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  1. QMemphis


    Definitely think we can win at least two against the Raps
  2. Good article pretty accurate
  3. QMemphis

    What to do with SloMo?

  4. QMemphis

    Would you rather?

    Get the pick pretty easily. Now if you were to say just a top 5 then it becomes a tougher decision.
  5. Fun sure Hubie won coach of the year and Fratelo was decent. We drafted terribly had a great bench and a passive star. Only thing that makes me think about that time is being one pick short of Lebron which would have changed everything.
  6. Lol gotta be joking they never won a playoff game. Three straight sweeps will make you pretty unforgettable to a fan base.
  7. QMemphis

    What to do with SloMo?

    If you are going after Derozan than KYLE and Dieng would have to be traded to make salary work. Then you bring Dillion off the bench. But the question is why would you bring Derozan he can’t shoot 3’s and is average at best defender. He can score true but paying a 30 year old 35 million might not be the best idea.
  8. QMemphis

    What to do with SloMo?

    Idk why people insist on calling Jaren a C. He is best as a help defender, barely rebounds and enjoys shooting 3’s more than running the lane. He is great and I believe he is a future star if he keeps working. But he can’t play more than 15 minutes at Center effectively.
  9. QMemphis

    What to do with SloMo?

    You do know he was scheduled to play the next game before the shut down
  10. With that team plus Lebron we win not a game but at least a series his rookie year. That team would have been legendary. Hubie coaching keep in mind they won 50 games that season without Lebron Jwill/Lebron/Shane/Pau/Lorenzen Earl/Mike/Bonzi/Posey/Stro Troy/Dahntay/Person/Bo/Jake
  11. QMemphis

    What to do with SloMo?

    Solid lockeroom guy unless a deal comes along that makes sense keep him for depth purposes. His best position is now PF which makes him our 3rd option.
  12. Zach can definitely shoot and with the Bulls change in management they may be looking to trade him this offseason. Another possibility would be Kenard from Detroit but I would rather go with the legit scorer in LaVine.
  13. Agree Jaren is not a Center and Jonas is still heavily affective when used correctly. Honestly we need a lethal two guard my hope is Zach LaVine Ja/Zach/Justice/J3/Jonas Tyus/Dillion/Josh/BC/Dieng Melton/Grayson/Gudurić/filler/Porter
  14. Gotta make up for this one but reinforcements on the way. Keep your head up guys
  15. QMemphis

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    Jaren should be back soon this week Uthoff is not a NBA player should be back with the Hustle Porter two years ago was practically a 1st round lock decided to go back to school tore his ACL and MCL. Then after recovering while living with his brother tore ACL again playing pickup. All that to say great signing will get to workout with the team for 6 months before camp to see if he can stay healthy and ball or if he is truly made of glass.