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  1. I'm not sure if the entertainment will lead to more wins this season simply because our core is so young and gaining experience. But, these guys will give us plays and moments that we've never seen since the Grizz have been in Memphis. It's going to be a hell of a lot of fun to watch them grow.
  2. We might match last year's win/loss record, but the entertainment value of this year's team is EXPONENTIALLY greater.
  3. TonyMassenturd

    The Brandon Clarke thread

    *Cautiously* I loved what I saw out of Clarke last night. Yes, he's athletic, but his best attribute last night was bball IQ. Though, I do wish he'd be a bit more aggressive with his athleticism offensively----unleash a little more killer instinct. There was a play last night where he beat his guy and was hip-to-hip and instead of throwing it down, he went for the layup and it rimmed out. Hopefully, the coaches take note of that. Otherwise, his defense, athleticism, and smarts will make him a perfect compliment to JJJ in the future.
  4. Could he be eligible for summer league? Just to help him get acclimated a bit with the American style of gameplay and athleticism....
  5. TonyMassenturd

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Man....if we land Oubre, we'd have one of the most athletically exciting teams in the league. Fools would be getting posterized left and right.
  6. could I forget!?
  7. It seems like this franchise has been searching for a legit shooter since Mike left, but we've never been able to acquire one. Now, we have this Marko dude and Korver (at least for the moment.) I would bet that one of those two (JJJ or Ja) breaks 44 this season.
  8. I actually did, good sir. Thanks for the reminder---which is sad considering that he's one of my favorite Grizz players of all time. FML
  9. He can shoot well. I admittedly know very little about him, but if you've got range, you've got range. An extra foot makes minimal difference. So, 48 percent from 3 and 84 percent from the line are 2 great signs that he's pure. The major question is if he can create his own shot or if he's a spot up shooter----either way, we haven't had such a skilled shooter on the team since Wesley Person.
  10. TonyMassenturd

    I'm getting a little concerned about the Grizz

    I'm concerned about them.....but, only because they've been making some nice, solid moves and decisions. It's incredibly out of character for this franchise!
  11. TonyMassenturd

    Ron Tillery...

    It's not what he's the crybaby tone that he used to say it. If you can't understand that then I can't help you .
  12. TonyMassenturd

    Ron Tillery...

    Lol....Pera owns a penthouse inside Ron's head. You have to really dislike someone to give them hell about not recognizing Heisley's contributions to the franchise. Heisley sucks.
  13. TonyMassenturd

    Is Ja Morant Worthy of a #2 pick?

  14. TonyMassenturd

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    Nice...better than I expected! Korver will get a ton of open looks when Ja penetrates and kicks.
  15. TonyMassenturd

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    This would be a total Grizz move. Trade a potential superstar for 2 role players and/or risky boom/bust guys, because this franchise apparently believes that the team with the most role players wins. **I don't think that they'd do something this dumb (especially since Chris Wallace got put in timeout), but I honestly wouldn't be shocked.