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    In the past two drafts the ONE GUY I really really wanted was Ja Morant in this past draft. I liked Mitch Rob in 2018 (man, we should have gotten him in the 2nd round!), and I am not really sure who I wanted on draft night. I had basically all the bigs a bit lower on the draft board. Didn't like Luka that much but forgot about what I wrote about him. He is a MUCH better scorer than a thought he would be. The rest of the package: athleticism/working on frame in progress, streaky shot, emotional, passing, ball handling, rebounding is what I thought it would be. I had Jaren pegged as a 3 and D big man. But maybe not a great rebounder. So, John Salley with a 3 point shot and a 4/5 more than a classic rim-running center. I would like to look through the Draft Night thread to see my thoughts in progress. Could have gone either way with Wendell. Ironically, we did well with our big man pick even though you should basically ALWAYS draft your lead guard FIRST in a rebuild -- THEN get your big man and complementary wings. I had Trae and the Bag Man super low, too. They can put up stats and highlights but let's see if they win. If the 2018 draft show down/comparison is between Jaren and Luka I wouldn't be shocked. Ja/Zion should be the 2019 draft comparison/rivalry. IF Zion shows up. If I were Zion... maybe I make a surprise debut at the dunk contest. His NEW/REAL ceiling might only be Fat Dominique Wilkins at this point. Past two drafts: Is Ja the best -- wouldn't doubt it. Luka, 2nd. If I have a super high usage guy maybe I want a more traditional (and super athletic) point guard than a big wing (basically a point forward). Jaren/Trae/Zion next in line in some order. Not giving up on some of the other guys though. Brandon Clarke looks like a really good 4th option, but if Ja and Jaren start killing it as Options 1 and 1a then I think Clarke can be a good third option. Unfortunately, I don't think there are any takeaways from the past couple of drafts to apply to upcoming drafts -- unless it is "do your own homework" and "if a guy can play then he can play". As a contrarian, with the relative busty-ness of Bamba and maybe some other bigs, even Ayton or The Bag Man or Wendell who is solid but maybe not a guy with a super high ceiling... maybe I take a look at the BIGS in this draft. Not just James Wiseman but also N'faly Dante. Makur Maker is probably gonna drive me nuts. If we were looking for a point guard/lead guard/alpha guard then I would have a different draft order -- maybe I might have my Draft Option 1 being "trade down for Nico Mannion". As it stands, I am looking elsewhere: Tres Tinkle, DJ Jeffries (sleeper who could REALLY move up), Jaden McDaniels (but he has pretty much already moved up a lot), and Josh Green (although I don't see anyone who DOESN'T like him). 2nd tier utility wings include Jordan Nwora and Jarron Cumberland. Anthony Edwards: too many Dajuan Wagner or OJ Mayo vibes???
  2. No kidding. It's a totally different league. I thought he should be at 8 attempts a night -- maybe it should be more. But, he should still attack from the mid-range and post. I would guess that basketball fans in Memphis either like low post, old-school bangers or high flying big men. Jaren is something different. Still a decent lob threat (and will be better once he settles into his size and frame) but more of a pick and pop guy. Ideally, he becomes a high volume 3 point shooter AND a high volume low-post/mid-post scorer. That would optimize his value on the offensive end. It would also open up his mid-range game, either for face up jumpers, isos, or drives against mismatches. Maybe we still need to sign/draft extra bigs (even if we keep Jonas long-term) because it seems like big men get in foul trouble more now. And, can't have the refs/fouls inside these guys' heads. "Big men depth" is gonna be a key feature of the league going forward.
  3. I wonder if they should change their name back to the San Francisco Warriors. The team moved and that GSW dynasty “might” be over for good. Durant is gone and at the very least Dray lost his mojo. There’s also a part of me that hopes that the Warriors don’t reload with a healthier core AND a top lotto pick.

    Mavs have a new model

    So every team is a Luka Doncic short?

