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  1. Holidayinn21

    L A Clippers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/29

    What is this addiction to sitting Ja out for half the 4th quarter? Then we wonder why he's been so bad this season in the 4th. He has no rhythm. But let me guess, that's not the coaches fault right?
  2. Holidayinn21

    Orlando Magic vs Memphis Grizzlies - 3/28/23

    They looked bored TBH They look like they just wanted to get the game over with
  3. Holidayinn21

    Coaching Thread

    It's simplistic because it's that simple. You're all over the place. You say that this team is plenty experienced, but the roster is limited, yet it's okay that the best players don't play more 4th quarter minutes.
  4. Holidayinn21

    Coaching Thread

    Well, seeing how they have the 2nd-worst 4th quarter rating in the league, continue to blow 4th quarter leads, and no one in the top-60 in 4th quarter minutes, I'm gonna lean towards rotation problems, which makes that a coaching problem
  5. Holidayinn21

    Coaching Thread

    LOL what? You can't be serious So whose decision is it to continually take the starters out for long stretches in the 4th? The lack of off/def substitutions with Dillon and Tillman?
  6. Holidayinn21

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    4th Quarter stats from the Big 3 this season Jaren: 51% from the field. 41 from 3. 73 from the line Des: 45% from the field. 40 from 3. 86 from the line Ja: 37% from the field. 18(smh) from 3. 67 from the line. Yet is chucking the most shots by far. Maybe, call 12 needs to be disconnected from now on and let the other guys shine
  7. Holidayinn21

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Kennard being the " big" acquisition is awful If he was a series of smaller moves, that would've been good If he was a smaller piece to a bigger deal, great He alone doesn't move the needle one bit. I hope I'm wrong Kleiman has a BAD 6 months. Looks like he's been reading his own press clippings.
  8. Holidayinn21

    Toronto Raptors @ Memphis Grizzlies - 02/05/23

    Give him his own brothel for all I care, can they bring in Udoka? Please. I hope they don't waste this opportunity being cheap and wanting to be the smartest people in the room
  9. Neither Sabonis nor Fox are 3-pt shooters, and they've only played 60 games together, yet Mike Brown turned them from one of the worst, into the best halfcourt team in basketball in one season What's Jenkins excuse with a core that he's had for 3+ years?
  10. Holidayinn21

    D Brooks’ role

    Jaren is averaging more than Dillon with 4 fewer shots a game and a lower usage. I've stopped blaming Dillon. If he's been a given a green light with no repercussions, then I can't get mad at him for taking advantage. It tells me that this team has a serious philosophical and coaching problem that's been there since 2019
  11. 22 points on 29 shots This game is on 12. If not for Konchar, you could argue he was the worst player on the floor, on both ends.
  12. Holidayinn21

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Try actually reading what I typed, instead of skimming and cherry picking a few words to argue about
  13. Holidayinn21

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Star PG Lose to the eventual champs Young players throughout the roster Bright future ahead. Am I talking about the 2022 Grizzlies? No. I'm talking about the 2021 Hawks. They decided to "run it back" with the same team. Assumed everything would go the same way it did the last 3 months of that season. Injuries and inconsistency had them in the play-in/8th seed. Got sent home easily by the Heat. The Hawks owner publicly came out and said he regretted not improving the team. I trust this FO. But thinking by simply adding more rookies and replicating anything close to 56 wins is high-risk game they're playing, especially when a major piece has already fallen(Jaren)
  14. Holidayinn21

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Okay? He "signs" the offer sheet, it doesn't change the fact that the trade is dead
  15. Holidayinn21

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Heat legally can't trade Bam for KD. Suns hang up if they hear Booker. And if any team offers Ayton a sheet, then the S+T with Brooklyn is automatically dead. Grizz should be the favorites.