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  1. Didn’t think so either but the trade machine said it was ok.... Although I COULD be wrong....
  2. Ok, just playing around with the ole ESPN trade machine, THIS trade works out (ASSUMING we can get a 1st rounder or some future 2nd rounders out of this deal). Just. Don't. Click. On. The. Link. #AnythingForPicks
  3. I have Ja Morant in BOTH of my fantasy leagues. In one league I have BOTH Ja AND Jaren. Should be an interesting game! I predict that we will look BETTER than expected half the nights and look WORSE than expected the other half, so by the end of the year we will have a record that pretty much everybody expected.
  4. Cuz the rooks are showing up some of the other guys. Although I don't think we can tell much without JV. Such a big factor especially inside and on the boards. Maybe our coaching staff is still trying to figure out who will start on the wing for us. I can't really tell either but I would like to see Clarke/Jaren as our lock-down forwards and then maybe Konchar at the 2. Konchar can be our new Kon Man.
  5. I bet Ivan Rabb gets 12 rebounds.
  6. Yeah they need to get Jaren about 30 shots tonight. Konchar better show out. I think he can work his way into the rotation with some good showings over the remaining (almost had a Freudian slip before I corrected my spelling) few preseason games. Outside of Ja, our perimeter/wing rotation looks up in the air.
  7. Sure! But the CA has negatively hyped the Grizz so far. “Can Ja Morant help Penny recruit?” ”Penny sees a lot of himself in Super Grizz.” We have to hype the team up ourselves!
  8. That would be fun -- only downside is we would have no athleticism or length off the bench. I think Clarke/Jaren/JV should be our front line no matter what. Gimme Konchar at the 2 as my sleeper pick. Second team/bench mob led by Tyus, Grayson, Bruno, and Jae.
  9. I know it is (very) early but Morant/Clarke is must-see TV. Let's see if we can get Jaren more/better shots going down the preseason stretch.
  10. I think we are BOTH right. Clarke is almost exclusively a bucket-getter in the paint, or, more exact, inside the restricted area. Luckily he might be able to guard 3's a lot, so I think you CAN start both Jaren and Clarke at the forward spots -- just switch their roles on offense and defense. Jaren should let it fly (within the offensive rhythm) from pretty much anywhere. JJJ is basically a stretch big on offense and a secondary rebounder/weak side shot blocker on defense. Now can the WHOLE of Jaren's game EXCEED the sum of its parts? That would probably come down to limiting fouls/turnovers and play making/intangibles on the plus side.
  11. Jaren and Clarke can switch places on offense. Clarke hangs out around the rim, while Jaren spots up from 3. Yeah, no matter what happens, spacing issues are gonna be a biggie! And, Clarke IS more of a finisher than a mid-range shooter or creator. It might take him awhile to work on those things.... I haven't paid close attention but I would assume that Clarke's shot chart looks like Zion's. On the plus side, Ja/Clarke have AWESOME chemistry. Don't see a ton of chemistry between Ja and Jaren yet, but Jaren can space the floor and has hit some 3's on Ja pick and pops/kick-outs.
  12. Clarke is a "4" on offense and a "3" on defense. Jaren is a "3" on offense (combination of Durant/Iceman) and a 4 (very small ball 5 on defense). I pointed this out before the regular season started. Jaren needs to put up a TON of shot attempts to be effective. 6 or 7 boards and just 1 or 2 blocks per night ain't gonna get it done! The five 3 point shot attempts was nice. If the kid takes 15 shots a night I would prefer 5 paint shots, 5 mid-range shots, and 5 deep balls. Or, get up to 21 shots per night (decidedly on the high end) then I want 7 of each. And, if he is AGGRESSIVE he will get to the line, too. Jonas needs help at "center". I am guessing we platoon the bigs this year (Jonas, Jaren, Clarke, Bruno, and I even think Jae and Rabb get minutes there). ALL we know: Ja Morant is, paraphrasing Aretha Franklin, "the best **** quarterback in the state." Biggest potential revelation: maybe we should start Jon Konchar at the 2. Solid play maker, hustle guy, can rebound, and hit a shot or two. Although he would DEFINITELY need to shoot more if he started. Does that give us a Ja/Konchar/Clarke/Jaren/Jonas unconventional starting five where Clarke and Jaren switch places on offense/defense, and Konchar guards the best opposing guard? This hypothetical lineup may maximize spacing, play making, 3 point shooting, rebounding, and defense. Jae Crowder then checks in as the 3/D 6th man at either forward spot, filling in for any one of Clarke/Jaren/Jonas. Our "second team" would be something like Tyus Jones, Grayson Allen, Josh Jackson, Rabb, and Bruno.
  13. Looking at those lineups... better be Seattle Super Sonics bobble head night.
  14. Might need to just run high pick and rolls with Ja and Jaren then let Ja go to work. If that sets up Jaren or someone else. Then if all else fails you hit Jaren for the 3 or dump it down to JV inside. Spacing looks to be an issue especially if we go ice cold like we did tonight. Or, I guess we did since I forgot our game was on TV.
  15. Yeah, Jonas looks like the only “center” on the roster.