right?) keep the defenses honest, so our young guns (and big guns) can go to work.

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    We MIGHT be headed towards a golden age of sports ball -- but I see ZERO super-marketable global mega stars IN THEIR (YOUTHFUL) PRIMES in ANY major sport. Then when Big Highlights flashes the stands at Camden Yards not even the RATS are showing up. I like where the Grizz are, I like our position going forward, and I think we have a "loyal" fan base with enough "bandwagon fans" to make us a fairly popular team. OTHERWISE, yeah, I think BIG TEEVEE SPORTS BALL might run into some trouble soon. See also: my post in the '7 Seconds Or Less' thread.

    7 seconds or less

    I still think Jonas is one of our top options, and I think basketball has moved too far in the 7Sec/Less direction. I think we are headed to a bit more balance -- with some post scoring, a bit less 3 point shooting, and then also more defense (maybe even some full court press stuff). But, that DOES look like our future "trio". Super Max 1, Super Max 1a, and our third wheel in Brandon Clarke. From now on, we build around those 3. We should be firing on all cylinders once we convey the pick (either this year or next). For my money, I think I would try to target players/draft picks who fit BEST with this trio and not necessarily just going after the guy who is up next on Jay Bilas' big board. So, I guess what we would really need is guard/wing scoring. My gut instincts tell me that IF we keep the pick this year then we might want to trade DOWN, so we can get the/a guy we want, save some cash, AND get a pick next year. Why do I (usually) always forget about Bruno? He and Jonas, Jaren, and Clarke comprise the Front Court Four Horsemen with Ja Morant being the RING LEADER.

    Cousins injury

    Oh wow. Hollywood LeBron and The Outsiders are gonna end up killing the NBA.

    Cousins injury

    We need some cash and a 2nd round pick out of this deal now that we are "gifting" the LA Lakers an NBA title with Hollywood Howard.

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    What if the NBA folds before the FedEx Forum lease ends? If DA LEAGUE is gonna bet the farm on a couple of FAT @$$E$ (Luka and Zion) then the ABA Golden Age we have all been waiting for will die an inglorious premature death. Will Roller Derby and EXTREME bowling stem the losses of Big TeeVee SportsBall? If fans stop showing up can you stop 'em? Will LeBron Funk, Jr. save the show????? Will Big Sports Ball have to downsize -- a G League for the YMCA set and a 5G League for the prime-timers? So much to think about... so little time. Stay TOONED for my 2020 NBA Draft Big Board 15.0 aka The Bahamas Edition!!!!!!

    Bruno vs. Greek Freak

    Bruno is good. He can be an all-around defensive pest and is solid on the boards. And, the guy just doesn't lose. The kid needs some moves on offense, obviously a Euro step would be awesome, but he is pretty much just a finisher around the basket and a lob threat. Still a streaky 3 point shooter, but his shot looked a bit better in Summer League. If we can play the trio of Jaren, Clarke, and Bruno all at the same time, we are gonna have a bright future. To me, Bruno is a "3" on defense but a "4" on offense, or a "stretch 4" if his 3 point shot is legit. Jaren is a "4" or even a "small ball 5" on defense, but a legit "stretch 4" on defense, so he has an offensive package closer to a small forward than a rim-runner. He can be a Kevin Durant type when he wants to be. So, if we go ULTRA BIG with Jonas at the 5, Bruno and Jaren would just switch places on offense and defense. And Bruno looks to be as good or better as a shot blocker (or shot blocking threat) than Jaren since he is even LONGER.