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  1. Grizzliesfan777

    Memphis Grizzlies 2k22 Ratings

    Is this game even worth it this year? I haven’t gone out to get an NBA 2k game since 2k16 - and even that wasn’t nearly as good as 2k13 (the best one imo).
  2. Grizzliesfan777

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Klutch guys gonna klutch
  3. Grizzliesfan777

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Simmons would be hard to fit on the team no matter what. Ja/remaining players aren’t exactly lights out shooters, and Simmons would present some real issues in spacing and would be unplayable for key stretches in a close game. It might work, but I’d hate to get rid of established players/picks for him. Sure, anyone can be traded if it improves the team, but I don’t think it’s worth that much for a guy who is gonna be a supercharged Tony Allen on offense.
  4. Grizzliesfan777

    2021-22 NBA Schedule

    If these 2k22 rankings are real, I’m more and more convinced as to why I don’t by a game that’s gone the way of Madden in terms of quality. https://www.2kratings.com/teams/memphis-grizzlies
  5. Grizzliesfan777

    2021-22 NBA Schedule

    That mid-January through late-March stretch of barely playing at home is kinda brutal. I think I counted only 7-8 home games in that time.
  6. Grizzliesfan777

    2021-22 NBA Schedule

    Yeah I agree for the most part, though I think other historical cities in black history should rotate coming to Memphis like DC/Chicago etc.
  7. Grizzliesfan777

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2021

    I’d take a flyer on Bagley. Despite the injury issues and meh defense, he still has plenty of potential and is very young. Though, I’m not sure on what you trade to get him.
  8. I like the move and MAYBE Culver becomes an ok bench mob guy. If not, I’m rather indifferent. Hell, maybe he is traded by the time I post this at the current rate of trades. Im more interested in how they consolidate the roster in the weeks ahead. There have to be a few more moves coming.
  9. Really? I liked him more after shoving Chris Paul. I like most players more after disrespecting Chris Paul, however.
  10. Grizzliesfan777

    Eric Bledsoe Appreciation Thread

    Did he even ask Plumlee for permission to wear that jersey? They retired it for him after his amazing Grizzlies career.
  11. Grizzliesfan777

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Chicago Bulls - 8/15/21

    Isaiah Thomas is the most soft-spoken guy I’ve ever heard on a broadcast
  12. Grizzliesfan777

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Chicago Bulls - 8/15/21

    Santi looking aight on the 3 tonight
  13. Grizzliesfan777

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Chicago Bulls - 8/15/21

    Good to see Williams take it to the rim. Bad to see him totally stopped mid-air by a guy who barely moved despite all of his momentum on his drive.
  14. Grizzliesfan777

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Chicago Bulls - 8/15/21

    Isiah Thomas is ****faced 😂 …but man he loves Williams and Morant