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  1. Crizzle

    Who is the third best Grizzlies player?

    jaren. He would be at least 20ppg if he werent on the bench with foul trouble he has a HUGE problem fouling.. If he gets it under control, hes going to be a monster.He is clearly one of the top 2 players. Anyone saying otherwise is in denial
  2. Crizzle

    Who is the third best Grizzlies player?

    whats his PPG if he were playing 35MPG?
  3. I didnt say he played bad. But im not gonna act like the shooting woes arent concerning
  4. It was a decent performance, but it wasnt amazing or anything. Hes just been in an efficiency funk and teams know how to defend him. Clanking wide open 3's is hurting my soul
  5. This is gonna be tough. We are lucky the suns played tonight.
  6. It was def not a great performance
  7. Crizzle

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Pistons 02/19/2021

    TH: Ja? HM: Slowmo
  8. I would have lost my confidence if i was Ja too. Hes just not there with the 3
  9. DJs dont even need macbooks these days. You bring thumb drives and decks. Das it
  10. Im trying to think about why any team in the bottom 5 of the league ( lets use this as of today for draft top 5) would logically want to make a trade with us. Say the wolves have the 3 pick and we end up with 13 and offer swap and 2 future first, does Minnesota make the most sense because of $$$ down the road?Lets say this top 3 pick is a baller, you have 2 max guys already with Ant due a big pay day in 2 years. That will be too many cooks in the kitchen, but if i were them i would be trying to move edwards and not the pick.
  11. Crizzle

    Flop warnings issued to Lakers

    As if they even needed to flop to takeover....
  12. In the past 5 years, the price of moving up has risen quite a bit. moving up two spots , youre giving up a first rounder. This is a loaded draft and that would probably be the cost just to move up a few even after the first 5 players picked. Its gonna cost multiple firsts if there is that kind of talent available and we are in the 10-15 range. Also, if a player of that caliber is there, you have to get a team willing to actually do it. But im not scared to move our chips in if that kind of guy is available
  13. he could def avg in ther 25-30 range. easily
  14. I do agree with what you are saying as far as the perimeter. I think thats plays a big factor in Jarens foul trouble