    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    Never said that I ever checked my numbers in the first place. Good research — just looks like one of those two is expendable (maybe both). Marko can’t hit shots right now. Grayson is more of a scorer than a shooter but he is not a good shooter. Both guys are young but not super young.
  6. Holy Cash Considerations!!!! I found a 3 way trade with the Cavs and Mavs that makes sense on paper (or at least on ESPN Trade Machine)! BUT... this says that the Mavs with Iggy and Love plus keeping a few of their bench guys and also getting Delly, decreases their win total by 12 games. Cavs lose 4 more games. We win 3 more. I am sure multiple draft picks will be part of this trade, although mostly late first round picks, 2nd round picks, and future protected picks. Cavs get: Delon Wright Tyus Jones Jae Crowder Grayson Allen Antonius Cleveland Grizzlies get: Tim Hardaway Jr. Courtney Lee Justin Jackson Aaron McKinnie Jalen Brunson Mavs get: Kevin Love Andre Iguodala Mathew Dellavadova Marko Guduric ... maybe the Cavs get 25 and a future 1st rounder (protected) from Dallas, we get 31 from Dallas, and the Cavs get our 2nd rounder (via Phoenix Suns), a future 2nd rounder and cash. Mavs make a run with a lineup featuring Seth Curry, Luka, Iggy, Love, and Kristaps, with Dwight Powell, Dellavadova, Kleber, Marko, Boban, JJ Barea, and some other guys off the bench. link to trade:
  7. The Blazers' ideal additions might now be on the table: Iggy AND Kevin Love. If we can help swing that deal, I think we can also get rid of Jae and Tyus, PLUS pick up some valuable draft pieces. Hmm, maybe the Mavs want to go "all in" too and go after BOTH Iggy and Love.
  8. I will take Skal, picks, and expiring contracts/2 year deals for Iggy. We can send 'em Tyus Jones, Marko, and Grayson Allen, too.

    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    I would keep SloMo and Hill -- no brainer. And, JV because of his unique skill set, IF he would be ok coming off the bench. I would keep Bruno around as a long-term rotation big. Marko needs to show something. ... he could be used as trade filler since Tyus Jones might be untradeable soon. Jae/Iggy gotta go. For me, Grayson Allen is a toss-up but if he can be used as trade filler, send him packing. Then you can slot Marko in for that backup 2 guard spot. Marko is also cheaper than Grayson Allen.
  10. If the Grizz and Bulls are both up there in the lotto, and we really don't love anybody where we are at I am thinking about trading down with the Bulls and getting WCS. Or, do a trade with the Knicks and get Mitch Rob if they somehow win the top pick and take Wiseman. I can easily project Jaren as a guy who can play either big man spot. I can easily project Wendell as a guy without the range or defense to play the 4, or the size to play the 5. He is kind of a tweener. He's basically an undersized center. Jaren is more of a primary big. Wendell would be a good secondary big man though. Ironically, so would Mitch Rob or Mo Bamba. ... but I guess you don't take secondary big men in the lottery (maybe not even most PRIMARY big men). All 4 of those guys are foul machines. BUT, each guy might foul LESS per minute IF they are paired with another big man. Some wise guy might point out that just like there is only one basketball to go around, there is only one foul per possession to go around. The 2020 draft should be good for trading down, mixing/matching, loading up on mid/late firsts, and using picks to get "young vets" on rookie/cheap deals. At this point, I am projecting Ja/Jaren/Clarke as our big 3 with Josh Jackson as a POTENTIAL fourth guy, or Robin type, but at the TWO GUARD SPOT. Then we are looking to find a swing man small forward, preferably one who can really shoot (in the draft). My bench is looking like Melton/Dillon/Kyle/Bruno/Jonas -- which is pretty dang good!!! Solo Man sticks around as the obligatory Get-Off-My-Lawn wing player. I am calling up a G League guy or two, or giving them 2 way deals. Yuta/Konchar: one of those guys makes the team as a deep deep bench guy, maybe both. Or, neither. I am using my free agent money to go after an "instant offense" 6th man veteran shooter/scorer. If I can't get a decent 6th man insta-buckets guy then I am gonna go with a shooting specialist like Troy Daniels and an extra big man.

