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    Conley Is Going To The ASG

    That doesn't help your case lol. Memphis had much better cases than this season to have two all-stars. Now, the West is so balanced where all teams are close record wise. Its going to be difficult to make a case for a team that's currently #6 in the West having two All-Stars unless both are statistically killing it (not advanced wise). Trust me, I get it. I know why they both should be all-stars. I just know the way the NBA is and how stupid the all-star process is. I hope it happens, but think its unlikely unless the Grizz are a top 2 seed.

    Conley Is Going To The ASG

    Marc didn't even get in with Zbo in 2012-13 when he won DPOY . BTW, we were like 24-10 during that year as well. You don't get into the all-star game off the analytics. We all know that. Now, he will be in the conversation for DPOY again and make an All-NBA and/or All-Defensive team because I think those are given more thought. At the end of the day, unless the Grizz are high in seeding, we aren't getting 2 all-stars. Why wouldn't Tobias get in when he's the best player on a team that has a top 4 seed in the West and having a career year? You're telling me they wouldn't have a single representative in the ASG when they have a higher seed than the Grizz at the moment?

    Conley Is Going To The ASG

    Probably would need to be more like a top 2 seed to get two all-stars. Losing team or not, Lillard is still averaging 27 a game and its really too hard to call anybody in the West a losing team at the moment outside of Phoenix. IF they are far outside the playoff race when selections happen, then I could see it. Derozan isn't putting up eye popping numbers at the moment to consider shoeing him on over other candidates, though. He's been having a very good year, though. Harden / KD / Bron / AD / Curry Conley / Lillard / George / Westbrook / KAT / Jokic / Tobias I feel like those may be the 12 guys out West. Bron probably the capitain. As long as the Clippers are in the midst of the playoffs, their best player will more than likely make it. Marc would have to hopefully make it over KAT or Lillard somehow.

    Roster Moves

    Exactly. I'm done with giving away picks. Build within and keep your own picks unless we are talking about acquiring an all-star level talent.

    Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Lakers - 12/8/18

    Hearing stuff like this is always funny in hindsight. Back when we had Rudy Gay and Parsons was killing us/him, it was "I wish we had a shooter that played hard like Parsons instead of overpaid non-chalant Rudy" No direct shot at you, but its always funny how we get what some people were asking for (even though it was 50% of that version) and we still searching for answers.
  6. Weird that the Grizz are +2 underdogs in Denver despite all of the injuries. At least two starters are out and possibly Murray.

    Roster Moves

    Definitely a slow news day lol. On the Jevon > Shelvin front, I think we need to find a way to get Jevon some time soon. He has the potential to make a huge impact in a playoff game just based off his energy and defense IMO. Think of Bledsoe first playoff series with the Clippers. I'm starting to come around to the idea of even playing both Carter / Mack at times. That backup 2 spot is so sporadic and I'm really not a fan of Marshon being the answer this year, I would rather give the opportunity to a younger guy. I know we are fighting for as many wins now to solidify a playoff spot later down the line, but I do think there are opportunities out there for Jevon to play. Seems like the only way its going to happen though is by injury unfortunately. Bickerstaff just isn't creative enough as a coach.

    Roster Moves

    Are you really putting up numbers in the NBA when you're scoring 17ppg on 14.5 shots, have an excessive turnover rate, one of the lowest offensive ratings in the league and below average TS%? Not to mention doing this on an 18 and 19 win team. So, not only did he have every opportunity to put up numbers on a bad team, he was really bad at doing it lmao. This isn't a Kevin Love situation where he was actually good at basketball and played on a bad team. He simply bad at basketball and benefited from having a sky high usage rate on a terrible team. If your issue is Selden needs to be replaced, that's fine. I agree with that. I would definitely like to give Watanabe a try and see how he performs. I do think all of these issues with our bench will be fixed once Dillon returns, though. So that's why I'm not TOO concerned. Rolling with Mack / Dillon / Casspi / JAM / Noah would be fine until the deadline IMO. But, trying to convince us Tony Wroten had some sort of value is another thing. He wasn't good. I also don't agree that he was better than Selden. There are several 2nd round guys who are better NBA players than 1st round talent. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter because we are talking about a guy who's not even in the NBA after 3 or 4 seasons vs. a guy currently on a NBA roster and I'm pretty positive people were loving him in the first 10 games of the season before his shooting fizzled out. Selden was shooting the ball well, playing solid defense and played his role really well. Then, he fizzled out mid-November and on.

    The Grizzlies should trade for John Wall

    Environmental change can do a lot for a player. Saw X mention how acquiring Wall could be similar to Detroit acquiring Sheed. You could argue that Sheed was a chemistry killer prior to coming on board to Detroit. This is probably the last team that can say they're unable to handle certain personality types. If all we were losing was Parsons + a protected 1st + some out of rotation role players, I would definitely take it.

    Roster Moves

    That doesn't make them NBA players, though lol. Some guys can score, but it doesn't translate to being consistently productive on a NBA team. Think about the empty stat year Wroten had with Philly at 21 years old and still couldn't find a spot on another team. Something just isn't right. Not to mention at how inefficient he was . If we want to talk about putting up points on a bad team, Selden can do that. Selden just has a hard time fitting into a role on a good team. We've seen what he's capable of in summer league as a scoring guard. That's just not who he is in the NBA, though.

    Roster Moves

    I was just thinking the other day how valuable 2013-14 Mike Miller would be on this team lol

    The Grizzlies should trade for John Wall

    He actually might be. The report from about a week or two ago said you could count the suitors on a few fingers. I feel like the team that's willing to give up an unprotected 1st + cap relief + a decent prospect can get him. May not take that, but I feel like that's what will get it done. Parsons doesn't give them immediate cap relief, but he does after next season. Whether he's a fit, not sure. He doesn't quite thrive in a halfcourt offense and we would need to change our style to be more uptempo. As a talent, he would be great. Its also a win now move because I feel like we are going to struggling with that contract in Years 4 and 5 once his athleticism dies down.


    From Twitter: Makes sense -- a team in need of perimeter offense will look to acquire one of the least efficient offensive players in the league this season.

    Roster Moves

    Agreed. Also, I would stay far away from Wiggins. We are just asking for it if he's acquired. We will never get value out of him based on the contract he has. Even if he becomes a tad bit more efficient (highly unlikely), we still won't. Stay far away from poison pill contracts and let's learn from our past mistakes. Fultz is gettable, but unless we have a definite from his doctors that his shoulder issue is fixed, I would stay away. At that point, we are paying him $8-10M just because he was a former #1 pick. Based on our medical staff history with identifying players longevity, I would stay far away from him at this point. Just speaking as a realist. THJ would make the most sense IF the Knicks are looking to clear up some capspace. May require us to deal JAM and Temple. I think its worth it, although we lose the rebounding from JAM. THJ has been producing this year and his value actually may have increased since the start of the season. It probably would've benefited us to make a deal like that prior to the season starting. Feel the same way about Waiters as I do Fultz. Foot related injury, but I would rather not take on a guy that's coming off a major injury/surgery. We should have some sort of policy to not even target these type of guys solely based on our history as a franchise and injuries. Courtney Lee would be nice to have back. I also wouldn't mind if we are able to snag Ellington away from the Heat.

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Bosh wasn't enough to get Toronto far because he really could not impact the game the way JJJ can on both ends of the floor. However, AD is in the same situation. At the end of the day, a team still needs to put talent around their superstar for them to go far. I'm hoping by YR3/YR4, we will know for sure JJJ is that centerpiece superstar that can dominate both ends of the floor. However, we will still need 1 or 2 other star level players around him.