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  1. QMemphis

    Marco Gudric

    Didn’t think the Grizz valued JJ until the Tony Allen hire. That renews my faith that they intend on calling him up after the break and deadline. I believe his offense will be a welcomed commodity compared to Jae and Solo production.
  2. QMemphis

    Who plays 2K20 w Grizz?

    Yes and you definitely fade with J3 and Jonas having B three point ratings should be easy pickings.
  3. I’m one his biggest critics and he is the only one that played with heart all 4 quarters. Ja, J3 and Jonas were all ineffective the first 3 quarters. Not to mention Jae and Solo literally providing nothing being both inefficient on offense and ineffective on defense.
  4. We are not in the position to cash in on assets for players we can get in free agency. You don’t do that when you have cap flexibility unless you are getting a core piece player.
  5. The guards should have slowed the game as soon as Gentry put 4 guards on the court on the same team.
  6. We would have won lol we played defense switching everything and helping on mismatches and attacked the basket on offense.
  7. We finally played like the Grizz too little too late
  8. Defensive effort was trash by the players Ball movement was non existent too many bad three looks We let a team play two bigs on us and beat us by over 20 that is poor coaching and execution. This should motivate every guy in the locker room if not we will not be in the playoff race long.
  9. Crazy thing if we had attacked the paint we would have weathered the three point barrage
  10. Ja forced it and looked like a Rook today Jaren played soft inside Dillion brought unfortunately no one else did
  11. They have to play better defense should have been switching everything once Gentry went 4 guard lineup. Us continually shooting threes in under 10 seconds is inexcusable we haven’t consistently taken advantage of mismatches on our end as they have. But get it under 10 in the 3rd and we got it.
  12. QMemphis

    Who plays 2K20 w Grizz?

    Run pick and pop and you should win pretty easily. Take advantage of mismatched down low as well. I also play with the PF on Defense helps with help defense and normally yields good results.
  13. For what Dedmon does he would be far too expensive for us to bring in especially considering he has two years left on his deal
  14. QMemphis

    Team Hero: Cavaliers@Grizzlies 1/17/20

    TH Dillion Put up some Brooks HM Ja Da Wizard
  15. QMemphis


    Why do you think Bogdan would be fine coming off the bench here when he doesn’t want to in Sacramento not to mention he is a unrestricted FA this summer Morris makes 15 a year with a team option why would we attach ourselves to him knowing he would not be apart of the future. Iggy doesn’t deserve to be in the rotation he should never put on a Grizz uniform with the way he has carried himself. Especially as the VP of players union he deserves either a trade or year long vacation at home. No buyout lastly chemistry and culture are real things