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  1. Crizzle

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    the jaren insanity posts have kept me off the boards the past week and are about to get me off for another. Pure madness. I suggest you guys try to exercise positive manifestation. You guys need to pray/believe that jaren reaches his potential , because unless that happens, this team doesnt sniff a championship
  2. Crizzle

    Consolidation choices

    what we really should be thinking about is trading dillon before his trade value takes a noise dive next year
  3. mitchell has such a punchable face
  4. UGLY game, but a win is a win
  5. Crizzle

    Jaren Jackson Jr. ....Is NOT selfish at all

    is this the most played out shtick on the board?
  6. Crizzle

    Predict JJJ's Return

    its happening
  7. If we are going to be legit contenders, I think JJJ is going to have to be our best player. The dude is a walking mismatch. If Ja and him both reach full potential, JJJ will be more impactful. Ja can be the face of the franchise, but i think JJJ will be more importiant
  8. Crizzle

    What about Graysen Allen from Duke

    the people who act like race/ethnicity isnt some kind of big deal are funny
  9. When dirk retired, I was afraid i was going to stop experiencing nightmares of Maverick white guys ripping out our hearts at the buzzer. If luka hadnt come along, i dont know what i would do at night. just brutal
  10. Crizzle

    Predict JJJ's Return

    Where does this BS about "jaren doesnt care, isnt competitive, doesnt love the game" come from?
  11. Holy shoiot; Pops and I got extra tickets tomorrow night to take my friend and his son. We were def picking them up at 530......
  12. I didnt say he played bad. But im not gonna act like the shooting woes arent concerning
  13. It was a decent performance, but it wasnt amazing or anything. Hes just been in an efficiency funk and teams know how to defend him. Clanking wide open 3's is hurting my soul
  14. This is gonna be tough. We are lucky the suns played tonight.