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    Rumor has it

    We need a good chef. Or a great bartender.

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Maybe I don't want us getting the 2nd Pick this year. There's usually not a no-brainer awesome guy at 2 (Durant/Mourning) so teams picking here can really mess up.

    We should've had the 6th pick

    "Must see" in person this year. Dunked on our whole team a couple of times. He's the new Dr. J. Probably can't carry the league by himself though. The league REALLY needs Zion to do well. Chicago might be the best bet since maybe the Knicks will get some top free agents anyway. Oh, and that Bulls-Knicks rivalry from the 90's was legendary.

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    That was Tacko Fall. Fall is even longer and taller (but slower) than Bol Bol. No range, all Tacko does is dunk. Actually hard to believe that we gameplanned better against Mr. Fall than Duke did. Back to Bol: I don't think that any center is gonna look like a HOFer in every situation. Though Bol can fit in with Jaren or Jonas or Bruno. Maybe you can even play all FOUR of those guys at one time.

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I will have to watch Sekou more. Is he a "Bruno type"? Couple of years away or so? It sounds like he is a 3/4 hybrid forward so if he doesn't mind coming off the bench then that would work. Not much tape on Garland but he looks tough. Great looking shot. Does he run the pick and roll or the pick and pop? Darius Garland really intrigues me. I would still like to see where Boston ends up (they have their own pick and a couple more including one from Sacramento). Trading down might also be an option.

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    The hype kinda came out of nowhere. Remembered him once he declared, but had no idea who he was before that. Maybe he was hyped up big his last year at BYU, I can't remember. I thought the Fab Five guys (notably Chris Webber) had all the hype. Maybe they wanted the draft to be a "BIG THREE" along with C Webb/Penny. I think some guys "projected" Bradley to be some force of nature at the next level. Those Sixers teams were BAD though.

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Bean pole shot blocker, fairly athletic for his size, decent shooting touch. That was the hype. Went to the Sixers in more of a bully-ball era. Can't remember if he was billed as a great rebounder coming out of college or not. Penny would have been the better pick at 2, but if you take a guy like Shawn Bradley at 8 that is usually a best case scenario at 8 most years.

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Bruno-Jaren-Bol would be fun to watch at least. That is a FREAKISH front line. Along with Jonas and Kyle you have your front court rotation covered with 5 players. (Kyle can obviously be a point forward type too).

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Then we could go BIG while everyone else is still "small" although I think teams are getting "bigger" anyway. If 2-4 is Hunter, Bruno, Jaren, then those guys are definitely guarding everybody, helping from the weak side, and rebounding, but none of those 3 are good enough to be a secondary ball handler to Mike (or Delon or whoever). Other than that they can all score some and shoot a bit (with Bruno being streakier). Those 3 would definitely give us an identity (along with Slo Mo and Jevon plus whichever of the other guys we keep longer term).

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I like Hunter a lot. Just imagine if either Bruno Caboclo or Hunter can play the 2.

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I think a team would have to try out RJ Barrett at point not guard. He has the most value as a big point guard who can get to the line and rebound. Then you can have him run pick and rolls or pick and pops. Like, I don't think a Collin Sexton/RJ Barrett backcourt would really work. Although if Memphis drafted Barrett you can trade Conley and go with a Delon/RJ backcourt with RJ handling most of the creating load. On the downside: it could be too much like the RJ/Tre Jones situation at Duke and that didn't really work out in the end. Jaren adds value as a low usage all-around defender, weak side shot blocker, secondary rebounder, and floor spacer on offense. Or, the guy you throw it to in the post when the shot clock is winding down. What's weird though is that Jaren offers a ton of value as a binge scored every now and then -- with scoring and shot making abilties of a Bird, a Jordan, or a Durant. Ball skills/Euro step/simple passing might be the key to unlocking Jaren's "potential".

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Depending on how the ping pong balls bounce, Boston might have picks at 14, 20, and 22. Even if we get a player I want at least 14 and either 20 or 22. This year, 8, 14, and 20 might all have equal value. If we do that then I would start Delon Wright, Justin Holiday, Hayward (from Boston), Jaren, and Jonas with a bench led by Bruno, Kyle, a few 2019 first rounders, and Noah as the obligatory veteran off the bench. Garland, White, Kevin Porter Jr., or DeAndre Hunter at 8 with Tyler Herro/Bruno Fernando as the Boston picks would give us some nice pieces to augment our young core. With multiple picks it could also allow you to roll the dice on Bol Bol.
  13. I can't name 5 coaches in the NBA. Ok, not true. But... still. Even when I think of potential "retread" coaches they are like 70.

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    If the top 3 is Zion, Ja, and RJ then 4-7 could very well be Garland, Coby, Hunter, and Reddish. Bol might replace Reddish if Bol shows out well and if Reddish is just as polarizing as always.

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Bol, Jaxson Hayes, and Herro have a bit more risk but should be there. I am not counting on both Coby White and Garland being there. Not sure which of those two I like more. If we move Conley then Garland is more of a true point guard (or at least he has point guard size). I am hearing Coby White is more of a combo but I wouldn't mind a bigger point guard. The Stepien has a podcast about Hayes and Porter Jr. Jaxson Hayes is a bit raw and not a great rebounder. Kevin Porter Jr shoots 50% from the line and doesn't have a big wing span. If I could get a wing/shooter (Herro? Keldon Johnson) AND a big (or import) by trading down I would do that.