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  1. TonyMassenturd

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    This is 100 percent correct. It's so simple and logical that people can't seem to understand or consider it.
  2. TonyMassenturd

    why the 3 year plan worked

    I'm amazed at the amount of terrible ideas and threads that one poster can produce. He's like the Nikola Tesla of creating wtf's and irrelevance.
  3. TonyMassenturd

    Great time to be a fan

    I'm actually excited enough about the team to start posting again. I posted a few days before last year's draft and a little bit at this past year's trade deadline. Before then, I hadn't posted consistently since the **** Hubie days. I've been a fan the entire time, but found very little to talk about. I've never seen a franchise that embodies, "it's better to be lucky than good." Because our front office has been hot garbage since Jerry West.
  4. If we've been modeling ourselves after the Warriors, I can't even describe how spectacularly we've failed.
  5. Ehhhhh.....well, then your point was poorly presented or I completely misunderstood. Your original point seemed to imply that because he wasn't extremely productive as a freshman against our former 2nd rd pick and best defensive guard in the college game (that didn't even defend him in this game)---that his transition would be slow. If your most recent post is what you meant, then I apologize because I misunderstood. This thinking is completely understandable. It'd be crazy for anyone to think that he'll dominate immediately. I think it's reasonable to expect his rookie season to be similar to Trae Young's (with less deep shooting) in that some games he'll fill it up and some games he'll struggle. A positive difference will be that Ja should have many more exciting highlight plays as a rookie as he's a much better athlete than Trae and his vision will provide some beautiful passing. It'll be frustrating at times, but watching Ja and Jaren grow together will be exciting as hell.
  6. TonyMassenturd

    Tyreke Kicked out of League for Violating Drug Policy

    Hmmmmm....I see PCP on that list. Does he hang around with a dude named Hector? If so, somebody check the chicken coops....
  7. Color me shocked that a senior pg who won the Lefty Driesell Player of the Year award, the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year award, and ultimately, the Naismith Defensive Player of the Year award and whom was also the leader of a 5th seed NCAA tournament West Virginia team had a better game than an unranked freshman (who did finish that season as 1st Team All-OVC.) In Ja's freshman year, (as he was transitioning to the college game) he was the Pippen to Murray State's Jordan (senior pg Jonathan Stark.) It also wounds your statement because Jevon didn't guard Ja in this game. He was tasked with covering Stark all game. But, if you do feel that Ja will struggle greatly, it's certainly a possibility. I would be willing to make a sig bet that he ends the season with double the minutes and points as Jevon.....
  8. Well, it depends. If you're looking for health advice, NO. If you're looking for advice on getting paid 100 times your worth----there's no one better.
  9. THIS.....look dudes, we're not winning a championship next season. Anyone who advocates for keeping our future star pg and most exciting player in franchise history as a 6th man his rookie year in an attempt to get the 8th seed is speaking foolishness. It's obvious many of you haven't watched Ja. The kid is straight electric confidence, he's not afraid to attempt a dunk on any defender, he'll make passes that will make SC's top 10, and he's also capable of getting hot and dropping 50 any night that he laces up. We're going to be wading through some serious growing pains next year, but it will be the most exciting season of Grizzlies basketball (entertainment-wise) since they've come to Memphis. Yikes...that's disappointing! But, thank you for the information, good sir.
  10. TonyMassenturd

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Yeah.....go back to college to avoid being the #1 pick and living in a great city. Play Sophomore year at Duke....dominate college basketball again only to find out that the Cleveland Cavaliers win the lottery next year.
  11. TonyMassenturd

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    That'd seem to fit last season's trend. Ja says he'd love to be here and RJ (speculatively) says he wouldn't want a workout with us----whatever it was, I appreciate RJ making an obvious decision easy for us.
  12. TonyMassenturd

    Im with KBM Reddish will be a star and we need him badly...

    Haha....You'd see Cam Reddish just walking around JC Penney's at the Bartlett mall.
  13. TonyMassenturd

    Im with KBM Reddish will be a star and we need him badly...

    Agreed....that Duke team made it pretty hard to accurately assess Reddish. Zion and RJ seemed to become 1a and 1b very early in the season on that team. It really didn't allow Reddish to properly showcase the talent that everyone knows that he has.
  14. TonyMassenturd

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Haha...I'm sure they were leaning Ja, but I wonder what turned them off completely in the RJ interview?