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  1. Dillon is still believing there's a comeback with James and Russ. He's thrown up 26 shots and we haven't started the fourth.
  2. It's evident that this Houston small ball thing is killing the opponents center position that lacks mobility. The Grizzlies would be much better off with Porzingis, Wiseman, or Anthony Davis. Even if we still had Marc Gasol, he (Marc) would be out of this game because he can't fit. Jonas so far: 1/2 with 5 points, 4 rebounds, -7.
  3. Am I the only one that's starting to lost faith in Jonas? Like, there's a reason why Toronto wanted to trade this guy.
  4. If Jonas plays up to his capability, he should be having around 25 and 15 tonight. Dillon has played like crap offensively since his contract extension. Can't blame Phoenix for cutting Josh Jackson now either.
  5. Man, there something about Memphis basketball and turnovers this year, I don't get it.
  6. It's the time where we look at the schedules: Next 10 games (opponents above .500) Memphis: 2/26 @ Houston, 2/28 vs Sacramento, 2/29 vs Los Angeles Lakers, 3/2 @ Atlanta, 3/4 @ Brooklyn, 3/6 @ Dallas, 3/7 vs Atlanta, 3/10 vs Orlando, 3/12 @ Portland, 3/14 @ Utah.
  7. GoGrizz!

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    We're all wrong. No one would've bet the Grizzlies to win 40+ games if it evolves sports betting. We can say those things by typing a keyboard for free.
  8. GoGrizz!

    Why the trade with Miami is a bad trade.

    Stoppppp, let me know when Winslow plays and I'll watch him. Meanwhile, Jae will play on Sunday at Portland.
  9. GoGrizz!

    Why the trade with Miami is a bad trade.

    I can't believe this, y'all are about to compare Joe Harris to Justise Winslow? He's a three point shooter that has shot over 40% from three in the last three years, and has a career 47% field goal percentage. And most importantly, he will play each night. Thank you for proving my point right there. He's going to play and stay healthy. Oh, there's a reason why he will cost more than $13 Million, just think about. He's better than Justise. Let's get this Duke and 10 overall pick thing out of your head. Harris is better by far. We can potentially get a Chandler Parsons 2.0 arriving in Memphis.
  10. GoGrizz!

    Why the trade with Miami is a bad trade.

    Easy question to answer. Joe Harris from Brooklyn
  11. The best ability is availability. Justise Winslow hasn't played in roughly 150 games since entering the league. I don't like that. The contract extension to Dillon Brooks is well deserved, I can't fault our front office for that at all. But I can fault our front office for the trade with Miami. First, Miami doesn't have a first round pick to offer, because Oklahoma City has that pick. With that being said, Miami fleeced Memphis by adding two expiring contracts, two additions (Crowder and Hill) for three subtractions (Johnson, Waiters, and Winslow) when it comes to Money. Before the Dillon Brooks contract extension, the Grizzlies set at $57 Million in payroll for the 2020-2021 season, which would be 29th in the NBA. With his extension, the Grizzlies are sitting at $68 million with payroll for the 2020-2021 season, which is 29th in the NBA. Assuming James Johnson (32) accepts his $16 Million dollar player option that he has, Justise Winslow has a $13 million dollar contract, and Dion Waiters has a $12.6 contracts for next season. That's an additional $41 million dollars for a player that is not the same since he's been a Grizzly, an major injury prone player, and a guy with major off the court issues. That increases the payroll to $109 Million for the 2020-2021 season, which is tied for 15th in the NBA. There goes your free agent spending this offseason. The Grizzlies did Miami a huge favor, while the Heat didn't return the favor back.
  12. Say what you want, congratulations to Dillion. Give credit to Chris Wallace for drafting this guy, too!
  13. It's now being reported that Miami is adding Oklahoma City's Danilo Gallinari. This trade is not official and won't be official til Thursday. Don't know what exactly Memphis and OKC could be doing with each other as part of the three team deal.
  14. GoGrizz!


    So with the four-team trade that involved Atlanta, Houston, Minnesota, and Denver, it appears that Andre Iguodala to Houston are no longer happening. Meaning, that Iguodala will get traded to an Eastern Conference team for sure.
  15. I'm actually going to disagree with this a lot. The window is not open yet. Ja hasn't hit his rookie wall, which I am predicting it'll eventually come. He's used to play 35 games a year at Murray State? How will Ja performed in March when will be in the 60's in terms of game played this season? Our team also doesn't have any playoff experience other than JV and Crowder. No one (other than those two players) know what playoff basketball is like. So, I'll wait patiently when LeBron and K. Leonard gets older, then it'll be our time.