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    NBA latest transactions

    Are we gonna bring 17 players to the Bubble Kingdom? Any signings out of left field? Either by us or anyone else?

    3J workout video

    If Jaren goes 5 for 15 from 3 point land every game we can win the whole thing.

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    Ja and Luka along with Zion were the top three archetypes of the past couple of drafts and they were in a class by themselves. Jaren and Ayton and Mitch Rob are also really good archetypes (a tier below Ja/Luka/Zion) especially for big men. Who’s the best? Depends on the team/fit/system although 3’s are worth more than 2’s so Jaren’s shooting has tons of value. Mitch Rob is probably the better rim protector and rim runner of the 3. Ayton is more well-rounded and probably the better rebounder overall. Ideally, you pair a big man like Jaren with an elite rim runner/rim protector who can also rebound (like Mitch Rob). Jaren (wow it auto-filled Karen!) and Ayton would be an ideal big man combo too. Trae’s defense is abysmal, I think SGA might be overrated and the jury is still out on Sexton, but Mikal Bridges, Donte Inferno and Duncan Robinson each seems like an ideal archetypal role player.

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    The Bag Man and MPJ just seem like injury risks. I don’t think their “ceilings” on defense are that high either. I would have both over Wendell Carter (Low ceiling?) and probably Mo Bamba (low floor? Injury risk).

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    On the other hand those Hawks players are probably sick of each other.... #LosingAintEasy

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Wiseman and Pokusevski might be the only two bigs I would trade up for. I might also trade up for Deni (ideal fit for him would be on Memphis), and MAYBE Achiuwa/Nessmith/Vassell. Otherwise I want Cassius Stanley or Markus Howard (preferably BOTH). If not, then I would look at a solid big man like Xavier Tillman, Paul Reed, Isaiah Stewart and Nick Richards. Maybe even Mamadi Diakite (with Borisa Simanic being my sleeper pick). Poku is skinny, not too strong and not freakishly athletic but you have to like the upside and you roll the dice at the right price. He can score, shoot 3’s, block shots and pass. At some point you have to push some chips in on Arvydas Sabonis potential. He’s currently in my top 4 and basically a top 10 lock at this point (although I am known for divergent draft boards).

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    Donte Inferno’s advanced stats are nuts. Trae’s are bipolar. Jaren is Mr. Average on offense but super bad on defense. Luka is a stud by any metric. Ayton and Mitch Rob are good and have upside. What is SGA’s ceiling? Is he there yet? I am keeping my eye on Mitch Rob and Donte Inferno. I would LOVE to sign these two. Would be perfect fits on the Grizzlies.
  8. That would be sweet. I think that young teams like us and the Pelicans are bad matchups for the Lakers. I think we have enough personnel to throw at LeBron and AD. And then we can let Ja run wild.

    3J workout video

    No doubt. That’s what we drafted then I figured out that he can be a VOLUME 3 point shooter which makes him imminently more valuable. A 3 and D John Salley would have been a late lotto pick — but Dirk (potential) with defense is a top 3 or 4 pick in any draft. That guy goes 2 behind Luka in a redraft and might even win more. But he is not yet a primary post-up option. His Fargo Strut/Euro Step is two years away from being 2 years away. He needs to stick to his strength. His defensive advanced stats are abysmal so he pretty much needs good defenders around him too. When he puts in work on post moves and “classic” big man stuff he should look at Kareem and Hakeem and those guys. What about Jaren with Kareem’s sky hook and Kevin McHale’s low post moves?

    Former Grizz in Million$$ ESPN event

    If Jaren can nail a lot of 3s we can beat EVERYBODY. If he goes 5-15 on 3s per game we WIN. Especially against the Lakers. I don’t see him having a mismatch against AD. So take him outside. ... with Zion, take 3’s but also see if Jaren can post him up inside. But Jaren’s shot chart against NO and the LAL are gonna look a lot different.

