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    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Trader Danny took “low ceiling guys” with all those mid-first round picks. Should have taken bigger swings maybe. I am thinking we should make Godfather offers on some of the Restricted Free Agents. Ironically, my top 2 guys might be Mikal Bridges and DeAndre Ayton (both Suns guys). Pricey as heck, but a future Big 4 of Ja/Jaren/Mikal/Ayton would be nice (with Dillon Brooks rounding out our fab five). Then still go for “upside guys” in the draft. But if we sign Mikal AND Ayton (maybe the Suns don’t match front-loaded $30ish million contracts for both guys) then we can go BPA in the Draft from here on out since we would have Ja at point guard, Mikal/Dillon/Bane on the wing with a 3 big rotation of Jaren/Ayton/Jonas. Trade BC/Melton/Tyus to the Knicks for their 2nd first rounder (24 I think) and a future 2nd round pick. Also shop Grayson and Porter. Play hard ball with Justise and his camp....
  2. I might start Bane/Dillon/Kyle at 2-4 but either bring Jaren or Jonas off the bench. Each guy can play and JV can kick starting front lines around but both guys should be able to DOMINATE second units. You optimize the starters and max out your 6th man — plus you still have your toolsy bench guys (Tyus/Melton/Konchar/BC/Tillman).
  3. The game is tomorrow. The play-in game thread is a few pages long. What else is there to say???

    There's an issue the coaches are not addressing

    I’m more of an outside-the-box guy so I am not really sure what we should do with him. Probably not our top free agent season priority. But still someone we need to make a decision about. His shot basically is what it is (as is his injury history) but I am REALLY gonna need to see this guy in actual game shape.

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Most mock drafts and big boards are flawed. I think the whole entire draft process might be inherently flawed. At the top of the board you have really good players — but ironically there are more options later on. At the top you have to take Cade and those guys. Or... Wiseman aka Mr. High School. At the top you have to take The Jay Bilas Wingspan guys or whoever the dorks at The Ringer like. ANYBODY can watch highlights and crunch all those numbers at Sports Reference. Then get the guys who also pass all the tests in the workouts and interviews. Also, you gotta get some of those non-top 10 guys. Part of a team’s job. Then if you get a grand slam in the late lotto or even in the 2nd round that makes up for a ton of busts. More important to draft for UPSIDE outside the top 10 or so. Usually a top number one pick type at the top every year (and grandma can make that pick). Then 2-5 or so tends to flatten out a bit or at least even top heavy drafts have some Consolation Prize types. Outside the top 45 or so... yeah go get some “solid floor” Moneyball types. My range actually was 11-45 where you wanna swing for the fences and less pressure and salary as the top 3 or 4 picks... and probably even closer to 14-40. In that range not only are the “obvious” Tier 1 guys are gone but probably all of Tier 2 and maybe even a good chunk of Tier 3. Still... swing for the fences. Just as you would in the top 4 or 5. At 6-10 maybe you can get the IDEAL fit since I think this is where most Option 3a and High Level 4th option guys are so if that’s what you need you can probably trade around a bit (and maybe these guys also would have lots of upside in your particular system). But outside the first few picks you KNOW you are gambling. So... bet on Ceiling/Archetype as much as Stats/Metrics/Interviews. But a lot of this probably has to show up in interviews (or at least metrics). So what should we do? Stock pile picks... even second rounders. Draft more guys but stash more dudes overseas or put them on 2 way deals. And if we actually like some of those Moneyball utility ‘lunchpail’ guys then get them by trading down or just buying a pick. Go get players with enough upside that you won’t have to immediately draft over.

    There's an issue the coaches are not addressing

    I’m also in that camp (kinda). Although I didn’t really like the trade. But I saw the rationale. Can’t shoot but solid on defense and he can rebound. So there’s that... he’s also not a point guard but we can probably use him as a Point 4 off the bench or at least a secondary playmaker. He might be a “matchup” guy where he is really important in some games and near useless in others. I also think that he’s not in game shape. ... I have no idea what he’s worth on the open market. Probably not near $13 million. We did the trade last year and probably understand the trade LESS at this point (either good or bad).

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    I would throw HUGE money at Mikal Bridges. But... you are right, nobody is paying a banged up Justise Winslow $13 million a year. Although he should be Option Z in free agency (even at $5ish million per year). We may have to turn over the entire roster of guys not named Ja/Dillon/Jaren/Jonas as well as probably Kyle, Bane, along with some low maintenance, cheap, toolsy guys like Jon Konchar and Xavier Tillman who might not have tons of trade value anyway.... Around those 8 we need to go ALL IN in both free agency and the draft. Figure out if any free agents are worth (slightly) over-paying or over-drafting.

