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  1. TonyMassenturd

    Should we Trade JV????

    I'd take phone calls for any player on this team outside of Ja and B. Clarke. Jaren 's the only other guy that I'd hate to trade, but if someone wanted him badly enough to offer something crazy, I'd let him go.
  2. When he was signed, I had a tough time finding full games to watch him play and really see his playing style. I've pretty much went off of Brevin Knight's comments that they signed him as a spot-up shooter (and Brevin gets annoyed when Marko is reluctant to shoot and chooses to drive on open shot opportunities.) Marko does have a nice, natural, smooth shot. I've tried to focus on him quite a bit in the team shoot arounds. He's definitely capable of being a knock-down shooter and his athleticism is passable. But, he's got to find that confidence within himself to not overthink things during the game. It needs to be second nature---get the pass, and if open, shoot---no thinking. I hope that as the season goes on (and we eventually fall out of any true playoff contention) that he can get increased playing time to get it figured out.
  3. I agree 100 percent-----the worst part for me is seeing him pass up wide-open 3's. Taking (and hopefully hitting) open shots was the entire reason that he was signed here. I really wish he'd loosen up----maybe a few shots of Jack before game time would help things along!
  4. Here comes the eye-rolls, but I'd really like to see how Marko could do if he was allowed to get into a rhythm. His stats don't show it this year, but the guy can shoot----some shooters only thrive when they're in a rhythm. Firstly, though, he REALLY needs to get over being gun-shy when he does have opportunities.
  5. Positives: -Ja is still the real deal. -Brandon Clarke should be starting---he's just way too **** efficient and energetic to be sitting. -Even in losses, I love the uptempo games with this team. -It was a hell of an effort. Negatives: -Some games, I'm convinced that Dillon only cares about Dillon---tonight was one of those nights. -I'm so disappointed with Jonas and Jaren's rebounding skills----Jonas, himself, could be clearing out the paint with his large frame, yet he far too often stands under the rim, waiting for the ball to come to him, while the opposing teams crash the boards. -Hell, the entire team needs to focus on bodying up---there was one play where I counted 4 Grizzlies in the paint and the Clips still had multiple offensive rebounds. -Solomon Hill is still on this team and is allowed to enter real-life NBA games. -BUT, Outside of being a scrub-heavy team that's allergic to rebounding, the main problem, imo, is that Taylor Jenkins has been disastrous. The totality of his substitution management, not having B. Clarke starting, his final-play calls, his momentum-killing substitutions of hot players, the entire team's obvious lack of focus on fundamentals, playing Solomon Hill at any point, etc....has been nothing short of yikes. He's brand new to NBA head-coaching, so he deserves some time to work out the kinks, but this has GOT to show some improvement by the end of the season to feel positively about him leading the young guys into next season.
  6. TonyMassenturd

    Los Angeles Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/23/19

    You chose to resurrect this thread to ask me this? Weird....haha. I consider anyone who posts on this board to be a die-hard Grizz fan. This franchise has been mostly irrelevant until we got Ja.....and I've been a fan from the start. The reason for the negativity in my posts within this thread is because I originally asked for someone to explain to me the value of Kyle Anderson. I was immediately greeted with scrub-defenders (a Grizzlies board staple) telling me that I obviously know nothing about basketball to even pose such a question. If others would have responded with legitimate conversation and reasoning, I would have done the same. If you start your response with disrespect, you receive disrespect in return----this is "City of Memphis 101."
  7. TonyMassenturd

    Los Angeles Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/23/19

    Ok? Daniel Gibson started for a team that made it to the NBA Finals. Correlation isn't causation.
  8. TonyMassenturd

    Los Angeles Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/23/19

    No.....these were 2 separate issues. I was stating my own opinion that he's not talented enough to be an NBA player (which means very little as I'm obviously not a GM and players like Solomon Hill----who Slo-mo is 5x better than---continue to be paid copious amounts of real US currency to provide nothing of value.) That's when others were posting some analytics that were saying that he's an above average NBA player-------at which point I asked them that if he's an above average player, then which playoff teams would he start (or even play substantial minutes) for. Reading really isn't that hard. BUT....I will concede that after some reflection, my issue isn't really with Slo-mo. I don't personally think that he's very good, but (as stated before) if GM's want Solomon Hill on their roster, then Slo-Mo deserves to be on an NBA roster. My main issue is actually the coaching of Taylor Jenkins. Slo-mo could offer this talent-shallow team some value, but Taylor Jenkins should not have him on the court in crunch time. Why? Because, he's obviously not one of the 5 best players on this team. I really do like Jenkins' up-tempo gameplan, but his substitution management has lost us a few games already. Hopefully, he can improve with more coaching experience, because he's a very easy guy to root for.
  9. TonyMassenturd

    Los Angeles Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/23/19

    Ok man, no hard feelings! I appreciate the conversation. Goodnight and happy holidays...
  10. TonyMassenturd

    Los Angeles Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/23/19

    Harden or Giannis would have 100 percent gotten the call----I just don't see how they relate to Slo-mo. It's a star-driven league, the stars get the calls. It's not fair, but simply is what it is. Slo-mo can never expect to get a call no matter how blatant. But, a well-guarded Slo-mo driving to the basket in a close game is just not a good basketball play when nearly every other player on the court at the time is better at creating their own shot.
  11. TonyMassenturd

    Los Angeles Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/23/19

    You're trolling now....I've gotta say, you had me for a minute, dude!
  12. TonyMassenturd

    Los Angeles Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/23/19 his offensive and defensive ratings are above average. Cool....which playoff teams would he start (or even play significant minutes) for?
  13. TonyMassenturd

    Los Angeles Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/23/19

    Lol....except for the fact that Ja was breaking free towards half court as he was throwing the terrible pass to Jaren. I can deal with you having his back on a lot of things, but this was a terrible decision (and a terrible play call by Jenkins----but I can't imagine that this is what he drew up?)