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  1. GoGrizz!

    Grizz Hire 2 New Assistant Coaches

    I approved the hiring of Niele Ivey. But curious, did we hire this woman for clout? I don't think she's qualified for the job, but that's just me.
  2. And, he is already hurt and hasn't played a second.
  3. GoGrizz!

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Means the Pelicans will probably suit up against Orlando. The NBA found a way to sit there and screw up one of their teams, which happens to be Memphis.
  4. GoGrizz!

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    From what I understand, the Grizzlies schedule will look the stretch of games they had from Portland to the Boston game that was scheduled for March 25. Meanwhile, the Pelicans schedule will be the same schedule: Sacramento, Utah, LA Clippers, *Replacement game for Atlanta (probably Washington or Phoenix), San Antonio, Memphis, Sacramento, Memphis.
  5. GoGrizz!


    NBA should've done this: Play the games in Orlando: Best 3 of 5 that begins July 31-August 11 Second round of playoffs: Best 3 of 5 August 13- 25. Conference finals Best 4 of 7: August 27-Sept. 9 NBA finals Best of 7: Sept 11-24 When a series is completed, teams have the luxury to take 2 days off to rest (if their opponent is still in a series) Lets just say both the Lakers and Utah sweep their opponents in 3 games (which will be August 4, then they can start their series on the 7th). Basically, the Lakers and Jazz can play their series while the other teams are playing first playoff series. You're rewarding winning by letting them play ahead and not necessarily taking off way too much time. If a team plays a series into 5 or 7 games, then you're punishing them. However, a minimum 48 hour rest when you complete a series for the winning team. BUTTTT we got to have Zion and Dame.
  6. GoGrizz!


    Unfortunately, I'm not really going to be interested in watching basketball in August, I'm just not. However, I do believe the Ja solidifies himself with the ROY award. In addition, the Grizzlies seem to be catching a break with the schedule. What if the Grizzlies were 4.5-5.5 games above NOLA or Portland? I think we will be seeing the playoffs starting back up.
  7. Here's the deal, in 2020, sports will always have an asterisk beside whoever wins the championship, just plain reality. So, in 2020, do a plan where you can have a 16 seed tournament, Where... Milwaukee will play Orlando, Lakers vs Brooklyn, Toronto vs Memphis, Clippers vs Dallas, Boston vs Philadelphia, Denver vs Indiana, Utah vs Houston, and Miami will play Oklahoma City. That's 4 series that automatically catches my eye right there. Let's spice it up for once, NBA has nothing to lose as long as basketball is being played. TNT is the company that's hurting over this, simply because they rely so much on March Madness and the postseason, and they have lost both events. Lillard is correct, why would he want to play meaningless basketball games? Remember, he missed the All-Star game due to an injury. What he said, is good news for the Grizzlies, but it's also bad news. It forces Silver into making a decision. However, the Warriors, Cavs, and Knicks had vacation on their mind since Christmas, so for them coming back and playing meaningless games, would be bad product on the court.
  8. GoGrizz!


    I think the numbers are doing slightly better in the USA, but obviously that doesn't mean we should put our foot off the gas pedal. It'll be another two weeks until I believe we will significantly see numbers improved. Hopefully, we will be able to see kids return to school here in Tennessee.
  9. GoGrizz!


    In my opinion, the NBA is waiting on China to get their games resumed. However, I don't know when that'll happen, but it's a 50/50 shot they'll get some traction before the end of the month of April. The basketball league in China is the closest thing to the NBA (million dollar players, teams are in different cities, competitiveness, etc.) I do not believe the NBA will play this season. I would also say the NHL would arguably play first over the NBA because of Canada is doing better than the US in terms of Coronavirus. I don't believe playing basketball will be healthy for the players. They'll get no "true" offseason and it could effect older players (LeBron, Leonard, Paul George are examples) for the 2020-21 season. Put an asterisk on the 2019-2020 season. Also, players from the Cavaliers, Hornets, Knicks, and Timberwolves: there offseason started in January, they don't want to come back. The NBA is doing this to make sure there are fans are hopeful to return, but in reality, we will have to wait til October for any play.
  10. GoGrizz!

    Will Coronavirus Affect the 2020-21 Salary Cap?

    Yes, it'll effect it drastically. There are some "key games" left in the regular season and obviously the playoffs. We also have to factor in what occurred over in China back in the fall and how that is dropping the salary cap as well.
  11. Interesting, but the Grizzlies haven't lost any ground in the playoff race since the All-Star break. Despite recent struggles after the break, they've held their ground so far. Dallas will be a tough out, but we have won the road trip, which was huge.
  12. We traded a lot for Winslow then. Hope he pans out.
  13. Disagree, I thought this game could very well be scary for us, I game we could potentially lose. However, it was an off night for Trae, who is 3rd in the NBA in scoring, they're also hurt as well, they didn't 5 players in the game. They're also going to be good, they have seven players that are going to be very good NBA players that are all 25 and younger. They can also light up the scoreboard as well, only the 5th time they didn't reach 100 points. Just night where we got them on their off night, I really do like Atlanta's future.
  14. Really good win for us to end this skin. Give us an opportunity to take a breather and flip the calendar in March playing meaningful games. Huge road trip coming up for us, @ Hawks, @ Nets, @ Mavs. Honestly, I believe we can win this week and hopefully shoot for a 3-1 record. 2.5 lead over the Pelicans, their schedule really is not easy (IMO) for the first half of March. We need to take advantage of that and continue to play well. Get JJJ and BC back before the next road trip out west, and hold on for our lives.