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Some of those guys were just "upside mystery guys". That could be a good strategy: just draft those types (outside the top 10) then you hope your batting average is high enough. But getting a Rudy Gobert or Giannis or Jokic should make up for a lot of whiffs. ... the other winning strategy is to pair up TWO number 1 picks -- Magic/Kareem, Duncan/Admiral, LeBron/AD.... seems like a much tougher strategy -- lottery lightening has to strike TWICE and only the Spurs drafted both of their superstars. You also have high lotto picks that were NOT overall number one picks but you can't rely on getting Larry Bird at 6, or Jordan at 3 (with Pippen at 5 two years later), Kevin Durant at 2 or Steph Curry at 7. A lot of those guys (as well as Harden at 3 and Luka as another great pick at 3) represented NEW archetypes. If we can identify the NEW/UPCOMING archetypes we should be in good shape.

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Ja and JV and Dillon can score. 3J can get hot obviously. We need some guys who can get some stops -- especially on the perimeter. Mikal can also help space the floor. Might be a good lob target for Ja Morant too.

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    The Warriors also built the PERFECT team around Steph. Without Klay and Dray maybe it doesn't work. Then they get Durant... WOW. One reason I kinda wanna go ALL IN on Mikal Bridges in the draft. Great backcourt player next to Ja. And Dillon/Mikal would be IDEAL. The Suns will probably match just about any number that isn't completely nuts... but why not throw a front-loaded contract at him with a first year salary of $30ish million? Ja/Jaren/Mikal can be our BIG 3 of the future along with JV/Dillon/Kyle and guys like Bane and Tillman who are still on rookie deals.
  11. Spacing is an issue. We are probably best off running high pick and pops in order to free up Jaren for 3's (the straight away 3 Jaren made off a between-the-legs ball screen from Ja was NICE!) and give Ja Morant some downhill momentum and a head of steam going into the paint. I also think we need a baseline lob threat with a big catch radius. And... shooters. I might even just use Jaren as the 6th man so he doesn't have to worry about foul trouble. Let Val-Diesel get going inside... let him soften up the other team's bigs. We need to be ULTRA AGGRESSIVE in the Draft. Even if we have to shop BC/Grayson/Tyus/Melton. ... for lanky floor stretchers I like Vrenz Bleijenbergh and Trey Murphy III. Max Abmas is tiny but he can flat-out SHOOT the rock. Worst case scenario is Deluxe BJ Armstrong, baseline outcome of Chris Jackson/Dana Barros, with a "ceiling" of Bad Boys Isiah Thomas Lite with flashes of Steph Curry. For a two-way vertical threat I like Ibou Dianko-Badji. Super raw but I like the way he moves -- Shaq vibes/shades of Hakeem. I am also beginning to think that we need to go ALL IN in free agency. I would throw a RIDICULOUS amount of money at Mikal Bridges -- maybe a number they wouldn't match. Heck, front load a giant contract starting at $33 million in year one, $30 million for 2-4, then a player option for $35 million in year 5. Then negotiate with Jaren. Maybe you front-load his contract too. Ja/Jaren/Mikal can be our YOUNG BIG THREE. Our draft reinforcements replace Tyus/Melton/BC/Grayson as well as Justise Winslow. Bring out the big guns this summer. Go FULL SCARFACE. Another thing I thought of:

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    I just thought of something.... The Warriors ain't dead yet! We thought the Spurs were dead -- then they lucked into Tim Duncan. They kept the generational dynasty intact once Kawhi Leonard blossomed. The Warriors are super top heavy but Steph Curry is just going OFF. Maybe he's the Tom Brady of basketball. With Wiseman and Klay coming back AND the T Wolves pick the Warriors are going to keep rolling. What does that tell us? Well... we need to find an answer for those guys ESPECIALLY Steph Curry.
  13. I can see that. But if he can guard way out on the perimeter then he should be a mid/late first round pick (at worst) even if he never refines his offensive game. If he turns into a guy who can lock down Zion Williamson then he might be worth a lotto pick just for that -- although I am not saying that he could shut down Zion (not sure anyone can).
  14. Houston could have TWO top 5 picks -- or ZERO. Not liking the idea of the Warriors getting another top pick either. Hopefully our scouts are looking at all those mid-first round types. That's likely where we will end up. Way after the "Big 5" get picked. Although I wouldn't be shocked if one or two of those "Big 5" marginally under-performed (and maybe even bust).
  15. Speaking of getting outshot by the Warriors and single-handedly gunned down by Steph Curry, I watched Scarface for the first time on Netflix last night.