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    Offseason Moves and Plans

    Upside with Rubio: He and Ja aka Air Twitter can rehab TOGETHER. šŸ˜‚
  2. Yeah, you are right. They just don't call FOULS on guys like Marcus Smart -- or Tony Allen back in the day. lol Jaren is probably our Defensive Anchor 1, still could use Defensive Anchor 1a and Defensive Anchor 1b. A LEGIT wing defender. A LEGIT primary deluxe rim protector who can also crash the glass (yes, that matters for defense). One question: anyone know if Jaren shoots better from 3 as a power forward or as a center? Which five man lineup contributes to Jaren's best shooting?

    2022 Lottery

    Good to know! By now they probably have a pretty good idea of who they want to bring in (for workouts/interviews/medicals/etc.). I am also assuming that Pera can offer some guidance for a particular draft strategy. Although probably less so than other owners. Although I would ALSO assume that Pera gets instant feedback on potential picks. Does Pera show up for individual private work outs? Do owners show up for that stuff?

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    Could we use Kyle/Tyus in a MASSIVE sign and trade for DeAndre Ayton? Or, can we only do a sign and trade for just one player? Jaren/Ayton could be CHEAT CODE on BOTH ends of the court. ... and having at least one of those bigs on the court at all time would be a nice luxury to have.

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    If we lose Tyus, I hope we take a look at Ricky Rubio. Failing that it is pretty much guys like Ish Smith, Patty Mills -- OR WORSE.

    2022 Lottery

    The previous FO picked Jaren. Ja was #EasyButton. Guessing the current FO picked Bane -- wonder if it was a split decision and, if so, who made the final call. ZW looks like an inspired pick too. But yeah, the players should have a say, even the Coach. Unless it is some "no brainer" pick like Ja Morant at 2 (or in a previous year Kevin Durant at 2).

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I guess we are all watching the same Jovic highlights. Is Chris Mullin a solid comp? I mean that would basically be his HIGH END UPSIDE but that would still be worth drafting. Mullin was a comp for Doncic that I had at the time. If Jovic even gets "BROKE DONCIC" comps that's well worth a lottery pick.

    2022 Lottery

    Let Ja pick one player, give Jaren the next pick, and let Bane pick who he wants at 47.
  9. Sometimes I feel like I have done more draft research on the 2023 draft than quite a few NBA FO's have done on THIS draft. lol For 2023: Still on J Lawson Island. Also like his bro Chandler. If Matthew Mayer is staying in school then I like Crystal Meth Larry Legend. At the very least, J Lawson and Matthew Mayer can be stunt doubles in an ESPN 30 For 30 biopic about the 80's NBA. Also: gimme some more Kok Yat highlights! 2022: great BAD draft. Top 4-5ish look bust-tastic. Shades of Sam Bowie/Jabari Parker/Harold Miner. Chet has an gives off odd Adam Morrison/Greg Oden mash-up vibes -- which is what EVERY NBA Draft Sadist has been waiting for.

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    Ah. Can't argue with him. IF Tyus goes then maybe we should "low ball" Kyle. Tyus/Kyle were two of our key bench pieces with Tyus being the Tom Brandy of basketball (emergency fill-in for a star QB who accidentally went on a historic run as the main guy). Maybe we can draft a NEW secondary hub to replace Kyle. OR sign one. If Tyus leaves then I think Ricky Rubio would be a good option as a Side Piece QB. Potentially a BETTER fit in Dual QB/super small ball back courts with Ja. Also gives added optionality for potential "death lineups" like Rubio/Ja/Bane/Dillon/Jaren or Rubio/Ja/Bane/Clarke/Jaren or Rubio/Ja/Bane/ZW/Clarke. Then I would go after Mitch Rob. We could then sit Ja/Jaren and organize our lineups around the Rubio/Mitch Rob two-man game (along with shooters like Bane/ZW and Dillon/replacement level Dillon Brooks). We could have a twin QB/twin towers DEATH LINEUP featuring Rubio/Ja/Bane/Jaren/Mitch Rob. Not a ton of shooting but Mitch Rob would actually open up the floor as a VERTICAL spacer. Essentially giving Bane/Jaren more air space to launch their scud missile attacks. Teams would have to stay home on Mitch Rob which would also free up Ja/Rubio for their floater games. Develop ZW/Clarke more. Replacement level 6th man 1 and 6th man 1a. Shop Dillon on draft night but basically go BPA for ALL THREE PICKS specifically eyeing stretch wings and flex combo forwards. Outside of Koloko/Ibou Badji/Kai Sotto I would target Isaiah Mobley as a potential big man/secondary hub to replace Slo Mo (and Killian Tillie). Isaiah Mobley would also give us Santi Aldama insurance. Although Aldama/Mobley MIGHT be able to coexist.

