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  1. Holidayinn21

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    Goodbye and good riddance He became a nuisance to the franchise. Don't be surprised if the Ewing Theory shows after this trade.
  2. Holidayinn21

    Mavs Getting the Unicorn Porzingis

    What are you talking about? KP is a RFA this summer, and he plans on being a FA in 2020. He wasn't signing the $150 million max offer, What does the previous regime moves have to do with this current one? Dolan is not even involved in the day-to-day operation anymore. They told him what the plan was from the beginning. He wasn't with it. So they shipped him out. And may I remind you that he's missed 16,34, and 50 games respectively as a 7-3 guy in his early 20's. I'm a KP fan, but he's a serious health risk
  3. Holidayinn21

    Mavs Getting the Unicorn Porzingis

    Knicks got two firsts, DSJ, and cap space for an oft-injured 7-3 guy who wasn't resigning. That's a great trade for them
  4. I guess you and Chris must've forgotten the 2015-16 season already. We've come to the revisionist history part of the TA/Zach era
  5. Holidayinn21

    Roster Moves

    No offense bruh but this is awful take all around And why would Boston do that trade when they can keep Brown+potentially own the 1st pick in 2021
  6. Holidayinn21

    Jaren's 4th Quarter Stats this season

    Last night Mike-2/9 Marc-1/5 Jaren-4/4 All you can do is LOL at this point. And don't think they're gonna suddenly start to feature Jaren next season, especially if Mike becomes an AS. Because then the argument will be "why would an All-Star(duo if Marc stays) defer to a 20 year old?" Pay attention.
  7. Holidayinn21

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Brooklyn Nets - 1/4/2019

    Out of 125 player w at least 25 MPG and 25 GP, Jaren is only 124th in passes received with 24 a game. While Ayton receives 29 a game, and that's with playing with no PG pretty much the whole year. Hogley only has 37 assists to Jaren in 259 passes-1 assist out of every 6.3 passes Marc has 38 assists in only 147 passes- 1 out every 3.8 Booker has 57 in 259- 1 out of 4.5 So the so-called conductor not only doesn't pass him the ball, but he doesn't set him the score. How many of those passes are simply so he can the ball back? I'm getting tired of him. Freezing out the rook because he wants to be a selfish clown. They better not reward him with an AS berth.
  8. Holidayinn21

    Jaren's 4th Quarter Stats this season

    Jamychal has dropped to 27% in 4th quarters, yet receives more minutes than Jaren. Why should JB still have a job
  9. Holidayinn21

    Jaren's 4th Quarter Stats this season

    9/27 from the Field(33%) And the next 3 he hits in the 4th this season will be his first. He's 0-7.
  10. 24/46 from the Field(51%) 7/14 from 3(50%) 23-27 from the Line(85%) He's fourth in points, despite being 6th in minutes, and 5th in FGA's S/N: Mike is shooting 38% while taking the 2nd most shots-in the entire league. This is not a good look. And some of ya so-called Grizz fans looking tojustify not playing the kid during crunch time.
  11. Holidayinn21

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Miami Heat - 12/14/18

    They did this last year with Tyreke. When he got off to that hot start to the season, Mike began ball hogging, almost looking to want to outdo Reke. Then Marc was taking little subtle digs at him during the season. Mike is gunning for the ASG, and he's not gonna let some 19-year old take his shine. The Nets game is the prime example if anyone wants to dispute this.
  12. I'd like to know what 1960's Big Ten team JB learned this offense from, because it is slow, boring, basic, and just difficult to watch.
  13. Holidayinn21

    Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Lakers - 12/8/18

    For those wondering, the Grizz have the 27th ranked offense in basketball. But there's a lot of people that considers it "cute" or "quirky" that this can't string together good offensive possessions. JB's idea of an "offense" is worse than anything Lionel, Joerger, or Fiz could put together.
  14. Holidayinn21

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Imagine if he had a coach that knew how to utilize him. Because JB ain't the one.
  15. Holidayinn21

    Memphis vs. Toronto - November 27. Game #20

    Mike got outplayed by both their PG's. And for a team that prides themselves on being more physical than the other team, they can dish it, but they sure as hell can't take it. Once Toronto upped the pressure on D, They did nothing. And Beal is unlikely, but don't tell me Tim Hardaway jr. wouldn't make this team better.