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  1. Holidayinn21

    Jaren's 4th Quarter Stats this season

    9/27 from the Field(33%) And the next 3 he hits in the 4th this season will be his first. He's 0-7.
  2. 24/46 from the Field(51%) 7/14 from 3(50%) 23-27 from the Line(85%) He's fourth in points, despite being 6th in minutes, and 5th in FGA's S/N: Mike is shooting 38% while taking the 2nd most shots-in the entire league. This is not a good look. And some of ya so-called Grizz fans looking tojustify not playing the kid during crunch time.
  3. Holidayinn21

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Miami Heat - 12/14/18

    They did this last year with Tyreke. When he got off to that hot start to the season, Mike began ball hogging, almost looking to want to outdo Reke. Then Marc was taking little subtle digs at him during the season. Mike is gunning for the ASG, and he's not gonna let some 19-year old take his shine. The Nets game is the prime example if anyone wants to dispute this.
  4. I'd like to know what 1960's Big Ten team JB learned this offense from, because it is slow, boring, basic, and just difficult to watch.
  5. Holidayinn21

    Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Lakers - 12/8/18

    For those wondering, the Grizz have the 27th ranked offense in basketball. But there's a lot of people that considers it "cute" or "quirky" that this can't string together good offensive possessions. JB's idea of an "offense" is worse than anything Lionel, Joerger, or Fiz could put together.
  6. Holidayinn21

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Imagine if he had a coach that knew how to utilize him. Because JB ain't the one.
  7. Holidayinn21

    Memphis vs. Toronto - November 27. Game #20

    Mike got outplayed by both their PG's. And for a team that prides themselves on being more physical than the other team, they can dish it, but they sure as hell can't take it. Once Toronto upped the pressure on D, They did nothing. And Beal is unlikely, but don't tell me Tim Hardaway jr. wouldn't make this team better.
  8. Holidayinn21

    Grizzlies at Warriors 11/5/18

    You can deny it all you want: Marc to the Warriors will get traction if he opts out. This was his showcase in how he would in their offense.
  9. Holidayinn21

    Grizzlies at Warriors 11/5/18

    The obvious answer would be, he's was being his usual passive self. But it was more than that. Let's just say he was auditioning for next summer with all that passing he was doing.
  10. Holidayinn21

    Grizzlies at Warriors 11/5/18

    I hope ya understand what Marc was doing yesterday by taking only 2 shots?
  11. Holidayinn21

    Grizzlies at Warriors 11/5/18

    It's so sad what Mike has become. He's so trash now,
  12. Holidayinn21

    Memphis at Phoenix 11/4/18

    He's looking like a small PG in his 12th year whose body is finally giving out. I hope I'm wrong, but he looks like a guy in decline.
  13. Holidayinn21

    Memphis at Phoenix 11/4/18

    Dillon Pondexter's draws a Tech, the lead was 91-79 FT then a 3, suddenly the lead was cut to 8. Turning point of the game. Mike and Marc did the rest
  14. Holidayinn21

    Memphis at Phoenix 11/4/18

    At least Mike's FG percentage is near his $30 million dollar salary
  15. Holidayinn21

    Draymond says "League De-emphasizing "D"

    These rules were designed specifically for his teammates. So why is he complaining? Klay became the second warrior in a week to drop 50 in 3 quarters. I don't wanna hear it