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  1. Grizzliesfan777

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    PG-Morant SG-Brooks/Allen SF-Crowder PF-Jackson C-Valanciunas Looks good enough to be entertaining, while bad enough to bottom out finally and hopefully get one last top pick in 2020.
  2. Are you done with your tantrum yet?
  3. Grizzliesfan777

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    *** I realize that today is causing a lot of emotions that evoke certain reactions from us as fans, but - we have a thing about respecting the boards... no cussing (creative spelling or otherwise )and definitely not wishing death on anyone... Now that that's outta the way -> WELCOME ABOARD ! -toke
  4. Terrible coaching as usual.
  5. Grizzliesfan777

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Memphis will most likely fall behind Detroit and Washington in the next week in the overall NBA standings. Orlando, the other team very close to the Grizzlies in the standings, is also playing .500 ball lately and should continue to rise. That would put the Grizzlies at #6. If Atlanta continues playing how they have, Memphis should jump them as well by season's end for #5 in the lottery. Unfortunately, after Atlanta, Memphis might not be able to catch Phx, NY. Chi, or Clev.
  6. Grizzliesfan777

    Dillon Brooks out 6-8 weeks. Do we bring in anyone?

    Traditional Brewer/Cappuccino maker or Keurig? This matters.
  7. Grizzliesfan777

    Is It Time to Embrace Another Tank?

    As great as Zion has been, I do not want him even if the team got the #1 pick somehow. He is a monster, but I do not think his game translates all that well to the NBA in many facets. In addition, IMO his weight is/should be a concern no matter how fluid he is at that size. I think he would be best suited for the long run in dropping down to the 240s. He will lose some strength , but in the long run I think it would extend his career. As for the high end players I am inerested in, what are the scouting reports on Cam Reddish, Nassir Little, and RJ Barrett? Way back in the day (2006-2008) I used to read a lot from NBA Draft Net, but found them to be so of the mark from actual tape as well as their NBA comparisons. Little and Reddish intrigue me as athletic freaks but when I have seen both, they never seem to be impacting the game. Barrett is just smooth and seems to be the highest IQ guy on the court of the 3. Can anyone give more information on their: -Athleticism -Scoring abilities and 3pt range -Play with/without the ball in their hands -Defense -Overall IQ
  8. Grizzliesfan777

    Memphis at San Antonio - 1/05/2019

    Oddly enough, of all of the sporting events I have attended, I have only seen 2 section clearing, YouTube-worthy brawls in my life. Both were Spurs vs. Grizzlies games in San Antonio - once during the second half of game 5 in the 2017 playoff series, and then tonight...both fights involved Spurs fans fighting Spurs fans and both times I was drinking large margaritas when they occurred.
  9. Grizzliesfan777

    Memphis at San Antonio - 1/05/2019

    Sorry, I was too busy in the upper deck avoiding a section clearing Spurs Fan v. Spurs Fan brawl while sucking down margarita after margarita!
  10. Grizzliesfan777

    Memphis at San Antonio - 1/05/2019

    Went to the game. Gasol looked terrible and Conley looked gassed by the 3rd. I would love to see Gasol sent packing somehow to another team. He just seems mentally checked out.
  11. Grizzliesfan777

    Memphis Grizzlies at Sacramento Kings - 12/21/18

    As a longtime lurker/on-off again poster under a former account, I must say that Wallace is the worst GM I have ever seen in the NBA. If Pera was anything more than an absentee owner, he would can his worthless @ss as well as bring in a real coach - Gasol's fragile little ego be damned. Unfortunately, he is an owner who continues to show any lack of passion or caring for this team and fanbase. A pathetic excuse for an owner coupled with a pathetic excuse for a GM - what a great winning combo. This city and fanbase deserve better than this. Until there are changes, I will not spend another penny on another Grizzlies game, souvenir, or any product with the bear on it. This franchise does not deserve my money anymore. I'll continue to be a fan, but only because of the emotional investment I have made over the last 17+ years.