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  1. pardon_my_interruption

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft
  2. pardon_my_interruption

    Jaren Jackson Jr's Floor/Ceiling

    Floor - JJ Hickson - Ceiling - Jermaine O'Neal -
  3. pardon_my_interruption

    fo draft grade

    I'd give them a B-. More and more reports are coming out of the numerous opportunities that they had to move off of the pick. That should have equated to some sort of leverage in getting a solid deal but it didn't pan out. We don't know if it was from a lack of commitment on their end or if the deals just weren't good enough. Either way, we made a pick. It will take a few years to know if we did pick the best player available at 4. Right now, I am higher on Jackson than I was last week, but if I had to guess, I would say that we did not. He will be a safe/solid player though but as Grizzlies fans we are all too familiar with the safe/solid players.
  4. pardon_my_interruption

    Can Carter play right away?

    He can absolutely play right away. He has the BBIQ and tenacity to be a great backup PG. The only question I have about him is whether or not he can be an adequate scorer of the basketball to stay around long-term. If he can, I can see him being a solid NBA backup point in the league for years.
  5. New Zack Lowe article on a proposal to swap the draft and free agency timeline. Makes a lot of sense to me. But then, the NBA doesn't care about what makes sense a lot of the time.
  6. pardon_my_interruption

    Why No One Wants to Play for Memphis

    Here's an article from SB Nation posted today that is in line with what the CBA states regarding a player's medical records. Bamba not going the extra step to get evaluated by our team doctors is really meaningless. All 30 teams have the overall report and enough info to make decisions. This makes sense to me. Workouts are basically meaningless. None of the players in this upper class of prospects are participating in competitive workouts, just drills and the like at most. There are legends of good players convincing teams to draft them with epic workouts; they are just as many tales of teams falling in love with a guy during a 1-on-0 workout and ending up with a bust. Meanwhile, the medical info issue seems like something of a red herring. All players who attend the NBA Draft combine — including Bamba — submit to medical examinations, the results of which are shared with all 30 teams. These exams include EKGs and X-rays. While one assumes the players’ camps have deeper info and that team-based exams would be more invasive and illuminating, the league’s exam should cover the major concerns. Bamba and other prospects have plenty of tape available — he played 900 minutes for the Longhorns this year, and was something of a known quantity in a scouting sense before that. Memphis would surely learn more about Bamba from having him visit, from having him submit to a doctor’s notebook, from putting him through shooting and running drills. But it hardly seems necessary.
  7. pardon_my_interruption

    Why No One Wants to Play for Memphis

    He did undergo a physical with the Bulls a couple of weeks ago.
  8. pardon_my_interruption

    Why No One Wants to Play for Memphis

    I googled NBA CBA and medical records and found this on draftees... 22.5 Draftees. Prior to any NBA Draft, the NBA and/or its Teams, acting jointly, may request that persons eligible for such Draft voluntarily submit to the administration of standardized medical or laboratory tests (other than tests for controlled substances), and intelligence and/or personality tests, the results of which shall be made available to any Team upon request, but which shall be kept confidential from the public and the media. Any person who submits to the administration of such tests may, prior to such Draft, be requested to submit voluntarily to an examination by the physician(s) for an NBA Team(s), but shall not be requested to undergo any further medical or laboratory test administered at the request of the NBA and/or its Teams acting jointly unless such follow-up testing is deemed necessary by an NBA-appointed physician on the basis of the initial testing results. Doesn't the portion in bold seem to indicate that the Grizzlies could request the medical records of any player that has voluntarily submitted to them (possibly for another team)? If this is the rule, then what we are getting from the media (and Bamba's camp) is probably just for public consumption. Every team probably has information on any player it has interest in already. The link I pulled this from is below. It is from the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement dated 6-30-17.
  9. pardon_my_interruption

    Why No One Wants to Play for Memphis

    What I don't understand is how is each team in the draft not allowed to see ALL player's medical records? Just because I am not in the lottery (i.e. Boston or Houston) doesn't mean that I might not like a top three player and want to offer a team Kyrie Irving or James Harden for them. To be honest the thing with his medical records shouldn't even be an issue and one that the league should and could easily quell by making information about players available for all teams in the league as prospects. It's extremely shady not to. If Michael Porter, Jr. has a hypothetical broke back, Sacramento shouldn't be the only team that knows it so that Atlanta can get hosed by taking him at #3 (having no knowledge of the situation).
  10. pardon_my_interruption

    We Should Trade the Pick

    Here's to the good ole days. Thanks to all for the replies. The clock is ticking. I can't wait to see what happens. The Hornets and Nets made a move today. Things are beginning to unfold. Stay tuned.
  11. pardon_my_interruption

    We Should Trade the Pick

    This is history repeating itself. I remember in the 2007 draft. We were sitting at #4. The Atlanta Hawks were sitting at #3. Just like the scenario we are facing this Thursday. At that time, we had Pau. The most NBA ready player that could come in and immediately help this team was Al Horford. It would have been a dream pairing with Pau Gasol, Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry. Many of us on the boards wanted him, however the Hawks took him at #3 and we took the next best player available in Mike Conley. Obviously Conley ended up being a great pick for us but it wasn't immediate. It took time. It also wasn't what we really needed at the time. We 'really needed' Al Horford. I think we are looking at the same scenario this year. The only player that could come in and help us right away would be Doncic, who it doesn't appear will get past the Hawks at 3 if the reports are accurate. If you can't trade up to get him, then we can't afford to draft another Mike Conley and sit back and wait two seasons. And we can't waste a pick on best player at a position that we do not 'need'. Don't do that to another Gasol. Trade the pick. Get some vets in here that can help a healthy team get back to the playoffs and compete next year.
  12. pardon_my_interruption

    CW- Front office direction

    Solid post GTF.
  13. pardon_my_interruption

    CW- Front office direction

    The thing that stands out to me in this post is the inclusion of Houston as a contender. I'm not a Rockets fan but what they have done to make themselves a contender while facing some of the same obstacles as other teams (little to no cap room, not many high draft picks, etc.) is the model that other team should follow. With Harden being in his mid-twenties they could have also opted to take the 'wait a few years approach' in regards to Golden State but they didn't. I like what the Pacers and Celtics are doing in the East also. I think Memphis is still in that mindset. For now. There aren't a lot of GMs like the ones these teams have but it can be done.
  14. pardon_my_interruption

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Man was he. Just the other day, I watched the youtube video of that time he called out MJ in a pickup game and got his junk pushed in shortly thereafter.
  15. pardon_my_interruption

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    I saw that this morning. They are also saying we are willing to move the #4 along with Parsons if we can stay in the top 10. Only team I can see that might fit that framework would be the Orlando Magic. Dallas isn't taking Parsons back, Chicago, New York and Philly aren't wrecking their caps to move up a few spots and it makes no sense for Cleveland value wise. A package around Evan Fournier, the #10 and some additional compensation for Parsons and the #4 might be a starter. Any interest in that?