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  1. He did play for the spurs so I can understand anyone associating him with grizz killers
  2. Jerseys........ Ive run into a situation where I can join the BEALE ST FLIPPERS as another side job, or I can be "Out with the old, in with the new (used car). I use to really value these jerseys as Pau was the first real staR, Rudy was our first guy with a viral Youtube, and OJ was our first guy to be banished from the league for enjoying face drugs. And yet, this young squad has me almost forget that we traded Kevin Love and then some for a inefficent 6th man chucker. Fun stuff aside., im gonna get rid of these quick, But what price for each should be where i draw then line? Legit autographs on authentic jerseys. Im kind of horrible with money so help me not get bamboozled
  3. Crizzle

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Bulls 01/17/2022

    TH: jjj Hm: bane
  4. Literally went to the bathroom and puked. Came back to the seats and the crowd erupts. That was terrifying
  5. Crizzle

    We love ❤️ you Ja

    its one thing to post about this like hes using it as motivation, but if this kind of thing legit rattled him, thats a huge problem
  6. Dillon had jaren rollling and decided to get gobbled by multiple people
  7. unique skillsets can be hard to quantify. But i think the main issue with jarens advanced stats, at least in the previous years, is the same reason his normal play suffers. FOULS.. When you pick up quick fouls, Its going to affect how your approach the game, even if you dont end up picking more up.
  8. Crizzle

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Im curious about how moving jaren to the 5 and slowmo sliding into PF would look. Not saying i expect it to happen this season, but i would love to experiment with it if we do resign kyle
  9. Crizzle

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    what is a poison pill restriction?
  10. how could you possibly post that without the shai bucket before? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VSzQsvAmOo
  11. There are Def lots of people eating crow. There were some hilariously God awful takes on social media, especially FB. Folks wanted to ship him out for Harrison Barnes esque packages lol