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  1. Adrenalize74

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Denver Nuggets - 12/28/19

    What are the chances we can leave Crowder in Denver and fly home with MPJ? lol
  2. I remember really wanting Bagley or Luka, but when they were gone I was hoping to take a chance on MPJ. JJJ was the 1 guy in the top 10 I did NOT want, he just looked like a "high potential" player that would never pan out. Looking that way in year 2. I really hoped he would flourish into an All-Star, but he really hasn't made any progress in year 2 and actually regressed.
  3. If I could hand select games to win, it would be every game against LA and Houston. We could lose every single other game, but if we swept both LA and Houston, I would be happy. edit: This year. As a rebuilding year that we aren't expected or will win many.
  4. Adrenalize74

    Does this coach know who his best five are?

    Tyus, Kyle, Jae, Marko nor your chair have done anything of note yet. I still give the nod to Brooks as the best SG to start. Granted, he is a DISTANT #5.
  5. Adrenalize74

    Does this coach know who his best five are?

    I think our "best 5" are: Ja JJJ Clark Jonas Brooks Brooks really needs to pick it up and be more consistent, otherwise I would give Allen more minutes to see what hes got. Actually, I think I would split their minutes 50/50 to see which one is "on". After watching only a handful of games, Clark looks like he could develop into something REALLY special. His shot is looking much improved, which could make him a true threat from anywhere. Love the way he plays and he will only get better. He actually may turn out to be better that JJJ in the long run, which isnt such a bad thing. Ja, Clark and JJJ would make a phenomenal triple threat core. Just need to solve the SG issue.....
  6. Adrenalize74

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    Great young core of: PG: Ja/Delon SG: Dillon/Allen SF: ?? PF: JJJ/Clarke Center: JV We really need to address the SF position long term and probably another vet SG as Brooks and Allen are unknowns. Also, I am curious to see how Clarke fits in the rotation. I feel like a llineup of Ja, Delon, Dillon, JJJ and JV could be very effective as well.
  7. Adrenalize74

    The Official Ja Morant Thread

    Too bad. Ja would have won Summer League MVP. Guards always dominate. Guess Clarke will have to do it!
  8. Adrenalize74

    Brandon Clarke: Bringing Viciousness to Memphis

    Just not a fan of this. Yeah, he has elite athleticism, great rebounder and help defender, but seriously lacking in offense. My #1 need for a 2nd pick was a scorer. I though out greatest need was a scoring SF/SG and there were several available at 23 (21). Why draft an undersized PF?? I just dont see how he helps. How does JV and Clarke co-exist in the paint? Unless JJJ is playing C and Clarke is PF, I dont see how it works. We only have 2 legit scorers in Ja and JJJ. CJ and AB are old and probably on the way out and Allen/Brooks are unknowns. Hopefully I will be presently suprised in 2 years as Ja, JJJ and Clarke flourish.
  9. Adrenalize74

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Been looking at the guys projected in the 20-25 range for the Grizz. Really impressed with Bruno Fernando. I think SF/SG is a greater need and Kevin Porter or Romeo Langford would be great options, but Fernando looks like a blend of Ibaka and DeAndre Jordan. Could be a great "Twin Towers" with Fernando and JJJ.
  10. Adrenalize74

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    Only knowing the #2 pick, I think the roster looks like this (only including those players I actaully think will be back): PG: Wright/Ja/Carter SG: Brooks/Allen/Dorsey SF: Parsons/Anderson/Coboclo/Yuta PF: JJJ/Crowder C : JV I am not sure any of the other guys will be around or how the draft shakes out. However, with the 23rd pick, I am taking a flyer on the UBER talented Porter. If he gets his head right, he could be spectacular at SG. PG: Wright/Ja/Carter SG: Porter/Brooks/Allen/Dorsey SF: Parsons/Anderson/Coboclo/Yuta PF: JJJ/Crowder C : JV Need a backup C unless they retain Zeller, Rabb or Noah. I like the idea of Ja, Porter, JJJ and JV as a core 4 with vets like Anderson and Crowder the provide leadership. I absolutly keep Wright as a great backup PG and even Dorsey as a end of bench rotational position with potential.
  11. Adrenalize74

