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  1. Interesting to see the Grizz name pop up in this considering we are over the cap. I would assume this would be on a S&T deal featuring Conley to the Sixers? Don't think Parsons + #6-8 pick would make sense for either team, so going with Conley. Tobias will be 27 in July, so ideally he would spend his prime years here. Just not sure what's the actual plan moving forward.

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    Several positives to take from this IMO - Val can pick up his option next year and we can flip him into something if he's not a long-term solution - Delon is on the same timeline as Kyle. He's a pretty good player, not sure on his ceiling but he makes for a solid rotation guy at 26. Re-signing him could be tricky depending on what he commands in the open market as a RFA - the 2nd round pick could hold some value depending on where Toronto is 5 years now. They could be a bottom dweller. Who knows? - you get similar production out of Val that Marc gave, while giving grooming JJJ the rest of this season. This is the biggest win for me. You're taking a high usage player out of your lineup in hopes of those touches going to JJJ. I hate we couldn't get a 1st out of the deal or a younger prospect with a higher ceiling. But, considering Marc is 34 years old, I think that was pretty decent value. As mentioned already, I'm more upset about the Clippers deal when Houston just gave up a 1st to any team that took on Brandon Knight. That should've been us. I think trading those expirings for what we got was poorly executed. Maybe Bradley fits here, though. Who knows? If the rumors are true that we can possibly get more for Conley in the summer, I'm fine with that. I don't necessarily agree, but I can see the reason for not rushing to move him if the offers weren't right. I think you HAVE to find a way to get a 1st or a young prospect in a Conley did. He's still in his prime.

    2019 Post Trade Grizzlies Roster

    Mike/Delon/Jevon Justin/Bradley/Tyler Kyle/CJ/Bruno Jaren/Rabb JonasV/Noah I see this with the possibility of Bradley jumping into the starting lineup somehow because he looks like he plays hard more than anything.

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    I'm definitely more upset about the Clippers deal than the Raptors deal
  5. They can lower prices on concession food/drinks. I think one promo that may work to ensure fans get there early as well would be to offer a sizeable discount to fans who order prior to tip off. Just kinda looking at the overall Forum experience, there's several areas of improvement that can be made. Went to the game in Toronto last month and their in-game experience is amazing. Not to mention, the game was almost packed with the Grizz in town + it was pretty packed 30 minutes before tip off. Granted, much larger city. Just in terms of the in-game experience, the music selection was great (Raptors have their own DJ), it kinda felt like you were at a party. The crowd was very much into the game against a team that was considered a bottom dweller. Almost had the feel of a soccer game. I think music is a big part of what makes things more exciting. Also, a good way they are able to keep fans in the seats during the game is by having a Raptors app where you can order food from your seat. This is available to EVERYONE in the arena. Not exactly sure why this isn't a thing in Memphis yet considering our owner is a tech guy. But, thought that was a great idea as well and would help keep butts in the seats throughout the game rather than it looking halfway empty nearly the entire time.

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    Not that this trade would ever happen, but Blake is far from declining lol. Just wondering what metrics you're talking about. Actually having one of the best seasons of his career right now. If the idea was trying to remain a highly competitive team over the next few years and JJJ put on his weight to play C, then I'll definitely make that trade. But, just doesn't make sense for us right now.

    Mavs Getting the Unicorn Porzingis

    Apparently he's signing the QO. So, he may end up being unrestricted after next season lol
  8. I see what you mean now. Kyle is basically that guy for us when thinking about it. But, I think its all centered around having 3 star level players. Probably could get away with 2 star level players if you have elite depth. Think about the current Raptors squad. They truly have one superstar, but their have an elite level all-star caliber player in Lowry + a gem in Siakam. Then, you start talking about their depth with Van Fleet, Ibaka, Danny Green, Wright, etc. A lot of the latter pieces come in time as you find exactly what your core group is. If we were in a position where Conley and Marc were 5 years younger, we would be in excellent shape after adding JJJ lol.
  9. I don't think core 4 is the thing here. 9 times out of 10, there aren't 4 guys staying together long enough just because you cannot pay everyone. You can usually have 3 max contracts on the books. If someone takes a paycut, you may be able to get a 4th guy in somewhere. The Warriors were so fortunate to have Steph on the original extension he had. The key for Memphis is to hit on these next two draft picks.
  10. Pelicans did a decent job adding some talent around AD this year. Kinda surprised they have been underperforming after making the playoffs last year. I will say they haven't done AD any favors over the last 4-5 years, though. Poorly managed their cap space with signings like Solomon Hill and trading a 1st for Asik was silly. The move to get Boogie came back to hunt them after giving up Hield and their 2017 1st. When you're a small market, you simply cannot afford to take silly mistakes. Big takeaways for Memphis: Learn from the Parsons mistake (you're not signing a big time player in free agency). Build through the draft. Sign your role players in free agency. If you want a star, find a diamond in the rough via trade. High upside with low value. If JJJ is a generational talent, let's try to get things right around him quickly.

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    My only hope if we were to get Exum is that Chad Forcier can take him to the next level. The promise is there. But, as already mentioned, I would like his fit much better without Kyle on the books for the next 4 years. I still like DSJ's offensive ceiling in a scorer's league considering we had a very good playmaker already on the team in Kyle.

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    I would much rather push for guys who have high upside offensively with a good IQ. I think DSJ is still very young and just needs an opportunity to be the man on the perimeter. Not 100% sold on him and not even sure if Dallas would even be willing to move him to acquire Conley, but I would much rather have him than Exum. I believe high IQ/defensive minded guys can be found via free agency (hence how we picked up Kyle). Finding high upside offensive players usually only come in the draft because its difficult to trade for those type of guys. If the Utah offer is the best on the table, so be it. But, I'm pushing for those guys with higher upside offensively first. Would like to pursue a deal with the Knicks if Knox is on the table. I think Ntilikina and Exum are one in the same, except Ntilikina is younger and has the opportunity to grow a little more offensively. Not sure if they would be willing to include both, though.

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    Not a fan of Exum. Exum would've made more sense for us if we didn't have Kyle already.

    Roster Moves

    Agree with all of this. If the plan is to have young assets on the team next season, I'll rather hold on to both Kyle and Dillon. Give yourself as many young assets as possible that can perform, then see how they're valued prior to next season's deadline. Depending on how our team looks next season, Dillon could earn a starting spot (where he thrived at during the tank season). One underrated thing about possibly blowing this up is the opportunity to hopefully see Kyle take on full ball handling responsibilities on a team without Conley/Gasol. May get a chance to see a whole new JJJ

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    I'm thinking Philly makes a ton of sense for Conley. He fits perfect with that team. In terms of the assets being returned, we definitely need a future 1st (unprotected) and some combo of Fultz, Shamet, Zhaire, Bolden. Indiana makes a ton of sense, but not sure if they are willing to move off Sabonis to upgrade over Collison. Outside of that, its difficult to find Conley suitors. Minnesota and the Spurs are options as well.