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  1. Crizzle

    New plan moving forward...

    dude just doesnt seem like he enjoys the game
  2. i cant decide if i want to win this game or not.......
  3. can bradley play point full time?
  4. i was thinking the same thing as far as james johnson
  5. Crizzle

    Roster Moves

    thats basically our teams motto
  6. Crizzle

    Grizzlies at Warriors - 12/17/18

    this is going to be ugly
  7. Crizzle

    Silver Lining?

    just one game, but he def looked promising
  8. Crizzle

    Grizzlies at New Orleans - 12/7/18

    that, was a close one
  10. we really need to get dillon back
  11. i changed the channel for a second. did jjj foul out?