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    The closer we get to the draft, the more nervous I am that Ja will be a bust and another wasted pick. I know its unpopular, but I just have a vibe that both Zion and Ja will be nothing special. Zion could be too small at PF and wont be able to dominate with pure athleticism like in college at the NBA level. Not a good enough shooter to give himself space. Ja, came from relative obscurity and lit up the NCAA tourney. Obviously has a ton of talent, but I am very sceptical that he may just be a spash in the pan player who never "pans" out. I could easily see this draft be a flop overall with a guy like Culver, Reddish or Hachimura being the best player 5 years from now. If I could play GM, I would try to trade Conley for another top 10 pick. Draft RJ Barret at 2, draft Hachimura at 8-10 (whatever we get from Conley), and buy/trade into the mid 2nd and grab Jordan Bone. I am really high on Bone and think his NBA floor is a solid starter, with upside to near Conley level. I would love a core of: Wright/Bone Barrett/Dillon Hachi/Slomo JJJ JV
  12. Adrenalize74

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    How bout we take RJ at Conley to Chicago for the #7 and take Hachimura....then trade/buy our way into the end of the 2nd and get Jordan Bone? Bone is essentially Ja without the alpha mentality. Bone / Wright RJ / Brooks Hachi / Slo Mo JJJ / Rabb JV / Noah You still get 2 All Star caliber players in JJJ and RJ AND you fill more holes with upgrades. Not saying I WOULD do this, but a different look at improving the team as a whole for a long run. Will most likely need to address the backup PF and C at some point.
  13. Adrenalize74

    Grizz Moved Up!!!!

    #2 is perfect! So stoked! I am scared of Zion, he LOOKS like a sure-fire superstar, there is just something about him that worries me that he wont be. Ja is exciting and COULD be the next Westbrook, but he just looks too light (weight) and wont be able to do the same things in the NBA that he did against lesser College competition. Also, he isn't a great shooter. Give me some RJ Barrett. If you have #1, you gotta take Zion, however I am much more confident in RJ becoming an All Star. Any way you slice it, Ja or RJ, we are gonna have a stud!!
  14. Adrenalize74

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Seems like Hunter played himself out of the lottery to me, despite Virginia being in the Final 4. He has been the 3rd best player on the team the whole tournament.
  15. Adrenalize74

    New plan moving forward...

    I think this is a perfect time to discuss the plan moving forward based on the 2 current scenarios: Option 1: Convey the pick this year. We seem to be playing well enough with the recent mid-season moves to win enough game to convey the pick this year. If that happens, we will be going into next season with a similar core as we have right now, which may very well be good enough to get into the playoffs (at the current performance level). This of course hurts our draft position for 2020 with no real chance at a top tier draft pick to play next to JV, JJJ and Wright (yes, I consider DW as a young/future PG for the Grizz). Conveying the pick this year hinders the rebuild around JJJ for multiple years. Conveying this year essentially hurts not only the 2019 draft, but the 2020 draft as well, not having a high draft pick to build with. In essence, conveying would be trading short term performance (better than average) for longer term success. I feel those who want to convey because next years draft is better, will be disappointed because we will not be in a position to capitalize. Option 2: Keep the pick this year. By keeping this years pick, we have a chance to add a top tier SG/SF to add to the already decent core of JV, JJJ, and Wright. This years pick would give the Grizz a very solid young 4 with veterans in AB and Conley to be very successful and being outside of the lottery in 2020 would not be as big an issue, since we already have our young core. Nobody likes to tank, its no fun being like the Wolves or Suns every year, but I feel like we are in a position to add a final core piece this season with a guy like Barrett, Reddish, or even Hunter. This gives us a great young core for a bright future.