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  1. GoGrizz!

    Grizzlies last in NBA for revenue per game

    Thanks! but in the long run Trae will be better than JJJ.
  2. GoGrizz!

    Grizzlies last in NBA for revenue per game

    This is where not drafting Trae Young, is becoming an issue. Trae sells tickets and he sells jerseys. The NBA is a guard league, tons of kids this day and age is modeling Steph Curry, not Karl-Anthony Towns or Nikola Jokic. I like JJJ and I think he'll be fine, but man Trae is just as good as JJJ (if not better) and he brings in money, unlike JJJ. But they had their chance.
  3. GoGrizz!

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    If all the “offer” reports are true, then I’m okay with what we got back in return. What just boils me up about the Grizzlies front office is that they want to go “all in” but don’t know how to go “all in.” Making the playoffs 7 years in a row was fun, the memories made with Z-Bo, TA, Mike, Andy Marc was great, but we didn’t win a WCF game with that group. Whenever our next time to compete for a title, I want our franchise to have a “June roster” and not a May roster. And the fan base is totally fine with us taking 5 steps back, to go 10 steps forward.
  4. GoGrizz!

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    When does Chris Wallace contract expire?
  5. Last year I will say heck no, but this year I might be more optimistic. However, a lot needs to change. First, Penny Hardaway is bringing in a lot of fans back inside FedEx Forum to watch basketball. Yes, it would be amazing if the Grizzlies will perform well to bring in more fans to watch them play. More fans inside the Forum = more money spent on Beale Street. I would just love to see one day where both Tigers and Grizzlies perform well. With that being said, Memphis needs to be a better sports town. Memphis football needs to have more than 30,000-40,000 fans inside the Liberty Bowl. Can’t even hit 50,000 when UCF came to town in October. So, the fans need to do better at showing up to games, because I do believe Tiger football and basketball isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. And no one will show up to the Express games. The good news is that I do believe the University of Memphis is thriving, and I do expect the enrollment to increase within the next 5-10 years. Maybe those upcoming students will graduate and stay in the Memphis area. Who knows Memphis has momentum, Mayor Stricklin has said that a ton, but the city needs to find a way to build more downtown attractions/skyscrapers (preferably between of FedExForum and Central BBQ). Build something interesting and near near the Liberty Bowl, and cover the interstate around Memphis with something to happen. Yes, the odds are slightly better, but a lot more work has to be done in order to get a NBA all-star game, and I mean a lot.
  6. JJJ doesn’t have the want to go box out and rebound leads to a Thad Young dunk. I love JJJ but the guy has to have the want to, to rebound.
  7. GoGrizz!

    The grizzlies need to Target 2021

    I mentioned this earlier that 2021-2022 needs to be the year the Grizzlies vision. Good news is that it'll give the front office time for the Grizzlies to accumulate as many picks as they can to get a 2021 first round pick. The other good news is that Curry, LeBron, Durant will all be older and the Grizzlies will come in with a new and younger team. I'll be honest, other than Simmons, Giannis, Embid, there aren't really many superstars that are necessary young. I can't view Anthony-Towns, Booker, and Wiggins as superstars yet. The Grizzlies have $19 million dollars committed to the 2021-2022 season (Kyle Anderson and Jaren Jackson Jr. are both free agents in that season). In case you're wondering, that ranks 17th currently in the NBA for payroll for that season. Houston and Denver are the only two teams that has already invested over $100 million for that season. I'm always curious to see what the payroll is. If the Grizzlies can draft right and no spend money on long term contracts, the 2021-2022 season will be a good year if the Grizzlies and Jaren Jackson can develop.
  8. Man, JJJ is terrible at rebounding
  9. GoGrizz!

