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  1. Yep lol 😂 realistically we stand pat as a team. But what’s the fun for that on a message board
  2. Move Dillon or Winslow to GS for the Timberwolves pick. They have a injury trade exception for Klay.
  3. Exactly see what team is looking for depth at the end of free agency who are tapped out by the cap and send him there for 2nds to replenish from Draft night.
  4. Depending on GS competitive situation, we could make move to trade either Dillon or Justice for the 21 1st Timberwolves pick.
  5. QMemphis

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2020

    Good deal both sides
  6. Trade him to the bucks lol 😂
  7. QMemphis

    Trade Rumors 2020 - Not Involving the Grizz

    I wouldn’t blame them for moving the pick for Lavine and Carter. But Donovan is a good coach and can probably turn them in the right direction.
  8. QMemphis

    Trade Rumors 2020 - Not Involving the Grizz

    The kid is crazy immature, can’t shoot, doesn’t play Defense and whatever team takes him will likely regret it.
  9. QMemphis

    Trade Rumors 2020 - Not Involving the Grizz

    Tough risk I would probably have to add protection to 1st then turn it to 2nds. But still tough call. He easily would be our best perimeter scorer and two years ago I was stoked when we traded for him after that loss. Then reality hit.
  10. QMemphis

    Trade Rumors 2020 - Not Involving the Grizz

    I’ve been screaming get Lavine or Oubre since the bubble started. But I’m skeptical on sending a 1st would definitely send 3 2nds including the 40 pick for Oubre though
  11. QMemphis

    It’s About Time

    Absolutely agree
  12. QMemphis

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Yeah he is upgrade Defense is terrible Defense is terrible
  13. QMemphis

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Jonas is better than Drummond currently and makes 12 million less
  14. QMemphis

    Grizzles Trade Targets

  15. QMemphis

    Trade Rumors 2020 - Not Involving the Grizz

    Yep huge mistake. When you competing you don’t cut cost like that smh