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  1. Antwann Jones and Creighton taking on some random team on Fox Sports 1 right now.
  2. I wouldn’t be shocked if my top 3 at the end of the year is Evan Mobley, Terrence Clarke and Greg Brown. I like length and athleticism and these guys have some scoring skill too. I will probably be too critical of Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green. ... some of most of my “sleeper picks” go back to school. My current batch of under-the-radar shooters will be replaced by a NEW batch of under-the-radar shooters. I might rely more heavily on my advanced stats metrics this year.
  3. This looks to be a really fun year to do draft research.
  4. I like Terrence Clark too. Athletic, smooth. Could be a great complement to Ja.

    Blue Chips 2021 NBA Draft Big Board

    It’s not that I’ve done extensive research on all these guys (or even most) it’s that I have a decent feel for a few of these guys. Mixtape highlights of Jalen Green, Mobley, Cade, Greg Brown and Makur Maker have been out there for a couple of years. I have a solid feel for these guys, at least in terms of other “upside” name guys. I don’t have as good a feel for other youngsters like Jalen Johnson, Ziaire Williams and Isaiah Todd. I have advanced stats on a few guys who came back such as Jared Butler, Kispert, Dosunumo, Ayayi, Cockburn and Yves Pons. I have seen a few scouting vids on these guys too. I’ve done research on Scottie Lewis (not sure if I have his advanced stats though). Some of the other players are just guys I have randomly heard about or seen Stepien write-ups on but don’t have a ton of “feel” for yet (Aaron Henry). Ochai Agbaji might be another guy. Maybe he is just a “name” that fizzles out. I’ve seen my guard sleeper picks in person (Antwann Jones and Dominick Harris). At this point, no way I could do a 2 round big board. Bassey, McClung and some other “name” guys might need to be thrown into the advanced stats sausage grinder too. I have tape to watch. But let’s see what happens. Might be an interesting college ball season. I will post my next Big Board around Christmas. Probably just one round again. Or, I might do a Tier system.
  6. Yeah, they could be a play-in team. Rubio should really help Anthony Edwards.

    Blue Chips 2021 NBA Draft Big Board

    Ok. That’s fine. I like the Chandler Lawson pedigree ok. Solid measurements and decent advanced stats. At 6’7 or 6’8 you hope he can be a combo forward in a good way and not a dreaded ‘tweener’. Antwann Jones is. Gamer. Athletic combo guard then maybe he really locks in on defense to be a Marcus Smart type. Drawbacks are probably streaky shooting and mediocre wingspan (guessing). I like the archetype — especially for the Grizzlies.
  8. I have him at 23. Can’t get enough long shooters. He’s in that group of guys who could either go mid first or mid second (or even late second). A lot will come down to need. He’s Mo’s bro but former Wolverine Duncan Robinson will probably be a favorable comp. Not the same player but lanky/white/3 point shooter/Wolverine is gonna be a lazy comparison. Moses Moody is another shooter prospect — and I have Moody higher.
  9. Not that you asked for it. This is a big board. With sleepers. I will post my next one on Christmas. I can see this draft being overrated at the top. Or, if, not, from 5-10. Quiet import market. Some solid “name” players came back but ideally we get some late bloomers/sleepers who show up on the radar — like Ja Morant in 2019 and, to a lesser extent, Tyrell Terry in 2020 — with both players ending up at 1 on their respective (final) big boards. Former U of M combo guard and current Creighton product Antwann Jones has been on my radar for a while. He’s at 3 now. I have Dominick Harris even higher at 2. He’s also a sleeper and could help determine how far Gonzaga goes this year. 1. Evan Mobley 2. Dominick Harris 3. Antwann Jones 4. Jalen Green 5. Cade Cunningham 6. Makur Maker 7. Moussa Cisse 8. Moses Moody 9. Corey Kispert 10. Terrence Clarke 11. Kofi Cockburn 12. Greg Brown III 13. Jalen Johnson 14. Isaiah Todd 15. Scottie Lewis 16. Scottie Barnes 17. Yves Pons 18. BJ Boston 19. Jared Butler 20. Amar Sylla 21. Luka Garza 22. Joel Ayayi 23. Franz Wagner 24. Kai Sotto 25. Ayo Dosunmu 26. Chandler Lawson 27. Ziaire Williams 28. Aaron Henry 29. Ochai Agbaji 30. Jericho Sims
  10. I think either Tillman or Tillie can play solid minutes. Probably both. Tillman isn’t a speedster but he is fundamentally sound and has a throwback grit/grind game that should complement our big man rotations. Tillie’s shooting could transfer.
  11. Evan Mobley’s HS teammate Dominick Harris (freshman at Gonzaga) is another sleeper pick. He’s an athletic combo guard who could be a good fit next to Ja.
  12. Can’t wait to start doing more 2021 draft research! I think Evan Mobley is the top guy!
  13. If we extend him this season/next offseason do we have to max him out? That would probably be an overpay (at the very least) but I would hate to let him walk for nothing — and he should have solid trade value even if we have to overpay him. Never the biggest Jaren guy but I love how he upped his 3 point attempts. I thought he should be at 8 per game and he is inching towards that. On the other side of the ball he needs to emulate Shane Battier’s solid ‘prevent/textbook conservative’ defense. JJJ is mobile, athletic and agile but solid lateral quickness but he is NOT as mobile/athletic/agile/quick as many of his super fans think. He’s also been banged up with some knee issues. That could REALLY begin to sap his lateral quickness, agility, mobility and athleticism and he actually doesn’t have that much to spare. Then he becomes a ‘big’ without the size to guard oversized centers or quick enough to guard 4‘a/stretch bigs/combo forwards. Ironically, I like our (projected?) non-Jaren big man rotation to start the season: Jonas and Clarke to start (guessing) with the buddy cop duo of Tillman and Tillie off the bench. Something for everyone. With Tillman adding much needed passing chops along the front line. When he gets back, Jaren might have to average 45% on ten 3 point attempts per night to add substantial value.
  14. True. I feel the same way. Without Winslow, Dillon/Bane/Marko should be a solid wing rotation. We have enough stocky grinders. We need lanky athletes who can shoot/dunk too. We need a mix of ALT and GRIND. Ja needs running mates.
  15. I hope he gets a fair shot. And I hope he makes the team because he EARNED it — not just by default. Hate to be snarky (but you guys know my brand by now), but he might be a “two years away from being two years away” guy.