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  1. Crizzle

    Grizzlies at New Orleans - 12/7/18

    that, was a close one
  2. Crizzle

    Grizzlies at New Orleans - 12/7/18

    coming out flat
  4. we really need to get dillon back
  5. i changed the channel for a second. did jjj foul out?
  6. jb making sure the kid doesn't pick up a 3r foul. he better play the whole second half
  7. the starters did play a lot of minutes against the nets so i kinda understand.
  8. did they really pull the kid to put rabb on embiid?
  9. not expecting a W. I just hope they give the kid more of a workload on offense
  10. what a clusterfvck of a game
  11. taking out 2 of our best defenders seems like a good idea....
  12. more like as soon as the 2nd half starts....
  13. have they looked for jjj once during overtime?
  14. captain clutch and the kid, take us home!!!