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  1. Im still of the mindset that jackson is still getting used to his body seeing as he grew in between his freshman and softmore season. Who knows maybe he is still growing?!?! I expect a lot more control of his movement in his future especially with his ball handling which is already good for a 7 footer
  2. you think anyone wants brooks shooting fadeaways ? thats all on him
  3. If he can get his fouls under control, be will become a superstar imo
  4. Crizzle

    What is fair?

    they want that TV money and they have to get to a certain amount of games to get it
  5. Crizzle

    Would you rather?

    get the pick then trade it
  6. i think if we are going to be a legit contender in the future, jaren is going to be the one leading us
  7. Crizzle

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    who really cares anyway? Ja appears to have a path to being a legit star in this league and that is satisfying enough for me
  8. does everyone know league pass is free for the next month?
  9. Crizzle

    Grizz Games Are Back!!!!

    league pass is free right now
  10. Crizzle

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    there is no way it isnt Ja. The regular season if not the whole season is done for. Zion may have had a slight chance if he played the remainder of the season but that isnt happening
  11. marcus smart is the celtic player.
  12. until we actually start competently start testing people, we have no idea how good or bad things really are My 70yr old father who is obese and diabetic insists that his yearly golf trip with his old airline business is still on at the end of april . He wants to drive from memphis to dallas by himself for said trip. Its scary how oblivious some are to the situation
  13. If you think there is going to be any more basketball this year, you've got another thing coming