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    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Morant/Hampton would be a blur. If they improve their shots it would be a cool combo. I think RJ Hampton goes 10-20. Even higher if he shoots well in virtual workouts. RJ Hampton could be a year or two away but I don’t think we are making major plans for 2021-2022 (other than internal improvement).

    2020 NBA Draft Draft Date Locked in

    I think they pushed it back to LATE December so that probably means January or February. Maybe they just start up after the Super Bowl....

    2020 NBA Draft Draft Date Locked in

    National Lampoon’s Christmas Rookie League

    2020 NBA Draft Draft Date Locked in

    Is this gonna be a MAIL IN draft?

    With the 40th pick the Grizzlies take...

    Sure. Maybe you put both guys on 2 way deals for one year then you see what they can REALLY do in 2021-2022. A bench that includes Melton, Markus Howard, Sam Merrill and Clarke would be NICE. Especially if other benches attempt to go “small”. Ironically, Jae Crowder would be a great fit for that second unit and you can also use him with any combination of our starters: Ja, Dillon/Grayson, Winslow, Jaren and JV. Or... maybe another former Grizzly like Jeff Green or even DeMarre Carroll.
  6. Hopefully Bol Bol plays in the WCF. Denver will need him. Crowder/Iggy are out there to defend LeBron. We could see that Finals. An epic cult classic NBA Final Four.
  7. Yeah. I was thinking that too. It’s almost a Death ROTATION. P.S. Nuggets won. Probably my fave Nuggets and Heat editions of all time. One of my favorite Celtics teams. My favorite Lakers team in at least 20 years. Incidentally, The 2020 Clippers were probably my least favorite team EVER. Nuggets/Heat playing a great brand of basketball right now. Maybe IDEAL basketball.

    2019-20 NBA All Rookie Teams Announced

    2nd time Memphis has done this. Checked again the other day. Pau/Battier did it.
  9. 22/5 for Crowder. The Heat are 9-1 in the playoffs. Miami looks like one of the most perfectly-built NBA teams of all-time. Not saying they have all-time talent (but who knows a few guys are still really young) or that they will even get to the Finals — but this is one heck of a team. At this point I wouldn’t be shocked if Jae Crowder wins Finals MVP in a few weeks.
  10. I wouldn’t mind moving up BOTH years. Throw in the Warriors/Jazz future firsts (add protections?) to any draft night deal. Next year we can move up and trade future firsts (but I don’t think we can trade out of the first round). We might need TWO more great drafts anyway....

    With the 40th pick the Grizzlies take...

    He’s not long or y’all but he is kinda explosive and looks to have a better build than another scrawny guy like Trae Young. Call me crazy... I think he can add muscle. There are also clips of him dunking in practice on a YouTube video that bills his vertical at a purported 40 inches. Probably not a game-functional vertical but still... He’s not a non-athlete. I actually think Markus Howard should be a top 15-20 pick. Teams through the Steph/Trae defensive packages at him and he still got his. Sneaky great nano-ball (super small ball) fit with Ja Morant. In my opinion if we go after Markus Howard we should also draft ANOTHER shooter, either by trading down or buying a late second rounder. Sam Merrill is one of my faves and the CA had him as a top 5 option at 40. Mason Jones and Isaiah Joe and a few more would be solid options too. A Splash Bro’s. Bench would put us ahead of the curve.

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Sure. We could have the best pick and pop big (Jaren) AND the best roll man/rim running/lob threat big (Wiseman) in the NBA. Both have workable Euro Steps. Another low key win: Brandon Clarke as our third big who “might” be able to give us a freakish front line of Clarke/Jaren/Wiseman depending on matchups. We also wouldn’t have to overpay for 4th and 5th bigs. That 3 big rotation would be enough basically.
  13. We could think WAY outside of the box and try a Ja-Kyle Lowry backcourt.

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    He is someone to keep an eye on. But, I think he will be just (slightly?) below the Luka/Ja/Zion group of young guns when they hit free agency.
  15. That, too. But I also think that a lot of the draft hype died down once the Knicks FELL and the Bulls didn't move up enough. No one is getting excited about the T Wolves getting the top pick. Although the Warriors are at 2 -- maybe it would have been a better story if they had ended up at 1. I ALSO think that a lot of the Zion Draft hype died down last year after the Pelicans moved up to 1. Worse, when the Knicks couldn't even get 2 (and Ja kind of a semi-lock at 2). Zion and Ja were really easy guys to market and brand. There is no EASY BUTTON in this draft.