    Ja Morant Week to Week

    They need to stay healthy though
  12. It looks like the Mavs are gonna have picks at 25 and 31. I really, really, really want those picks. We could round out our rotation with those picks, and this draft looks fairly deep -- not fairly good but fairly DEEP. So even if we convey our pick we can package 25/31 on draft night to move up in order to chase a "lottery guy" who falls. Package Iggy with Tyus or Grayson or Marko and maybe even send over the Suns' 2nd rounder to get the deal done. 25/31/Top 4 Or Convey sounds like a good Draft Strategy. 2021 looks like a good draft, especially at the top. And, even if we improve big time but still miss out on the playoffs, a top 4 pick in 2021 would still be in play (assuming we convey our 2020 pick). 2021 could ALSO offer depth if the 1-And-Dones who are mildly or majorly disappointing go to school, then if they are rumored to getting rid of the 1 and Done Rule for 2022 that could also make 2021 deep (more guys declaring for the draft).

    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    Josh looks like a potential "fourth guy" to go with Ja and Jaren and Clarke. Would hate to botch that. If it DOES get botched, let Josh Jackson pull it off all by himself. Let Josh do the honors. IF Josh is our fourth horseman then we can get our "fifth guy" in the draft. And, YES, you SHOULD take fit/need/intangibles/culture into account. Likely, there really aren't many (if any) Ja Morants in this draft. I wouldn't be shocked if there are no Jarens or Clarkes in this draft. Maybe not even a Josh Jackson. With those four guys, you can then either get a big roster or a small-ball roster to fit Wisman in (Jaren/Clarke at the forward spots with Josh at the 2), smaller with Anthony Edwards, RJ Hampton, LaMelo Ball (bust potential? bad fit potential?), Tyrese Haliburton, and Nico Mannion. Right-sized rotation with a Josh Green or a Scottie Lewis or a Tres Tinkle (my sleeper pick). Even Precious Achiuwa or Deni Avdija could be that "fifth guy" and be a solid/decent fit in a lineup featuring Ja/Josh/Clarke/Jaren. As far as draft positioning goes, we are at 6 right now. With a 45.8% chance to get a top 6 pick. Not even a toss-up in our favor. Would rather move down to something like 10 with a 20% chance to move into the top 4 (same odds at 8 too). So we avoid the odds of sending Boston a pick at 7. We also avoid a middling pick at 4-6. So, it would either be TOP 4 OR WE GET OUR 2020 PICK. Even if we end up as the FIFTH WORST team in the league there would still be a 36.1% chance of us conveying our pick.

    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    I thought we were tanking for Evan Mobley, Jalen Green, and Terrence Clarke....
  15. Now that seems to be a guy who is what he is. Probably not much more to prove in the G League. He looks like a 2 way utility forward 12th man, but there's nothing wrong with that. He might be another guy we should either call up by the end of the year or cut bait on. I think he is on a 2 way deal, so we need to figure out what he is worth to us on the Grizzlies (if anything). I think Konchar is our other 2 way guy at the moment. Maybe both guys aren't much more than end-of-the-bench role players but you need those dudes, too. If the last few guys at the end of our bench next year are Yuta, Konchar, Bruno, and Solomon Hill (in some order on the "depth chart") I wouldn't be mad. No real over-lapping skill set and those guys probably know their roles. It's the Iggs, Jaes, and Tyuses that you gotta move. Josh should either be on the Grizzlies roster or completely out of the organization by the NBA trade deadline. Then next year you have 2 completely new players on 2 way contracts: most likely a 2020 second rounder then one guy who is already on the Hustle roster. I am guessing Uthoff. Forgot about him. Or, we bring him up for a 10 day contract or two before the season is up. If we rearrange our bench, call up some guys, cut bait on some others, and make a few trades, then we can figure out how to build around the Ja/Jaren/Clarke core. Ideally, we find a "fourth guy" in the draft, figure out how Jonas/Kyle/Dillon fit in long-term then patch the rest of the lineup together through free agency.