    Former Grizz in Million$$ ESPN event

    With ESPN’s new tweaked advanced stats Jaren was 73 out of 96 power forwards for RPM, 87 out of 96 for WINS, and 93 out of 96 for DRPM (a defensive metric) behind Kevin Love, Caleb Swanigan and Jabari Parker. Link: But Jaren can clean up some of that stuff in the off-season. He’s gonna help us by firing up 3 pointers and exploiting mismatches if he has any. So... do work against Zion and the Pels, but take AD outside. I think we can beat the Lakers in a playoff series if Jaren goes 5 for 15 from three every game. Do that and get more rebounds than fouls and I think we can pull off the major upset.

    3J workout video

    Matchups will matter until he refines that Fargo Strut. When he did his Two Step I was just thinking — If he tries that move in the playoffs the ref is gonna blow the whistle TWICE. First, when Jaren’s knock-knees hit LeBron James below the belt. Second, when LeBron James hits the floor.
  13. That was a great video. I watched it last week. I think Ja is gonna go all out in The Bubble. Hopefully he ends his rookie season with a bang. Playoffs. ROTY. PLUS.

    3J workout video

    I want him to have a sky hook, drop step, and Dream Shake but maybe he can work on that in the fall.... Maybe he even brings that Fargo Strut to Orlando, but maybe he leaves it in the safe deposit box back at the hotel room. IF we all stick to our strengths we have a good shot. I would look into a full court press from our guys. Maybe go 11 or 12 deep. Dribble-drive offense and let-it-fly from 3. Ja Morant might be the only guy on the team who should take mid-range jump shots (and I actually think he should take quite a few). I think we need to go with the twin towers thing for a while -- Jaren being a full-time center might be two years away from being two years away. I would like to see Jaren in more pick and pops, spot up catch-and-shoots from deep... maybe he needs to take 11 or 12 three point shots per game. On the other side he needs to focus on playing all-around but CONSERVATIVE (prevent?) defense. And, don't chase blocked shots. After that he should just try to get more rebounds than fouls. More assists than turnovers. Small ball is all the rage so we should try out some of those types of lineups, BUT I would go with a HUGE lineup when Ja Morant comes out of the game: Winslow at point guard, Dillon at the 2, with Clarke/Jaren/Jonas on the front line. Based on my semi-deep dive into Grizzlies advanced stats, Ja/Melton/Dillon/Clarke/Jaren just killed it. I would like to see a lot of that. Not small, not big, just a perfect "modern era" type lineup. If we play that "modern era" lineup along with that HUGE lineup (along with a probable Ja/Dillon/Winslow/Jaren/Jonas starting five) I think we will be in great shape. And of those guys in those rotations, Jaren looks like our number one VOLUME 3 point shooter and VERSATILE front court defender. So, stick to those strengths. I would post up Jaren when JV is out of the game, and he is kind of our only other top shelf true big, but other than that, I wanna get him open for jump shots. He can do some Greek Freak stuff next year, and try to turn into Hakeem Olajuwon in the off-season, but right now, in the bubble, he should try to channel his inner 3-point-shoot-out-Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Dirk, and Kevin Durant.

    3J workout video

    His fouling has to do with trying to do too much. Out of control Euro steps don’t help. Neither do chasing blocked shots. But those two issues get a LOT of guys in trouble. I think he should focus on 3 point shooting and “prevent defense” in the bubble. Hit the weights and practice hook shots, drop steps, Dream Shakes and a layup package in the offseason. Jaren gets in trouble when he tries to make plays all by himself (offense) then getting overly aggressive on defense. Jaren is good at hitting 3’s and guarding all over the place and that is super effective today (thanks for pointing that out) it’s just not the kind of big man I grew up on (Shaq. Ahhhh.). He’s not exactly Z Bo or a classic Grit/Grind type. If he plays to his strengths and leaves his Euro step in a storage unit back home then we have a chance. If not our bubble is gonna burst. Foul trouble? I think fouls are gonna be so random in the bubble that I don’t even care. That’s why we have Clarke and Dieng off the bench.