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  1. QMemphis

    Free agency 2020

  2. QMemphis

    Free agency 2020

    He was the best player on the court he did what he was supposed to dominate.
  3. QMemphis

    Free agency 2020

    Yes take the way you want the Grizz will be one of the few teams set for max cap space that will have a young promising core. We obviously would want to diminish the Celtics value on our pick and getting Jaylen helps that it is a no brainer.
  4. QMemphis

    Free agency 2020

    I’ve seen all three play and I take James.
  5. QMemphis

    Free agency 2020

    Yeah unfortunately they didn’t keep Horford which would have pushed them to the Max but we will see how their cap situation works out.
  6. QMemphis

    Free agency 2020

    We need to field the most competitive team possible in 2021 because our pick is unprotected. R.J wants to be a lead guard we just spent the number 2 pick on one. Edwards doesn’t excite me he may be no better than the current wings we have.
  7. QMemphis

    Free agency 2020

    Team goals Compete each night Get blessed with the Hometown Hero James Sign Jaylen Brown to the Max
  8. QMemphis

    make or break

    Josh- possible contract year Dillon- contract year Bruno- contract year Grayson- late first rounder all need to prove that they can play at the NBA level. This is likely for all the best shot at defining a role as a starter or quality rotation player
  9. QMemphis

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Why though he serves no purpose here and would only take minutes away from young guys.
  10. 2018 lineup opening day Mike, Mack, Carter Temple, Selden, Brooks Kyle, Dillon, Omari, Parsons Jam, JJJ, Rabb Marc, 2019 likely opening roster Ja, Tyus, Melton Josh, Dillon, Grayson Crowder, Kyle, Hill JJJ, Clarke, Bruno Jonas, Miles, (Iggy or player involved in his trade as 15th man) Last year started good this one one may be the opposite start rough get better over the season, but close to the same record. Get the 1# pick for Wiseman.
  11. QMemphis

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Yeah, nooo you can keep on your blinders that’s your prerogative but Howard is a issue and him in a young locker room gets GMs fired.
  12. QMemphis

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Howard has been moved to 5 teams in 6 years he’s definitely the problem. The Wizards would not have taken on more salary in miles if they felt Howard could help them.
  13. QMemphis

    Tyler Harvey

    Just stop smh
  14. Unless he is hitting threes he does nothing else and Coach agreed because he took him out.