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  1. Crizzle

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    Jaren is going to be a beast. I feel ridiculous for even having to make this statement.
  2. Crizzle

    Brandon Clark thread

    If you look at his per36 stats, it reads like an All Star. CLarje is just a pleasure to watch. His movement is so aesthetically pleasing, its just icing on the fact that he can BALL. Ir just feels unreal to be hitting on all of our draft picks. The vibe of our franchise has changed so dramatically over the last 3 years it almost seems like this real
  3. Ja finally has A straight away for a big dunk, and basically lays it up....
  4. Well atleast jaren scored well and fouled little. Player development is what we wanted this year amirite...
  5. We're obviously tanking guys. Calm down
  6. That was the worst stretch of ball I've seen in a long time
  7. Why have they given JJJ so few touches? This is bad
  8. Why don't we send everyone to the g league while we're at it
  9. Jjjs fouls getting worse and worse
  10. Ja got it done. His confidence should be sky high
  11. Crizzle


    most hated and our biggest rival IMO is the spurs. besides the playoffs win when they were number 1, they have been kicking our a$$ forever