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    Mavs: I will take because of Dennis Smith. However, the Mavs don't appear to trade Dennis Smith, therefore I don't think it will happen. Sixers: I'll take and give Fultz a fresh start. If Fultz struggles in Memphis, I don't think we will be put to blame for him. I will also try to get a first back from Philly as well. Pacers: I like and it's a team I didn't even expect honestly. Pistons: I don't want to take Reggie Jackson and Leuer back, unless draft picks are added. Heat: No. Bucks: ehh
  10. GoGrizz!

    Roster Moves

    I don't think we should get players back for Marc. I believe we should get draft picks back. Marc is defiantly worth a first round pick. Wallace should send Marc to a team that will send a draft pick back. We are in a full blown rebuild. We need to accumulate draft picks and not players. I'd rather keep Marc then ship him out for players/2nd round picks.
  11. GoGrizz!

    Season win total predictions???

    Two months ago when the team was 12-5, I was like "no way they'll finish the season with 22 wins." Now, I am sitting here like "keep doing your thing, Grizzlies!"
  12. GoGrizz!

    Time to trade Marc

    Right now, the Grizzlies are in a perfect opportunity, they're in a perfect spot. Weird right? But the following Grizzlies will be free agents after the season: Temple, Green, Holiday, Casspi, Mack, Noah. To me, all of those players and Gasol are tradable. The Grizzlies have six players they should aggressively shopping for in the next few weeks. Assuming the Grizzlies will trade three players before the deadline, they will have three players promoted from the G-League. Who knows what Darrel Macon, Jaylen Barford, and Dusty Hannahs will do? Give them an opportunity. The Grizzlies should shoot for 2021-2022 to compete for a championship. Only $19 Million will be invested in that year (Anderson and Jackson Jr. will be free agents after that season). And if the Grizzlies can find a way to get rid of Conley, then $21 million will be invested in the 2020-2021 season, if not only $51 million will be invested. So yes, everyone other than Jackson Jr, Conley, and Anderson will be free agents after next season. How does that compare to the rest of the NBA in the 2021-2022 season? Houston has $106 million invested (Paul, Harden, and Capela). Westbrook will 33 and will be making $43 million Spurs have $0 money invested in that year, unless they exercise Lonnie Walker's $4 million team option Curry will be 33 and making $45 million, Durant will be 33 as well, Thompson and Draymond Green will both be 32. So, the Grizzlies have an opportunity for that window and do it again, because I believe the other superstars and the league will be 2-3 years older, and the Grizzlies can young like Minnesota. However, it starts with a direction, and be fully invested in analytics and be like Houston and Golden State. Two point baskets outside the paint is useless. Either score in the paint, and make 3's. Jaren Jackson could be a little Giannis, who knows.
  13. Then games like tonight and the other night should be games that he gets in. The games that are over in the fourth quarter, should be the time when Chandler plays. I rarely see Ivan Rabb plays unless it’s garbage time. Chandler should do the same, and if he proves he’s effective then he’s can get more minutes, simply because of his paychecks.
  14. GoGrizz!

    Is It Time to Embrace Another Tank?

    January will determine then Grizzlies approach in the trade market, in June for the draft, and in July for free agency. However, there are some winnable games in January, but also losable games as well. The rest of January's schedule includes the following: New Orleans (2), San Antonio, Boston, Charlotte, Indiana, Toronto, Miami, Sacramento, Minnesota, Denver, and Milwaukee (not in that order). The bad thing is that after the month, we will finish Toronto, Indiana, Miami, Boston, and Milwaukee. Therefore, the schedule in February and March will be easier. In order to "tank" my plan is to play Mike and March throughout the rest of the month. Start calling teams now, and hopefully get to a trade by Super Bowl Sunday when the schedule gets easier. We can still get to 30-35 wins at the end of the season, and that is not where you want to be. No team wants to be in the 30's in win total.
  15. Ehh, not a big fan of this. Don’t want Parsons’ cloud to be hanging over our head in the next 5 years. Go ahead and pay the guy and end the contract. The good news is that after next season you’ll have money to get a good caliber free agent. I’d rather deal with the pain now, and not let the pain linger.