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  1. We are seeing that when things really matter execution matters. Effort matters and toughness matters. Jaren and Ja are lacking and they are our most talented players We can ofcourse wait it out and match what he gets in the market but regarding him being a long term piece. I believe he is our most talent player but is soft. The front office will have to make the decision on whether he is that player or can that before paying him that.
  2. We have to make a decision in my opinion on him this summer because he will get the max regardless
  3. Some of you guys are quickly dismissing the Spurs and looking past them. I for one think Pop will have them ready and they will want to avenge the blowout losses they had
  4. No Excuse for not challenging Greens flop on Dillons 6th foul. Our media better ask him or they should lose their credentials
  5. You don’t intentionally tank outside of Green or Cade. None of these rookies will make us better next year.
  6. What are you talking about we obviously didn’t learn from the play in game last year.
  7. We gotta honestly consider trading him this summer for a legit top 25 player. Dude is soft and that ain’t gone work here.
  8. I was screaming challenge that flop.
  9. We need a All star wing and a versatile defender to add to Dillon and we will be fine.
  10. We need more than a good vet. We need a leader and some toughness
  11. We soft SMH straight getting outhusled Trade what you need to trade to get Beal, Shai or Zach. Y’all want to draft more rookies lmao
  12. Jaren gotta get his tail in the paint and take advantage of mismatches. We’ve been saying that for years now. Ja has to slow down and play some freaking defense. Our bench has to find a rhythm or some heart. Kyle and JV keep up the grind without you two we are likely down by at least 12.
  13. Crazy to say this but the ball should be in Justice hand.
  14. This is a character game ain’t no way we should be in this position.
  15. I’m convinced dude soft he literally hasn’t gotten better in any regard