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I was watching a mock draft on YouTube and the amateur draftnik basically said the same thing. He is ALSO a streaky shooter so his draft stock seems to be PRICED FOR PERFECTION at the moment. Dean On Draft Dot Com did a nice write up on some of the top imports. He thinks that NBA teams tend to "chase" international guys in the draft too much. That, on average, college dudes offer tons of value in comparison to the draft/stash types. That Giannis is a HUGE outlier. He's not a fan of this years class of Euros/Overseas prospects. Not even sure he likes ANY of them in the first round. Dean/On/Draft thought that Ousmane Dieng is a 3 and D prospect who CAN'T shoot and CAN'T defend (all that well). The imports look more like "2nd round flyers" this year -- and maybe you really DO want to stash them overseas. In my opinion, Jovic might be a value play on Banchero -- but even that might not be worth all that much. The KEY here might be to find the JOVIC value play. USC's Drew Peterson? Maybe another Trojan by the name of Isaiah Mobley.

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    The Free Agents in our "price range" look like 7th/8th options/bench filler -- and that's one of our strengths. Mitch Rob looks like an ideal target -- but he has a bit of wear/tear already. Is DeAndre Ayton even REMOTELY in our price range? Wouldn't mind kicking the tires on a Jaren/Ayton twin towers option. Sign/Trade throwing in Dillon/Clarke/Kyle? IF we don't resign Tyus then I would go after Ricky Rubio. Better defender than Tyus. Better rebounder. Good play maker, maybe a better (flashier?) passer. Rubio/Ja might be a more effective SMALL BALL/Dual Quarterback Back Court than Tyus/Ja. Optionality for potential "Death Lineups" of Rubio/Ja/Bane/Dillon/Jaren or Rubio/Ja/Bane/Clarke/Jaren. I am excited about the draft too. Fairly flat. But, lots of interesting players. I think we need to "upgade" 4-7 and we might be able to address MOST of our issues through the draft. Beauchamp/Hardy/Braun/Daniels look good. At least one player should be there at 22. If not, I think we can trade up for one of those guys. Koloko brings a lot of stuff to the table. Moneyball Ayton might be a good comp. I have him in the 9-12 range. Ibou Badji looks interesting. Actually had solid stats in his last game. I think something like 13/6 or something. ... Kai Sotto looks like a deep depth value play on John Butler -- or even Chet Holmgren. The top of the draft: Chet/Ivey/Banchero could end up being a total mess. Jabari Smith, Jr. looks legit, but how much is Sneaky Deluxe Shane Battier/Robert Horry worth???
  13. He's in the 8-12 range. So we would have to move up. I assume our FO has at least heard of him. A few mocks had us getting him with the Lakers' pick before LaLa Land imploded. Negatives: can't shoot good. Not SUPER fast or explosive. Positives: small forward size but basically a point guard. Floater game looks nice. Supposedly good on defense. He played in the Rising Stars' Game and he stood out -- in a good way. If you get him, you get him as a slightly faster, slightly more athletic Slo Mo. Although I am guessing he has a bit more upside than that. Even IF he is a 10ish pick I think we can still trade up to get him -- especially if we are shopping Dillon Brooks. I have Beauchamp higher but I have BOTH GUYS super high. Jaden Hardy (the other notable G League Ignite guard/wing) is moving up the boards again and is someone I am also fairly high on, but have a bit lower than MarJon and Dyson. I have all 3 between Tier 2.0 and Tier 3.0 although one of those 3 could end up being as high as Tier 1.75 with the other 2 (not sure which) at Tier 2.75 (or slightly higher). I don't really have that many prospects ahead of Beauchamp/Daniels/Hardy. I might post an updated lotto after they announce the draft order. Big board style, as usual, so then I will make up trades to get the teams drafting in the right order.

    2022 Lottery

    Cool! So the Tankathon simulation is telling us that there's a chance! ... before the trade deadline, I ran the Tankathon sim and the Pelicans ended up with 1 AND 2. Talk about a nightmare scenario for the rest of the league!

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    We should trade Dillon Brooks to AEW.